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👍 | ⚽️ Takashi Fukunishi, Tsune-sama ❤️ and sweaty 💦 Futsal "🤪 Serious ... ✨ Nostalgia"

Photo Image / Takashi Fukunishi Official Instagram

⚽️ Takashi Fukunishi, Tsune-sama ❤️ and sweaty 💦 Futsal "🤪 Serious ... ✨ Nostalgia"

If you write the contents roughly
Some of them said, "Tsune-sama, please start Instagram.

"Tsune-san, Fuku-san, and both of us are cool ❤️" On the 18th, a commentator, Taren, at the voluntary of the former Japan national football team ... → Continue reading

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Tsuneyasu Miyamoto

Tsuneyasu Miyamoto(Miyamoto Tsuneyasu,19772/7 -) isOsakaTomitabayashiFormer originProfessional soccer player, Soccer leader.Faculty of Economics, Doshisha UniversityGraduation.FormerRepresentation from Japan.Japan Football AssociationDirector.

In 2002 and 2006FIFA World CupParticipated in and served as captain.

February 2013, 7, 19th termFIFA MasterBecame the second FIFA Master graduate as a former professional player and the first Japanese former professional player[3].


Before entering professional

OsakaTomitabayashiwhere one is from.He started playing soccerTondabayashi Municipal Fushiyamadai Elementary School5th grade.The position isforwardwas.Boys in the district until they started playing soccersoft ballWas doing.localTondabayashi Municipal Kongo Junior High SchoolImproves skills by receiving soccer instruction at the same school, about 3 years after starting soccer, when in the second year of junior high school "2th All Japan Selected Junior High School Tournament" (currently 14 years old or younger National Tressen), Japan Convened for junior youth representative candidate (currently U-14 representative candidate) training camp.Won the "Osaka Prefectural English Recitation Tournament" in the second year of junior high school.

Osaka Prefectural Ikuno High SchoolAt that time, he belonged to Gamba Osaka Youth and became the first captain because there were no senior students.[4], Served for 3 years until graduating from the youth team.In youth in December 1994J Youth CupWon the title for the first time[4].. In 1993U-17 Japan National TeamWas chosen asJapanHeld at1993 FIFA U-17 World ChampionshipParticipated in and completed the best 8 results[5].. U-18 Junior Youth (Director / DirectorMasakuni Yamamoto) Convocation.

Gamba Osaka era

1995On June 6, the club was promoted to the top team of Gamba Osaka for the first time.[4](Synchronous joiningYuta Tadashi,Hitoshi Morishita,Masafumi Nakaguchi,Kenji Takagi,), Active as a sweeper.After his professional contract, he hasn't had the opportunity to play for several years, and his position changes frequently, causing him to suffer as a professional player.At the same timeFaculty of Economics, Doshisha UniversityGo on to.Labor economicsHe belongs to the seminar and graduated in 2001.

1996から1998Around that timeKuse,AntonettiBoth directors were also appointed as voluntary.His first goal was to be the captain of the All-Star Game on October 1997, 10.[4].. He became captain of the top team in 2000,All starSelected for the 1st place in the match with both J-EAST and J-WEST teams (2002st place in 1)[4][Annotation 1].2001In 1 monthEnglandThe top league of soccerPremier LeagueBelonged toWest Ham United FCI tried to transfer to, but gave up because the British government did not issue a work visa.In this mess, the number is5から35Became[4][Annotation 2]However, from 2003, it returned to No. 5. Inaugurated in 2002Akira NishinoThe director was appointed at the center back,Satoshi Yamaguchi-Siji ClayAnd formed 3 backs. In 2004, he became captain again. December 2005, 12,The final section of the league OfKawasaki Frontale(Power) In the match, he scored a heading shot, won the club's first J-League championship title, and cried on the pitch.[4].

Red Bull Salzburg era

2006After the end of the seasonAustrian Bundesliga OfRed Bull SalzburgCompletely transferred to Japan with a one-year contract[6][7], Won the league championship in the first year.

