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👍 | Tokyo Hoteison Shogo launches Instagram!Approval desire born for the first time "I want more likes"

Photo Tokyo Hoteison Shogo

Tokyo Hoteison Shogo launches Instagram!Approval desire born for the first time "I want more likes"

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On this day, the pattern of the public recording was broadcast.

Owarai Tarento Tokyo Hoteison will release the radio program "Tokyo Hoteison's Radio Tile Edition" (Radio Kansai, Fri ...) on May 6th. → Continue reading

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Distribute radio Kansai and local Hyogo Prefecture topics.
We deliver radio programs, personalities, guest appearances, radio events in Kansai and local Hyogo prefecture, news, sports, and various topics. Recommended for curators who are looking for entertainment, sports and local information.

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    Public broadcast

    Public broadcastWhat is (Koukaihoso)?tv set,Radio programGather the audience atLive broadcast,Recording,recordingTo do.番組programRecordingWhen doingPublic recording[1](TV set),Public recordingAlso known as (radio), it is abbreviated in the broadcasting industry and is commonly used.Public recordIt is also called (Koroku).


    1960s-1980sEntertainment showsThen, rather than your own studio or your own hall (ABC Hall, etc.), in the Tokyo metropolitan area / Kansai areaPrefectures,MunicipalitiesThere were many programs that were publicly broadcast in public halls and halls managed by[2]..Since the 1990s, public broadcasting in public halls and halls other than TV station-related facilities has been on the decline due to frequent troubles during broadcasting and security problems.有名なものではIn the famous oneTBSof"8 o'clock! Everyone gatheredAs of 2020,Lol』(Nippon TV) Adopts this method.

    In current TV programs, it is not uncommon to gather spectators for each recording and record the program, but it was arranged by the program side in addition to the general audience for program viewing.extra[3] There are also many patterns in which the audience is put in and the voice is recorded by making them laugh at the places necessary for the program.

    Capital Area OfCommercial broadcastIn the case of radio stations, it is rare for an unspecified number of people to be broadcast publicly due to the capacity of the studio and security issues.そのため番組の節目や何等かのイベント等開催の際、事前に募集した観客を少人数ながら収容できる局内の一番広いスタジオTherefore, the largest studio in the station that can accommodate a small number of spectators recruited in advance when holding a program milestone or some event.[4] ,live house,Multipurpose hallPrepare facilities for events such as, and perform public broadcasting.Many local commercial AM radio stations own radio studios that are designed to accommodate large numbers of people for public broadcasting.

    In addition, Commercial facility(Shopping centers, department stores, etc.)showroom,school[5] In the case of public broadcasting in Japan, there are many cases where related companies, organizations, etc. are sponsors of the program, or public broadcasting is performed at facilities operated by the program sponsors.

    Some shows are glass-walled studios facing the road (mainlySatellite studio) Is used for live broadcasting or recording, and passers-by can observe the recording, but this is not usually called public broadcasting.

    The largest public recording in the past was "Kanjani EightRecommendation! The Biggest Public Radio Special Ever ”(January 2015, 1,Kyocera Dome Osaka), It became an event that mobilized about 4 people[6][7].

    NHKSo usually in the studioOpen space contact hall of allIncluding)NHK Hall,NHK Osaka HallThe programs that are publicly broadcast / recorded in Japan are referred to as "public dispatch programs" by traveling to public halls, music halls, gymnasiums, etc. in local cities at any time and broadcasting from there.[8]

    Major public broadcast programs (including recording)

    * ... Performed outside the company and related facilities

    tv set



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    19. ^ As a general rule, the studio of the broadcasting station is not used, and the radio car "80-chanIs a free public broadcast on a business trip to a specific place in one prefecture every week.Encore hours only on Fridays and some specific periods in summer and spring.
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    25. ^ Basically, it was recorded from the TBS Radio public studio, but several times a year, mainly the sponsor company "Good sakeIn some cases, it will be recorded publicly in the public studios, halls, and gymnasiums of local broadcasting stations, mainly in the Tohoku region where
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    27. ^ Lalaport TOKYO-BAYPublic recording on the center court.
    28. ^ During normal broadcasting, the studio has about 20 spectators.About once every six months, a public broadcast is held at the STV Hall, inviting about 1 spectators.

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