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💪 | Kinnikun Nakayama is very excited about "two machos" !?


Kinnikun Nakayama is very excited about "two machos" !?

If you write the contents roughly
In the special video of "Thor: Love and Thunder", Kinnikun showed a wonderful explanation and announcement of muscles.

Marvel Studios' latest work "Thor: Love and Thunder" to be screened on July 2022, 7 (Friday). June 8 ... → Continue reading


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Thor: Love and Thunder

"Thor: Love and Thunder] (Original title: Thor: Love and Thunder) Is the character of the Marvel Comics "SawBased on2022 OfThe United States of America OfSuper hero movieIs. The director isTaika Waititi, Screenplay by Taika Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, StarringChris Hemsworth,Christian Bale,Tessa Thompson,Natalie Portmanand others. ""Mighty So Battle RoyaleThe sequel to the series, the fourth in the series, and "Marvel Cinematic Universe29th work.


Two parents and children were walking in the desert of a planet where most of the life forms died.Gore, the survivor of a clan who worships the god Lapu, continues to wander with his daughter Rab as his last survivor, and Gore, who has run out of food and water, prays to God, but Rab dies with all his might. do.When he was about to exhaust himself, he heard a mysterious whisper, and in that direction there was a lush jungle, where the god Rapu held a feast to celebrate the subjugation of the possessor of the weapon Necrosword that kills the god. Was there.Gore asks Rapu for help, but Rapu refuses to help because it is natural for him to die for himself.Despaired when he heard it, Gore abandoned his faith.Gore is about to be killed by his angry Rapu, but his hatred for the gods makes him the new owner of the Necrosword.He vows to kill all gods when he kills Rapu, and begins his career as a god killer "God Butcher".

Final battle with ThanosAfter that, Thor and Korg traveled to space with the Guardians of the Galaxy to save people begging for help on various planets.Thor, who found the rescue signal of the old-known Schiff in the situation where the gods of each star were killed one after another and the conflicts frequently occurred on that star, broke up with the Guardians and was the source of Schiff with Korg. Head to.Thor, who visits the seriously injured Schiff, decides to return to Earth with Korg when he learns of Gore's existence and that Gore is aiming for New Asgard on Earth.

On the other hand, Thor's ex-girlfriend Jane suffered from stage 4 cancer and was fighting against her illness.Unsuccessful in chemotherapy She once belonged to Thor, read the literature suggesting that Mjolnir destroyed by his sister Hera has the ability to restore life, and went to New Asgard to debris Mjolnir. When you go to the place where is exhibited, the shattered Mjolnir reacts.

Gore was attacking New Asgard, as Thor said he would return to Earth.Thor joins as Valkyrie, the king of New Asgard, and the inhabitants fight against the monsters created by Gore, but he is surprised to find Jane dealing with the regenerated Mjolnir among the fighting people.Jane was selected as the new owner of Mjolnir, and he was awakened as a new Mighty Thor.Gore is once dismissed by Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie, but his abilities abduct New Asgard's children, including Heimdall's son Axel.

With an eye on Gore's base, Thor travels with Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg to Olympus, a city of gods, to ask for reinforcements to save the children.Thor makes a direct interview with Zeus, the god who manages the gathering of gods from various worlds, but Zeus is stupid in reinforcements and refuses to lend his own weapon, Thorbolt.Zeus says that Gore's ultimate goal is to go to "Eternal", a place in the center of the universe where any wish can be fulfilled, and wish for the eradication of the gods.And he thinks that Gore can't do that, and decides not to let Thor out of Olympus because he hates the location of Olympus being exposed to Gore.Thor refuses it and tries to escape, but Korg is destroyed by Zeus leaving his face behind, and when Zeus is blown and knocked down, Thor robs Thunderbolt and escapes.

Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie headed to Gore's base, where Jane's purpose was to abduct children, lure Thor, and use Thor's stormbreaker abilities to pave the way for "permanence." Knowing that it was, he tried to keep the storm breaker away, but failed. The three fight Gore, but Valkyrie is seriously injured, so he temporarily retreats to Earth, but in the process, Gore robs him of the storm breaker.

