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👍 | 🌈 "Is Maya (Maya Kobayashi) with you? ️" Watching RIZIN ❣️ Maya Kunimitsu's husband ❤️ Gin Kunimitsu reveals on SNS

Photo Image / Akira Kunimitsu Official Instagram

🌈 "Maya Kobayashi is with me ⁉️" Watching RIZIN ❣️ Maya Kunimitsu's husband ❤️ Akira Kunimitsu reveals on SNS

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Kunimitsu, who frequently updates his SNS with unique phrases and pictograms 😊✨, seems to have posted a RIZIN watching report tonight.

"Maya Kobayashi is with me ⁉️" "You like martial arts ~" Freelance announcer talent ... → Continue reading

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