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👍 | New York also donned to "Cheating investigation" using SNS "I'm doing something unclear!"

Photo From "New York Love Market" broadcast on June 7 (C) AbemaTV, Inc.

New York also donned to "Cheating investigation" using SNS "I'm doing something unclear!"

If you write the contents roughly
Kazuya Shima said, "This is something that ordinary children are doing!"

"Newyork Love Market" (ABEMA / every Tuesday at 23:5), where Owarai Tarento is the MC, will be on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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    New York (comedy combination)

    ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIs Japan consisting of Kazuya Shima and Hiromasa YashikiComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoTokyo Head Office(Tokyo Yoshimoto)Belongs.2010Formed.M-1 Grand Prix2019, 2020,King of conteFinalist of 2020 (2021nd place) and XNUMX.NSC15th gen member of Tokyo school.


    Kazuya Shimasa (Kazuya Shimasa,1986<Showa 61>5/14 -) (36 years old)
    Blur(Depending on the materialTsukkomi)responsible person.The standing position is on the left.
    • YamanashiFujiyoshidaBackground[2].Yamanashi Prefectural Yoshida High School,Kanagawa Universitygraduate[3].
    • Blood type O..Height 166.5 cm.Weight 65 kg.left handed.
    • I have one younger brother under 4 years old in TokyoHairdresserI am doing.My brothers are on good terms, with my brother having a haircut and occasionally appearing on his brother's Instagram.[4].
    • Hobbies / special skills: professional wrestling, karate first stage (Extreme vacuum hand), Watching martial arts, watching movies (5 or 6 a week), collecting CDs (700), pachinko, impersonation, blood donation (about 30 times), getting clothes from people.Deep knowledge of Korean cultureTWICEThe amount of heat to is also high.Visual KeiHe is also familiar with bands and rock from the 1990s and 2010s.
    • In the video of his YouTube channel "New York Youtube Let's make a dream TV section! TV Tokyo edition broadcast on June 2020, 6"Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.In a YouTube project to create an ideal program at "In the evening if it's an anime" Beast Wars: Transformers of Super LifeI will put it in. "
    • In junior high school, he belonged to the judo club. Same year in the same townTatsuhiro YonemitsuHas the experience of being easily defeated in 5 seconds[5].
    • The room was dirty, but "Bachi erect』Location at homeBB bulletThe room was cleaned after 50 shots were scattered.[6].
    • Appointed as "Fujiyoshida Furusato Cheering Party" in Fujiyoshida City, hometown from May 2016[7].
    • The new coronavirus infection was revealed on January 2022, 1, and the mansion of the other party was forced to wait at home as a close contact.[8].
    Hiromasa Yashiki1986<Showa 61>3/1 -) (36 years old)
    In charge of Tsukkomi (blurred depending on the story).The standing position is on the right.

    Art style

    Comic,ControlDo it together. Full of irony and prejudice[15] It has a characteristic that is full of nasty things.ShimasaStandard languageAnd the mansionKishu dialectClose toTriple valveSpeak at. There are stories such as "speed violation", "song writing", and "breaking into the wedding ceremony".Shimasa's acting ability is a weapon, "Yosuke Kubotsuka,Hayato IchiharaLike playingYankeeMany of them are based on movies and TV dramas.

    The story is made by two people (including a writer in some cases) while chatting.Sometimes I think about the setting based on the actual experience[18].


    NSC Tokyo school 15th term synchronization. The mansion, which was in the selection class at NSC, was formed by inviting Shimasa.[19]..The name of the duo comes from "I wanted to make it a crappy katakana name", and at first I was planning to add something after New York, but it has taken root in New York.[20].