Thor returns to Earth and sees Jane debilitating.It was found that Jane had lost her resistance to cancer in exchange for the use of Mjolnir's abilities, and that further use of Mjolnir would soon lead to death.Thor wants Jane to stay alive until she saves her children, and Gore tries to use Thorbolt's abilities from Zeus to pave the way for "eternity" alone. Rush to the original.

Thor, who released the abducted children, gave them abilities and made them face the monsters that Gore made, and confronted Gore with Thunderbolt in his hand.Thor is forced to be inferior to Gore's toughness, but Jane who rushes for his life appears and joins.Thor, who regained the Stormbreaker, gave it to Axel and returned to Earth first, and cooperated with Jane to destroy the Necrosword and fatally injure Gore, but Gore, who had opened the "permanent" door, headed there. Thor continues.

Thor stood behind Gore, who was trying to make a wish before he was exhausted in front of "Eternity," but behind him was Jane, who was trying to exhaust herself by using her abilities.Rather than defeating Gore, Thor decided to stay close to her because of her love for Jane, and told Gore about her feelings.Jane disappears as a grain of light in Thor's arm.Upon seeing it, Gore wishes "forever" not to kill the gods, but to revive his own daughter, Love.Gore, who entrusted her resurrected love to Thor, died on the spot.

When Thor takes over Love, he begins to help people in space, and Korg tells us that they later became known as "Love & Thunder."

The story ends when Jane is called by Valhalla and greeted by Heimdall, while Zeus gives instructions to Hercules to inform her of the mightiness of the gods.


