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👍 | It looks like cream soda, but ... It's too surprising when it's enlarged.

The photo looks delicious ... that? (The image is from Nau Okamoto @ okaphotoart's tweet, the same below)

It only looks like cream soda, but when it's enlarged, it turns out to be "identity" that is too surprising. "It's too artistic!" "Laughing ..."

If you write the contents roughly
However, as you can see in the comments attached to the post, if you zoom in on the cream soda and take a closer look ...

"Please enlarge the cream soda." The photo posted with such a comment attracts attention on Twitter ... → Continue reading

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Well ... that

    Cream Soda

    Cream Soda(ice cream soda) IsCola,Root beerIs the main materialvanillaWith flavors such assoda drinkOrmilk, A dessert with dairy products added. Also,JapanThen.Melon SodaFor carbonated drinks such asice creamBeverages with the above are also called cream soda.

    Japanese cream soda

    JAS standardOf the flavored sparkling beverages specified in, "milk or dairy products added" is applicable.[1].. The share of carbonated beverages in 2017 was 5.9%[2].

    Melon soda with ice cream

    Colored greenMelon SodaBeverages with ice cream on topフ ロ ー ト) Is called "cream soda"Restaurants,A coffee shopWhen we simply say cream soda, we basically mean this melon soda with ice cream.Maraschino cherry(Cherry) May be displayed, in which case the cherriesproportionIs high and sinks in water, so it is usually氷And served on top of ice cream.

    in Japan,can,PET bottlesSuch ascontainerSome are sold inmelonMost of them are flavored.

    Ice cream soda is Japan's firstSoda fountainOpened asShiseido ParlorGinza main store firstSaleIs said to have started.

    In addition, for a long timeAmericaWas under military administrationOkinawaThen,caramelpigmentA carbonated beverage using vanilla flavor is manufactured and sold as "cream soda" (see below).

    World cream soda

    In the countries of the world except Japan, "cream soda" is generally calledCola,Root beerIs the main materialvanillaWith flavors such as ice creamcreamRefers to beverages that are not used.

    North America and Oceania

    North America,OceaniaThen, in addition to the general ones that mainly use cola and root beer,fruit,Balloon gumVarious flavors of cream soda are on sale. In addition, it should be notedA & WAt the company2008Also sells "float" manufactured like Japanese cream soda.


    EnglandSo, only vanilla-flavored cream soda was said to be cream soda, but cream soda with flavors other than vanilla is also on sale. Manufactured by Ya and others in England.


    Hong Kong,TaiwanAnd so onNorth AmericaSimilarly, vanilla-flavored cream sodaCoca-ColaEtc. are manufactured.


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