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📚 | [MOE August issue] In recent years, a painter who has been attracting attention in picture books.Welcome to the mysterious world of junaida.


[MOE August issue] In recent years, a painter who has been attracting attention in picture books.Welcome to the mysterious world of junaida.

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Let's go to the new exhibition "Future Boy Conan" at the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka!

The August 2022 issue of "MOE" (Hakusensha) was released on July 8st.The special bath is drawn by junaida B ... → Continue reading

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    Ghibli Museum

    Future Boy Conan

    "Future Boy Conan』(Mirai Shoen Conan) isJapan OfAnimethe work.Japan Broadcasting Corporation At (NHK), every Tuesday at 19:30 (Japan time) In the 30-minute broadcast frame,1978(Showa53 years)4/4から10/31It was broadcast over.All 26 episodes.The production companyJapanese animation.directed by TheHayao Miyazaki.

    Work outline

    Hayao MiyazakiIs the actual director's debut work that was in charge of directing the whole story, and it is also the first domestic cel animation series aired by NHK.[Note 1]..Conventionally, "Shonen drama series] And other programs for young people were broadcast around 18:19, but considering the situation where children and young people occupy most of the audience rating in the golden time, this work is also this time as "Family Hour" from 30:XNUMX. I decided to broadcast in the frame[1]..The 19 minutes from 30:30 on Tuesday became an anime program frame for a while after this work.

    At the time of the main broadcastAudience ratingIn the Kanto area, the average audience rating was 8%, and the maximum audience rating was only 14% (Episode 25).[2].. NHK is for PRNHK reception feeAt the time of collection, I also handed a sticker of the same work.It was later made into a movie by re-editing, but at that time it became a problem because it was edited against the intention of some TV version production staff.

    Production was delayed, and it took one year and three months to make 26 episodes.When it wasn't in time, NHK also broadcast a special program and responded to the circumstances of the production side, so Miyazaki also recalls that "it was possible because it was NHK."[3].

    The drawing of the first episode isYasuo OtsukaWas in charge, but Miyazaki, who was shocked by the fact that Lana, who should be a beautiful girl, is drawn unsightly, is checking all the original pictures up to 8 episodes.[4].


    America OfNovelistAlexander Key OfScience fiction novel"The people left behind(Original title:The Incredible Tide) ”Is the original.It is said that Nippon Animation was one of the presentations of the animation project to NHK, but it was not the favorite project, but when Miyazaki received a director request from Nippon Animation, it was a request to direct another work of that favorite.[5].

    Junzo NakajimaAccording to the producer, when he applied for the project because it was NHK's first TV anime series, he was involved in Nippon Animation.World Masterpiece TheaterSimilarly, thinking "something that can be seen in the family",Frances Hodgson Burnettof"Secret gardenI was thinking of animating[Note 2]..However, Nakajima changed his mind to "let's make it an adventure activity for the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school" in consideration of the anime boom from time to time, and NHK side chose "the people left behind" from among the several works presented. I chose.Miyazaki, who was appointed as the director by Nakajima, was initially reluctant to say, "It won't be an animation like this," but he directed it on the condition that the settings and story were changed significantly as described later, and Otsuka was appointed as the animation director. Undertook[6].

    The original isCold WarAgainst the backdrop of the East-West confrontation in the middle,ideologyStrong colorpessimisticMiyazaki didn't want to show this to children as it was.[7], The story and the characters have been significantly modified and adapted.The stage is fictitiousFinal warIn addition to being changed to a world 20 years after, for example, the main character Conan appears as an enemy to a preteen natural child who grew up in abundant nature from a high teen boy who carried an American liberal society. The characters have been changed from Mansky and Repco, who are bureaucratic figures of socialist countries, to Monsley and Repka, who grew up with the background of war-damaged orphans.Therefore, Miyazaki decided to use High Harbor in the United States and Industria.USSRIt expresses discomfort in the view of returning to the original[2].

    Influence of this work

    There are many creators who aspired to the animation industry by seeing this work.Hongo Mitsuru[8],Sand and snow[9],Toshiyuki Inoue[10],Tatsuyuki Tanaka[11],Hitomi Tatenoetc.Animator who became a regular of Studio Ghibli worksNoritaro KosakaI saw this work when I was in high school, and there was a possibility that I could work with Hayao Miyazaki.OH! ProductionIt is said that he joined the company[12].Satoshi HiramatsuFor me, it was a work that taught me the fun of moving pictures.FlipbookIt has become the starting point as an animator, so to speak.[13].

    In this workStoryboardParticipated inYuno TominoIs "Combat Mecha XabungleIn directing, he said that he started by imitating this work.[14]..Also, he was a newcomer at that timeOshii MamoruBy the storyboard collection of this workLayoutLearnTakahata Isao OfStoryboardIt is said that he understood the "strategic production" that makes the character stand up by the treatment of Dr. Lao in[15].

    Miyazaki himself, who directed the TV series animation for the first time, also felt the goodness of animation again through this work.[16].

    1995Published inAmerican movies"Water worldIt is pointed out that 』may be influenced by this work[17][18].


    The concept of the sequel was launched in the early 1980s after the airing, and Miyazaki planned it as the second TV anime series "Around the Undersea World" on NHK.[19]Failure, later the projectStudio GhibliDiverted in1986In the animated movie "Castle Laputa in the Sky』Published as.The remaining plans1990ToThe mysterious sea NadiaAnd 'Tico of the Seven Seas] Was made into a work.

    1999ToTBSseriesAt “Mirai Shounen Conan II Taiga AdventureWas aired.The concept of the work is "The motif of the world view of" Future Boy Conan "adventureIs said to be[Note 3], There is no direct relation to the content, the only thing that is the same as the previous work is that it is an animation that emphasizes some settings and movements of the production company and super magnetic weapons, so-calledSpiritual sequelClose to.The staff involved in both works are also directorsKeiji HayakawaAnd so on.As for the title of the work, the part of "Mirai Shounen Conan II" was deleted from the 15th episode in the latter half of the broadcast.


    AD2008, The final war broke out using "super magnetic weapons" that are more powerful than nuclear weapons.The five continents were deformed and the earth's axis was bent, and many cities were submerged in the sea.

    20 years after the war (AD2028), On a spaceship (rocket hut) that crashed on a small island called "Survivors of a Lost Island", Conan boy lived peacefully with "Grandpa".One day, a girl Lana drifts ashore on the beach.She lived on an island called High Harbor, but she was kidnapped by the people of the science city of Industria, and she saw a gap and she fled.However, Lana was taken away again by Industria's deputy administrative director, Monsley, who came to the island after her Lana, and her grandfather was fatally injured by a rocket outburst while trying to protect Lana. To bear.Realizing that her death was approaching, the old man took her breath by telling Conan to leave the island and find her companion.Conan is deeply saddened, but eventually regains her composure, burying her grandfather, saving Lana, and leaving the island to find her companion.

    Industria is a city centered on a huge tower (triangular tower) of the previous era.Industria's leaders were looking for Dr. Lao with the technology to revive the solar energy system.Repka, the director of the Industria administration, intended to use this system to restart the giant bomber Gigant, which sleeps beneath the city, to conquer the world.He abducted his granddaughter Lana, who could telepathically communicate with him, in order to find and obey the disappearing doctor.Conan collaborated with Jimsy, a boy he met during his journey, Dice, the captain of the Barracuda carrier, Monsley, who was converted after the battle at High Harbor, and Luke, who lives in the basement of the city, and dictated. Succeeded in expelling once against Repka who started.Around that time, Industria has been hit by crustal movements, and Dr. Lao revives the solar energy system to escape the inhabitants.However, Repka returns to Industria with a few of his men and uses the solar energy system to revive Gigant.Conan and his friends board a take-off Gigant and rampage to thwart Repka's ambitions.This puts Gigant in a state of impassability, crashes into the sea and causes a big explosion, and Repka shares his fate.

