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A powerful tag is realized! New initiatives of "Tokyu Sports Oasis" x "UNIQLO"

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    Fast retailing > UNIQLO

    Uniqlo Co., Ltd.(British: UNIQLO CO., LTD.) Is "UNIQLOStore name / productbrandBy name, practical (casual)Clothing OfManufacturing retailExpand all at onceJapanIs a company.in JapanFast fashionIs a representative of the companyFashionThe product is called "life ware".Fast retailingFull ofsubsidiary.

    HeadquartersYamaguchi Yamaguchi CityIt is placed in Sayama.Also, the Tokyo headquartersTokyoMinato-kuAkasaka OfMidtown tower, Ariake Headquarters in TokyoKotoAriakeIt is located on the 6th floor of "UNIQLO CITY TOKYO".


    Start a business

    Tadashi YanaiUncleYanai Masao Ogori ShojiWas founded and became the representative.Masao Yanai is a businessman at the same timeBuraku Liberation MovementIt was also a house.

    1949January,Yanai and othersIs my brotherYanai MasaoThe textile and clothes department of Ogori Shoji, which was entrusted to us by the company, was changed to Yamaguchi Prefecture as a retail store for men's clothing specializing in men's shop Ogori Shoji (Men's shop OS).Ube CityOpened in.

    Until then Yamaguchi PrefectureUbe CityAt "Men's Shop OS" (1992By April, all stores were closed or refurbished to UNIQLO)Ogori ShojiBut,19846/2,Hiroshima cityNaka-kuFukuromachiTounisexOpened UNIQUE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, a casual clothing store[3][4]..This will be UNIQLO's first store, but this first store does not exist[5]..In September of the same year, etc.Tadashi Yanai CEOThe presidentWas appointed to.

    The name of "UNIQLO" is based on the abbreviation of the store name of this first store, but the English spelling of the abbreviation is the same as "UNI-".CIt was "LO".1988ToHong KongWhen the local corporation was established inregistrationAbbreviated "UNI-CLO" to "UNI-QI was mistaken for "LO", but Tadashi Yanai liked the spelling and changed the English spelling to "UNI-QLO".商標It was adopted.There was a time when "U296" was written on wrapping paper and tape.

    When the first store opened in Hiroshima, it was local (Hiroshima Prefecture)Fukuyama City) FromKatsuya KobayashiAppointed in Hiroshima localCMHit.Since the store openedwine-redWhite with the symbol colorLogo typeI used to use the silhouette of men and women who held hands separately.motifAndsymbol markExisted.

    19846/2The first UNIQLO store, which opened in Japan, opened at 1 am on the first day, and UNIQLO opened a line for customers waiting to open.breakfastAsAnpanmilkBehaved for free[3][4][5].200911/21As a project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of FAST RETAILING, approximately 400 stores nationwide, excluding stores in the tenants, opened at 6 am in the morning, and the breakfast service of bread and milk for the first 100 people at each store was revived for one day only.[6]..It is said that some customers lined up all night for the highlight products on the day.[7][8].. In addition, we have been conducting a commemorative campaign since 2010, but milk from 2012 onwardsGreen TeaHas been changed to.

    1991From Ogori Shoji in SeptemberFast retailingThe company name was changed to.

    Expand profits and expand overseas

    at firstNational brandIt was a clothing retail store.Classic movie posters and famous stars in an American-style warehouse-style buildingPortraitWe opened a characteristic store that exhibited (see the Meinohama store in store example 2 in the photo to the right) nationwideChugokuWe have built a model to procure at a low price in partnership with a good factory in Japan.

    the 1990sTo appeal to "It is possible to return or exchange products after purchase", middle-aged women (Itoko Tsuji)ButKansai dialectWhile talking, he suddenly took off the UNIQLO product he was wearing in front of the cashier counter and aired a bold commercial in his underwear.There was also a middle-aged male version of a similar commercial.Previously, if you kept the receipt within 3 months of purchase, you could return or exchange the product after purchase. As of August 2020, the conditions for returns and exchanges have been revised so that they have not been worn within 8 days of purchase, have not been washed, and have no scratches or stains due to customer handling.[9].

    1995In October, nationwide newspapers and weekly magazines "To UNIQLOAbusiveI posted a one-sided advertisement saying "100 million yen".As sales increased and the number of stores increased, it was planned from the concern that the quality check of products became incomplete and the number of cases of providing poor quality products increased, and actually about 1 mails were planned.claimWas received, and 1 million yen was presented to one person selected in the examination.Company makes a complaintCustomer satisfactionIt is often taken up as an example that has been used to improve the.

    1997From aroundPrivate brandIncrease product handling ratio,AmericaClothing retail storeGAP(Gap) as a modelManufacturing Retailing (SPA)We proceeded with the business conversion to, and developed low-priced, high-quality products that matched the economic situation.AlsoAdvertising agencyBecame a creative director in partnership withNoriyuki TanakaThe strategy was renewed one after another, such as PR that sent a clear message by appointing.

    Next day1998Is said to be a hit if you sell 2-3 copiesfreezeThe target of 200 million sheets,1999Sold out for 850 million copies.2000Become a CM model in the fall and winterYumi MatsutoyaUsing these, we developed into 51 colors and established an amazing sales of 2,600 million copies. This phenomenon has been described as a “fleece whirlwind”,revolutionSwept the world and caused a social phenomenon.2001Both sales and ordinary income peaked in the fiscal year ended AugustUnited KingdomAdvanced to.

