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👩‍🎤 | "Voice Actor and Night Play" Hiroki Yasumoto & Sora Tokui will appear on the "Wonfes" special stage! Live broadcast on ABEMA


Hiroki Yasumoto & Sora Tokui from "Say You to Yo Aso" will appear on the "Wonfes" special stage! Live broadcast on ABEMA

If you write the contents roughly
Hiroki Yasumoto and Sora Tokui will appear in this special program.

At ABEMA, as the content of the special stage of "Wonder Festival 2022 [Summer]", high quality ... → Continue reading


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Hiroki Yasumoto

Hiroki Yasumoto(Hiroki Yasumoto,1977[1]3/16[2] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor,narrator[4].Yamaguchi [2]Hofu City[3]From,Sigma SevenAffiliation[2].

The representative work is "Demon Light"(Ogre Light),"Yowamushi Pedal"(Makoto Kaneshiro),"BLEACH』(Yasutora Chawatari), "New press 2001"(Narration),"Hetalia Axis Powers"(Germany),"Super soccer』(Narration) etc.[6][7].


Before the voice actor debut

When I was a student, my sister said, "theaterI was originally interested in it because I was invited to do it.actorGo on the road[8]..Perhaps it was good that she had the feat of not being nervous, when she experienced acting once, she was played as "stretching" and enthusiastic about "this is interesting".[8].

You shouldn't eat just in theaterNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Night shift in the news departmentPart-time jobTo start[8]..On the on-site TV, "Lupin III"ofDimension DaisukeKnown for the roleKiyoshi KobayashiVoice flows,AnimeI was impressed that I would also do other work, but I was thereFree announcerTells me that it's a job called narration[8]..She had previously assumed that the voice actor's job was only anime, but he realizes that there are many possibilities.[8]. Also,stageIn the questionnaire, I received many opinions such as "voice is strange" and "voice is too low for the role", and I knew that my voice was characteristic, so if you are a voice actor, "make use of it" May be possible "[8]..He says that despite the complex in his voice, "the aim of becoming a voice actor was, in a sense, a shift in thinking."[8].

After debuting as a voice actor

My first job as a voice actor was when I was in a training center.movies OfJapanesedubbing[8]..After that, in the same officeMakoto HomuraAppear on a radio commercial with[8].. First timeauditionThe job decided inNippon TVof"Adventure! CHEERS!!』Narration[8]..I was very surprised that I was hired with many veteran narrators participating, and when I asked the producer later why I was hired, Yasumoto was the most "greeting was solid".[8]..At this time, she said she was suddenly reminded of "Don't forget your original intention."[8].

From the beginning of his debut, he has been in charge of many narrations for news, information, sports programs, etc.[9].. "Super heavy bass voice[9], "Heavy bass voice[10]Is a feature.She said in her voice that she "will never play the leading role"[8]But,2014Broadcast on "Demon LightIn the role of the demon lanternTelevision AnimationFirst starring in the work[11]..When I was called to the audition, I thought, "I wonder if this low voice has a meaning," and instead of making a high voice, I went to the audition, "Let's do it as it is."[10].




TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • Haruka Nogizaka's Secret Finare ♪ (Takenami)
  • Mio High School Earth Defense Department LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (Zunder, Dadacha)

Web anime


  • Dream craftsman and forgotten black fairy (Camus[246])
  • False charge execution game Yurukiru (Keiichi Oka[247])
  • Mafia 42 (Therianthropy[248])
  • Live a live(Gori[249], Max Morgan[249], Demon Lord, Desprophet)

Drama CD


  • Love, love !!-Yamada YugiBamboo Selection CD-"My Home is Fun" (Kota)
  • Love and desire in the school4 (student)
  • 1 yen man (Tetsuro Kijima)
  • Ito no Teddy ♥ Boy (Student 2)
  • Rabbit hunting (Soji Kano)
  • Prince series (Miyata dark green)
    • Engraving of the prince
    • Prince's Queen
  • How to persuade the Kokushi (Toranosuke Hosho / Attack)
  • Cathedral series (Takashi)
    • Cathedral love
    • Cathedral bondage
  • Takeshi Aira full of scratches (Kaname Uesaka)
  • Whimsical pearl (member)
  • Kirepappa.(Man 1)
  • Crimson spell(Halselen)
  • The black dragon swear twice (Jade)
  • Koinoiro (former boyfriend)
  • Negotiator series (Mario Uzawa)
    • Negotiator does not shut up
    • Negotiators do not doubt
  • Arrogant and unwavering desire (Shumasa Murou)
  • I fell in love with a national star (Kashihara)
  • Tiger hole dining (Hinata / Offensive[256])
  • Master and dog 1 and 2 (Kazusa Armor King)
  • Say I'm sorry (Kukuno)
  • Such a man is loved (Retsu Sonegawa)
    • Don't even know the words of love (Retsu Sonegawa)
  • The singing bird does not fly (Kageyama[257])
  • SASRA2 (Andreas)
  • Bride in the sand tower (Isdihar)
  • Beastman Omegaverse Series (Luard)
    • Pendulum -Beastman Omega Bath-
    • Remnant -Beastman Omega Bath-
  • Slow rhythm (Shuji Kida)
  • The dragon's singing voice (Tanren) echoes in the sky
  • Men's Maze (Masami Onuki[258])
  • Like chocolate (Kajimoto)
  • DEADLOCK series (Dick)
  • Devil's Honey (Daiki Seto)
  • If you reach out, the faraway sea (Yamashita)
  • Transparent love device (Kazumi Makita / attack)
  • Doujin series(Seigo Ozaki)
    • In love with the same person
    • Dreaming of the same person
    • Feel with the same person
  • Metropolitan Magic Academy (Dadel)
  • DOLCE (Shin Morinaga)
  • A bird that doesn't scream (Eisuke Kano)
  • Takako of the pear garden (Toranosuke Fujimura)
  • Impregnable monarch Sama (Sojiro Takano)
  • Detective New Wife (Junichiro Sanjo)
  • Twisted EDGE (Yamaoka)
  • Sleep in a cage of passion (Soichiro Omaru)
  • Whether to stretch or warp (Hojo Takamune)
  • I was holding spring4 (reporter)
  • Monopoly theory (Takao)
  • Pretty Babys (Ibuki)
  • My senior (Saburo Ninomiya / offensive)
  • Pure love of the prince (Major General Chabes)
  • Mr. Secret Floor ~ Novelist's Playful Hibiki ~ (Shiranami Setaka)
  • Delusion Elekiter 1 and 2 (Fumihiro Motoki)
  • Baseball heaven (Esaka)
  • Yatamomo (Suda)
  • No. XNUMX x Security-Single Mind- (Keinori Tosa)
  • Dragons and dragons (Jiro Takashina)
  • Don't forget (Michiya Hatano)


Responsible actor

Omar Sy
Jason Momoa




Other dubbing

Digital comic

Special effects

the 2010s
the 2020s



* IsInternet distribution.