    Conan Lana Jimsy and others will move to "Bar Nocosarejima" by dice boat.There was a huge strange island where Bar Nocosarejima should be.Conan finds a nostalgic rocket hut on the top of a high mountain on the island.Further crustal movements were transforming "Bar Nocosarejima."Conan and his colleagues renew their determination to start living in the new world.


    The contents are 1. Japanese name of the character, 2. Supplementary information in parentheses (a. Supplementary information such as phonetic spelling if necessary <alias is described in 4.>. B. English version that can be confirmed. Name in[20]<* Not necessarily a bilingual word>), 3. Voice actor information, 4. Features during the work, and notable events not limited to the work.The same applies to the following, not limited to people.

    main character

    Conan (British : Conan)
    sound - Noriko Ohara
    hero.Bar Nocosarejima12 years old who loves nature (born in Japan)2016Raw) pleasant boy.His leg strength, strength, vital capacity, reflex speed, instantaneous power, dynamic visual acuity, etc. are all extraordinary physical abilities that are extraordinary for adults and above, and he is indomitable even in the face of danger of life. Has the guts of.His mind is swift, he has a strong will and determination, but his heart is gentle and saves the life of Monsley who tried to kill himself.[Note 4], These actions triggered the conversion of Monsley.He also tried to save Repka, who also tried to kill him, from Gigant, who had only waited for the crash, but his subordinates did not.
    The parents have already died (only the mother appears in the second episode flashback).She has lived on Bar Nocosarejima since she was bornGrandpaI haven't seen anyone other than that, but my fate changes greatly when I meet Lana.From the Bar Nocosarejima eraFishingWas used forharpoonManipulate freely.
    Lana (English:Lana)
    Voice- Mieko Shinsawa
    heroine. She will be 12 years oldDr. LaoGranddaughter.telepathyHave the abilityTern OfTechyYou can communicate with Dr. Lao.for thatLepkaBeing watched from, I was impatientdiceLived until thenHigh harborAbducted from.The BarracudaHe tries to escape from the area and meets Conan on the island where he was washed ashore.Her parents have already died, and a photo of her parents and a keepsake of her mother are left at the house of Dr. Lao's daughter and her aunt, Meizel.The name in the original is "Lana(English:Lanna).
    Jimsy (Notation: Jimsy[Note 5],English:Jimsy)
    Voice- Kazuyo Aoki
    Conan left the island and was the first to drift ashorePlus tip island10 years old (XNUMX years old)2018Raw) petite boy.Conan got on my neckRaftI'm wearing a sail.He has the athletic ability to compete with Conan, and is a master of hunting with a big glutton.At first, he was angry at having been stolen and eaten, and clashed with Conan, but he recognized his ability and immediately hit it off.Like Conan, she had never seen a woman, so she had a prejudice that she was a crybaby, stubborn, and gluttony.テ ラI will be able to communicate with you.He is not as enthusiastic as Conan, and although he is a little computational and mood-loving, he has a strong friendship and always acts with Conan.His favoriteカ エ ル OfDried fishAnd in the high harborPig farmingInterested in.In the second half, he played an active part in the name combination with the dice.
    Voice- Ichiro Nagai
    Captain Dice(English:Captain Dyce).IndustriaA member of the Trade Bureau, a motorsailer "The Barracuda"Captain.He usually carries the collected plus chips to Industria.He looks down at Conan and Jimsy trying to stowaway, but with Conan's enthusiasm, they work on the Barracuda. As he is proud of being a "man of the sea," he has an accurate grasp of the waters around Industria and is trusted by sailors, but on the other hand, there are some frivolous parts.Working robot "RobotoidIs good at handling machines, such as freely manipulating.This contributed to the Barracuda's suffering at High Harbor, as he was also the first to abduct Lana after he landed in High Harbor.
    At first, he loved Lana, and for that reason he sometimes acted without regard to the results and endangered the seafarers.She rebels against Repka and tries to escape from Industria with Lana, but is captured and imprisoned by a pursuit with his men.After that, he was saved by Conan and others who had been sentenced to sun-drying, and after that he began to act with Conan.When Repka revived Gigant with solar energy, he fought with Conan and Jimsy and destroyed Gigant.
    MonsleyWas a friend of dogs and monkeys, but gradually became more and more friendly and married Monsley in the final episode.She is 35 years old at the time of the final episode (1993pregnancy).
    In the initial setting at the planning stage, it was set as "a villain like Hitler", and it was the masterpiece of evil who planned to conquer the world.
    Monsley (English:Monsley)
    Voice- Rihoko Yoshida
    Deputy Director of the Industria Administration Bureau.At the order of Repka, Lana is taken from Bar Nocosarejima.A person who is beautiful, intelligent, and has good judgment.He is also good at fighting tactics and is good at handling weapons and maneuvering vehicles, so he has a lot of trust from his boss Repka and his subordinates.He fell in love with Conan's strong will and physical strength and tried to educate him as an Industria citizen, but after his defeat at High Harbor and his trust, he decided to fight with Conan and his friends.After returning to Industria, he advises Repka to change his dictatorial approach, but is likely to be executed as a traitor.He was saved by Conan and others on the verge of execution and completely broke up with Repka.
    When he was hostile, he had a strong and unfriendly personality, and while he was described by Dice as a "prideful woman," he had a memory of the tragic experience of the final war in his heart.[Note 6]..After landing in High Harbor, he was converted after being involved with Conan.Her personality and tone became calmer, and in episode 23, she shed tears and thanked Conan for saving Lana and Dr. Lao.She also cares for Lana, who is waiting for Conan to return late in the game.
    I often say "I'm stupid!" To the dice partner, but in the final episode I got married to him.She is 28 years old at the time of the final episode (2000Raw).The name in the original is "Mansky(English:Dr. Manski).
    Bliack Lao (English:Dr. Briac Lao)
    Voice- Masato Yamanouchi
    Dr. Lao(English:Dr. Lao).He is 60 years old (1968Raw).He is Lana's grandfather and father of Meizel, a resident of High Harbor.He is a survivor of a team of scientists involved in the development of solar energy, and feels guilty that the practical application of solar energy utilization has led to the development of supermagnetic weapons.Flying machineHe was shot down when he tried to escape from Industria, and he impersonated another person by taking advantage of the fact that his appearance changed drastically due to the injury at that time.patch(English:Patch)PseudonymWas in charge of the salvage ship.By starting to work Conan and Lana without the permission of IndustriaTerritI bought the suspicious of, and eventually Lana, who sensed her telepathy, noticed her true identity.After her identity was revealed, she apologized to Conan for her violent behavior and deeply thanked Conan for fighting to protect her Lana.After that, he entrusts Lana and his friends to the dice heading to High Harbor, and returns to Industria, but is tortured and detained by Repka.After that, he seemed to live only by his energy, and he couldn't move anymore, and eventually he was blind, deaf, and could barely communicate with Lana by telepathy.In the final episode, he died to sleep while being watched by Conan and his friends.FuneralWas done.The name in the original is a pseudonym "patch(English:Patch) ”, Commonly known as“Mr(English:Professor) ”, And his real name is“Briac Lore(English:Dr. Briac Roa) ".His first person was "I" when he was calling himself a pseudonym patch, but after he was identified, he became "I" and changed to a gentle tone.
    Lepka (English:Lepka)
    Voice- Ieyasu Kazumasa
    Director of the Industria Administration. 37 years old (1991Raw).He tells the committee to revive solar energy to solve Industria's energy problems, but in factDictatorshipAim forHawk..Follow Dr. Lao, who holds the secret of solar energy, and Lana, who is a clue to Dr. Lao. "Don't be upset!" Is a habit.When he first appeared, he blamed the dice for his selfish behavior and took a loyal attitude to the committee, but in reality he was a ruthless person who saw others other than himself as an enemy or a tool. A sneaky man who does not choose the means for the purpose.He is a talented middle manager, using his high abilities to take control of Industria and a strategic bomber with solar energy.GigantAmbitious to revive and become the ruler of the world.
    He is good at handling military equipment before the cataclysm, and from the point of view of understanding the functions and detailed operation methods of Gigant, it seems that he was originally from a family of military personnel involved in the development and operation of Gigant and super magnetic weapons. It seems to be.
    Take Lana away onceFlying machineIt was thought that he was shot down by Conan when he tried to escape, but he and his subordinates who swore allegiance after the resurrection of solar energy succeeded in starting Gigant.However, he did not immediately go out of the atmosphere because he overlooked the power of Conan and his friends.High harborBecause I aimed at, I was pierced by the gap and rushed inside.When Conan and his friends who invaded the engine room destroyed the center of Gigant and were cornered to the point where it was impossible to fly, he abandoned most of his subordinates and tried to escape with a traffic boat, but jumped into the boat immediately after disconnecting the traffic boat. It is disturbed by the resulting Conan.At the end, he let go of Conan's hand to help him, and his subordinates share the fate with Gigant.Unlike Monsley, who stood up as an enemy but was converted through his involvement with Conan, he never changed his mind until the end.
    Although he is cunning and smart, he is often upset by Conan's unconventional physical abilities, and after establishing a complete dictatorship by a coup d'etat, he has a relentless attitude such as firing if the Supreme Committee disagrees with the other party. Even Monsley, who advised him to change his mind, tried to execute him as a traitor.In addition, there is a tendency to take meaningless actions when driven by its domineering and arrogance, and in episode 24, "Now that the underground residents are saying that they will allow the treatment so far, what does it mean to revive Gigant? There is even an incoherent outrage, such as shooting and killing a subordinate who questioned "Is there any?" Without hesitation.
    "Castle Laputa in the Sky"ofMuskaIn fact, some materials such as "Ghibli Roman Album Laputa: Castle in the Sky" introduce Lepka as his descendant.[Note 7]..The name in the original is "Repco(English:Lepko).