    Business slump, business recovery due to acquisition

    2002Inventories increased sharply in Japan from around that time, and business performance in the United Kingdom was sluggish.2003Profit will drop sharply in August.afterwards,"theory""National standardDomestic and foreign fashion such asbrandThe acquisition offashion magazineDevelopment of collaborative planning products withNorika FujiwaraFamoustalentAppointment of externalDesignerSuch as partnership withLever caseIs done2004Performance improved every time.

    UKThe performance of the branch turned into the black,East AsiaThen in September 2002 in ChinaShanghaiOpened in2005China in SeptemberHong KongAnd thenLotteWithJoint venture South KoreaSeoulAlso opened a store.

    2005ToMagazine houseIn collaboration with the magazine "relax" in TokyoKitaaoyama"Celecro" for a limited time (select shopOrCelebrityPositioning) was established. Also, OsakaShinsaibashiUNIQLO Plus, which raised the average price range, also opened, but after that, the name of Plus was removed and seven large stores, mainly the Ginza store, were operated.2006In May,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfSohoIn addition to opening a global flagship store inShanghaiIt also opened an Asian flagship store and accelerated its global expansion (described later).

    In November 2005, FAST RETAILING began operations related to the manufacture and retail of clothing.Company split (absorption-type split)ByGolfCompletely running a practice fieldsubsidiary OfSun roadLtd.Let us take overHolding companyIt has shifted to the system.On the same day, Sun Road changed the company nameUniqlo Co., Ltd.Changed to.

    AomoriHachinohe CityAchieved advancement to 47 prefectures.

    Deployment after 2000

    In Japan, the UNIQLO Harajuku store was renovatedT-shirtSpecialty store "UT STORE HARAJUKU." 20074/28Newly opened in (integrated in Ginza store in 2012). 20093/9In springParkerAccording to the campaign, the magazine "Graffiti Magazines"Tokyo graffiti"TOKYO FASHION MAP with UNIQLO", a collaboration magazine with "TOKYO FASHION MAP with UNIQLO", has been released nationwide.

    2012In Japan2020By then, it plans to expand to 1,000 stores, of which the sales floor area is approximately 3,300.Square meterClass "super large store"Sapporo,Sendai city,Nagoya city,Hiroshima city,Kitakyushu,Fukuoka City,Kumamoto-shi,KagoshimaShows the policy of opening new business in eight major cities[10].

    As of the end of August 2013, there are 8 stores in Japan and 854 stores overseas, for a total of 441 stores (overseas stores are operated by local subsidiaries). In Japan, in addition to opening suburban stores and building tenants, we have centered on 1,295 tsubos class super-large stores and UNIQLO.Shopping center"MinaAre being developed. Outside Japan, we are developing mainly in East Asia, and by countryChugoku(225 stores) is the most South Korea(105 stores),Taiwan(37 stores) continue.

    Overseas expansion

    2001 yearsUnited KingdomThe overseas store opening that started withChugoku,Hong Kong,Taiwan, South Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,フィリピン,Indonesia,Australia,Vietnam,India,America,Canada,United Kingdom,France,Russia,Germany,Belgium,Spain,Sweden, Netherlands,Denmark,Italy[11]の24の国と地域で展開しており、グローバル化が進んでいる。海外ユニクロ事業は、2006年においては中国香港を除きほとんど赤字であったが、2008年8月期から黒字化し、2010年8月期の売上高は前年比倍増の730億円、営業利益は前年比4倍の65億円を見込んでいる。会社組織としてもグローバル化を進めており、社内公用語(母語が異なる人が対象の資料や会議)を英語とすることとして、本社社員と店長の約3,000人に対して業務として「TOEICMore than 700 points"[12].

    2006 Year of 11 Monthニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIn charge of the creative direction of the store when the flagship store openedKashiwa SatoCreated a new UNIQLO logo design. The new logo is in English and katakana notation, and it has been based on red from the traditional wine red, and has been developed mainly in new stores overseas since 2006. It is used as a logo notation in stores (for previous stores, the previous design is still used).

    2010 year 7 month,バングラデシュ OfGrameen BankAnnounced in October that it will establish a joint venture in the country.[13].. Joint venture "Grameen Uniqlo" is the capital of BangladeshDhakaThe company aims to hire 3 people three years later.

    In the United States, 2013 stores in the fall of 10California,Connecticut,New Jersey,New York StateOpened in succession at a total of 17 stores[14].. In 2014Philadelphia,Duffel BagBut new openings are continuing[15],same9/5ToLos Angeles area(南 カ リ フ ォ ル ニ ア) Opened as the first storeSouth Coast Plazashop(Costa Mesa, California) Has reached a total of 25 stores[16].. Becomes a flagship store in the Los Angeles areaBeverly CenterFour stores, including stores, are planned to open further by spring 4.[16][17].. 7 stores are already openNorthern CaliforniaBut two stores will be added by the end of 2014[17].. Also, in the fall of 2015ChicagoThe store is also expected to open[15].

    August 2018, 8,SwedenThe first Kungsträdgården store in KungsträdgårdenStockholmOpened in[18][19].

    In February 2020, the spread of the new coronavirus infection became more serious in China.At one point, more than half of the 2 stores in Japan were forced to close.[20].

