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💃 | edhiii boi, RUI, EP "15th Dream" by TAIKI, iTunes…


EP "15th Dream" by edhiii boi, RUI, TAIKI, iTunes…

If you write the contents roughly
The song is a summer tune full of positive vibes, with tofubeats discotic tracks and three people writing rap and songs in a three-way, three-way style with the theme of "summer vacation", but the video is edhiii boi's. It is a work directed by ODDJOB Inc. Rika Noguchi, who works on the visuals from her debut work "NO".

Debuted in January 2022 with the single "NO" from the management / label "BMSG" presided over by SKY-HI ... → Continue reading

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    ODDJOB Inc. Michika Noguchi


    Vibraphone (Vibraphone) Has a metal sound boardKeyboard percussion instrumentso,MetallophoneA kind of.Also known as vibraphone or vibe for short.



    • alone: Vibraphon
    • Buddha: Vibraphone
    • British: Vibraphone, Vibes, Vibraharp.
    • Yi: Vibrafono
      • Vib. Vibraph. (Vibes) etc. are used for abbreviations.Vibra slapSimilar to (abbreviation Vibra.).日本語の場合はFor Japanese vi Vibraphone, vibraphone, due to the difference in pronunciationvibraphone, Vibe, vibe, and so on, and they are not unified.一部partBrass bandAlthough it is sometimes called vibra in relations, it is not used in official names and printed matter.ヤマハの製品情報サイトYamaha product information site[1]Then "vibraphone"Notation only.


    Ordinary metallophonexylophonethe same as,PianoThe soundboards placed side by side in the order of the keysDrumstick(Mallet) To make a sound.ヴィブラフォンの音板は一般的にVibraphone soundboards are generallyaluminumIt is made of alloy and uses a sound board that produces a louder and lower sound than the commonly used metallophone.MarimbaSimilarly under the sound board共鳴pipes are lined upA round "wing" (also called a fan, but in this paper it will be called a "wing") is installed at the upper end of the resonator tube, and when this spring is rotated by an electric motor, the spring closes and opens the upper end of the tube. As a result, the amount of vibration transmitted to the resonance tube increases or decreases.As a result, the resonance amount of the resonator tube changes,volumeRepeats increase and decrease, and the sound shakes (Vibrato).The name of the instrument comes from here.

    It has a built-in circuit that controls the number of revolutions of the electric motor, and the speed of rotation of the splash can be changed, and it may stop and play.It is possible to play long tones with a damper pedal that controls the afterglow of the sound, which is a function that is significantly different from marimba and xylophone.It is this long tone that makes the vibraphone called the Vibraphone.reverberationWhen you step on the damper pedal, the device separates, and when you release it, the device touches the sound board and stops the reverberation.

    The change in timbre can be obtained by the material (especially hardness) and size of the mallet, the hitting position, etc., in addition to the rotation speed of the splash.はねの回転速度を遅くし大きめでややソフトなヘッドを持つマレットと、ハーフダンプリングを多用したI used a lot of mallets with a large and slightly soft head that slowed down the rotation speed of the splash and a half dump ring.Milt JacksonThe playing style of is known.

    The range is 2 octaves up to F5-f3, but there have been long-standing attempts to manufacture vibraphones of 4 octaves or more, and as of 2018 Bergerault (France), Studio 49 (Germany), VanderPlas extended to 4.3 octaves ( Netherlands), DeMorrow (The United States of America), Only five companies in the United States and Yamaha (not sold in the United States and Japan) are producing, but they are not established.[2].

    On the pedal part at your feetHarpThere was a time when it was called Vibraharp, such as in the early Musser catalogs, because there was something decorated with. In the 70's, players who did not use vibrato used it for album credits.

    How to play

    Mallets are mainly wound with yarn.In recent years, dumplings (Dampening and / or Pedaling Techniques) that combine a damper pedal and a mute using mallets have become widespread.この奏法はThis playing styleGary BurtonSpread all over the world by.It can be said that many players who use vibrato have a two-mallet style that uses one mallet on each side, and many non-vibrato players have a four-mallet style that uses two mallets in each hand.As a representative of the players who used vibrato,Lionel Hampton,Milt Jackson, Takashi Ohi and others are widely known in Japan.As a representative of non-vibrato playersGary Burton, David Friedman, etc. are widely known in Japan.

    As a special playing techniqueDouble bass OfbowThere is a playing style of rubbing and playing.

    Elementary and junior high schools sometimes use the vibraphone as a substitute for the metallophone.In this case, do not connect to the outlet and do not use the damper pedal.However, if the wings are not stopped in the open position, the sound will be bad.


    Around 1921, the musical instrument developed by American musical instrument maker Deagan was said to be the birth of the vibraphone, and immediately after that, the same American musical instrument maker, Musser, which became the standard model in the world later, also started manufacturing.

    Classical musicThen,Alban Berg OfOpera"Lulu』(1935The earliest example was that it was used effectively in (unfinished).

    This instrument first gained popularity from a former drummer recorded in the 1930s.Lionel HamptonFrom "Memories of You" by Lionel Hampton All-Stars, "Stardust", recorded in 1947, is considered a masterpiece of swing jazz.

    Album debut in 1948Milt JacksonEstablished the name recognition of the vibrato that Hampton brought about as the main instrument of jazz with its unique tone and atmosphere using loose vibrato. The performance at MJQ (Modern Jazz Quartet), which he participated in in 1952, still has many fans all over the world.His playing style also has a great influence on later vibraphone players.The tone using a unique mallet with a large head is synonymous with jazz vibes.

    Album debut in 1961Gary BurtonIs said to be the founder of jazz vibe playing with four mallets. It has been popular for jazz and rock performances since 4, and since the 1967s.Chick coreaKnown for his development of contemporary jazz vibes, such as a duet with (p) and the appointment of Pat Metheny (g), who was a newcomer at the time, to his own band. Recorded with Korea in 1972, "Crystal SilenceThe performance of 』is not limited to jazz, but still influences mallet players all over the world.

    Since the 1940s, jazz musicians have been playing a central role in contributing to the development and popularization of vibraphone playing methods.In recent years, classical marimba players have also begun to use the vibraphone as their main instrument in their performances.

    Major vibraphone makers

    Manufacturers that are out of business are excluded.

    • Musser (United States)
    • Saito (Japan)
    • Yamaha (Japan)
    • Yamaha, USA (A 4-octave model is manufactured only in the United States. It is not officially imported by Yamaha in Japan.)
    • Adams (Netherlands)
    • Bergero (France)
    • Majestic (Netherlands)
    • Marimba One (USA)

    Famous vibraphone player


    Terrestrial wavetv setWas not yet a 24-hour broadcast format,1988 OfCBC TVCovered the narration at the end of the broadcast with a vibraphone solo[15].1982AlsoHammond organI used a vibraphone solo with the accompaniment of[16].


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    • Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling; by David Friedman; Berklee Press Publications; 1973. ASIN: B000RGXE2S

    外部 リンク

    • The Vibe Net --Information on vibraphone players representing each country in the world.
    • The Vibists Club -Organized by.Information on amateur vibraphone players from professionals in Japan, holding independent events, etc.


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