    Bar Nocosarejima

    Grandpa (English:Grandpa)
    Voice-Masato Yamanouchi
    An old man who lived on the island with Conan. His real name is unknown because he is only called "Grandpa".He once tried to escape the Earth with nine companions, including Conan's parents, during the final war, but failed and crash landed on an isolated island in the sea.He has lived on this island ever since.Although Conan was born after he started living, other friends including his parents died, and at the beginning of the story, he lived alone with Conan.Due to lack of interaction with his surroundings, he was unaware of the fact that there were other survivors besides themselves until Lana was washed ashore.Conan was as adorable as his own child, and Conan was as adored as his father for his grandfather.I was happy to welcome Lana who had drifted ashore, but in order to repel the Monsleys who had chased after Lana.RocketWhen he was taken out, Kuzu's shooting hit a rocket and he was caught in an outburst and was fatally injured.He left the island to Conan, who had taken care of the end, found a companion, and told him to help each other and live, and died. He died 64 years old.


    Mou (English:Mo)
    Voice- Masashi Amemori
    He is a central figure in the Industria Supreme Committee and is responsible for approving important matters such as policies.The committee has something to say about Repka's actions,ReactorIt is a hump for Lepka because the approval of the committee members is indispensable for the maintenance and use of.Originally, he was a person full of leadership enough to move the gunboat and spearhead the rescue activities of the victims even in the situation immediately after the cataclysm, but he is too busy to control the distribution of energy and supplies that tends to be insufficient. It was a disaster that he had thrown the whole administration to Repka, and a coup d'etat was caused by Repka who was dissatisfied, leading to complete control by Repka.Finally, under the direction of Dr. Lao, he revived the solar energy and shared his fate with the sinking Industria.
    Kay, Ai, Jun (English:Jun, et al.)
    Voice- Matsugoro Mita,Yasuo Muramatsu,Junji Chiba
    Scholars who are members of the Industria Supreme Committee.UsualGlassesJun is wearing black glasses, and Ai is wearing black glasses.The committee members, including them, are basically mild-mannered and take a neutral position with Lana and others, but they lose their influence on the administrative staff due to their weakness in action, and Repka's It was portrayed as a helpless existence that could not stop even a coup d'etat, let alone a tyranny.Finally, under the direction of Dr. Lao, he revived the solar energy and shared his fate with the sinking Industria.
    Kuzu (Notation: Kuzo,English:Kuzo)
    Voice-Tetsuo Mizutori (Mizuo Tetsuo
    One of Monsley's subordinates.There are many scenes where he is overtaken by Conan and others when he steps on the slapstick.After his defeat at High Harbor, he lives with Industria soldiers cutting wheat there. 26 years old (2002pregnancy).
    Dreamcatcher (Dreamcatcher)Notation: Douke,English:Tokeh)
    Voice- Norio Wakamoto
    One of Monsley's subordinates, a pilot of the flying boat Falco.He later lives with Kuzo and Industria soldiers in the High Harbor, cutting wheat. 24-years-old(2004pregnancy).
    Ruke (English:Luke)
    Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka
    He is the centerpiece of Industria's underground dwellers and has acquaintance with Dr. Lao. 23 years old (2005Raw).He was branded on his forehead and imprisoned as a prisoner, just like any other underground dweller, because he opposed Repka's policies.He escapes from prison with the help of Conan, who happens to come to the prison, and then cooperates with Conan and his friends.He knows the structure of the underground passage of the triangular tower.
    Although his physical ability is inferior to that of Conan, he has a strong sense of faith, and his leadership ability to bring together the resistance people even in dangerous situations has proved to be a reliable person for Conan and others.He seems to be impressed with Conan's health, and although he spends a short time with him, he treats him favorably.
    When Conan and his friends visited Industria again, the armored shutters for going out to the ground were closed, and the water that flowed in by the blasting of the bulkhead together with the underground residents was endangered by Repka's strategy. Escape the difficulty by opening the armor shutter by us.After that, I am deeply grateful to the underground residents and Conan who saved Lana and Dr. Lao.After the revival of solar energy, he repaired the salvage ship with his friends and moved to High Harbor.After that, he goes to Bar Nocosarejima with Conan and others.
    Ruke's father
    Voice-Masato Yamanouchi
    Like his son, Luke, he opposes Repka's policies.His appearance and voice are two, grandfather and melon, and he is called "grandfather" by Conan.She treats her as favorably as Luke, with deep gratitude to Conan for saving Luke and her friends.When she first met, Conan put her deceased grandfather on his figure, moistening her eyes.

    The Barracuda

    Dongoros (English:Dongoroth)
    Voice- Takuzo Kamiyama
    The Barracuda sailor, 30 years old (1998Raw).She takes care of Conan and Jimsy, especially with Jimsy, who remained on the Barracuda.In the final episode, you can see his wife and one child who looks exactly like him in High Harbor.
    Pasco (English:Bosco)
    Voice- Masaru Ikeda
    Barracuda sailor, 32 years old (1996Raw).Dongoros is my best friend.
    Gucci (English:Gutch)
    Voice- Hiroshi Masuoka
    The Barracudaコ ッ クAnd 29 years old (1999Raw).He is always on the top of the Buddha and has a quiet personality.On Plus Chip Island, you can use ingredients such as mice brought by Jimsy.tobaccoIt was exchanged for a luxury item).
    At High Harbor, I was learning how to make bread made from non-synthetic natural wheat.In the final episode, like Dongoros, you can see his wife and his twin children in High Harbor.