    Global flagship store

    The global flagship store is a large-scale store that serves as a base for disseminating information worldwide, with an awareness of the highest standards of products, visual merchandising (VMD), and services at UNIQLO.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クSince opening the "SoHo New York Store" in Europe, it has expanded to various parts of Europe and Asia.

    In October 2010, the "world perspective" featuring store design and layout for the world was reimported to Japan.Osaka OfShinsaibashiOpens the 5th Global Flagship Store in March 2012 and the 3th Global Flagship Store in March 9Tokyo-GinzaIn October 2014, the 10th global flagship store "UNIQLO OSAKA" was opened in Osaka.UmedaOpened in[21].. Then, in 2016, Southeast Asia's first global flagship store opened in Singapore.[22].

    Global thriving store

    2012 year 9 month,Bic cameraShinjuku East Exit New Store (ShinjukuMitsukoshiWhen opening a store as a tenant of Alcott trace), the store was openedBic cameraWithcollaborationStore "BICQLOAnnounced to develop as[27].

    With the concept of "great messy feeling"Kashiwa SatoTotally produced by BicCamera, using the same design logo and staff uniforms at both BicCamera and UNIQLO stores, UNIQLO mannequins are equipped with home appliances to be sold by BicCamera, and at a corner of the UNIQLO floorHome appliancesIt will be a store that emphasizes the seamless feeling of Bic Camera and UNIQLO.Store size about 2,900m2Will surpass the global flagship store Shinsaibashi and will be the second largest store in Japan after the Ginza store.Global thriving storeIt has been positioned as a unique business format called "," and aims to be a "new tourist spot in Tokyo" that attracts worldwide attention. The store opened on September 9, and when it opened, a line of about 27 people was formed.[28].

    Since then, the following stores have been opened as a "global prosperity store" format.

    Sustainability Initiatives

    We are working toward the realization of sustainable products under the three themes of "raw materials," "animal welfare," and "product quality and safety." The use of real fur is prohibited from autumn / winter 3 products.In addition to the UNIQLO business, it has announced that it will stop using mohair in all seven brands under its umbrella, including the theory business and the plaster business, by 2018.

    Developed technology to reduce the amount of water used in the jeans processing process by up to 99% and on average 90% or more.By combining a wash machine that washes jeans with nanobubbles and ozone with the technology of jeans designers, the amount of water used in the processing process is greatly reduced while maintaining quality and design. [30]


    In addition, UNIQLO is running a campaign "RE.UNIQLO" to promote the conservation of the global environment by reusing clothing resources, and many stores have installed used clothing collection boxes centered on UNIQLO products.

    As an example, a down jacket can be divided into feathers and a jacket and used as recycled clothing.United Nations OfUNHCRDonations as relief supplies to children in developing countries and countries and regions suffering from poverty, and conversion to recycled materials.[31]



    Yanai inspected GAP and decided to develop a casual wear specialty store chain.

    • 1949March Established “Men's Shop Ogori Shoji” as a private business in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
    • 1963May incorporated and established Ogori Shoji Co., Ltd.
    • 1984
      • UNIQLO No. 6 (Fukuromachi) store openedHiroshima cityNaka-kuOpened in
      • September Tadashi Yanai becomes president

    the 1990s

    We strengthened the management of production bases and factories in China and promoted the conversion to SPA. We started diversification when we reached 300 stores, but failed.Even in the main business, sales at existing stores continued to be sluggish.

    • 1991September The company name was changed from Ogori Shoji Co., Ltd. to FAST RETAILING Co., Ltd. to represent the action guidelines.
    • 1992April Number of directly managed stores exceeds 4 (50 directly managed stores,Franchise(7 stores)
    • 1994April Number of directly managed stores exceeds 4 (100 directly managed stores, 109 franchise stores)
    • 1995March Number of directly managed stores exceeds 3
    • 1996April Number of directly managed stores exceeds 3 (200 directly managed stores, 205 franchise stores)
    • 1997
      • April Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
      • April Number of directly managed stores exceeds 11 (300 directly managed stores, 305 franchise stores)
    • 1998
      • November Tokyo's first urban center store, UNIQLO Harajuku storeTokyoShibuyaOpened in.
      • December Sold 12 million pieces of fleece
    • 1999
      • February Designated as part of Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section
      • April SS (Super Star) store manager system launched
      • July Started branding in partnership with US advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy
      • September Conducted trial operation of mail order business using catalogs to cultivate new sales channels
      • November 11 yen Sale of 1,900 million fleece

    the 2000s

    The conventional pattern was stopped and the management method of a global company was adopted.By rejuvenating the management team and developing merchandising and modern marketing based on individual items, we have built a highly profitable system for mass production and sales.