    In the third year of formation, "Bachi erect] From early on, such as being selected as a regularTokyo YoshimotoAlthough he emerged as a hope of the race, the results were not so good in the award race, and the period when he could not get out of the position of "Next Break" continued.[21]..In 2018, when the only regular radio show ended, the duo got worse and were on the verge of dissolution.[22][23]. In 2019YouTubeHas been improved since we started in earnest,M-1 Grand Prix 2019』First advance to the final.He played as a top batter and ended up at the bottom,Hitoshi MatsumotoIt was evaluated that the response of the mansion, which showed a curse as "the worst!"[24].. 『M-1 Grand Prix 2020But the second final advance, "King of conte2020 ”will be runner-up[25].. `` King of Conte 2021'' also advanced to the final and the call for the championship candidate was high, but the jinx that `` the runner-up of the previous year sinks to the bottom of the next year'' was established for the third consecutive year (3) Strawberry Naruo→ 2020 Urutora Boogie's→ 2021 ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク).

    Comedy seventh generationTriggered by the muddy smell that bites intoEntertainment showsMake a leap forward[26],2021 OfBreaker rent rankingRanked 3th in[27].


    • SKY Kogyo Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the Internet distribution program "Bachibachi Electric Zero", is a company represented by Shimasa's father. During the first distribution of Zer0, which is fluttering, Shimasa called his parents' house and asked if he could sponsor the program, and his father agreed on the spot and became the first sponsor. In the second distribution, the company's emblem was attached to the costumes of the bee members, and a commercial featuring several people including Shimasa parent and child and the mansion was distributed in the program.[28][29].
    • Broadcasted on May 2016, 1Nino』Appeared as" Yoshimoto Creative Agency's second comedian in 2016 ". No. 2 isYokosawa Natsuko.. The second reason was "because I have the ability but not cute". In the program, 2 groups of the 2nd recommendation of each office appeared, and because it is a plan to win if it becomes 4nd place, it entered 2nd place out of 4 groups and won the championship.[30].
    • August 2017, 12,Nico Nico Live BroadcastAppeared in the official program "[Nikomeshi] I'm not lonely alone! Christmas meal on the Holy Night !!" and co-starred with a man who is distributing cooking videos.At that time, the man who was cooking was angry with a heckler.Even after that, criticisms against New York rushed in and the incident occurred, which was blamed by viewers who were disgusted by the appearance of laughing and laughing without being afraid. Before dawn on the 24th, men will have their ownTwitter"I'm sorry I was cut off" and posted an apology. On the 25th, he reported that he received an apology from Nico Nico management, but he said, "I did not apologize from Yoshimoto Kogyo. After recording, New York ran away and returned. I haven't spoken a word. I also told him[31].. On the 25th, Nico Nico management announced that it apologized to the man.I posted an apology on the same day[32].. On December 12, an apology was made by both Shimasa and Yashiki on Twitter.[33].
    • Broadcasted on May 2021, 3Prevato!!], The mansion challenges the assessment.Obtained a perfect score in the first production and was certified as a scholarship student (Chihara Junior,Mai TsujimotoFollowing the third person).
    • 2019å¹´12月22日放送のM-1グランプリ2019と2021å¹´10月2日放送のキングオブコント2021にて、史上初めて両大会において最下位を取ったことがあるファイナリストとなった。両大会とも1位の芸人が大会最高得点を更新しており(前者はMilk boy, The latter isAir stairs), And there is something in common that New York is also updating the highest score at the bottom.[Note 1].
    • May 2022, 5, his own crown program "NEW New York』(TV Asahi) In the fashion magazine "YOU』(Kodansha) And took a new picture.After selecting a photo, I actually updated my profile photo.[34].
    • Naniwa BoySelf-proclaimed official brother[Note 2].