    Salvage ship

    Territ (English:Territ)
    Voice- Rokuro Naya
    Secretary of a salvage ship, 20 years old (2008Raw).He has a history of trampling in Industria and being relegated to a salvage ship.He is anxious to be promoted to second-class citizen, but does not give it the necessary pointspatchIs the enemy of my eyes.Her method was rather sneaky, forcing Lana to do work other than what Patch had instructed, and then hurting Conan, who strongly protested, with a crane.The act becomes a lie and buys the wrath of the patch.At that time, he also put himself on the shelf and instructed him to arrest Patch as a rule violator.He later informed Monsley that the patch was Dr. Lao, but missed it, and the dream of a second-class citizen was destroyed.He did not appear after that, and only Luka said that he was caught in a crane and died in an accident.
    Voice-Tetsuo Mizutori
    Salvage ship worker, 55 years old (1973Raw).It seems that his missing grandson was about the same age as Conan and his friends, and he was concerned about Conan and his friends from early on.He seems to have a hobby of chores and runs a dining room on the land side.He was looked down upon by Territ, but when he saw the sunken ship pulled up after his death, he muttered lonely, "I wanted to show you this scene."Also, in episode 25, he cheered up Lana, who was worried about Conan, and shed tears when she saw the sinking Industria.

    High harbor

    Voice-Tetsuo Mizutori
    High Harbor village mayor, 53 years old (1975Raw).He was a computer engineer before the cataclysm.
    Gull (English:Garu)
    Voice- Kohei Miyauchi
    High harborFishingLong. 47 years old (1981Raw).He sets out to fish with his sons andFish cage (IkesuI also have.She loves Conan and teaches fishing and high harbor rules.GunpowderFascinated by, he tries to solve anything with a homemade bomb.This explosive is quite powerful, even in a handy amountThe BarracudaTheAgroundLet it be one barrel of IndustriaGun boatIt is powerful enough to sink.In episode 19, the Barracuda also tried to explode with a bomb, but it did not explode due to the wet fuse and the tsunami.Beside his cage during the warDr. LaoUsed to rescue peopleFlying machineAnd machines are placed.
    Shan (English:Sean)
    Voice- Takeki Nakamura
    Lana's uncle and son-in-law of Dr. Lao. 31 years old (1997Raw).In the suburbs of Honmura in High HarborClinicIs running.He was feeding Lana with his wife until Dice came to abduct Lana.In the middle of the game, he welcomes Conan and Jimsy himself and takes responsibility.He has a great voice in the village.He once opposed when he learned that Conan was heading back to Industria after the tsunami hit High Harbor, but when he learned that Conan was determined, he persuaded the village chiefs to convince them. Decide to send it out.In the final episode, he moderated the wedding of Dice and Monsley.
    Meizel (English:Meizel)
    Voice- Masako Saito
    Dr. Lao's daughter and Shan's wife. She is 29 years old (born 1999).She is Lana's aunt and she is loved by Lana like her mother.She warmly welcomes Conan and Jimsy.
    Voice- Tsubasa Shioya
    Gull's son. 13 years old(2015Raw).He is always helping his father fish.
    Voice- Keisuke Yamashita
    The head of the windmill village in High Harbor, 33 years old (1995Living).On the diceBlacksmithTeach a job.
    Auro (English:Orlo)
    Voice- Hiroya Ishimaru
    Living in a wasteland on the other side of the main village of High HarborOrphanAnd the age is 17 years old (2011Raw).He is also an orphancheatConflict withJuvenile delinquentGroup leader.He is domineering and has a strong desire to reveal himself, and prefers flashy words and actions and directing.He has a large body and is blessed with physical abilities, and while his head is sharp as it is, he is sloppy and unthinking behavior is conspicuous.He initially worked with cheats, but was disgusted by his steady way of life and stopped working, insisting that High Harbor was his country and violently suppressing the protests of other workers. It fits in the representative.He monopolized the right to trade with Motomura, and repeated violence such as forcing tax payment with the result of forcible negotiations as a shield, and embarked on armed control of High Harbor.MonsleyAnd threaten the island.When the big tsunami hit the high harbor, I applied for a one-on-one duel with Conan while the tsunami was approaching me.knifeHowever, Conan, who has an amazing physical ability, is completely defeated without any teeth.After that, he admitted losing and was converted, and in the final episodeGalIt seems that he became a gunpowder craftsman as a disciple ofThe BarracudaLaunch ceremonydice・ In cooperation with Gull when the wedding of the Monsley couple is heldCongratulatory gunIs raising.She shed tears when Conan and his friends set sail for the island in the final episode.
    Terra (English:Tera)
    Voice- Noriko Tsukase
    Auro's sister, 9 years old (2019Raw).Believing his brother to be the one who brought great benefits to the wasteland village, he initially clashed with Conan and his friends, who were in conflict with Auro, but quickly became attracted to Jimsy.After the big tsunami at High Harbor, he returned the pendant (Lana's mother's keepsake) to Lana (probably with the intention of Auro).In the final episode, I headed to Bar Nocosarejima with Jimsy and others.
    Voice-Hideyuki Tanaka
    One of the orphans living in the wasteland south of High Harbor. Eighteen years old(2010Raw).In contrast to the auros, he gathers as orphans to raise livestock and live an independent life with cattle breeding as a lever.He is dissatisfied with Auro's selfish behavior, but is succumbed to violence.However, he hasn't given up, saying, "Our problem (so we have to solve it ourselves)" to Jimsy, who says, "I'll help you (the auros)."He secretly trades with the village of High Harbor.


    Techi (English:Tikki)
    Lana is especially lovedTern..She also acts as a bridge between her and Conan.
    It looks good (English:Umasou)
    Jimsy's pups separated from cheatsDream PorkAnd my ears are long.Its name isJapaneseJimsy named it in a shattered way of saying "it looks delicious."In the final episode, she can see that she is growing up and making eight of her pups.