    • 2000
      • April Number of directly managed stores exceeds 4 (400 directly managed stores, 417 franchise stores)
      • June Established a subsidiary in the UK as a stepping stone for the expansion of UNIQLO overseas.
      • 10 インターネットStart mail order
      • 12 East Japan RailwayAnd East Japan Kiosk (currentlyJR East Retail NetOpened the first new small store, Uniqlo Kiosk Shinjuku South Exit, through a business alliance with
    • 2001
      • 4
        • JOC (FoundationJapan Olympic Committee) Agreement on official partnership
        • The number of directly managed stores exceeds 500 (503 directly managed stores, 12 franchise stores)
      • August Started uniform and teamware business
      • September Opened four UK UNIQLO stores, the first stores outside Japan
    • 2002
      • April UNIQLO Design Laboratory (currently R & D Center) opened to enhance design functionsTokyoMinato-kuAoyamaEstablished in. An independent organization specializing in design,Issey MiyakeAppointed as the manager of the president
      • August Started selling special size products at internet stores and mobile stores
      • November the presidentGenichi TamazukaChange to managing affairs and move to a system. Yanai is Chairman and Representative DirectorCEOTo
    • 2005
      • July Yanai dismisses President Tamazuka, who is said to have caused management deterioration during his tenure. Yanai returns to the president.
      • SeptemberOpened first store in USA in New Jersey
    • 2006
      • April Keihan The Store Co., Ltd. opens a business tie-up with the first Kansai UNIQLO Keihan Moriguchi store in the station.
      • November 11 New YorkSohoOpened a global flagship store boasting an area of ​​1,000 tsubo.
      • December 12th UNIQLO Shanghai Grand Plaza store, which will be Asia's largest flagship store,Shanghai・Opened on the main square in Pudong district.
    • 2007
      • April 4 Renewal of Harajuku store to T-shirt specialty store "UT STORE HARAJUKU."[32](Closed March 2012, 3).
      • June Launched “UNIQLOCK”, a clock web content that broadcasts videos of 6 to 3 female dancers wearing products every 5 seconds.
      • December 12 UNIQLO's first French store opened, and this store was positioned as a "concept shop" to convey the UNIQLO brand message.
    • 2008
      • March 3 UNIQLO Beijing West Single Store will be reopened in mainland China for the first time in two yearsBeijing・Opened in Saijo Kita-machi.
    • 2009
      • 4/9 SingaporeFirst store opened in the Tampines area. The store will be jointly funded with real estate company Wing Tai Holdings.
      • 10 JR Kyushu RetailOpened UNIQLO Hakata Daytos store through business alliance with

    the 2010s

    • 2010
      • 4/2 RussiaThe first UNIQLO Atrium storeMoscowOpened in.
      • April GOV Retailing Co., Ltd.Company splitSucceeded the company's shoe retail business.
      • August Unify the shoe retail business store brand into "CANDISH". Product brands are also consolidated into "CANDISH" and "UNIQLO SHOES"[33].
      • 10/7 TaiwanThe first store, UNIQLO Unified Hankyu Department Taipei store "TaipeiOpen in the shopping area of ​​Xinyi district[34].
      • 11/4 MalaysiaThe first store, "Fahrenheit 1 stores"Kuala LumpurOpened in Bukit Bintang area.
    • 2011
      • August The shoe business under the “CANDISH” brand ends, and all stores of the brand are closed. After that, the shoe business will continue at some UNIQLO stores[35].
    • 2012
      • March 3 Opened the global flagship store "UNIQLO Ginza Store" which can serve customers in 16 languages ​​including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish.
      • 9/27 Bic cameraShinjuku East Exit store, the first store in collaboration withBICQLOOpen.
      • October 10th of a tennis playerNovak DjokovicA 10 billion yen charitable fund "Clothes for Smiles" was launched jointly with the company. This will be the first fund management in UNIQLO history.[36]
    • 2014
      • March 3 Opened “Ikebukuro Sunshine 14 Dori Store,” which is the second most popular global store.
      • 4/11 GermanyOpened the first global flagship store "Tauenzien store".
      • October 10 With UNIQLO backyard functionOnline ShoppingWith the aim of strengthening the department,Daiwa House IndustryAnnounced that it will establish a joint venture. It plans to build logistics facilities at about 10 locations in major cities in Japan and consider construction overseas.[37][38].
    • 2017
      • On January 1th, the "UNIQ LOCK" that had been in operation for nine and a half years ended.
    • 2018
      • The use of real fur is prohibited from the viewpoint of animal welfare.
      • Held the first large-scale exhibition "The Art and Science of LifeWear: Creating a New Standard in Knitwear" at Paris Fashion Week[39]
    • 2019

    the 2020s

    • 2021
      • CoronaUNIQLO's consolidated net income hit a record high as the fashion industry was hit hard.Due to the rapid increase in the need for room wear (demand for nesting) due to self-restraint[42].

    Main officer

    • Tadashi Yanai: Chairman and President (Chairman and President)CEO
    • Maki Akaida: CEO of UNIQLO Co., Ltd.
    • Kunihiro Kunii: Senior Executive Officer
    • Noriaki Koyama: President's Office
    • John c joy: President of Global Creative

    Product development

    Basically simple and not overly individualDesignThere are many products. After converting to SPA (manufacturing and retailing), we have been promoting the route of providing good-quality casual clothing at low prices.[43], The degree of perfection as clothing is highly evaluated[44][45].

    In the past, Yanai himself said, "UNIQLO isNational clothes(Intention to "provide high quality products to many people at low prices")[45]Etc. as clothesFashionI have made some misleading statements that could be taken if I neglected sex.[45],ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クToflagshipIn setting up the storebasicThe stance of selling a large number of unique products is being proposed while proposing products that enhance fashion while maintaining a stance that emphasizes customer service.