Radio talk/Reading CD

  • Monthly Men's Picture Book Uniform Edition White Board (Police Officer)
  • Takashi Kondo's Momonga! CD Hiroki Yasumoto's case
  • Weekly bed-sharing CD Vol.2 Jin (Jin)
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari ~ Chisho Hen Part XNUMX ~ (Episode XNUMX "Naoshima Naoshimastory")
  • Forbidden Vampire ~ Knight of the Blue Rose ~ (Rudolph von Weiseheldenburg)
  • The story of the late Shogunate-Samurai / Opening of the country- ("Soraku Sozostory")
  • Bakumatsu Shishi Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Tosa & Sakumi / Kaikoku Hen ~ ("Soraku Sozo Monogatari Gaiden")
  • Para ☆ Lab Broadcast Song DJCD Volume 1
  • Higashiura Family Holiday vol.2 Father and Uncle Edition (Akinobu Higashiura)[294])
  • Kumaide Village Future Radio Buddy Village Revitalization Broadcast SSS
  • Peach Street 2 & Peach Feeling / Digest CD Peach Die 3 / Peach and Peach are out of peach
  • Peach Street 2 & Peach Feeling / Digest CD Peach Die 6 / Peach Color Sigh
  • Peach Talk・ Perfect CD13 MOMOTTO TALK CD Hiroki Yasumoto
  • Radio CD "Storm Lover Alarm!" Vol.2

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

Video products

TV drama


  • Kuroji The 1st "Broken Toys" (January 2005-1, 28)
  • Sengoku blog type reading SAMURAI.com Murakumo -MURAKUMO- (February 2012, 2)
  • Theater company Suzuki-ku, Tokyo 5th Performance "Hero A Go Go!" (June 2012-6, 20) * Voice appearance
  • Kiramune Reading Live"Aliens of Pumpkin Farm" (October 2016th and 10th, 29) Gato
  • VOICARION VII "The Queen's Room" room227 as Mika (February 2020, 2)
  • VOICARION IX "Nobunaga's Dog" team Hitoshi Ota Sukemasa (September 2020, 9)
    • AD-LIVE 2021 (September 2021, 10)
    • AD-LIVE 2022 (September 2022, 9)


  • The Star Bow (Emperor God Dark)
  • JIHAI comic movie FRONT ZERO
  • Para ☆ Lab Broadcasting Station DJ CD-ROM No.1 in the past distribution
  • Pachislot (Carlos)
  • THE NEXT GENERATION -Patlabor-(2014, special news narration and title call)
  • B'z 30th Year Exhibition "SCENES" 1988-2018 (Audio Guide Narration)
  • puppet show Thunderbolt Fantasy Tokyu Sword(2016, murder)
  • "Who is the strongest appraiser? ~ Life in a different world with full stomach ~" Novel Volume 6 Purchase Bonus Audio Drama (2019, Allie)[297]
  • "Still, the steps come] PV (2019,Ayumu Tanaka[299])
  • "Dentist, I'm sorry! 』PV (2020,Black ink Takuma[300])


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
8/31Princess Nightmare Character Maxi 5Mephistopheles (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Those who hate light and embrace darkness"game"Princess nightmare] Related songs
10/26Princess Nightmare Character Maxi 8Count Brad Draclea (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Warning bell to purgatory"
7/16Are we guardian beasts?Ranzaki Emperor (Hiroki Yasumoto), Madara (Marina Inoue)"I am a guardian beast?"Television Animation"Frenzy Family Diary"Ending theme
11/26Shina d'Arc-King of the Black Moon and Princess of the Moon of the Blue- Vocal AlbumExodus (Ono Daisuke), Vincent (Hiroki Yasumoto), Noel (Kawasumi Ayako), Marple (Hanazawa Kana)"Kingdom March is Tantaka Turn""Shina d'Arc-The King of the Black Moon and the Princess of the Moon in the Azure-] Related songs
4/22Hetalia Axis Powers Character CD Vol.2 GermanyGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"German Hymn-I'm Made in Germany-"
Web animation "Hetalia Axis Powers] Related songs
9/18Maria of Condemnation Character Song Album gran jubilee vol.3 Cradle of HeavenDarkness (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Ageha, whispering to the sound"game"Maria of conviction] Related songs
11/25Hetalia Axis Powers Sound Worldpivot[Member 1]"Santa is coming to town'Web animation "Hetalia Axis Powers" related songs
6/9WA! Ring!! World OndoWorld 8[Member 2]"WA! Ring!! World Ondo"Theme song for theatrical animation "Ginbaku Hetalia Axis Powers Paint it, White"
6/16Death Connection Character Song AlbumGloria (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Ballad to you"game"Death connection] Related songs
8/25cockadeTortia Company[Member 3]"Dream preparation"Television Animation"Blessed Campanella"Opening theme
10/6Kuroshitsuji II Character Song Vol.7 "Huang Butler, Low Singing"Agni (Hiroki Yasumoto)"God's Right Hand Theme-Chicken Curry-"
"Two Harmony Agni side"
Television Animation"Kuroshitsuji II] Related songs
10/20Beastmaster and Prince Character Song AlbumKlaus (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Oath of light red"game"Beastmaster and Prince] Related songs
10/27Justice · Engrave the legend!Brave Battle Warriors[Member 4]"Justice, carve a legend!"Television Animation"SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors"Ending theme
11/17Nurarihyon no Mago Character CD Series 2 Aodabo / KurotaboAotabo (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Good!"Television Animation"Nurarihyon's grandson] Related songs
12/29In the far-flung space-time, 5 before dawn IchiShinsaku Takasugi (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Toshinsho -TOSHIN SHO-"game"In a far-reaching space-time 5] Related songs
3/30Gakuen ☆ Festapivot[Member 1]"Gakuen ☆ Festa"Game "Gakuen Hetalia Portable" opening theme
7/4Vocal Collection In a Faraway Time and Space Misato Yaba Ibun ~ Kimi Koi Furu Uta ~Hachiyou[Member 5]"Beyond space-time"game"In the far-flung space-time] Related songs
3/21In a faraway space and time 5 ~ Light snow heart song ~Ernest Sato (Michael Shitanda), Shinsaku Takasugi (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Dream Bird-Goga Koi Full Little Bird Ga-Tameni-"Songs related to the game "Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 5 Fukaki"
8/29Yuri Boys Character Song CDKenji Sakuragaoka (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Yuri Yura Lala Yuru Yuri Great Incident'"Yuri boy] Related songs
9/26Hetalia Axis Powers Round and BestGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"The whole devoid Earth"Web animation "Hetalia Axis Powers" related songs
1/30Hetalia World Series is the bestGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Hatafute Parade"Web animation "Hetalia World Series" related songs
3/27Vocal Collection In a Faraway Time and Space 5 ~ Shiro Myo no Koiuta ~ 1Shinsaku Takasugi (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Akatsuki no Katami-Enjoying the Uninteresting World-"Songs related to the game "Haruka Naru Jikan no Naka de 5"
5/29Hetalia Character CD II Vol.3 GermanyGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Vorwa" rts Marsch! "
"Ich liebe ..."
Web animation "Hetalia Axis Powers" related songs
10/16Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.3Shingo Kaneshiro (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Snake on the stone road"Television Animation"Yowamushi Pedal] Related songs
1/8SONG IMPRESSIONAzrael (Hiroki Yasumoto)"GO in SOUL"game"BLAZBLUE] Related songs
2/19It ’s up to you to decide the hellAll Stars of Hell[Member 6]"The story of hell is up to you"Television Animation"Demon Light"Opening theme
"Under the big goldfish tree"Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
5/21Be As OneTeam Sohoku[Member 7]"Be As One"TV anime "Yowamushi Pedal" opening theme
"Dream Believer"TV anime "Yowamushi Pedal" related songs
6/1open! Hell pot lidAll Stars of Hell[Member 6]"Open! The lid of the hell pot"Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
9/24Hetalia The Beautiful World The Best of the EarthGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Rotating Earth Rondo"Web animation "Hetalia The Beautiful World] Related songs
12/3Hyakki Yakou-Hell's saga depends on YOU-All Stars of Hell[Member 8]"Open! Lid of Hell Pot ~ 2014 Winter ver. ~"Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
"Hell's Event is up to you ~2014 Winter ver.~"OVA "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" opening theme
7/8Hetalia The World Twinkle Character CD Vol.2 Prussia GermanyGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Unwavering Rhythmus"Web animation "Hetalia The World Twinkle] Related songs
7/15In a far-off space-time 6 vocal collection Romantic NaruutaSatoya village rain (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Flowers that do not bloom"game"In a far-reaching space-time 6] Related songs
Hachiyou[Member 5]"To you who travel in space-time"
9/30GATE Self-Defense Forces, at this place, fight Eri character song albumItami Second Lieutenant (Junichi Suwabe), Second Sergeant Tomita (Hiroki Yasumoto), Second Sergeant Kurokawa (Satomi Akasaka), Second Sergeant Kuribayashi (Maaya Uchida), third class Kuroda Kurata (Ishikawa Kaijin), Chief Sergeant Kuwahara (Kenpei Yamamoto)"We are the Third Scout! ~The Song of the Third Scout Team~"Television Animation"GATE Self-Defense Forces, so fight in his place] Related songs
Enchanted VenusRooster Mizuji (Hiroki Yasumoto), Chihiro Inuzuka (Masaya Onozaka), Jumonji Maki (Katsuyuki Konishi)"Enchanted Venus"
"St. Louis High School School Song"
game"STORM LOVER] Related songs
3/23Variety CD In a faraway space and time 6 Dawn no Duo ~ Imperial Army ~Arima Ichi (Takushima Terashima), Satanimura rain (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Kafu Road to Mashu Roba"Songs related to the game "Haruka Naru Jikan no Naka de 6"
Satoya village rain (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Kafu Road to Mashu Roba (with Satoyamura Ame Ver.)"
5/25KUMAMIKO DANCINGAmayadori Town (Natsumi Hioka), Natsu Kumai (Hiroki Yasumoto) Feat. Everyone in Kumademura"KUMAMIKO DANCING"Television Animation"Kumamiko"Ending theme
Ameyado Machi (Natsumi Hioka), Natsu Kumai (Natsumi Hioka)Hiroki Yasumoto), Mr. Matsu (Rei Naito)"A trivial breakthrough"TV anime "Kuma Miko" related songs
6/22Miwa Ogura Song ~GRANBLUE FANTASY~Eugen (Keiji Fujiwara), Solids (Rikiya Koyama),gin(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Three feathers Han song"game"Granblue Fantasy] Related songs
8/24New Prince of Tennis THE BEST OF U-17 PLAYERS XI Houou ByodoinByodoin Phoenix (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Pirates of the World"
"Pirates of the World -Remix-"
Television Animation"New Prince of Tennis] Related songs
9/28Hetalia The World Twinkle Hetalia BestGermany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"German Jet"Web animation "Hetalia The World Twinkle" related songs
1/18Variety CD In a faraway space and time 6 Gento Rondo 1Satoya village rain (Hiroki Yasumoto)"passion"game"In the far reaching space-time 6 Gento Rondo] Related songs
10/11Big! Hell hell sectionAll Stars of Hell[Member 9]"Large! Hell Hell Festival"TV anime "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" XNUMXnd season opening theme
4/45 & ​​6 Vocal Complete BOX in a faraway space and timeArima Ichi (Takuma Terashima), Katagiri Akihei (Katagiri Akihei)Nobuhiko Okamoto), Hagio Kudan (Michael Shitanda), Ame Satoyamura (Michael Shitanda)Hiroki Yasumoto)"To you who travel in space-time [Imperial Army ver.]"Songs related to the game "Haruka Naru Jikan no Naka de 6"
4/25Dear Sir, From HellAll Stars of Hell[Member 9]"Dear Sir, from hell"TV anime "Hozuki's Coolheadedness" XNUMXnd period opening theme
Onigami (Hiroki Yasumoto),mustard(Atsumi Tanezaki)"Kachikachiyama"Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
Dear Sir, First Edition from HellAll Stars of Hell[Member 9]"Large! Hell Hell Festival Pick-up ver."
8/22Azure Al FineIzu no Kaze[Member 10]"Azure Al-Fine"
Television Animation"Grand Buru] Related songs
"Azure Al-Fine-our tension super MAX ver.The ending theme for the TV anime "Granburu"
8/19In a faraway space and time 7 Vocal collection Navy blue songYagyu Munenori (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Lonely sword ... hidden and secretly"game"In a far-reaching space-time 7] Related songs
6/30Hetalia World Stars Character Song & Drama Vol.1Germany(Hiroki Yasumoto)"Fest and Prost!"Web animation "Hetalia World ★ Stars] Related songs
5/14Koi wa Explosion (feat. culverin bear [CV: Hiroki Yasumoto]) -TV edit-Oishi Masayoshi, Culverin bear (Hiroki Yasumoto)"Koi wa Explosion (feat. culverin bear [CV: Hiroki Yasumoto])"Television Animation"Love after world domination』Episode 6 opening theme