Red Bull SalzburgThen, both left and right center backs of 4 backs are handled, and from the 2007-08 season, SKRapid ViennaWar (December 12th),SK Sturm GrazIn battle (December 12th) etc.Left side backEven though I participated in the starting lineup.Miyamoto himself recalls playing in this position for the first time in 10 years on his blog.[8].

2007In May,2009Agreed to extend the contract for a year and a half until June.

2008In January, he suffered a tendon rupture injury on the back of his left thigh while practicing with the team, and was assigned to surgery and rehabilitation on site. Practice resumed in earnest in June,8/17Will play the official game for the first time in 8 months.same year10/28In the third round of the Austrian Association Cup, he was appointed as the first captain after transferring overseas and made a full appearance.Of its predecessorGiovanni TrapattoniUnlike when I was a directorKoh AdrianneSince the new manager took office, the chances of participating in the game have decreased.

In the 2008-2009 season, due to the influence of Adriaanse's adoption of offensive tactics, he had no chance to play in any league match.[9]..Therefore, although the contract with Salzburg remained until June, he is considering a transfer in search of an opportunity to participate.CroatiaI received offers from leagues and clubs in Austria[10], I was enthusiastically invited to prepare a multi-year contract and a large annual salary because I wanted to make use of my experience in Europe in Japan.VISSEL KOBEI decided to enter[4][9].

Vissel Kobe era

20091/15, Vissel Kobe announced that it has agreed to a complete transfer with Salzburg.Became captain after joining Kobe[11].. The early part of 2009 was center back, and the second half of 2009 wasVolanchI came to play in the position of.same year7/18In the J1 League Round 18 Kawasaki match, he scored his first bicycle shoot (overhead kick), which was the final official match goal in Miyamoto's professional life. 2010 and2011 TheKunimoto KitamotoとHiroyuki KawamotoPlayed as a center back to back up, and the chances of participation decreased. In 2011, he only participated in 1 games in the J4 league match, of which the starting lineup was in Section 23.FukuokaBattle (Revester) And the final section that became the final appearance match of the official matchSendaiBattle (Your Star), But all of the remaining 2 games were on the bench.

After the end of the 2011 season, Miyamoto declined the offer to extend the contract from the Kobe side.12/19Announced retirement from active duty[1][4][12]..Also, after retirementFederation of International Football Associations (FIFA) SwitzerlandOperated by "FIFA Master"(" Organizational theory of sports, history / philosophy, international about lawMasterIn the graduate school course), he expressed his intention to obtain a coaching license.[13].

Representation from Japan

He was elected to the U-1997 in 20 and participated in five games as a captain at the U-20 World Cup.

Sydney OlympicsEven the U23 national team, who is aiming for the goal, will play a central role in Flat 320006/18 OfGiraffe challenge cup-BoliviaFirst appearance in the Japanese national team in the match.Participated in overage at the Sydney OlympicsRyuzo MoriokaAlthough he was pushed out to become a bench member, Morioka was appointed as a starting lineup in the Brazilian national team election of the third round of the group league, which was suspended due to a cumulative warning.

After that, he became a regular of A representative, but Morioka reigned as an absolute regular in the center of Flat 3, and Miyamoto was in the position of refraining from that.2002 Japan-Korea World CupIn addition to repeating unstable play in the game that Morioka participated in when he was temporarily withdrawn due to an injury, just before the tournamentShizuoka Sangyo UniversityWhen competing in a practice match with the opponent FWKazuma MatsushitaElbow enters the faceNasal fractureThen, the voice that longs for Morioka's return grows louder.Miyamoto returned to the reserve because Morioka returned in time for the main tournament, but he urgently participated in the middle because Morioka was injured again in the first match against Belgium.There are voices who are worried about Miyamoto's play because he has presented a tie goal, but after the next round, the lion's courageous activity to dispel the anxiety is shown, and it is the first Japanese national team to advance to the best 16 contribution.Also, to protect the face due to the aforementioned nasal fractureHyogo College of MedicineIt was a play with a face guard (nose guard) of medical equipment prepared by the hospital.[14], From the overseas media that saw that figureバ ッ ト マ ンWas nicknamed[15][Annotation 3].