    1,900 yenfreezeOr 2,900 yenjeansetc,Price breakdownAs a symbol ofMass mediaAlthough it was introduced to us and made an explosive hit, there was a phenomenon called ``Unibare'' where many people were wearing UNIQLO clothing because it was sold so much[44]Caused the deterioration of management[45].

    for that reason,2004From around that time, while adhering to unisex and "affordable" routes, we tried to break away from it to some extent, developed jointly planned products (especially ladies) with a message in collaboration with the outside, transferred know-how of acquired brands, and products for infants. We are also developing.

    fashion designerEven among them, the high quality has been evaluated to a certain extent.2006Since August, with well-known designers from all over the worldcollaborationLaunched the "Designer's Invitation Project" to sell highly designed products that normally cost tens of thousands of yen at a low price of less than 1 yen.[45][46].jeansAlso sells products that use the ring manufacturing method.In recent years, "Uniqlo UWe develop the series every year, and it is popular because of its high designability, while setting the price slightly higher than the regular line products.

    Tamatsuka retired as president and Yanai returned as president again2006From around that time, underwear "Heat Tech" and "Bra Top" with improved heat retention (braBuilt-in cupcamisole,Tank topIn addition to products that emphasize functionality, we are focusing on women's products.[47].. As an example,Tokyo Girls CollectionToYu YamadaTeam up withDressesAnd exhibitImage characterToNorika Fujiwara"Slim bottoms" (pants with slender legs that look long) were sold, and the products were expanded and expanded to attract female customers. The women's division, which was thin, is becoming UNIQLO's core business[47].

    UNIQLO has long been seen as a symbol of deflation, but in 2019,Lost ten yearsThere was also a report that for young people whose disposable income continues to decline, ``even UNIQLO is no longer expensive.''[48].

    In 2021, the latest collection of UNIQLO YOU by the Paris design team led by artistic director Christophe Lemaire will be released on September 9th.Of particular note is the recycled down jacket, which uses recycled materials after cleaning the down and feathers taken from the clothes collected at the store. In the Fall / Winter 17 collection, the Paris design team has developed a new material of about 21% recycled nylon, and is particular about long-lasting quality and a simple design that is easy for many people to pick up.[49]

    UT collection

    A T-shirt-only brand that has been in operation since 2007.Since 2003, UNIQLO has been selling T-shirts with logos of artists, creators and famous companies from all over the world, and the UT collection isKashiwa SatoTheCreative directorNewly branded as[50].

    Pokemon,ONE-PIECEDomestic and foreignGame-AnimeIncluding the workUkiyo-e,Louvre MuseumWe sell T-shirts with various designs such as art works in our collection.[51][52].

    UNIQLO sales strategy

    Representative of Moving Office[1]According to the analysis, buying UNIQLO products is not only about the attractiveness of the products, but also the psychological strategy, which is also called the "stealth customer service strategy" in which consumers are guided to the store and buy. Large Nagi divided it into 5[53].

    1. Simple contact effect
      UNIQLO keeps the newspaper leaflets open for a week all year longwebAlthough it is included with this, it is not only the effect of introducing the product, but it is enough to make the consumer aware of the fact that "UNIQLO leaflet advertisement arrived at home". This in cognitive psychologyZyance's LawOrSimple contact effectHowever, as a person repeatedly touches an object, his initial alertness fades and his liking and familiarity increase.consumerAre unknowingly guided to stores by this effect[53].
    2. Assortment of flyers
      At UNIQLO, the flyer products are lined up as they are,ClothesThe common sense in the industry is that it is not easy, and in some cases, there are many cases where there are only a few items such as "decoy products" or products that are not available from the beginning.This causes consumers to feel distrust of the store.claimIt often causes sales loss. At UNIQLO, consumers can feel reassured that they have products as advertised[53].
    3. Thorough and equal service
      We have achieved equal customer service and store composition regardless of race, age, gender, or regularity.Product racks are sorted and displayed in order of item, color, and size, and customers can freely choose.Also, it is easy to enter even if it is "chilled"[53].
    4. Customer service of sales staff
      The sales staff does not give unnecessary greetings or calls to customers. I call out only when I need it, and at other times I spend time organizing display shelves. This is called the "help your self method." In addition, the cashier's settlement work is trained and smooth.[53].
    5. Complete support from the headquarters
      Headquarters thoroughly supports the above four points, and on every Monday, there is a general manager's meeting in which the chairman also attends, and the minutes are kept in-house.IntranetWill be distributed and shared to all stores through. Not only the decisions but all the processes leading to the decisions are reproduced up to the wording of the conversation[53].

    Employment of persons with disabilities

    As a special note at UNIQLO,handicapped(Disabled,Intellectually Handicapped Individual) AggressiveemploymentCan be mentioned[54][55][56].

    Deaf personTo workOkinawaNahaIn the wake of a service improvement case at a store inCorporate social responsibilityAlso serves as (CSR)2001Around that time, a policy was announced to hire at least one disabled person at each store.as a result,2004Or later,Employment Promotion Act for Persons with DisabilitiesIt boasts an employment rate of persons with disabilities in the 1.8% range, which far exceeds the statutory employment rate of 7% for private companies.This is by far the highest rate for companies with more than 5,000 employees. For 2006Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to a survey conducted by the company, it was the top (5,000%) among private companies with more than 7.42 employees.[57].

    A similar survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as of June 2008, further increased the ratio to 6%.It is said that about 8.06 people with disabilities are working out of about 11,000 regular workers.[Note 3][58].