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2010/4/14Shin Hyakka Seiran -Male Voice Actor-Hiroki Yasumoto"BERSERK -Forces-" ~
"Resolution" ~
"You-You-You" ~
"Rocket" ~
"Whisper of flowers" ~
"Lupin III, Theme of Love" ~
"Red scarf" ~
~ "Rocket Dive"



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外部 リンク

Tokui blue sky

Tokui blue sky(Tokui Sora,198912/26[7] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,manga artist.Chiba[10][11]Minamiboso[5]I'm fromAvex picturesBelongs.

Nickname isSora Maru.μ'sandMilky HolmesIs also a member of.The official fan clubGumoruso.


Dwango Creative SchoolBackground[12].Chihiro HanetaWithTakeshi Washizaki's Animelo Rookie Audition』(Nico Nico Anime Channel) Appeared as a third-year student[10].

2009,Weiss Survive R』\ Voice actor debut as Himemiya[9].. same year12/25からfollowing year10/8Until"Milky Holmes Detective Academy Broadcasting Room』(HiBiKi Radio Station) Regular appearance[10].

2011, Main event "Miracle Blue Sky Night-Blue Sky, Invasion-"[13]..Since then, it has been held intermittently.

In Akihabara general information magazine "Otapoke" (Akiba Journal Co., Ltd.)4 comic strip cartoonSerialized "Magical Girl ★ Home-chan"[10],manga artistMake a debut.

20124Appointed as a tourism ambassador for the city of Minamiboso, where he was born[5].

2015, 9thVoice actor awardAtμ'sWon the Singing Award as a member of[14].. On December 12, as a member of μ's, "The 66th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』(NHK) For the first time[15].

In February 2017, the manga "Don't let it go!』Animated[16][17], From July to September 2017TOKYO MXElsewhere, it was broadcast as a short animation with a 5-minute frame.

2018 year 3 month,soundAs of April 4 due to the expiration of the contract withAvex picturesBelong to[18].

4 timesAnilasia AwardAtTokui Aozora no Marukunare!』(Super! A & G +-Nico Nico Douga) Received "Radio that makes you study a lot when you listen"[19].

December 12th, at "Panda's Guess!"Picture book authorMake a debut[20].

Established official fan club "Gumoruso" on April 2019, 4[21]..The following year, the official fan club app "Gumoruso" will be distributed.[22].

January 2020, 3, officialYouTubeOpened the site "Soramaru's Channel"[23].. July 4, ``bilibiliAlso opened a channel[24].. May 5, live-action short film "Sometimes on sleepless nights"somoviesdirected bydebut[25].. On December 12th, "Tokui V Aozora" was unveiled for the first time in the program "Tokui Aozora Birthday Party ~ BIRTHDAY DAYOTTE ~".Started activities with virtual avatars[26].


I was interested in comics such as watching comedy programs and going to comedy shows, and I was aiming to be a comedian when I was in elementary and junior high school.[29].
After that, he became interested in acting and acting, and belonged to the drama club in high school.
At an event when I wanted to work on plays and animeYuko MiyamuraI told him that he was aiming to be a voice actor, and by being encouraged, he became more aspiring to become a voice actor.[30].
Apply for an audition while in high school.I passed the document screening, but at that time I lived in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture, so I gave up because my parents were worried about going to Tokyo for an audition.After that, I went to a university in Tokyo and auditioned again from the first time living alone.[31].
Later, a dialogue was realized in the April issue of "Monthly Eva 2012" released on April 4, 7.

"Neon Genesis EVANGELIONI love ”, and I also do cosplay[Note 1]..In the event "Miracle Aozora Night", where he plays the main role, the subtitle is a twist of the subtitle of the TV version every time.[32].

What is your favorite foodTaiwan mixed soba,Fried rice,Pepsi Nex,White rice,Salmon, Meat, etc.The food I hateBoiled egg,tomato juiceな ど[30].. Broadcast on March 2019, 9The world that Matsuko does not knowWas introduced to a graduate student at the University of Tokyo that he was addicted to Tokui's love of Taiwanese soba noodles.[33].

Due to the influence of my mother, I often cook for myself[34].
"Cookpad Live -Cooking Live App-" shows Tokui cooking live.[35].