After TroussierZicoAt JAPAN, he was the captain from the time of its inauguration.Hidetoshi Nakata malfunctionSince leaving the game, he has been the captain of all the games he participated in.His first goal was against Malaysia on February 2004, 2.Same yearAsian CupIn the quarterfinalsJordanOf warPK battleThen,Shunsuke NakamuraとSanto Lord AlessandroI'm from Malaysia when I'm in trouble because I removed itSubkhiddin Mohammad SurreyI asked the referee to change the position of the penalty shootout without an interpreter, saying, "This is not fair. You should do it on the better pitch condition."[16]..As a result,Kawaguchi NoukatsuAfter winning this penalty shootout with a fine save, the Japanese national team won the Asian championship for the second consecutive tournament, and was also selected as the tournament's best eleven.

In 2006, he participated in the World Cup for the second time in two consecutive tournaments.2006 Germany World CupThen, although the first round (against Australia) and the second round (against Croatia) were fully played, the third round (against Brazil) could not be played due to the cumulative warning.

In Japan, he was the captain in all categories from U-17 to A.[17].

After retirement

After retiring from active duty, while working hard to prepare for admission to the FIFA Master, holding soccer classes, etc.NHK,WOWOWAppeared as a guest commentator on the soccer broadcast of.2012 London OlympicsDuring the period ofJapan ConsortiumAppeared as a commentator on the men's and women's soccer broadcast.

20124/17On the blog on his official website,FIFA MasterAnnounced the passing of the 13th gen member.He was the first Japanese former professional soccer player to pass and enrolled on September 2012, 9.[18][19]..After graduating, he has stated that he may continue to aim for leadership qualifications in Europe.[20].

On July 2013, 7, the 19-2012 FIFA Master 2013th graduation ceremony was held, and students from 13 countries including Tsuneyasu Miyamoto graduated.[3]..As of July 2013, 7, about nine Japanese have graduated from FIFA Master, including Miyamoto.There are two graduates of former professional soccer players, and Miyamoto is the first Japanese former professional soccer player.[21].

In addition, on July 2012, 7, just before the opening of the London Olympics,Holmes Stadium KobeHeld a retirement match at.Many teammates from Gamba, Vissel, and Japan national team participated, and Hidetoshi Nakata and Miyamoto's eldest son also appeared as a surprise.This match isSukachan,BS SKY PerfecTV!In addition to being broadcast live on the same month, at midnight on the 22nd of the same month, a special program "Tsuneyasu Miyamoto Retirement Match Special-Japanese Captain 17 Years of History-", which was composed mainly of the digest of this match, was broadcast.MBS TVIt is being broadcast on.

After getting a FIFA Master201310,Baseball magazine companyPublished soccer magazine "Soccer magazineRenewal (shifted from weekly to monthly "Soccer Magazine ZONE")[22]As a result, a special editor-in-chief is commissioned.[23].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayJapan Professional Soccer LeagueAppointed as a specially appointed director (part-time) without voting rights, which was newly established for the purpose of facilitating league management.[24].

August 2014, 4,2014 Brazil World CupOne of 10 technical study groups (A group that analyzes matches, analyzes techniques, tactics, trends, etc., and creates a technical report for each match and a general report for the tournament. Useful for improving and strengthening guidance. World Cup Then,1966 England World CupIntroduced from) announced[25].

In 2015, he was appointed as an academy coaching staff member of Gamba Osaka.[26]..While serving as a coach for the junior youth team, it is necessary to coach the top team.Japan Football Association official S-class coach licenseI took the course[27]..In addition, after the end of the season, he won the J-League Achievement Player Award.[27].

Director era

In 2016, became the director of Gamba Osaka Youth[27].. On January 1, the board of directors of the Japan Football Association approved the acquisition of an S-class coach license.It was the earliest certification among the 21 people who took the course of the previous year.[27].. Aug. 9,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfMostarSoccer for men and women between the ages of 7 and 12 in order to promote ethnic reconciliation through soccer, which was planned inAcademyThe facility of "Mari Most (small bridge)" is almost completed, and the school is scheduled to open on October 10th and a delivery ceremony will be held.