    Many people with disabilities who work have intellectual disabilitiesbackyardMost of the time, we are engaged in work such as checking and sorting the products delivered at the store, taking out products, and cleaning the inside of the store before opening and after closing, so the existence is not visible to general customers. There are many.HearingVisual,LimbPeople with disabilities such asHealthy personI am working mixed with[45].. More than hiring people with disabilities,Special OlympicsActivities such as support forCabinet OfficeからRe-challengeReceived support merit[59][60].

    Sports support

    It is also known to have provided sports support centered on amateur sports since the former Fast Retailing era before 2005.

    In the main business1998 Nagano Olympics,2002 Salt Lake City Olympics,2004 Athens OlympicsOlympicFor opening ceremonies and transportationJapanese teamformulauniformProvided (Athens Olympic uniformsKenzo TakadaIs in charge of design).others,サ ッ カ ーJ2The Spa KusatsuAlso, uniforms are provided from 2003 to 2005.

    In addition, 2020 Tokyo Olympics2022 Beijing Winter OlympicsThen.Swedish teamConcluded a main partner and official closing partner contract with[61][62],South Sudan teamWe also provide clothing to (athletics teams)[63].

    Women as an adult sportAthleticsHas a part.Local supermarket in Yamaguchi PrefectureMaruhisaAs a successor to the track and field club, the company has a dedicated track and practice area near the head office in Yamaguchi City.All Japan Business Team Competition Women's Ekiden Race TournamentWill count 5 appearances.

    Long time ago,marathonRunnerToshiyuki HayataThere was also a time when he was enrolled in the UNIQLO Hiroshima store and worked as an employee.The activity was done separately from the above-mentioned track and field club.

    In August 2009, the professionalWheelchair tennisAthlete'sShingo KuniedaHave signed an affiliation contract with[64].. In addition, in January 2011Kei NishikoriWe have signed a sponsorship contract with us for 5 years and provide tennis wear etc.[65].

    In 2012 of professional tennis playersNovak Djokovic(Republic of Serbia) And an ambassador contract, and develops and provides tennis wear.[66].

    Of professional golfers in 2013Adam ScottAlso provides uniforms[67].

    Australasia PGA TourAustralian MastersSo, he was the title sponsor of the 2015 tournament.

    2018July, tennisRoger FedererSigned for $10 million for 3 years[68].

    Business withdrawn

    Sale of sportswear and family wear
    From 1997 to 1998, we launched "Spocro", which specializes in sportswear, and "Famicro", which specializes in family casual wear, but due to the instability of its business due to subdivision, it has been withdrawn to UNIQLO.
    Fruit and vegetable sales
    From September 2002 to March 9, a subsidiary implemented a fruit-and-fruit delivery business under the "SKIP" brand. Membership promotion was promoted at UNIQLO stores, but it was not profitable and withdrew.
    Shoe retailer
    On April 2010, 4, GOV retailing within the group (currentlyGu) Was involved in the shoe specialty store business, which was reorganized into the specialty store brand "CANDISH" and the shoe division "UNIQLO SHOES" handled by UNIQLO stores, and succeeded from GOV Retailing. As the business performance cannot be expected to recover, all specialty stores were closed during FY2011.

    Criticism of UNIQLO

    business model

    There are controversies about UNIQLO's low-price, high-volume sales strategy as a business model. EconomistNoriko HamaIs "文藝 春秋In the October 2009 issue, we published a paper entitled UNIQLO prosper and destroy the country. Selling products at low prices like UNIQLO reduced company profits, which in turn reduced personnel costs. As a management like UNIQLOI'll get sick if I can"I want you to think that buying at least cheap things lowers the price of yourself and others," he said. In contrast, economistsNobuo IkedaArgued on his blog that UNIQLO's low-priced model is a change in relative prices, and that "UNIQLO is a role model in which Japanese companies go global rather than destroy Japan."[69][70].

    Claims for advertising

    In 2003Eikichi YazawaAppearedNippon BudokanIn the commercial shot in, Yazawa was walking on the floor with his shoes on and without laying sheets.martial artsUNIQLO received a number of protests from people concerned, saying, "Why don't you walk on the sacred floor with your feet?", And the company's public relations department issued a statement that it was "a detour."In addition, similar protests have been made one after another at Nippon Budokan, which provided a place for shooting, but it has naturally converged without a statement from an advertising agency or Nippon Budokan.

    Responding to anti-Japanese riots in China in 2012

    September 2012, 9, "Supporting fishing fish territory specific to China" (Diaoyujima TheChugokuWe support our unique territory) and Uniqlo (Shanghai(It is said to be one of the multiple stores in Japan)Microblog OfSina WeiboPosted on.Nationalization of the Senkaku IslandsToDemonstrations protesting have become mobs around ChinaIt is believed that it was received, and the detailed circumstances such as how the store side judged it were not known, but it became a tumult among the online users who received this act as UNIQLO's political attitude.[71].

    Regarding this, UNIQLO announced in a press release on September 2012, 9 that "a local employee of the store posted the poster with the above content at its own discretion and removed it about 18 minutes later." This is not what happened at the other stores, and we have not seen anything like this at the other stores." "I believe that a private company should not take any position regarding political and diplomatic issues. I think it's very regrettable that there was such an act."[72].. After that, in the press release dated 21st, new explanations such as "Posting of posters was requested by local police" and "Postings at other stores were all done from outside by a third party"[73]However, the 18th press release was removed from the company's website.