    A spaceship that a young man boarded with his friends, including Conan's parents, before the collapse of the world in 2008.At the time of takeoff, it suffered damage from the direct hit of a volcanic bomb, impairing its navigation ability, crashed into the earth of a great storm without being able to shake the gravitational force of the earth, and crash landed in the center of an uninhabited island.It later became the "Koshishijima no Ie".At the beginning of the story, all functions had already stopped, but due to the robustness of the hull, the durability seems to be sufficient, and the appearance of being used as the house of Conan and Lana after the final story is drawn at the opening.
    Although the main propulsion engine is a rocket, it can take off vertically without injecting an auxiliary rocket in a horizontal state, so it seems that it is a type that realized energy saving during acceleration and takeoff and landing by reducing the weight of the hull with an anti-gravity device.
    The Barracuda(English:Barracuda)
    After the cataclysm, plus tip (PlasticResources) built for harvestingSailboat..The steel plate of the existing tanks was diverted[22], The water line bulged to navigate the narrow waterways of Industria(English editionHas a hull.As an auxiliary organizationCharcoal engineEquipped with[22]..Work boats for carrying plus chips are installed on the left and right sides of the hull.
    Damaged and stranded in High Harbor after being attacked by Gull's handmade bomb.In addition, the mast and rudder were damaged by the tsunami that hit High Harbor, but her repair was completed in the final episode.She is believed to have continued to operate as a ferry connecting High Harbor and the New World (formerly Bar Nocosarejima).
    Owned by IndustriaPropulsion ceremony OfFlying boat..The only remaining in the world except Gigantairplane..Originally designed for marine research, it excels at low speeds and long flights.[23]..Rounded aircraft and largeWingHas,Horizontal stabilizerIs omitted.hydrogenGas turbine engineVertical tailBehind the toppropellerTurn to fly.The maximum speed is 360km / h.Minimum speed 60km / h[23]..It will be wrecked in the 11th episode, but it will be fixed and swivel after the 20th episode.Machine gunIt has been re-appeared with strengthened armament.He played an active part in the follow-up of the Gigant who took off.At the end, there is a depiction of seaweed debris disappearing as it was involved in the collapse of Industria.
    For all-purpose civil engineering work developed and operated in IndustriaMech robot[24]..Driven by a combustion engine, exposedconsoleYou can freely control both hands and feet with the three levers and two foot levers in[24]..The rest of what was used to build the Industria underground mall[25][24], Used for work that requires more strength than humans.The box-shaped fuselage has only limbs, no head, and the cockpit has a simple appearance with an open atrium.[21], No matter how rough the maneuver is, it will not lose its posture[21], Also to robonoidWriterI gave it to my mouthtobaccoIt is possible to make delicate movements such as igniting a fire, and in fact it is quite high performance[21]..In addition to being used in the Industria workshop, it is mounted on the Barracuda tank and used to collect plus chips.[24].
    At the stage of image sketching, the rounded torso was changed to a square design that is difficult to draw in the final draft, and the joint with the arm also eliminates the rounded torso dent (receiver) and the square torso Changed to a shape that is directly attached to a flat surface[21]..The reason why the design was changed from an easy design to one that can not be deceived at all is that it looks too futuristic if it is rounded, and it is a tool of the real scientific civilization used at the core of Industria. It is said that it was to visualize the setting position of the advantage that is clearly inferior in comparison with them.[21].
    Flying machine
    AntigravityA vehicle that flies on a device.There are two types of aircraft, one that Dr. Lao hid in the basement of Industria and used to escape, and the other that Dr. Lao used to lift survivors to the High Harbor after the cataclysm.The former ispurple OfAcornIt is shaped like a bell and is bulletproof with metal rubber.[26]..The latter was developed from the former, which was an experimental aircraft, and has a large internal area and high habitability. It can fly at high speeds of 750km / h and can dive.The living area such as the kitchen and seats for 16 people is comfortable, but it is a cruiser type with no bulletproof armor, probably because it does not consider behavior in dangerous airspace.
    Gun boat(English:Gunboat)
    The only remaining battleship in Industria, literally translatedgunboat..The total length is 58 meters, the total width is 8.3 meters, and the displacement is 415 tons.Powered by a diesel gas turbine engine.Maximum speed 24 knots, armed with 76.2 1 mm single gun (front deck), 23 2 mm cannons (forecastle), 57 1 mm single gun (rear deck).A lot of navigationoilCannot be used without the permission of the Supreme Committee.Although small and unarmed as a warship, it poses a major threat to the unarmed Barracuda and high harbor residents who do not have firearms.She was sunk by Gull's handmade bomb set by Conan.
    Salvage ship(English:Salvage ship)
    Used to lift a sunken shipWork boatIt is moored in the desert area on the outskirts of Industria.However, unlike in the real world, it cannot navigate on its own, and it is a crane or a huge one.ManipulatorHas a strange appearance installed.For collection workDiving clothesIs provided, butscuba divingNot a formulaHelmet divingIt is a type.
    Sunken ship
    The salvage ship was about to withdrawPassenger ship..The appearance is similar to a gun boat.After withdrawal, it was to be used when escaping Industria.After arriving at High Harbor, it was raised to shallow water and is believed to have been used as a residence.
    Thermonuclear weaponExceedsStrategic weaponsEquipped with a super-magnetic weapon that isStrategic bomberAs an aircraft operated during the final war.The use of on-board supermagnetic weapons caused the world's civilization to collapse and cause cataclysms (2008 # Fiction Events.Pole shift # Fiction where the pole shift appears).
    The largest aircraft in history in the world[27]..There seem to be several types, but the one in the basement of Industria is a particularly huge type.The specifications are as follows.
    Total length 85m, Overall width 176m, Overall height 60m[27]..250 crew members[27]..The engines are 6 solar energy propulsion ion jet engines, 1 takeoff booster engine, and 4 lift engines.[27]..ArmedArtificial satelliteFor destructionCannon30 gates,Rocket cannon12 gates,Laser cannon61 gates (60 normal type, 1 super large caliber type for ground destruction)[27]..Has enough attack power to affect even the core of the earth when fully used[27]..Also, to neutralize intruders on boardHydrogen cyanide gasIt also has a spraying device and an emergency fire extinguishing device.
    Geostationary satellite orbitIf you deploy 3 aircraft on the top, you can attack anywhere on the ground[27]..In the depictions of the final war in the recollections of Prologue and Monsley, they formed a large formation that filled the sky, but most of them were lost due to the destruction of the ground and the great storm caused by the cataclysm.Based on the force distribution strategy, one of the aircraft deployed in the basement of the triangular tower remains intact after the cataclysm.[28], This appears in the play.one timeAtmosphereIf you leave the outside, you will be able to fly semi-permanently by absorbing the solar energy yourself.In addition, all crew members have the facilities to live for three years.The fuselage has a block structure, and it is possible to quickly separate the damaged part, and in the actual work, Repka separated the main engine and the tail wing.In addition to equipping the entire body with a hidden turret, the nose contains a traffic boat for contacting the ground during flight.The form of a flying wing with a thick main engine at the nose and two huge antennas at the nose is reminiscent of a huge moth, and is also called "the poisonous moth that destroyed the world" by Dr. Lao. ing.Name isGermanMeans "giant" and at the same timeWorld War IISuper huge transport plane insideMe323 gigantIt is also associated with.The main weapon, the ultra-large caliber laser cannon for ground destruction, "super magnetic weapon" is in the shutter on the underside of the nose, but the power is only mentioned in the prologue narration as "far beyond nuclear weapons" ( There is a depiction of a flash of light and a catastrophic destruction), which was neither appeared nor used in the play.[29].


    Of this workView of the worldAnd the stageConfigurationThe final war using super magnetic weaponsPole shiftIt is supposed to be an unspecified area in the near future where most of the five continents were submerged due to the continuation of natural disasters due to the cause of the disaster, but Hayao Miyazaki's own initial plan specified the area.[21][30],Bar Nocosarejima,Plus tip island TheJapanIn the area where it wasIndustria TheUSSR OfPrimoryeIt's in the area[21]..And everyone who lives in the area that used to be JapanJapaneseI said that I was planning with the intention of[21]..However, he said that he had no choice but to change what he wanted to do to the story of unspecified people in unspecified areas, published in 1983 (Showa 58), "See you again! Future Boy Conan" (Tokuma bookstore) Answered in the interview[21][31]..For example, the captaindiceIs Juro (Danjuro.cf. Danjuro Ichikawa),The BarracudaBentenmaru was the name in the initial concept[21]..Also, as you can see in the scene of collecting resources on Plus Chip Island, the form of garbage falling there is, for example.PolybucketThe critic said that it was clearly drawn with Japanese products in mind.Toshio OkadaIs talking[21]..Okada estimates that the model for this island isTokyo BayIt is inDream island[21], But its area is much larger,Tokyo WardI'm wondering if there is[21]..Also, Okada estimates that the model of Bar Nocosarejima isTokyoInner cityIn the area[21], The area is about 1 ward in Tokyo, the location isOgasawara IslandsAround[21]..However, the earth's axis has been distorted (due to the influence of supermagnetic weapons, the earth's axis has been distorted.コ アShould have made a big difference[Note 8][Note 9]so,rotationSince the world has its axis tilted), the positional relationship between north, south, east, and west has changed significantly.Japanese archipelagoIf you go straight west from the areaRussia OfPrimorsky TerritoryIt hits the area where it was, and that is Industria[21]..It is estimated that Pluschip Island (≒ Yumenoshima) is on the way from Bar Nocosarejima (≒ Ogasawara Islands) to Industria (≒ Primorsky Krai) (* The distance between Bar Nocosarejima and Industria is "Maximum speed of 360km / hFalcoIt takes about half a day. "[21][Note 10]..At the time of the initial concept, there are many parts that have not been decided yet, and in the old underground city of Industria, the boy who was a small childGoroWhen asked by, he said he hadn't thought about anything yet, so he started to come up with a plan from there.[21].Toei Animation Ofmovies"Prince of the Sun Horus's Great AdventureMiyazaki also said that he wanted to do everything he left behind.[21][31].