ParentsKarateで[36], Have a younger brother[37][38].

Nakagawa ShokoI respect him as a senior with the same hobby, and I have a good relationship with Nakagawa even in private.
As a friendly voice actor,Milky HolmesMembers ofKubo Yurika,Maaya UchidaAre listed[30].Kubota MimuIs a friend who plays privately[39]I want to be my sister[40].

As a work with a strong feeling, "Detective Opera Milky Holmes"When"lovelive!][41].

μ'sAlthough he is the only member of the group who has not made his solo CD debut[42], On December 2019, 12, the original song "30 & 10" written by Tokui was unveiled at "Tokui Aozora Birthday LIVE" 30 & 10 "".[43].

Hobbies & Skills

HobbyComicDraw,nail art,Four wheel drive mini,Mahjong,Aquarium.. Special skill isçµµ, Manufacturing[44].

childhood,"Monthly Korokoro Comic”, Among them,“Pokemon』, And the first love partnerCharizardIs.afterwards,"Weekly Shonen JumpI started to read "", and the first human character I liked was "ONE-PIECE]Sanji[45]..When I was in elementary school, I tried to make life-sized Sanji with felt.[46].
My favorite manga is "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward], [Blowing pew! Jaguar], [Lilim Kiss], [Aoihonono], [Kariage Kun], [Korokoro first issue legend"[47].

occultI like it, the monthly "Mu』Is also a favorite reader. In "Tokui Aozora Occult Expedition Club", he is the editor-in-chief of the monthly Mu.Takeharu MikamiTalks deeply about the occult, such as welcoming guests[48].

August 2019, 2,Nagareda ProjectHeld a collaboration event with "Soramaru to Ryuta and Anison-Aiming Anison Master in Kanda Myojin Hall-". "Welcome to Japari Park","Ikenai Borderline2 songsSaxophoneShow off at the performance[49].
Iron frillIn the song "Nope !!!!!", he is in charge of alto saxophone as well as singing.

Four wheel drive mini

I've been playing Mini XNUMXWD since I was a child,Shotaro MorikuboRadio "Let's & Go !! Information Bureau Radio Racers !!Deepen the love of Mini XNUMXWD.
The first machine I assembled was the Z Wing Magnum.We are making original machines such as "Niko-chan" with this figure on Yazawa on the Concolor open top and Avante Mk.Ⅲ painted by Nero Yuzurizaki, and it is an official competition that decides the best mini XNUMXWD in Japan. Participating in the "Japan Cup"[50].

In the "Korokoro Aniki 2019 Summer Issue", a mini XNUMXWD essay manga drawn by Tokui titled "Korokoro Era" was published.Korokoro Aniki』\ Made a debut[51].

DJ Rabbit

"Is the order a rabbit?』Appeared as Maya.It's a feast eventDJ NIGHTThen, in charge of DJ as DJ Rabbit Takeshi (aka Tokui Aozora)[52].
The DJ MIX album "Gochiusa DJ Blend" released on December 2018, 12 contains songs mixed by DJ rabbits.

Special effects

I've been longing for special effects heroes since I was a child,Kansai TV broadcastingSpecial effects drama "Mythical warrior gigaseus], Regular appearance as Kaori Uesugi[53]..The special effects professional wrestling hero drama "Fire Leon], He made a regular appearance as Motomi.

Maeda RenaFormed with members gathered as secretary with[54]Voice actor unit"Karaoke squadron voice actor jarIs in charge of Red[55].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation


  • Danchigai BD video benefits (Hazuki Nakano)

Web anime



Drama CD

  • Unlimited Fafnir VIII Amethyst Reverse Limited Edition with Drama CD (Ariella Lou)
  • Magical Girl Overage GENERATION TRIAD (Kuroda Steel)
  • LoveLive! Μ's Go → Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~ Dream Sensation! ~ Special Drama CD (Nico Yazawa)
  • Shinriki Idol Miyabino Sisters (Kibune Mana[242])


Motion comics

  • Even the goddess of victory wants to play baseball! (Miyasaka Komachi)[251])


* IsInternet distribution.

Internet tv

TV drama

Other TV programs


  • Bushimo Bound Monsters TVCM (2013) Narration
  • Love Live! School Idol Festival(2014)
  • Izumi Kitta's The Dumplings (2014)
  • "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" TVCM Remote Army Assembly (2021)[284]
  • "Rivals Tem Opera O" (2021)[285]


Stage / reading drama

  • stage
  • Recitation
    • Reading drama Eraser in my head(July 2016, 4-September 28, 5,Tennozu Galaxy Theater)
    • Music reading drama "Cirano" (August 2018th and 8th, 7, TOKYO FM HALL) as Roxanne[289]
    • Trap Piège pour un homme seul (February 2019, 2, Nakano The Pocket) as Elisabeth[290]
    • Japanese classic series recitation drama "Genji Monogatari-Oku Yukashiki Koi no Hate-" (August 2019, 8, TOKYO FM HALL) Women's roles[291]
    • PLATTO reading drama (June 2020, 6, live distribution)[292]
      • "Turn over a page of youth with a kiss" Maho Takeoka, Yuri Kushino
      • "One day of the ethics test department" Sayaka Ichinari, Michiko Futaba
    • Anikara Recitation Opera vol.2 "The Melancholy of Ihy" (September 2020, 9, Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure)[293]
    • I am a cat -Beginning Soseki- (October 2020, 10, Kinokuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA) Wife, role of Kanzuki, etc.[294]
    • Leading Shakespeare played by voice professionalsMacbeth(December 2020, 11,Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater) Lady Macbeth and others[295]
    • STORY LIVE Tokui Aozora "Tenjin gaeri" (February 2021, 2, Mixa Live Tokyo Hall Mixa)[296]
    • Time Leap Girl ~ 80's Song Hit Parade ~ (March 2021, 3, of which the play) Tomoyo Ishino[297]
    • Voice actor x entertainer reading drama "WARAI-GOE" (November 2021rd and 11th, 3, Kinokuniya Hall, Tokyo)[298]

Pachinko/slot machines


Voice guide

  • 500 years after Da Vinci's death "Dream Realization" Exhibition (January 2020, 1-January 5)

Other contents

  • Onsen daughter(Yumi Minamiboso)
  • Type-you x Kero! Glasses Production (Two[302])
  • Yumeutsu Re: Master Purchase privilege Recorded drama sound source "Does a big actress have a sweet and gentle dream for omelet rice?" (2019,Mugendou Saki[303])


  • Awkward palm Zashikiwarashi edition-Can I live with you? ~ (October 2020, 10,Zashiki-warashi[304])
  • Akane-chan definitely wants to spoil you! (October 2020, 10,Amane[305])


  • Feast Alarm-Chimame-tai Edition- (Chimame-tai Alarm) (Maya[306])
  • LINE stamp Talking Gochiusa Stamp Chimame-tai Edition (Maya)
  • Tokui Blue Sky Occult Expedition Club (33Tab App)[307])
  • ――Soramaru mark!Horse spicy rice-(August 2019, 8-, cookpadLive[35])
  • Tokui Aozora Official Fan Club Gumoruso (April 2020, 4-,[308])


  • Soramaru x 2.5 SPINNS (2016)[309])
  • Round oneLimited Soramaru Mark Plush Pass Case (2017)
  • Tokui Aozora x SPINNS collaboration item (2018-2019)[310][311])


fan Book

Magazine serialization

Web serialization

  • Atelier Gumoruso Serialized Magical Girl ★ Home-chan (December 2014, 12-May 3, 2015, updated every Wednesday, 5 episodes in total)[314]

Column serialization

  • Soramaru STRIKES! (July 2013, 7-December 22, 2016, Monthly Eva)
  • Soramaru STRIKES! (2017-2018, Monthly Eva Web)[315]
  • Soramaru Anime Theory (November 2019, 11-, Futaman +)[316]