    World Equal Wage Plan

    As of April 2013, 4Asahi ShimbunReported that CEO Tadashi Yanai revealed the idea of ​​introducing a “same wage in the world” that unifies the wage system of all regular employees and executives hired as store manager candidates at UNIQLO all over the world.[74].. Specifically, it positions all employees and executives hired as candidate store managers in 13 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States and China as "global general employment", and determines wages by defining "grade" in 19 stages depending on the job content. .. Furthermore, regarding the top 7 ranks of executive officers and senior general managers (about 10 people including 50 overseas hires), if the same evaluation is used in any country, the compensation and salary will be the same throughout the world, and the “star manager” has a high evaluation grade. It is said that the medium-level 7 employees (about 1000 people) will reflect the price level of each country, and will be able to live the same in virtually any country.

    Regarding the introduction of this system, Yanai said in an interview with the Asahi Shimbun, "The basic idea is to pay the same wages for the same work anywhere in the world. We also have excellent human resources overseas. After explaining the reason for the introduction, it would not work if the wages were too different, but "Western store managers are much more expensive (wages) than Japanese store managers or part-timers. On the other hand, wages in developing countries cannot be suddenly made equal to those in Europe and the United States. We are studying a concrete mechanism to level it and make it substantially the same. Or divided into 1 million yen,Middle classIs decreasing. Through workAdded valueWork at low wagesDeveloping countriesOf thewageSince it will be flattened, it is unavoidable that the annual income will reach 100 million yen."[75].

    The concept of "world's equal pay" and "it can't be helped to reach an annual income of 100 million yen" made a lot of controversy.[76][77].

    business consultant OfKenichi Ohmae"In countries where salaries are low, people are willing to gather, but in countries where salaries are high, it is difficult to hire excellent human resources." "The world's equal pay system, which Mr. Yanai aims to understand, is a concept, but in reality, “Mochi painted in pictures” that is very difficult to achieve is the reality of a global company that has been struggling with this problem for over 30 years.”[78]I make a critical comment.

    Working environment

    Weekly Toyo KeizaiPublished a special article titled "Uniqlo Exhausted Workplace" in the same magazine, published on March 2013, 3, and reports on the working environment for regular employees of UNIQLO.[79].. According to the article, UNIQLO has set an upper limit on employee working hours of 240 hours,Service overtimeThe company also prohibits employees from doing it, and if it exceeds the upper limit of working hours or normalizes overtime work, it will carry out internal disposition such as demotion and retirement recommendation, but especially because the store manager cannot handle store operations (onsite operations/management operations). The service overtime has been standardized inManagersReports that there is a suspicion of[79].

    Also, in the same article, as the content of the weekly Toyo Keizai interview with UNIQLO, UNIQLO's employees who joined the company from 2008 to 2011 within 3 yearsTurnoverAccounted for more than 45%, and about 2012% (about 8% of all employees) of the company's temporary employees who were on leave for the year ended August 43depressionIt is reported that he is closed due to mental illness such as[79].. As a cause of such a situation, in the same article, "(to my boss) a dumb company culture" and "Sports ClubIt is reported that the cause is "a corporate culture", and as part of this, UNIQLO was assaulted by the store manager who was working as a substitute for UNIQLO's store manager, and UNIQLO was also ranted by the manager of the headquarters. An example of paying damages of nearly 1,000 million yen to a former store manager is given.[79].

    Based on this situation, UNIQLOBlack companiesUNIQLO executives self-analyzed that globalization of strategy is the cause of mass turnover, and said, "We are suffering. I have done it, but I may not have taken care of it. I want to fix it."[79]..Also, of the presidentTadashi YanaiIt is,Nikkei BusinessIn response to a criticism that the black company said, "If we are really'black', there will be no employees. The company will not grow badly, and the employees will not work white "I think that in the future, when young people really can play an active part in the future, all people over the age of 25 should be evaluated equally. That is why we must not be spoiled when young. I am presenting my own employee education policy.[80].

    Slap criticism

    NPO corporationPosse OfHaruki KonnoThe representative is "A black company, a youkai that eats up Japan" (Bunharu Shinsho,文藝 春秋), When I pointed out the labor posture of "some fast fashion companies" with the company name hidden, UNIQLO sent a notice saying "It is defamation and I will file a lawsuit as if I was naming my company."[81]. Also,Yokota MasuoWhen "The Light and Shadow of the Unichrome Empire" was published, he filed a suit against the publishers Bungei Shunju and Masuo Yokota for damages of 2 million yen and the collection and out of print of the book.[82][83].

    With UNIQLO like thisFast retailingThe method of filing a lawsuit seeking expensive damages ofSlapIt was pointed out that it may be (a threatening lawsuit/intimidation lawsuit).[84][85][86]There is also a view that it was said that it actually had the effect of blocking criticism of UNIQLO and shrinking the media side.[87].

    Regarding the lawsuit concerning this case,Tokyo District Court(Akihiko TsuchidaThe credibility of the store manager who testified in "The Light and Shadow of the Uniqlo Empire" that "I work more than 2013 hours a month" was issued on October 25, 10 by the presiding judge). It is expensive, and the important part about domestic stores is true. ”“ There is a reason to judge that the Chinese factory is also true from local interviews, etc. ”, and UNIQLO's complaint is totally rejected.[83][87][88].

