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🐈 | Animal sounds Past and present In Kyogen, the dog is "Piyopiyo" and the chicken is "Totteko"


Sounds of animals now and then Kyogen: "Piyopiyo" for dogs and "Totteko" for chickens

Various animals appear in rakugo.Dogs, cats, wolves, monkeys, and tanuki all speak human language.As a result, there are few animals that cry… → Continue reading

 Newspaper swelling fire

"Charcoal fire buried in ashes".The fire buried in the ashes will not go out.It will not go out and will be a new kind of fire the next morning ...We are sending out a monthly newspaper entitled "Uzumi Fire" to pass on the wishes of war-experienced people for peace on our behalf and to give a baton touch to the next generation without erasing them.

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