    Award race results

    King of conte

    年度ResultVenueDate and TimeRemarks
    20102rd round advanceTEPCO Hall8/5
    20112rd round advanceShinjuku Theater Moliere8/11
    2012Quarterfinals advanceMeiji Yasuda Life Hall8/16
    20132rd round advance8/18
    2014Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ9/10
    2015Advance to the semi-finals8/28
    2016Eliminated the second roundCurian Hall8/12
    2017Advance to the semi-finalsAkasaka BLITZ9 month 7 day, 8 day
    2018Eliminated the second roundTheater Bratz8/3
    2019Quarterfinals advanceCurian Small Hall8/8
    2020second placeTBS TV9/26Final catchphrase "Hidden Malicious Fantasista'
    202110rd place in the final10/2Final catchphrase "An uncrowned break entertainer who manipulates malicious intent'

    M-1 Grand Prix

    VenueDate and TimeRemarks
    2010 (10th)Eliminated the second round[35]415[36]TEPCO Hall9/2
    2015 years(11 times)Quarterfinals advance[37]2306Asakusa Public Hall11/3
    2016 years(12 times)Advance to the semi-finals[37]1581Yomiuri Hall11/19Qualifying 10th, Loser Revival 12th
    2017 years(13 times)Advance to the semi-finals[37]2468NEW PIER HALL11/15Qualifying 12th, Loser Revival 8th
    2018 years(14 times)Quarterfinals advance[37]274411/6
    2019 years(15 times)10rd place in the final2594TV Asahi12/22Final catchphrase "Manzai Joker'
    2020 years(16 times)5rd place in the final160212/20Final catchphrase "Revenge in the dark'
    2021 years(17 times)Advance to the semi-finals[37]3980NEW PIER HALL12/2Repechage 8th




    tv set

    Current regular program
    Irregular appearance
    Past regular programs
    Special program (MC or main cast)


    Current regular program
    Past regular programs
    Special program
    • Laughter Night(TBS Radio)
    • New York's "If you're adjusting the antenna this time, let me do it" (TBS Radio, December 2015, 12)-"Laughter Night" championship "Mynavi Saturday Night Laugh Champion Live !!"[42].

    TV drama

    Web show





    Live alone

    • August 3- "Sex and New York"(Yoshimoto ∞ Hall/Tokyo)
    • August 6- "COME WITH US"(Yoshimoto ∞ Hall/Tokyo)
    • August 3- "NEW YORK DREAM"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "PERFECT SUMMER"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 11- "THE NEW YORK ~ Love ~"(Lumine the Yoshimoto / Tokyo) * DVD recording live
    • August 12- "THE NEW YORK ~ Peace ~"(Lumine the Yoshimoto / Tokyo) * DVD recording live
    • August 5- "GOLDEN NEW YORK"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "bomb"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 8- "NEW YORK GRAND KAGEZ"(Namba Grand Hanatsuki/Osaka)
    • August 2- "Shimasa & Mansion"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "flower"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 8- "NEW YORK GRAND KAGEZ"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 12- "YASHIKIS'"(Tokyo International Forum Hall C / Tokyo)
    • August 2- "NEW NEW YORK"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • August 3- "NEW NEW YORK"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "NY SKISKI"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)
    • August 8- "NY SKISKI"(Namba Grand Kagetsu/Osaka)
    • March 4-19- "Thank you"(CBGK Shivureki !!/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "Thank you"(ABC Hall / Osaka)
    • March 5-1- "Natural"(LUMINE the Yoshimoto/Tokyo)[54] --Performance postponed
    • "Natural"
      • August 8-25 --Lumine the Yoshimoto, Tokyo
      • September 9-Osaka Namba Grand Kagetsu
    • "Last Message"[55]
      • June 6th and 25th-Osaka COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall
      • July 7-Fukuoka / Yoshimoto Fukuoka
      • July 7th and 30st-Ebisu Garden Hall, Tokyo

    Talk live

    • "New York City Cops" ――Talk live once every two or three months



    • THE NEW YORK ~ Love & Peace ~ Best of New York (March 2016, 3,Yoshimoto R&C)


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    1. ^ However, M-1 finished at the bottom in the next 2020 tournament.Tokyo HotisonHas updated the highest score.
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    Kazuya Shimasa
    Hiromasa Yashiki



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