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👩‍🎤 | First exhibition that traces the history of BiSH <Beautiful Ugly Treasure Museum EXHiBiTiON OF BiSH> Held in Shibuya!

Photo The first exhibition that traces the history of BiSH <Beautiful Ugly Treasure Museum EXHiBiTiON OF BiSH> Held in Shibuya!

The first exhibition that traces the history of BiSH <Beautiful Ugly Treasure Museum EXHiBiTiON OF BiSH> Held in Shibuya!

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BiSH will hold the first exhibition event <Beautiful Ugly Treasure Museum EXHiBiTiON OF BiSH> from August 8th (Friday) at Shibuya Stream Hall, Tokyo.

BiSH will hold its first exhibition event <Beautiful Ugly Treasure Museum EXHiBiTiON OF BiSH> on August 8th (Friday) ... → Continue reading


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Shibuya stream

Shibuya stream(Shibuya Stream,BritishName: SHIBUYA STREAM)Japan OfTokyoShibuyaShibuyaLocated in 3-chomeComplex commercial facility.TokyuToyoko LineOldShibuya StationThe track site and surrounding area in the southern part of the ground station building platformRedevelopmentAnd openedskyscraperIs.The lower floors consist of cafes and restaurants, and the upper floors consist of hotels, offices, etc.Complex facilitiesIs.The office floorGoogleJapanese corporation is renting all at once.In addition, it flows in the vicinity through public-private partnership.Shibuya RiverThe promenade along the river was also improved.62ndBCS AwardAward[2].


put up

Tokyu Corporation (currently Tokyu)With the Toyoko LineTokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line OfMutual direct operationbyUndergroundWith the opportunityviaductFormer site and adjacent individualsLandownerDecided to proceed with the development project jointly with[3], From the capitalUrban regeneration special districtCertified by2015In August, the redevelopment project was started as the "Shibuya Station South Block Project". After spending more than 8 years20189/13, Opened "Shibuya Stream", a complex facility centered on a tower with 35 floors above ground and 4 floors below ground.The name is nearbyShibuya RiverIt is named after "STREAM" which means a stream or a stream because it is flowing.[4].

siteBecause it was a station and a railroad track, it was thin and longNational Highway 246Straddling the southDaikanyamaIt has a unique shape that extends in the direction.Therefore, taking advantage of this, the flow of people was divided by National Route 246, which has a lot of traffic on the south side of Shibuya Station, so Shibuya Stream wanted to eliminate this division and walk to the south side as an extension of the Shibuya walk. Eliminate the distinction between the outside and inside of the buildingPromenadeWas built aiming at a building like[5].

In order to make the outside and inside of this building seamless and to solve the problem unique to Shibuya, which is the terrain with a large height difference, Shibuya Stream calls it "Urban Core".conceptWas incorporated.What is Urban Core?建築 家-Hiroshi Naito(Tokyo UniversityHonorary professor), Which was proposed by the "Shibuya Station Central District Town Development Guideline 2010", which is a member of academic experts, is a mechanism for vertical movement that smoothly connects Shibuya station and town, and above ground and underground, simply inside the building.Elevator,escalatorIt is a mechanism that opens the city by connecting the ground and the basement, and at the same time, gently connecting the indoor and outdoor areas.[6].

With the installation of Urban Core, at Shibuya Stream,Toyoko Line-Denentoshi Line,Hanzomon Line-Fukutoshin LineFrom the 3rd basement floor, Shibuya Station East Exit National HighwaydeckAnd access to Shibuya Stream is possible[6].. The through passage on the 2nd floor is a pedestrian deck that makes use of the elevated railroad track of the former Toyoko Line that straddles Route 246.[7]On the deck, it was a specialty of the former Shibuya station during the Toyoko line ground station building era.KamabokoThe roof of the mold is reproduced,Shibuya scramble square,Shibuya HikarieConnect with[8].

Adjacent to the north and south through public-private partnershipShibuya RiverThe water flow has been low so far,DitchThe image of the river was strong,Sewage treatmentThe water flow was revived by using the reclaimed water.Also, along the river from Shibuya Stream to NamikibashiPromenade"Shibuya River Street" is set up, and the remains of the railway are on the promenade.MonumentEtc. were also installed[9][10]..At the end of the promenade, the "Shibuya Bridge" consisting of the nursery school in Building A and the hotels, stores, and offices in Building B built by Tokyu is open on the same day as Shibuya Stream.[4].

Chronological Table

Facility composition


4 basement floors, 35 floors above ground


4 basement floors, 7 floors above ground

  • An event hall for rent on 4 floors.The capacity is about 700 standing.


In February 2016 (Heisei 28), at the construction siteKeyakizaka46DebutSingle"Silent majority"ofMusic videoIs being filmed.2018(30)9/13At the time of opening, "Shibuya Stream Hall" KokeraotoshiLIVEWas performed by Keyakizaka 46 (a special video screening of the music video will be held from the 14th to the 17th the next day)[12][13][14][15], Captain's at the opening ceremonyYuka SugaiAttend and cut the tape[16].



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