Other books


Character song

Release datetitlesongSongRemarks
6/22The Melancholy of the Diamond PrincessBiBi[Member 1]"Diamond Princess Melancholy"
"Love Novels"
"lovelive!] Related songs
9/10Let's be Tomodachi / Milky WaySherlock Shellingford (Mimori Suzuko), Nero Yuzurizaki (Tokui blue sky)"Two are Tomodachi"game"Detective Opera Milky Holmes] Related songs
2/19Memorial BOX I Solo Live! Collection Solo Live! From μ's Nico Yazawa "Smile for You ♥"Nico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky)"LIFE with our LIVE'
"Friendship no change"
"Snow halation'
"Baby maybe love button"
"Diamond Princess Melancholy"
"Love Novels"
"Natsuiro Egao de 1,2, Jump!'
"Mermaid festa vol.1"
"lovelive! 』Related song
5/23Maiden ceremony Renai JukuNico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky),Nozomi Tojo(Aina Kusunoda)"Otome style Renai Juku""lovelive! 』Related song
Nico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky)"I started using magic!"
5/25"Detective Opera Milky Holmes Act 2" Blu-ray & DVD Volume 3 First Production Bonus CDNero Yuzurizaki (Tokui blue sky)"Nazo!Nazo? Happiness !!'Television Animation"Detective Opera Milky Holmes Act 2] Related songs
8/29FM Famison 16BIT -ANIME STAGE-Ito Lyre (Tokui blue sky)"Yuzurenai Negai (FM Famison 16BIT)"
10/17Love Live Club Radio Extracurricular Activities Nikorinpana Theme Song DJCDNikorinpana[Member 2]"Listen to my heart !!"Web Radio "Love Live! School Radio Extracurricular Activities-Nikorin Pana-" Opening Theme
"After school NAVIGATORS"Web Radio "Love Live! School Radio Extracurricular Activities-Nikorin Pana-" Ending Theme
11/7Chitose Get You !!Chitose (Akika Nakatani), Misaki (Tokui blue sky), Hinako (MAKO)"Chitose Gechu !! Song"Television Animation"Chitose Get You !!"Ending theme
Misaki (Tokui blue sky), Hinako (MAKO)"Tokimeki ABC"Songs related to the TV anime "Chitose Get You !!"
1/24PS3 exclusive software "God and Fate Revolution Paradox" First limited edition bundled bonus "Sound CD ~ Heavenly Investigation ~"Ririel Saotome [Niko Yazawa (Niko Yazawa)Tokui blue sky)], Tatsuzaki Crowell [Honoka Kosaka (Emi Nitta)], Swan Ranael [Eli Ayase (Aino Nanjo)], Sheriel Ayakoji [Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusunoda)], Neruel Tojo [Hanayo Koizumi (Kubo Yurika)]"Revolution? God!"game"The Paradox of God and the Destiny Revolution] Related songs
4/24The Gospel of Angels ~ feat.μ's <Love Live! >Ririel Saotome [Niko Yazawa (Niko Yazawa)Tokui blue sky)]"Did you know the wings?"
7/17Now!Fantasista DollUzume Uno (Ayaka Ohashi), Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki),Madeleine(Sayaka Ohara), Komei (Akiko Hasegawa)"Now! Fantasista Doll"Television Animation"Fantasista Doll"Opening theme
DAY by DAY"DAY by DAY"TV anime "Fantasista Doll" ending theme
Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki), Madeleine (Sayaka Ohara), Akari (Akiko Hasegawa)"Always everyone together"Songs related to the TV anime "Fantasista Doll"
7/24Cutie PantherBiBi[Member 1]"Cutie Panther"
"Summer, don't end."
"lovelive! 』Related song
7/26lovelive! Blu-ray Volume 5 Bonus "μ's Original Song CD (5)"Nico Yazawa(Tokui blue sky)"Nikopuri ♡ Women's Road"
9/18Fantasista Doll Character Song !! vol.1 (Uzume Uno, Manai Hazuki, Kagami Totori)Uzume Uno (Ayaka Ohashi), Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Katia)Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki), Madeleine (Sayaka Ohara), Akari (Akiko Hasegawa)"Now! Fantasista Doll (DJ YO-C Remix)"
"Now! Fantasista Doll (Mijk van Dijk Remix)"
Songs related to the TV anime "Fantasista Doll"
Fantasista Doll Character Song !! vol.2 (Sasara, Komei)Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki), Madeleine (Sayaka Ohara), Akari (Akiko Hasegawa)"Always everyone together (Nirgilis Remix)"
10/16Fantasista Doll Character Song !! vol.3 (Shimeji, Madeleine)Uzume Uno (Ayaka Ohashi), Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Katia)Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki), Madeleine (Sayaka Ohara), Akari (Akiko Hasegawa)"DAY by DAY (LCA Remix)"
10/23Blu-ray & DVD "Day Break Illusion" Volume 2 Character Image Song CDDon't sing the moon (Tokui blue sky)"Pray Gently-Guarendo della Luna"Television Animation"Day Break Illusion] Related songs
11/20Fantasista Doll Character Song !! vol.4 (Katia, Miko Uno)Katya (Tokui blue sky), Miko Uno (Yuri Yamaoka)"Strong bond"Songs related to the TV anime "Fantasista Doll"
Katya (Tokui blue sky)"Mackerel! Chocolate please!"
11/22Fantasista Doll vol.3 Blu-ray & DVD Bonus CD"Now! Fantasista Doll"
12/18HiBiKi Radio Station x EARLY WING presents HiE @ r Time DVD vol.3 Audio CDhytrax with ○○ Cafe"Welcome! To ○○ Cafe ♪♪"Web radio "Manabi ♥ Soraji no ○○ Cafe" theme song
Fantasista Doll Original SoundtrackUzume Uno (Ayaka Ohashi), Sasara (Minami Tsuda), Katya (Katia)Tokui blue sky), Shimeji (Chinatsu Akasaki), Madeleine (Sayaka Ohara), Akari (Akiko Hasegawa)"DAY by DAY (HARDFLOOR Remix)"Songs related to the TV anime "Fantasista Doll"
2/19Buddy Buddy Fight!Nana Paruko (Tokui blue sky)"Buddy Buddy Fight!"Television Animation"Future card buddy fight"Ending theme
"SCOOP from Andromeda !!"TV anime "Future Card Buddyfight" related songs
4/29825; Egao "Nico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky)"Mogyutto "love" is approaching!'
"I love you!"
"Otome style Renai Juku"
"Wonderful Rush'
"Oh, Love & Peace!"
"Listen to my heart !!"
"After school NAVIGATORS"
"We are in the present'
"I'm sure you can hear youth'
"I want to dance at the castle of Kaguya"
"Future Someday'
"Wonder zone'
"No brand girls'
"lovelive! 』Related song
5/23Adventure ☆ Milky Road !! [Nero Edition]Nero Yuzurizaki (Tokui blue sky)"Adventure ☆ Milky Road !!"
"Sweet Suite Home Town"
"Neppu Kairiku Bushiroad ~ Hot Roar ~ (Hyper Euro version)"
"Detective Opera Milky Holmes" related songs
5/28Poppin jump ♪Chimame-tai[Member 3]"Poppin Jump ♪"Television Animation"Is the order a rabbit?"Ending theme
Maya (Tokui blue sky)TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
6/18It ’s a gigant shooter! / What you want to say the mostGigant Girls[Member 4]"What you want to say the most"Television Animation"Super Explosion Different Dimension Menco Battle Gigant Shooter Tsukasa"Ending theme
7/25lovelive!2nd Blu-ray Volume 2 Bonus "μ's Original Song CD (2)"Maki Nishikino (Pile), Yazawa Nico (Tokui blue sky)"Crazy Magnetic today"TV anime "Love Live! 』Related song
8/20Summer Color Fighting !!Nana Paruko (Tokui blue sky)"Summer Color Fighting !!"TV anime "Future Card Buddyfight" ending theme
"Mirai ☆ Challenge"TV anime "Future Card Buddyfight" related songs
8/27Is the order a rabbit? Character song albumChimame-tai[Member 3]"Glitter Everyday"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
12/24Premonition that winter gaveBiBi[Member 1]"Premonition that winter gave me"
"Trouble Busters"
"lovelive! 』Related song
12/25lovelive!2nd Blu-ray Animate whole volume purchase privilege "Silent tonight""Silent tonight"
4/8Unlimited Fafnir Character Song Album -The Girls of "D"-Ariella Lou (Tokui blue sky)"Ray of bullet"Television Animation"Unlimited Fafnir] Related songs
4/29Unlimited Fafnir Character Song Album -Beautiful Midgar-"Aigis"
Iris Freya (Rina Hidaka), Mononobe Mitsuki (Manami Numakura), Riesa Highwalker (Hisako Kanemoto), Ariella Lou (Tokui blue sky), Len Miyazawa (Fumiko Uchimura), Tear Lightning (Sakura Ayane)"Ray of bullet"
5/20Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD Volume 3 Bonus CD "Milky A GO GO" (Nero Edition)Nero Yuzurizaki (Tokui blue sky)"Milky A GO GO"Television Animation"Detective Opera Milky Holmes TD] Related songs
5/23Love Live! The School Idol Movie Advance Ticket with Benefits 3rd Unit Single BiBi Lowest and Best ParadisoBiBi[Member 1]"Lowest and best Paradiso""lovelive! 』Related song
7/15Pyon's PurinpurunChimame-tai[Member 3]"Pyon's Purinpurun"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Namaiki Tiny Heart"
8/26Danchigai Song Collection Vol.1Hazuki Nakano (Tokui blue sky)"Gentle Mischief"Television Animation"Danchigai"Ending theme
Danchigai Song Collection Vol.2"Naughty Samba"Songs related to the TV anime "Danchigai"
11/11Tokimeki Poporon ♪Chimame-tai[Member 3]"Tokimeki Poporon ♪"Television Animation"Is the order a rabbit??"Ending theme
"On the crush LOOP"TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Tokimeki Poporon ♪"
12/30Magical Girl Overage GENERATION TRIADKuroda Steel (Tokui blue sky)"Heart of blade"Light novelMagical Girl Over Age] Related songs
1/20Illusion CROSS ROADSBiBi[Member 1]"Illusion CROSS ROADS"
"lovelive! 』Related song