    Bar Nocosarejima(Koshijima,English:Remnant Island
    An island that crashed when a group of grandpas failed to escape the earth.In shallow waterwarshipThere are debris, and buildings and cars are sunk in the sea.The surrounding sea was rich in fish, and fresh water sprang up from the cockpit at the tip of the rocket that pierced the hills of the island, so the old men were able to survive.Conan and his grandfather lived in a dwelling surrounded by stone walls under the rocket.As the years went by, the island was covered with trees and birds came to visit, but the old men died, leaving only Conan and the old man.There is a stone tomb on the outskirts of the island.After the disappearance of Industria, the surrounding land mass rises and becomes a new land for pioneers from High Harbor as a "new continent".The background drawn in the opening is also the state after that time.
    In addition, after the uplift, the appearance that the wreckage of the old civilization off the coast seems to have come to the shallow water is drawn at the opening.
    Rampage sea
    Always in the waters between Bar Nocosarejima and Pluschip Islandstorm-竜 巻It is a difficult place in the sea, which is difficult to pass even in Barracuda.RaftConan on board is in this difficult placeDistressThen, it drifts to Plus Chip Island.
    Plus tip island(Plus tip) [Note 11]
    Jimsy, who met here on an island where Conan on a raft was washed ashore, calls it "Ore Island".
    The area around the rock wall of the island was a dumping ground in the city before the cataclysm, so a plus tip (Plastic) Is buried in large quantities, which is an important energy resource for Industria.Therefore, plus chip collectors come from Industria on a regular basis.Originally there were a lot of humans, but useful humans were taken to Industria, so now there are only humans who are not suitable for heavy labor.The remaining islanders are delighted to be provided with Industria products in exchange for being used as a labor force for collecting plus chips.[21]..Jimsy, a natural child who has lived steadily now, hated those who lived a life that relied on Industria, sticking to the old life that can not be regained.[21].
    solar energyA huge complex plant city created by combining science and technology before the cataclysm, including[27]..It is located on the continental coastline and is surrounded by deserts.
    A very small urban area is formed around the triangular tower, but most of the houses on the ground are unmanned ruins.[33], Many people live inside the Triangle Tower or in its basement.The underground mall is wide and complicated, and the shutter can be opened and closed by operating from a triangular tower.Strategic bomber that escaped destruction due to cataclysmGigantIs also stored in the basement[27].. After passing through a deep underground shaft called the "core", the bottom layer was a huge one with natural and artificial suns, where the people who survived the cataclysm lived.[27]However, many have died and the current inhabitants are the survivors.At one point, young workers were immigrated from Pluschip Island to make up for the labor shortage, but due to saturation, it was forbidden to bring in new humans from the outside.The population at the time of the play is "less than a thousand" according to Dr. Lao.
    The Industria organization consists of the Supreme Committee and the bureaus under it.The Supreme Committee consists of 10 doctors and has nominally the highest power.The Supreme Committee also manages the energy of the triangular tower.There are at least two bureaus, the administrative bureau and the trade bureau, and the administrative bureau is headed by Repka.Residents living within the jurisdiction of Industria (including around salvage vessels) are classified according to their lifestyle and other grades.There are at least four grades (including prisoners), and treatment and living areas vary by grade (not mentioned in great detail in the work).Prisoners in the lowest ranks are distinguished by a special gun-shaped instrument with a star-shaped branding iron on their foreheads, the living quarters are limited to the basement, and only poor clothing is distributed.There is a plus chip processing facility on the outskirts of the city, from the BarracudaDollyThe plus tip carried inoilIn addition to being processed as bread and clothing here, it is used as fuel for gunboats as it is in petroleum.
    Power isReactorHowever, because the life of the furnace is running out, the use of load-bearing triangular tower equipment (such as laser cannons) cannot be done unnecessarily.Therefore, the challenge is to find an energy satellite whose orbital position is unknown due to the turmoil during the cataclysm, which is the key to the revival of solar energy, and Repka is enthusiastic about capturing Dr. Lao, who is the only one who can do that.
    The use of force in the triangular tower is strictly controlled, the use of forces such as gunboats and falco, the opening of the arsenal requires the approval of the committee, and the carrying of weapons other than self-defense is prohibited. ing.
    High harbor(English:High Harbor)
    The island where Lana lived before being taken to Industria.BigCrustal movementByDead volcanoRemained on the surface of the sea and became an island[34]..The surrounding climate is warm and abundant with fish.The inhabitants consist of those rescued by Dr. Lao during the diastrophism.On the north side of the islandCrater lakeA village (Honmura) is formed around it.On the outskirts of MotomurawindmillThere was a village and Lana worked here before being taken to Industria.[35]..The wasteland on the south side, where the remains of the previous era remain, such as motorways and buses, is territory of Auro, and pigs are bred.The village of cheats is also on the south coast and is livestock farming.You can come and go to Honmura by boat as well as by land.People hereAgriculture:,Fishery:Is running.

    ス タ ッ フ


    With the Nippon Animation in-house groupOH! Production2 groups participated as a drawing[36]..The number of drawings is 6 to 7.[37]..Yasuo Otsuka is credited as the animation director by himself, but in fact, it is a double system of Hayao Miyazaki and Otsuka.[38]..Especially with regard to Lana, Hayao Miyazaki was dissatisfied with seeing Lana's drawing retouching in episode 1, and Hayao Miyazaki himself became the animation director for Lana in episode 2 and beyond.[39].


    The theme song and gekitomo musicShinichiro IkebeThis was the first anime work for me.Others in IkebeAccompanimentClearer than the workTonalityIt is characterized by a strong orientation and a lot of bright music.The music in the movie version described belowFujiji Koji.


    The credited screenwriter was handed over by Hayao MiyazakiSynopsysI was writing the script based on the script, but for the producer at that time, it was just that the script was necessary for animation, and in reality the script was rarely used, Miyazaki directlyStoryboardIs drawn down[40]..Miyazaki considers the script as a starting point, and states that the schedule has been delayed, so he started drawing directly from the storyboards.[41].

    Staff list

    Some credits for the movie version are also included.

    Theme song

    Opening theme "The earth is awakening now"
    Lyrics ―― (Hikaru Kataoka) Composition ―― Shinichiro Ikebe Song ―― Naozumi Kamada, Yuko Yamaji
    Ending theme "premonition of happiness"
    Lyrics ――Hikaru Kataoka Composition ――Shinichiro Ikebe Song ――Naozumi Kamada, Yuko Yamaji
    The label isNHK record(Publisher isPolydor
    "Premonition of happiness" is in addition to the single version of NHK recordKing recordThere is a version recorded in the released music collection LP (later made into a CD), and some lyrics are different (the 2nd lyrics of the NHK record version are used for the 3rd in the king version, and the 2nd in the king version. Has been replaced with another lyrics. In the broadcast, it goes from No. 1 to No. 2 without a break, and finally it is a common chorus of No. 1 and 2).
    The "premonition of happiness" is "Everyone's songWas also broadcast (the lyrics here areSame as NHK record version).