    In addition, on March 2014, 26 (Heisei 3),AppealIsTokyo High CourtEven in, the Tokyo District Court decision is maintained.UNIQLO's appealRejectionHanding down the decision to[89].. Furthermore, on December 12th of the same yearSupreme CourtthirdSmall court(Ohashi MasaharuJudge) is from UNIQLOappealMade the decision to dismiss. This confirmed the Tokyo High Court decision[90][91].

    Actual situation of Chinese factories

    20151/15,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareChina at the press conferenceHong Kong OfNGOThe group "" held a press conference to investigate and report on the actual situation at UNIQLO product subcontract factories.The target of the survey is both the parent companyHong Kong stock marketThe two companies listed on the list, Tayota textile dyeing and Dongguan textile weaving, are considered to be UNIQLO's excellent customers. In these two factories,ChugokuSignificantly more than 36 hours per month permitted by the law of more than 100 hours per monthovertimeWas being done.In addition, there were illegal penalties such as deducting salary for 8 hours if a worker was late for 2 minutes.

    HoweverMass mediaMany of them reported the speed of response to the two factories in China with UNIQLO as the subject of the action plan for improving the working environment.This is a lotAdsTheNews (Chinese),tv setWhat you are publishing inSlapThere is also a view that they are taking into consideration (intimidation lawsuit/intimidation lawsuit).

    Nihon Keizai Shimbun"Fastly, improved working environment" (11 pages),TBS"We announced a plan to improve the working conditions of the Chinese factory" on the 15th. Also, on the 16th, UNIQLO manages the labor of its factory more firmly than other global companies. Isn't the two plants irregular?” And Shadow's authorYokota MasuoAsserts that it is not irregular[92].

    According to the interview by Masuda Yokota,NingboIn Shinshu Haori Co., Ltd. Koji,IronTestimony that a teenage female worker who was a cliff was working from 10 am to 8 am,Dongguan CityIn the Sakuen group, multiple workers are toughfineI got testimony that the system was under excessive pressure.

    UNIQLO is in fact unrooted in response to these coverage articles.文藝 春秋TheLibelHe filed a lawsuit for damages exceeding 2 million yen.However, in the trial, it became clear in the court documents submitted by UNIQLO, and both the district court and the high court recognized that it was "truthful", the appeal to the Supreme Court was dismissed, and the judgment was finalized at the end of 2014. Are[92].

    Patent infringement

    The self-checkout developed by the company has been sued by the company for deploying it in its own store without pretending to be self-developed.[93][94]..The UNIQLO side disputed the existence of similar technology, and in 2020 the JPO also decided to invalidate part of it, but in a ruling made by the Intellectual Property High Court on May 2021, 5, A decision was made to make Asterisk's technology "not easy to develop"[95].

    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Product Issues

    August 2020, 9,President of the United States OfDonald TrumpIt is,People's Republic of ChinaXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Ofhuman rightsDue to the situation, we started to restrict imports of products using Xinjiang cotton. In January 2021, import suspension was implemented for some UNIQLO products.[96]..On April 4, the same year, Chairman Yanai talked about the issue of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Human rights issuesrather thanPolitical issuesAnd we are always politically neutral. "[97].

    On May 2021, 5, UNIQLO announced that it was "in the process of production" about cotton products that had been suspended from imports.Forced laborHas not been confirmed. "[98]The United States of AmericaAnnounced that the cotton, which had been suspended from importing in Xinjiang, was not from Xinjiang.[99].

    2022 Russia's response to the invasion of Ukraine

    2022 Russia's invasion of UkraineIn the meantime, Western-owned companies are one after anotherRussia(as well asベ ラ ル ー シ), Fast Retailing, which operates UNIQLO, announced on March 2022, 3 that it would continue its business in Russia, saying that it is a "necessary item for daily life" and that "Russian people also have the right to live." bottom[100][101]..FAST RETAILING donates 11 billion yen and 20 clothing items to support Ukraine[102]Despite doing thisウクライナ OfSergiy KorsunskyThe ambassador to Japan has criticized that "it is a pity that the right to buy trousers and T-shirts of Russian people is more important than the right of Ukrainians to live."[103][104].

    On March 2022, 3, FAST RETAILING announced that it would turn around and suspend UNIQLO's business in Russia.[105]..In the statement, "We decided to suspend the business due to changes in the current situation surrounding the dispute and various difficulties in continuing business."[106].

    Celebrity who appeared in advertisement/CM

    unicorn,PUFFY,Kenichi Asai,THE YELLOW MONKEYAre not just advertisingCommemorativeT-shirtEtccollaborationHas been appointed to.

    A person from UNIQLO

    • Takashi Sawada -Revamp President and Partner
    • Genichi Tamazuka -Revamp President
    • Hitoshi Arimoto-Former President of McDonald's Hamburger University,Burger KingPresident, Chikaranomoto Company, now:Hospitality & Growing Japan Co., Ltd.President
    • Makoto Ariga-Executive Officer, Head of Human Resources Division, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
    • Hirokazu Yoshizawa-General Manager, Human Resources & General Affairs Department, Dome Co., Ltd.
    • Hideki Miyoshi-President and CEO of Trecente Co., Ltd., CEO of Marumasa Hotta Co., Ltd., CEO of Cefine Co., Ltd.

    Offer program



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