5/2Is the Order a Rabbit?? BD/DVD Vol. 5 Privilege CDChimame-tai[Member 3]"How about helping with Lalaran?"TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
6/3Is the Order a Rabbit?? BD/DVD Vol. 6 Privilege CDcocoa(Sakura Ayane), Chino (水 瀬 い の り), Rize (Risa Taneda), Chiya (Satomi Satomi), Sharo (Maaya Uchida), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Rie Murakawa)"Today is truly Larry Rain"
6/8TV anime "Luck & Logic" character song albumChloe Maxwell (Tokui blue sky), Valkyrie (Chiaki Omigawa)"SWORD FOR DEFEND!"Television Animation"Luck logic] Related songs
6/22Casabuta / Fragment of Thought / Dream Climber Anime boardMirai (Natsuko Hara), Ayaka (Tokui blue sky), Kyoko (Riko Sasaki)"Random Crane Game Girls"Television Animation"Bishoujo game unit Crane Gale"Ending theme
8/27Is the Order a Rabbit ?? Character Song Series 03 MayaMaya (Tokui blue sky)"Waku Waku DIARY"
"Everyday Level Up !!"
"WELCOME [Woo!]"
TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
10/26Is the Order a Rabbit?? Character Song Series All Volume Purchase Privilege CDCocoa (Ayane Sakura), Chino (Inori Minase), Rize (Risa Taneda), Chiya (Satomi Sato), Syaro (Maaya Uchida), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Rie Murakawa), Aoyama Blue Mountain (Saori Hayami), Mocha (Ai Kayano)"WELCOME [Woo!]"
11/16Absolute clear blue skySpace Defense Corps[Member 5]"Galaxy Party-Let's party in the middle of the universe!"TV anime "Bishoujo Yugi Unit Crane Gale Galaxy" opening theme
11/25chimame marchChimame-tai[Member 3]"Tekuteku Marching March"
"I'm near my heart"
"Daydream café"
TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
Chino (水 瀬 い の り), Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Sunshine Days"
Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Rie Murakawa)"Little * Treasure * Hunt"
Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Present leisure ♡"
12/29Monster Girl ~ Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Plan ~ Monster Girl Character Song "P! P! P! PIGUMON"Pigmon (Tokui blue sky)"P! P! P! PIGUMON"Television Animation"Monster Girl -Ultra Monster Personification Plan-] Related songs
4/5Game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" STARTING GATE 05White-eye McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Passer (Takahashi Minami), TM Opera Oh (Tokui blue sky)"The world is our compliant"
"Umapyoi Legend"
game"Uma Musume Pretty Derby] Related songs
T M Opera O (Tokui blue sky)"Teisho Opera-Praise Forever-"
4/26Brave Soul Fight!Nana Paruko (Tokui blue sky), Morishima [Large explosion (Shuta Morishima)]"Brave Soul Fight!"Television Animation"Future Card Buddy Fight X"Opening theme
TV anime "BanG Dream!" Original soundtrackGlitter * Green[Member 6]"Don't be afraid!"
"Glee! Glee! Glee!"
Television Animation"BanG Dream!"Insert song
10/25"Is your order a rabbit ?? ~ Dear My Sister ~" Character Song 1Chimame-tai[Member 3]"♡♡ Another cake?"OVAIs the order a rabbit?? ~Dear My Sister~] Related songs
Thousand beans corps[Member 7]"FANCY SWEET TIME"
11/11Sekai has become a cafe!Petit Rabbit's with beans[Member 8]"Sekai has become a cafe!"OVA "Is the Order a Rabbit ?? ~ Dear My Sister ~" theme song
12/6Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~Dear My Sister~ Duet Song AlbumRize (Risa Taneda), Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Sing a Song !!!!!"OVA "Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~ Dear My Sister ~" Related Songs
3/28lovelive! Solo Live! III from μ's Nico YazawaNico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky)"Music START !!'
"Paradise Live'
"It's our miracle'
"Because it's ruthless"
"All the time'
"Love wing bell'
"Dancing stars on me!'
"KiRa-KiRa Sensation!'
"Happy maker!'
"Shangri-La Shower'
"Ruteshi Kisuki"
"Mi is μ'sic'
"Super LOVE = Super LIVE!"
"Angelic Angel'
"We are one light'
"Because it's love in a storm"
"Goodbye goodbye!"
"Cutie Panther"
"Summer, don't end."
"Premonition that winter gave me"
"Trouble Busters"
"Illusion CROSS ROADS"
"lovelive! 』Related song
4/25Blend · S BD · DVD Volume 5 Special CDHideri Kanzaki (Tokui blue sky)"Tomorrow will be in the middle of the world ♡"
"Bonapetito ♡ S"
Television Animation"Blend S] Related songs
5/30Blend · S BD · DVD Volume 6 Special CDSakuranomiya Strawberry (Aki Waki), Hinata Kaho (Akira Kitou), Hoshikawa Mafuyu (An Haruno), Miu Amano (Atsumi Tanezaki), Hideki Kanzaki (Tokui blue sky)"Bona Petite♡S -Hall staff ver.-"
Sakuranomiya Ichika (Azumi Waki), Kaho Hinata (Akari Kito), Mafuyu Hoshikawa (Anzu Haruno), Miu Amano (Atsumi Tanezaki), Hideri Kanzaki (Hideri Kanzaki)Tokui blue sky), Dino (Tomoaki Maeno), Autumn leaves (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Owner (Tatsuo Suzuki)"Bona Petite♡S -All staff ver.-"TV anime "Blend S" opening theme
Is the Order a Rabbit?? -Dear My Sister- BD/DVD Bonus Character Song CDChimame-tai[Member 3]"Sekai has become a cafe!"OVA "Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~ Dear My Sister ~" Related Songs
Maya (Tokui blue sky)
Skymaker -diva. Miucat-Miu Cat (Tokui blue sky)"Skymaker -diva. Miucat-""Almagia -Project-" related songs
"Almagia -diva. Miucat-"
Miu Cat (Tokui blue sky), Festa (Yurika Kubo)"Skymaker -diva. Miucat & Festa-"
7/25Uma Musume Pretty Derby Animation Derby 03 Special Record!/Find My Only WaySpecial Week (Azuki Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), vodka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Kimura Chisaki), Goldship (Ueda Hitomi), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), Grass Wonder (Maeda Rena), Symbolyldorf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Aoki Ruriko), Hishiamazon (Yuko Tatsumi), Fujiki Seki (Eriko Matsui), Marzensky (Lynn), TM Opera Oh (Tokui blue sky), Biwa Hayahide (Kondo Yui), Naritabrian (Aisaka Yuka), Oguri cap (Tomoya Takayanagi)"Special Record!"TV anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" insertion song
Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Takano), Tokai Teio (Machico), Wokka (Ayaka Ohashi), Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), El Condor Pasa (Takahashi) Minami), Grass Wonder (Reina Maeda), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), King Halo (Iori Saeki), Haru Urara (Shina Shuto), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Taiki Shuttle (Yuka Otsubo), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Hishi Amazon (Yuiko Tatsumi), Fuji Kiseki (Eriko Matsui), Maruzensky (Lynn), Tem Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo), Narita Brian (Yuka Aisaka), Oguri Cap (Tomoyo Takayanagi), Super Creek (Kana Yuuki), tamamo cross (Naomi Ozora), Inariwan (Inoue Haruno), Winning ticket (Yui Watanabe), Medillo Ryan (Ashi Haji), White-tailed Dober (Hikari Kubota), nice nature (Maeda Kaori), Aisin Flash (Ayumi Fujino), Machikanefukukitaru (Hiyori Nitta), May Shodo To (Misaki Watada)"Umapyoi Legend"The ending theme for the TV anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
8/29-[Note 6]Valkyrie[Member 9]"Revolution"game"Blue Sky Under Girls! Re: vengerS] Related songs
Tendou Teruon (Tokui blue sky)"AKATSUKI"
10/10Uma Musume Pretty Derby Animation Derby 07El Condor Pasa (Minami Takahashi), Oguri Cap (Tomoyo Takayanagi), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), Tem Opera O (Tem Opera O)Tokui blue sky), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), Haru Urara (Yukina Shuto), Taiki Shuttle (Yuka Otsubo)"Special Record!"TV anime "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" related songs
Is your order a rabbit ?? Character Solo Series 05 MayaMaya (Tokui blue sky)"Midnight Party"
"Paripureiya !!"
"Wow wow try!"
TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
11/21Don't be afraid![317]Glitter * Green[Member 6]"Don't be afraid! (New record)"
"Glee! Glee! Glee! (New record)"
TV anime "BanG Dream!" Related songs
11/28To lightIron frill[Member 10]"Jelly fish"Television Animation"Zombie Land Saga"Insert song
1/28Milky Holmes x Glitter * Green Final Single Release Commemorative Special CD[317]Glitter * Green[Member 6]"Mirai after the rain'TV anime "BanG Dream!" Related songs
2/12"ROBOTICS; NOTES DaSH" Original SoundtrackAkiho Senomiya (Yoshino Nanjo), Junkazu Daitoku (Aino Nanjo)Tokui blue sky)"Tu Ru Tu Ru Dance (Another Ver.)"game"ROBOTICS; NOTES DaSH] Related songs
3/27Musical Connect -diva. Miucat & Festa-Miu Cat (Tokui blue sky), Festa (Yurika Kubo)"Musical Connect -diva. Miucat & Festa-""Almagia -Project-" related songs
Miu Cat (Tokui blue sky)"Thing a song -diva. Miucat-"
8/8Is the Order a Rabbit ?? Birthday Song Series 05 MayaMaya (Tokui blue sky)"Happy Happy Birthday Song"
"Festival ring !!"
"Summer vacation page"
TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
9/26Singa Song Paya Poya MelodyPetit Rabbit's with beans[Member 8]"Singa Song Paya Poya Melody"OVAIs the order a rabbit?? ~ Sing For You ~"Image Song
Maya (Tokui blue sky)OVA "Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~ Sing For You ~" Related Songs
Rize (Risa Taneda), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Ri Murakawa)"Gimi x Demi Parinai ♪"
Is the Order a Rabbit?? -Sing For You- BD/DVD Bonus DVD-ROMChimame-tai[Member 3]"Singa Song Paya Poya Melody"
Chino (Inori Minase), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Ri Murakawa)"Kimorebi Youth Score"
"Kimorebi Seishunfu ~ Sunlight through the trees ~"
"Kimorebi Youth Score-Song in the Play Ver.-"OVA "Is the Order a Rabbit?? ~ Sing For You ~" Insert Song
10/25Love Live! 9th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX Bonus CDNico Yazawa (Tokui blue sky)"LONELIEST BABY"
"And on the last page"
"Crazy Magnetic today"
"from now on"
"Silent tonight"
"lovelive! 』Related song
10/30Smile skill = ski skill!The Crimson Vow[Member 11]"Smile skill = ski skill!"Television Animation"I said that my ability is average!"Opening theme
"Crimson Vow"TV animation "I said that my ability is average! 』Related song
11/13Kiratto Pri Chan ♪ Song Collection ~ Ring Marie Daia Channel ~Suzu Kurokawa (Tokui blue sky)"Cute Breakin"Television Animation"Kira to Puri☆Chan"Insert song
Ring Marie[Member 12]"Individual Jewel"
12/4Is the Order a Rabbit?? Birthday Song Series All Volume Purchase Privilege CDCocoa (Ayane Sakura), Chino (Inori Minase), Rize (Risa Taneda), Chiya (Satomi Sato), Syaro (Maaya Uchida), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Rie Murakawa), Aoyama Blue Mountain (Saori Hayami), Mocha (Ai Kayano)"Happy Happy Birthday Song"TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
2/21School spectacular Zoo / Wolf BluesGreat Wolf Ranka (Kino Hina), Human (Haruki Ishiya), Hitomi Femaleno (Yume Miyamoto), Babysitter Yukari (Misaki Kuno), Beast raw Miyubi (Yoshimi Ohara), Cat rice walnut (Tokui blue sky)"Gakuen Spectacular Zoo"Television Animation"Flock!シートン学園Seaton Academy"Opening theme
4/22Is the Order a Rabbit?? Selection of April Fools' DayCHIMAME CHRONICLE[Member 3]"MIRACLE CHRONICLE ♪"TV anime "Is the Order a Rabbit??" Related Songs
Mistral[Member 13]"Chocolate Survival ♪"
5/19MERMAID LIVE Hydra-30 Complete Works[Note 7]Idi (Tokui blue sky)"Let's Jump Starry Beach"Offshore slot"Hydra-30" related songs
Ihana (Chihara Minori), Kanasa (Kiyono Anno), Iji (Tokui blue sky), Abiya (Yuki Wakai), Gute (Daisy x Daisy), Noga (Endo Ruka), Zan (All Kurio), Cargi (Chihira Mochida)"Promised poem"
6/24Kira to Puri☆Chan♪ Music Collection Season.2All ☆ Jewel Idols[Member 14]"Diamond smile'Insert song for TV anime "Kirato Puri☆Chan"
7/3Re Bath GO!twinkle ♡ way[Member 15]"Three-star stew of chicken and eggplant"Television Animation"Ribausu] Related songs
9/19Blend of LettersMaya (Tokui blue sky)"Paper Hikoki Letter"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
10/28Good friend! ○!Good friend!Chimame-tai[Member 3]"Nakayoshi! ○! Nakayoshi!"Television Animation"Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM"Ending theme
"Wow Wow Zoo"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM” related songs
Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Nakayoshi! ○! Nakayoshi!"
11/11Is the order a rabbit?Rearrange & Cover AlbumCocoa (Ayane Sakura), Chino (Inori Minase), Rize (Risa Taneda), Chiya (Satomi Sato), Syaro (Maaya Uchida), Maya (Tokui blue sky), Meg (Ri Murakawa)"Today is truly Larry Rain (rearrangement)"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
Chimame-tai[Member 3]"Glitter Everyday (Rearrangement)"
"How about helping with Lalaran? (Rearrangement)"
"Pyon's Purinpurun (rearrangement)"
Thousand beans corps[Member 7]"Glitter Cafe Time"
Syaro (Maaya Uchida), Maya (Tokui blue sky)"Rabbit Hole"
12/2Kiratto Pri Chan ♪ Song Collection ~ from OCEAN MERMAID ~Ring Marie[Member 12]"Kotoba Bouquet"Insert song for TV anime "Kirato Puri☆Chan"
3/17Uma Musume Pretty Derby WINNING LIVE 01Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), T.M. Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Rice shower (Mika Iwami), Super Creek (Kana Yuuki), Zenno Rob Roy (Kana Yuuki)Terui Haruka)"NEXT FRONTIER"Songs related to the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
3/26Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM BD / DVD Volume 4 Bonus CDThousand beans corps[Member 7]"Mysterious House of Witches and Familiar"TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM” related songs
3/31Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 ANIMATION DERBY Season 2 vol.3 "Original Sound Track"Mihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Seiun Sky (Akari Kito), Agnes Tachyon (Sumire Uesaka), TM Opera Oh (Tokui blue sky), Air Shakur (Minami Tsuda), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe)"Enjoy and Join"OVA "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" ending theme
5/19Okawa, cry together / Nope !!!!!Iron frill[Member 10]"Nope !!!!!"Television Animation"Zombie Land Saga Revenge"Insert song
5/22Princess Connect! Re:Dive PRICONNE CHARACTER SONG 21Lima(Tokui blue sky)"Koi Kirari Magic ☆ 彡"game"Princess Connect! Re:Dive"Insert song
6/16Umayon mini albumT M Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Fuji Kiseki (Eriko Matsui), Maruzensky (Lynn), Smart Falcon (Hitomi Owada)"It's my destiny"Television Animation"Umayon"Insert song
8/283rd EVENT WINNING DREAM STAGE Solo Vocal Tracks Vol.1T M Opera O (Tokui blue sky)"NEXT FRONTIER (Game Size)"Songs related to the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
9/22Uma Musume Pretty Derby WINNING LIVE 02Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda), T.M. Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Biwa Hayahide (Yui Kondo), Mayano Top Gun (Mio Hoshitani), Mihono Bourbon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Winning Ticket (Yui Watanabe), Kawakami PrincessTakahashi flower forest), Sweep Tosho (Shiori Sugiura), Narita Taishin (Keiko Watanabe), Nishino Flower (Haruna Kawai), Mejiro Dobel (Hikari Kubota)"Umapyoi Legend"
Daiwa Scarlet (Chisa Kimura), Mihonoburubon (Ikumi Hasegawa), Mayano Top Gun (Mio Hoshitani), Air Groove (Ruriko Aoki), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa), Tem Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Grass Wonder (Rena Maeda)"Never Looking Back"
11/11Is the order a rabbit? 10th Anniversary theme song rearrangement & high resolution bestChimame-tai[Member 3]"Poppin Jump ♪ ~ Re arranged ~"
"Tokimeki Poporon ♪ ~ Re arranged ~"
"Nakayoshi! 〇! Nakayoshi! ~ Re-arranged ~"
TV animation "Is the order a rabbit? ] Related songs
2/22Uma Musume Pretty Derby Solo Vocal Tracks Vol.3 -4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS !!-T M Opera O (Tokui blue sky)"Never Looking Back (Game Size)"Songs related to the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby"
4/27Uma Musume Pretty Derby WINNING LIVE 05Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Tokai Teio (Machico), Oguri Cap (Tomoyo Takayanagi), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), Tem Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa), Symbolil Dorf (Azusa Tadokoro), Tamamo Cross (Naomi Ohzora), Mejiro Ryan (Afumi Hashi), Admire Vega (Hitomi Sasaki), Sakura Bakushin O (Sachika Misawa), Mr. CB (Yurina Amami), Mejiro Dobel (Hikari Kubota), Machikanetan Hoiza (Hikaru Tono), Satono Diamond (Hina Tachibana), Kitasan Black (Hinaki Yano), Sakura Chiyonooh (Ruriko Noguchi), Mejiro Ardan (Saya Aizawa), Yaenomuteki (Ayumi Hihara), Narita top load (Kanna Nakamura)"We are DREAMERS !!"
Special Week (Azumi Waki), Silence Suzuka (Marika Kouno), Tokai Teio (Machico), Oguri Cap (Tomoyo Takayanagi), Gold Ship (Hitomi Ueda), Mejiro McQueen (Saori Onishi), Tem Opera O (Tokui blue sky), Narita Brian (Rika Kinugawa), Symboli Rudolf (Azusa Tadokoro), Agnes Digital (Suzuki Minori), Tamamo Cross (Naomi Ohzora), Mayano Top Gun (Mio Hoshitani), Mejiro Ryan (Afumi Hashi), Admire Vega (Hitomi Sasaki), Sakura Bakushin O (Sachika Misawa), Smart Falcon (Hitomi Owada), Nishino Flower (Haruna Kawai), Haru Lala (Shina Shuto), Marvelous Sunday (Marie Miyake), Mr. CB (Yurina Amami), Mejiro Dobel (Hikari Kubota), Nice Nature (Kaori Maeda), Machikanetan Hoiza (Hikaru Tono), Twin Turbo (Miharu Hanai) , Satono Diamond (Hina Tachibana), Kitasan Black (Hinaki Yano), Sakura Chiyonooh (Ruriko Noguchi), Mejiro Ardan (Saya Aizawa), Yaenomuteki (Ayumi Hinohara), Narita Top Road (Kanna Nakamura)"Umapyoi Legend"