2017 years,J3・ Became the director of Gamba Osaka U-23. Opening match on March 3 (againstGainale Tottori), I was a representative and a teammateRyuzo MoriokaI played as a director.He was in command of Gamba Osaka U-23 the following year, but on July 7, the same year, the dismissal was announced.Levy KurpiBecame the manager of the top team as a successor[28]..Demonstrate communication skills[29], Not only the whole team but also the role of each person was subdivided in an easy-to-understand manner and told to the players, creating a situation where they could complete their work.[30]..As a result, the team's performance improved, and he recorded 25 consecutive wins from Section 33 to Section 9, leaving a record of 10 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, and moved up from 16th place to 9th place when he took office. After finishing in 2019th place in the league in 7, he left the record of 2020nd place in the league and 2nd place in the Emperor's Cup in XNUMX.

In 2021, it was sluggish at 10th place with 1 win, 4 draws and 5 losses in 18 games from the opening, and the manager's dismissal was announced on May 5.[31][32].

In March 2022, became a director of the Japan Football Association[33].


My father,TodaiSource of graduationKansai Electric PowerManaging Directorso,Japan MintAuditors[34]And nowKansai Electrical Safety Inspection AssociationChairman.Since he is the father of Tsuneyasu Miyamoto, 2007Yellow Ribbon Award(1thBest Father in Kansai) Has been awarded[34].

Mother is exSakai CityCivil Human Rights BureauDirector-Board of educationSchool Education Manager[14].

I have one older sister who is 3 years older[35].

WifeIkuno High SchoolIn Miyamoto's 2nd year senior[36], Married in 2001.There is one son and one daughter between the eldest son and the eldest daughter.


He is fluent in English and has an episode in which he protested the referee in English about the pitch in the penalty shootout at the 2004 Asian Cup and changed the goal of the penalty shootout.English is learned only through middle and high school public education without studying abroad.[37].

Characteristics as a player

He has the readiness to anticipate the next play of the oncoming opponent's attack team, and has the leadership to take the lead in pulling allies even in a pinch, and is active as a leader of the defense team in both Gamba Osaka and Japan national team to which he belonged. did[38].

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
1995G Osaka-J110-40150
AustriaLeague matchLeague cupAustrian CupTotal period
2006 – 07Salzburg17Bundesliga90-10100
2007 – 08120-00120
2008 – 0900-2020
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
2006G Osaka551

Other international official games

Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 71 games 3 goals (2000-2006)[2]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match

Note: On May 2002, 5, a match between Real Madrid and Japan was held as an international friendly match.Therefore, the number of games played as a representative of Japan will be 7.


#Date heldvenueStadiumOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.April 2004, 2Japanese flagKashimaIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer StadiumMalaysia flag Malaysia○ 4-0Giraffe challenge cup2004
2.April 2004, 9Indian flagKolkataSalt Lake StadiumIndian flag India○ 4-02006 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying
3.April 2005, 2Japanese flag埼 玉Saitama Stadium 2002Syrian flag (I.e.○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2005


ク ラ ブ

Gamba Osaka Youth
Gamba Osaka
Red Bull Salzburg


Representation from Japan


  • AFC Asian Cup Best Eleven: Once (1)
  • J League Achievement Player Award (2015)
  • HEROs AWARD 2017 HEROs of the year

Teaching history

  • 2015- Gamba Osaka
    • 2015 Academy Coach
    • 2016 youth director
    • 2017-July 2018 U-23directed by
    • January 2018-January 7 directed by

Supervision results

年度Affiliationク ラ ブLeague matchCup matchRemarks
RankingPointsmatchWinMinuteDefeatJ League CupEmperor's cup
2017J3G large 2316 bit34327520--
20186 bit2317656--Conducting up to Section 17
J1G Osaka9 bit33171034Lost the quarterfinals-Conducting from Section 18
20197 bit4734121111Eliminated the semi-finalsEliminated the second round
20202 bit65342059Group league lostsecond place
202118 bit710145--Conducting up to Section 10
J1 total--96432329---
J3 total--49131026---





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