    List of stories

    Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowback ground
    Episode 11978
    Bar NocosarejimaAkira NakanoHayao MiyazakiHayao MiyazakiTaizaburo Abe
    Episode 24/11DepartureSatoshi Koto
    Episode 34/18The first friendAkira NakanoHayao Miyazaki
    Keiji Hayakawa
    Masamichi Takano
    Episode 44/25The BarracudaSatoshi KotoTaizaburo Abe
    Episode 55/9IndustriaAkira NakanoSeiji OkudaMasamichi Takano
    Episode 65/16Dyce's RebellionTaizaburo Abe
    Episode 75/23ChaseTakahata IsaoMasamichi Takano
    Episode 85/30escapeHayao Miyazaki
    Keiji Hayakawa
    Junji Kasahara
    Episode 96/6Salvage shipSoji YoshikawaTakahata IsaoHayao Miyazaki
    Takahata Isao
    Taizaburo Abe
    Episode 106/13Dr. LaoTaizaburo Abe
    Masamichi Takano
    Junji Kasahara
    Episode 116/20escapeIshiguro NoboruHayao Miyazaki
    Keiji Hayakawa
    Episode 126/27Core blockAkira NakanoHayao Miyazaki
    Keiji Hayakawa
    Episode 137/4High harborTakahata Isao
    Episode 147/11A day on the islandYoshiyuki Tomino
    Episode 157/18wastelandSoji YoshikawaHayao Miyazaki
    Keiji Hayakawa
    Episode 168/1Their hutHayao MiyazakiMasamichi Takano
    Junji Kasahara
    Episode 178/8combatHayao Miyazaki
    Takayoshi Suzuki
    Episode 188/15Gun boatHayao Miyazaki
    Episode 198/29Big tsunami
    Episode 209/12To Industria AgainTakahata Isao
    Episode 219/19Underground residentsYoshiyuki Tomino
    Episode 229/26rescueHayao Miyazaki
    Episode 2310/3Tower of the sunAkira Nakano
    Episode 2410/17Gigant
    Episode 2510/24The end of Industria
    Episode 2610/31Large circle
    Broadcast pause
    • May 1978, 5: 2thYoung song festival
    • July 1978, 7: Professional Baseball All-Star Game "All Pacific" vs. "All Central"
    • August 1978, 8: Captain Cook's adventure trip "Flower Blooming Bird Utau Island" -Tahiti-
    • September 1978, 9: Professional baseball "Hanshin" vs. "Giants" -Broadcast from Koshien Stadium-
    • October 1978, 10: My youth's favorite song

    Movie version

    Future Boy Conan

    The omnibus "Future Boy Conan", which summarizes the NHK TV series, was released in theaters in 1979.The simultaneous screening work is also produced by Nippon Animation "Baseball fanatic poem Northern Wolf South Tiger』.

    Live-action movie "In the HuntAnd 'Vampire Goke MidoroThere are director works such asHajime SatoIs the general director (at the movie openingdirected byAnd credit).The story has been significantly modified, omitting the presence of high harbors and gigants.Singing the theme songKen NaokoSo, the BGM was changed to a different song from the TV series.

    The last story has been modified, such as Dr. Lao not dying and Industria not sinking.[42], The taste is quite different from the TV series.Noriko Ohara, who played the role of Conan, who was recorded by pressing acute laryngitis, also revealed that she had mixed feelings.[43], The reaction of the fans at that time was not very good.There were many criticisms of the people involved in releasing the omnibus to the theater.The video and LD were released in 1984, but are currently out of print.

    With Koichi Motohashi, the president of Nippon Animation that produced this workNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Ueno, who was a radio producer ofOsamu UenoBecause he was a classmate, the story of making a movie was brought to Nippon Animation from the Nippon Broadcasting System side.ToeiWith production cooperationdistributionProduction was decided by doing[44].

    Director Hajime Sato and screenwriter Eiichi Imado were nominated by Toei producers.[44]..However, at the beginning of the project, Miyazaki was scheduled to be appointed as general director, and it was announced in the May 1979 issue of the magazine "Animation" (Subaru Shobo), and Miyazaki also commented.However, Miyazaki opposes the way the animated film should be, re-editing the TV series, and demands that all 5 episodes of the TV series be screened in the theater or that the sequel be produced as a new movie.Despite this re-edited version, he also removed his name from the director.[45]The re-edited version is omitted from Hayao Miyazaki's work history.

    On the other hand, in 1979 to liven up the movie7/20To gather 1 fans,Nippon BudokanHeld the "Conan Festival" at.The content is "Conan Story" where the voice actor shows the live teleco on the stage while the first part shows this work, the second part shows the theatrical version theme song by Hiroko Taniyama who composed the lyrics, the third partIsao Sasaki,Mitsuko Horie,Kumiko OsugiEt al.Anime song singerYu Mizushima,Akira Kamiya,Toyama KeiIt was an anime song hit parade by a special guest voice actor.[44].

    Furthermore, Nippon Broadcasting System was broadcast in 1979, which was midnight the day before the movie was released.8/31IsAll Night Nippon』Broadcast for 4 hours, and the live of this work with the newly transcribed script in itRadio DramaWas also broadcast.Directed by Don Ueno himself who proposed to make a movie[46], Voice actors also appeared as guests and interacted with fans over the phone[44].

    20128/8In addition, this work as one of the "summer vacation animation special selection"NHK BS PremiumBroadcast on[47]..Digitally remastered for this broadcast[48].

    • Published-September 1979, 9
    • Screening time-123 minutes
    • Production --Juichi Motohashi
    • Production management --Mitsuru Takakuwa
    • Planning --Shoji Sato
    • Screenplay-Eiichi Imado
    • Character design-Yasuo Otsuka
    • Music-Koji Fujika
    • Music Producer-Osamu Ueno
    • Recording-Shoji Okamura
    • Sound effects-Noriyoshi Ohira
    • Edit --Osamu Tanaka
    • Song selection-Takashi Ishikawa
    • Record-Keiko Miyamoto
    • Producers-Junzo Nakajima, Kazu Adachi
    • General Director-Hajime Sato
    • Production cooperation- ToeiLtd.
    • Production - Japanese animationLtd.

    Theme song

    Opening theme"Love again'
    Songwriting - Hiroko Taniyama,song - Ken Naoko
    Ending theme"Nostalgic morning'
    Lyrics and composition-Hiroko Taniyama, song-Naoko Ken

    Future Boy Conan Special Edition Revival of Giant Machine Gigant

    This work is a digest version of the three stories of "Gigant," "The End of Industria," and "Dadan Yen," which were popular in the TV series.Hayao Miyazaki has not touched on editing.Simultaneous screening is "Superhuman rock』.The theater release date is "Nausicaa of the valley of windIt was the same day, but this person hardly talked about it.

    • Published-September 1984, 3
    • Screening time-49 minutes
    • Release - Shochikusystem
    • Production --Koichi Motohashi
    • Production management --Mitsuru Takakuwa
    • Planning --Shoji Sato
    • Producers-Junzo Nakajima, Shigeo Endo
    • Assistant Director-Keiji Hayakawa
    • Assistant Director-Kenichi Baba
    • Animation director-Yasuo Otsuka
    • Screenplay --Akira Nakano
    • Storyboard-Shun Miyazaki
    • Cinematographer-Katsuji Misawa
    • Music-Shinichiro Ikebe
    • Art Director-Nizou Yamamoto
    • Recording Director-Shigeharu Shiba
    • Recording Studio-New Japan Studio
    • Edit --Takeshi Seyama
    • Movie version composition-Kozo Yoshida
    • Film composition-Audiovisual system, YOSHI editing room
    • Development --Toyo Development Center
    • Production progress-Nobuaki Hosoda
    • Narration - Kiyoshi Kobayashi
    • Director-Hayao Miyazaki
    • Production --Nippon Animation Co., Ltd./Shochiku Co., Ltd.


    Future Boy Conan (PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM2

    19922/28Released.Selling agency:Nippon Telenet.

