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👩‍🎤 | King & Prince to release 10th single CD release

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King & Prince to release 10th single, some CD contents released

If you write the contents roughly
The drama is Nobunaga, Ieyasu, Hideyoshi ... If the famous Sengoku warlord was a classmate!

King & Prince will release their 10th single "TraceTrace" on September 14th ... → Continue reading

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Military commander

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Military commander(Busho) is to command the armyGeneral,In particularmartial artsA general who excels in.in particularJapan OfSengoku periodWarlords are called Sengoku warlords[1].

In Japan's Warring States period,samuraiRecruited by farmers and tradesmenAshigaruLead usSengoku DaimyoAnd thatVassalMay point to.In addition, it should be noted.TroopsTo lead the generalGeneralCall[2].

Meiji governmentSummarized the events at that time and the history of Japan based on the literatureKojienI can't see the word "military commander"[3].


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