Performance- Chris Hemsworth, Japanese dubbing- Kenta Miyake[1][2]
Nordic mythology OfThor"Thor"Model, the strongest thunder godア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズMembers.Final battle with Thanoslater,Guardians of the GalaxyI left for space with.
Childhood saw
Performance-Sasha Hemsworth, Tristan Hemsworth
Jane Foster / Mighty Thor
Performance- Natalie Portman, Japanese dubbing- Sakamoto Maaya[1][2]
Thor's ex-girlfriend who is an astrophysicist and is being treated for stage 4 cancer.She was given the same power as Thor and he used to use itMjolnirReappears in front of Thor.
Girls' Generation Jane Foster
Performance-Ava Caryophilis, dubbed in Japanese- [2]
Valkyrie (Brynhildr)
Performance- Tessa Thompson, Japanese dubbing- Sawashiro Miyuki[1][2]
Norse mythologyShield Maiden"BrunnhildAnd the last one of Asgard's female warrior "Valkyrie". After the final battle, from ThorNorwayHe was given the throne of New Asgard in Tokyo and became the new king.
Performance- Taika Waititi, Japanese dubbing- Hideyuki Kanaya[2]
Thor's friend, a Kronan whose whole body is made up of rocks.Like Thor, he leaves with the Guardians after the final battle.
(English edition
Performance- Christian Bale, Japanese dubbing- Takeyasu Koyasu[1][2]
A wounded man with a strange and terrifying sword in his hand to kill all the gods. He has the nickname "God Butcher".
Veil played in the 2012 movie "Dark Knight RisingIt's been 10 years since thenSuper hero movieIt became an appearance in.
Peter Quill / Star Road
Performance- Chris Pratt, Japanese dubbing- Koichi Yamadera[1][2]
As a child, he was kidnapped from the earth by his father, the ego, who is a heavenly man.LoversThe leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy raised by.
Performance- Dave Bautista, Japanese dubbing- Naoki Kusumi[2]
A power fighter who is a member of the Guardians.
Voice- Vin Diesel, Japanese dubbing- Kenichi Endo[1][2]
A tree-shaped humanoid that is a member of the Guardians.
Voice- Bradley Cooper, Japanese dubbing- Koji Kato[1][2]
raccoonFormer bounty hunter and mercenary based on.An engineer who is a member of the Guardians and a master of weapons and martial arts.
Performance- Karen Gillan, Japanese dubbing- Mori Natsuhime[2]
Of my father-in-lawThanosRaised and cyborged as a hitman byGamoraSister-in-law.She leaves with the Guardians after the final battle with her father-in-law.
Performance- Pom Klementiev, Japanese dubbing- Akimoto Saika[1][2]
A member of the Guardians who has the ability to empathize with reading the hearts of those who touch them and manipulating their emotions.
Kraglin of Fonteri
Performance- Sean Gunn, Japanese dubbing- Tsuchida University[2]
Long time agoYondu UdontaA former member of the Lovers who was an aide to.After his deathYaka's arrowTake over.
Performance- Jamie Alexander, Japanese dubbing- Northwest Junko[2]
Thor's childhood friend female warrior.She sends him her rescue signal.
(English edition
Performance- Russell Crowe[3], Japanese dubbing- Chiba Shigeru[2]
Greek mythologyGodOlympus Twelve GodsKing of.He has tremendous power, but he has a rather sloppy personality.
(English edition
Performance- Simon Russell Beer
Olympus Twelve GodsOne of the gods.
(English edition
Performance-Akosia Sabeto
Performance-Curly Reese (motion capture)
La Pooh
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Takaoka bottles[2]
A god worshiped by Gore.He tries to kill Gore, but is killed by him with a Necrosword.
The actor who plays Loki
Performance- Matt Damon, Japanese dubbing- Nakamura Shogo[2]
The actor who plays Saw
Performance- Luke Hemsworth, Japanese dubbing- Jun Miyamoto[2]
The actor who plays Odin
Performance- Sam neill, Japanese dubbing- Atsuyoshi Miyazaki[2]
The actor who plays the spatula
Performance- Melissa McCarthy, Japanese dubbing- Bibi[2]
Theatrical director
Performance- Ben falcone, Japanese dubbing- Yomu Tadokoro[2]
Performance-Durley Pearson, dubbed in Japanese- Ikuto Kanemasa[2]
Asgard tour guide.Pearson who playedMarvel One ShotContinued from the "Team Thor" series.
Performance-Kiron L. Dier, dubbed in Japanese- [2]
Heimdall's son.He's real name is Astrid,Guns N'RosesRenamed under the influence of.
Performance-India Rose Hemsworth, dubbed in Japanese- [2]
Gore's daughter.
Eric Selvig
Performance- Stellan Skullsgard, Japanese dubbing- Yoshiyuki Kaneko[2]
Darcy Lewis
Performance- Kat Dennings, Japanese dubbing- Tamura Mushin[2]
(English edition
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Kanna Yonen
Zeus's son.Zeus, who reveals his anger, will send him to Thor.Appeared in the mid-credits scene.
Performance- Idris Elba, Japanese dubbing- Jiro Saito
The god of light in Norse mythologyHeimdallA warrior of Asgard who is a model of ", and a warrior who was once a keeper of the observatory of Bifröst and the father of Axel.Thanos raidIn this workValhallaWelcome Jane.Appeared in the post-credits scene.

Besides this,(English editionIs a citizen of New Asgard,Elsa PatakyPlays a wolf woman.Jeff Goldblum TheGrand Master,Peter Dinklage TheSindriWas played, but the scene is cut from the main story[4]. Also,Lena HeadeyWas also appearing in this work, but the scene in which she was appearing has also been cut[5].





Preparation for production




at firstMCUWhen it was announced as Phase 4, it was scheduled for November 2021, 11, but it was postponed due to the influence of the new Corona, and on February 5, 2022 (Links), And it was postponed to July 2022, 7.

No screening

In July 2022, it was reported that the film would not be released theatrically in Malaysia.[6].Originally, after the release was postponed twice, it was postponed indefinitely from the new scheduled release date.[7].Disney didn't immediately comment, but Variety said the agency requested that some scenes be cut, and Disney refused.[6].

Evaluation of works

Review by film critics

WebsiteRAs of July 2022, 7, the rating is 27% Tomatometer.[8]

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