    2DAction games.. It consists of 6 stages: "Bar Nocosarejima", "Industria", "Dr. Lao", "High Harbor", "Rescue", and "Gigant".SpriteThe opening, ending, and animation scenes reproduced with dot pictures by a program that makes full use of BG (background) are inserted, and the voice by the same voice actors as the animation flows (however, the narration isHanshin, Gull has been changed to Tetsuo Mizutori).

    Future Boy Conan DIGITAL LIBRARY

    199510/20Released.Selling agency:Bandai visual.3DOAnimation database software for. Two types of mini games are also included.

    Future Boy Conan (PlayStation 2)

    20058/25Released.Selling agency:DXNUMX Publisher.

    3Dpolygon OfToon rendering3D action game by. It consists of three parts, "Remaining Island Edition", "Industria Edition", and "Gigant Edition".Animation movies imported from TV animation are played during the opening, ending, and games.There are only five voice actors in the game, and the cast is different except for Conan.



    BothNewginWas released by.

    • CR Future Boy Conan (2005)
    • CR Future Boy Conan ~ Love, Courage, Adventure ~ (2011)
    • Pachislot Future Boy Conan (2011)


    Bandai Visual,1990In 4 monthLaser discAll 7 discsLD boxIs on sale for 39,600 yen.Bandai Visualデ ィ ズ ニ ーThe know-how that was used when selling the work was put in, and "Mobile Suit Z GundamUntil it is pulled out to the LD-BOX of ""Star Wars』And kept the sales record of LD-BOX[49].1997Released a DVD-BOX using the mother used for the LD-BOX as a material.2001A new master was created with New Print and New Telecine, and a DVD with specifications that included Japanese subtitles and an ME track containing only audio and sound effects was re-released.[50].. further20081In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of this broadcast, a low-priced DVD-BOX was newly released for the first time only.[51].2011On November 11th, as a full HD remastered version, which will be described later.Blu-rayWas released.The main DISC (5-disc set) comes with a bonus DISC (3-disc set) that contains the entire Vista size version.The ME track on the New Master DVD has been omitted, but it includes the opening and ending of the non-telop, the storyboard of the first episode, and the image board gallery.

    When the LD-BOX was released, the lines of Lepka's "Ninpinin" in episode 5 were cut, and since then they have been cut on DVD.In the rebroadcast, the episode 3 Dongoros's "Brain Ten Par" was also cut.None of Blu-ray has been cut.

    About rebroadcast

    Since "Future Boy Conan" broadcast on NHK was produced for the entire 29 minutes, the commercial broadcast was re-edited to include commercials.

    The version that was first broadcast on Fuji TV was edited shortly by replacing the sound source of the opening and ending with the original karaoke, and the avant title (after the second episode), the notice, and the patter eye catch between the A and B parts were cut. There is.Main part A and B parts have not been edited[Note 12]..This is used for broadcasting on local stations and independent stations.

    In 1997, NTV used a short re-edited version with a song only for the opening, and the patter eye catch and ending between the avant-title (second and subsequent episodes) and the A and B parts were cut, but the main story. A and B parts were not edited[Note 12].. In the 1998 rebroadcast, the opening was edited again, and it became a shortened version different from the 1997 broadcast.

    In TV TOKYO, the avant-title (after the second episode) and the patter eye catch between the opening and the A and B parts were omitted, and only the ending was broadcast in full, but a part of the main part was cut to secure the CM frame. ..

    From 2012, telecine will be performed again from the master negative.Full HDTelecine to image qualityDigital remasterThe edition was produced and broadcast.What was previously produced in the standard size of horizontal 4: vertical 3 has been changed to the Vista size of 16: 9 with the top and bottom trimmed.[52].

    Local stations and independent stations broadcast by shortening the opening and ending and omitting avant-titles, notices, and patter eye catches. From 2013AnimaxHowever, it was broadcast, and patter eye catches and notices were added.

    NHK will celebrate its 2013th anniversary in 60, and on December 2012, 12.NHK general TV OfNHK ArchivesThe first episode was broadcast on HD remaster as the first special feature on "60 Years of Television".This was broadcast in a form close to the original broadcast form, but the ending "NHK" was not written, and the notice and patter eye catch were omitted.

    Announced by the government in April 2020New Coronavirus (COVID-19)Due to the announcement of the state of emergency, the production schedule was affected, and it was scheduled to be broadcast on May 5 (midnight on the 4rd).Kingdom』Because the broadcast was postponed after the 3th episode of the 5rd series[53], The HD remastered version of this work was broadcast on NHK General TV as an alternative program until resumption.The 5-minute original version of the broadcast, including the notice (cut after the 1th episode), patter eye catch, and avant-title (prologue part of the 29st episode), is the first HD remaster in 42 years since the first broadcast. It was the first edition.However, the ending "NHK" is not written here either, and the notation of the end card is changed to the round gothic italic that has been used since April 2020 instead of the original logo. Held on the 4st of November 11nd (midnight of the 2st)Osaka Metropolitan concept OfReferendumThe final episode was broadcast from 35:0, which was 45 minutes late, due to the prolonged breaking news.The change in broadcast time was broadcast with a delay of 55 minutes for the same reason as this program.Anne with an e] The announcement telop was displayed during the broadcast of the final episode, and it was announced by a tweet from the NHK anime official Twitter account.[54]Although,Electronic program guideThe update was just before the start of the broadcast, so many people failed to record.After that, the final episode was rebroadcast on NHK General TV from 11:22 on November 21 (midnight on the 2st) due to the influx of voices lamenting the recording failure and requests from viewers for the rebroadcast of the final episode. It was decided to do[55].

    List of commercial broadcasters

    Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast series
    MiyagiSendai BroadcastC. 1982Tuesday 16: 30-17: 00Fuji TV series
    Kanto regionTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Mid-1980sTV Tokyo series
    ToyamaToyama TVLate 1980sFuji TV series
    OkinawaRyukyu Broadcastingthe 1990sTBS series
    NiigataNiigata TV 21C. 1995Monday-Thursday 17: 30-18: 00TV Asahi series
    Kanto regionNippon TVJune 1997, 7-April 30
    NTV series
    KinkiKansai TVMarch 2006, 4-March 1, 2006
    March 2006, 7-March 8, 2006
    Saturday 5: 45-6: 15
    Saturday 6: 00-6: 30
    Fuji TV series
    KyotoKyoto broadcastingMarch 2006, 10-March 5, 2007Thursday 7: 15-7: 45Independent station
    ChibaChiba Television Broadcast(1st lap) January 2011, 1-February 4, 2011
    (2st lap) January 2015, 5-February 5, 2015
    (1st lap) Monday-Friday 17: 00-17: 30
    (2nd lap) Tuesday 17: 30-18: 00 (Digitally Remastered HD version)
    Independent station
    TokyoTOKYO MXMarch 2012, 11-March 25, 2013Sunday 17: 30-18: 00Independent station
    SaitamaSaitamaMarch 2014, 6-March 17, 2014Tuesday 18: 00-18: 30Independent station
    AichiTV Aichi(1st lap) January 2014, 10-February 4, 2015
    (2st lap) January 2019, 10-February 27, 2020
    (1st lap) Saturday 7:00 to 7:30 (until episode 9)
    Thursday 7: 30-8: 00 (Episode 10-25)
    Sunday 6:00 to 6:30 (last episode only)
    (2nd lap) Sunday 6: 30-7: 00 (Digitally Remastered HD version)
    TV Tokyo series
    FukuokaTVQ Kyushu BroadcastingMarch 2015, 4-March 11, 2015Saturday 7: 00-7: 30TV Tokyo series
    HyogoSun TVMarch 2020, 1-March 10, 2020Friday 7:00-7:30Independent station

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