Miracle blue sky knight

1/22Vol.1Blue sky, invasionShinjuku Loft Plus OneMizuno love day,Emi Nitta, Mana Miyawaki,Mimori Suzuko
4/17Vol.2Unknown brandNakamoto Junhisa,Iku Arino,Kubo Yurika
11/22Vol.3Does not ring, mobileNana Inoue,Chiyomaru Shikura,Takaaki Kitani
3/17Vol.4Celebration, after graduationShinjuku Loft Plus OneSasaki Mirai,Yuka Otsubo
12/2Vol.5Sora, beyond QCulture Broadcast Media Plus HallRiho Iida, Yurika Kubo,Shuta Morishima
10/12Vol.6Decisive Battle, 3rd New Minamiboso CitySomewhere in Chiba Prefecture
10/11Vol.7Introduction to "My Crafts" (1st time)Science and Technology MuseumScience hallEmi Nitta
Destruction of "My Craftsmanship" (2nd time)Kubota Mimu
"My structure" Q (3rd time)水 瀬 い の り
12/4Vol.8UFO, encounter<Handover party>

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January 1 Gamers Namba store (23 times in total)

1/24 Yoyogi Animation AcademyFukuoka school (2 times in total)

February 2 Gamers Namba store (7rd time)

February 2 Gamers Shinjuku store, Gamers Tsudanuma store

February 2 AKIBAHARA Gamers Main Store (14th time)


January 2016, 1 Kagakugijutsu Science Hall (17 times in total)

10/15Vol.9Moment, song, layered ~ Live colorful Voice Party (2 copies in total)Diff Ariake
2/26Vol.9Miracle Blue Sky Night vol.9 ~ Moment, Song, Overlap ~ Live Colorful Voice Party ~ Re: Osaka Live Starting from SetZepp Osaka BaysideTianjin,This isIto, Gakki
1/3Vol.10Miracle Blue Sky Night Vol.10 ~ Kiiro Diver ~ Yellow No.2 Final Battle (XNUMX copies in total)Hulic Hall TokyoPart 1: Azusa Shibuya,Miumi Tanaka,Machico,Eri Yamazaki
Part 2: Rin Kojima, Azuki Shibuya,Asami Shimoda, Minami Tanaka

Joint live

2019/2/23When it's overNagaredaAnd Anison ~ Aiming Anison Master in Kanda Myojin Hall ~Kanda Akijinhole

Birthday & debut 10th anniversary live

2019/12/30Tokui Aozora Birthday LIVE “10 & 30”Omiya Sonic City


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