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🚁 | Aerosense, labor-saving surveying solution "Aerobo Marker" "Aerobo PPK" exhibition, Nai ...

Photo Basic "Aerobo AS-MC03" and "Aerobo Marker".It is possible to introduce surveying using drones with a low budget and a labor-saving mechanism.

Aerosense, labor-saving surveying solution "Aerobo Marker" "Aerobo PPK" exhibition, Nai ...

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Aerosense is enthusiastic about expanding overseas such as Southeast Asia in the future.

Aerosense provides one-stop services from hardware to cloud software.The other day, the first domestic drone ... → Continue reading


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    Aerosense Co., Ltd.(English: Aerosense, Inc.)TokyoBunkyoHeadquartered inDroneManufacturerIs.AutonomousUnmanned aerial vehicle(Drone) And data processing / management by the cloud for industrial useSolutions Ofdevelopment of-製造-SaleIt is carried out. In august 2015Sony Corporation,ZMP Inc.It was established as a joint investment with.Sony GroupIt is a group company of.Current major shareholders areSony Corporation,ZMP Inc.,Sumitomo Corporation.. `` Aerobo Marker'' will be released in 2018Good Design AwardAwarded. In 2020, at the Japan Drone Exhibition, a vertical detachable fixed-wing aircraft (VTOL: Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft) "Aero Bowing (AS-VT01)" won the "Best of Japan Drone Award 2020 Product / Technology Category Best Award".


    January 2015Sony Corporation,ZMP Inc.It was established as a joint investment with.

    Kotaro Sabe, President and CEO of Hyundai,Sony CorporationInvolved in the development ofAIBOCommercialization,QRIOExperienced in the development of.After conducting basic research on robot intelligence, he has led the intelligentization of AV / IT products such as face image recognition.afterwards,DroneEstablished Aerosense in 2015 to take on the challenge of commercializing the solution (President and CEO was appointed in 2019).

    With the slogan "Work Cool with AI Robots-What people can't do with robots"SurveyingIncluding,inspection,logistics,Monitoring,broadcastIn various fields inDroneWe are committed to the development of the industry.


    • April 2015 SonyとZMPEstablished a joint venture "Aerosense Co., Ltd."
    • March 2016 In-house developmentDroneStarted providing corporate solutions with "Aerobo"
    • October 2016 Started rental service of "Aerobo Surveying" system
    • March 2017 3nd "Electronic Information Technology Industry Association(JEITA) Venture Award "
    • July 2017 Anti-aircraft sign for droneGNSSStarted sales of receiver "Aerobo Marker"
    • September 2017 Released "Aerobo Cloud", a cloud service for industrial drones
    • January 2018 Announced AEROBO logo design
    • May 2018 Sales of industrial drone "AEROBO" started
    • June 2018 `` Aerobo Marker''NETIS(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's new technical information provision system) Registration completed
    • July 2018 Started providing aerial photography service by wired power supply drone "Aerobo on Air"
    • October 2018 `` Aerobo Marker'' is 10Good Design AwardAward
    • October 2018 Supports reference point survey with "Aerobo Marker" and "Aerobo Cloud"
    • January 2019 Sales of large "Aerobo" machine (AS-MC1-T) started
    • February 2019 "Aerobo Cloud" acquired computer program certification and supports public surveying
    • March 2019 Started sales of "Aero Boon Air" (wired power supply drone system)
    • October 2019 Kotaro Sabe (former CTO of the Board of Directors) becomes President and Representative Director
    • November 2019 Launch of mobile app "Marker Navi" for Aerobo Marker
    • April 2019 SurveyorCompletion of registration
    • April 2019 Geographical Survey InstituteCertified "Aerobo Marker" and "Aerobo Cloud" as basic surveying instruments
    • April 2020 Sumitomo CorporationStarted capital and business alliance with a joint-stock company
    • March 2020 Sales of AS-MC3-W02, a completely renewed version of "Aero Boon Air"
    • April 2020 Started "Smart Agriculture Demonstration Project" by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido
    • August 2020 Sales of fixed-wing industrial drone "Aerobo Wing" (AS-VT8) started
    • September 2020 "Aerobo Wing" won the "Best of Japan Drone Award 9 Product / Technology Category Best Award" at the Japan Drone Exhibition.


    Domestic drone (UAV / VTOL)

    • AEROBO AS-MC03 --Drone for photogrammetry[1]
    • AEROBO AS-MC03-T --A drone that can be customized in multiple ways, mainly for logistics and agriculture.[2]
    • AEROBO ON AIR AS-MC03-W2-Wired drone. Bandwidth drone that transmits 4K video from the sky with low delay[3]
    • AEROBO Wing AS-VT01- VTOL: Automatic flight / vertical takeoff and landing type fixed-wing high-speed drone.Received "Best of Japan Drone Award 5 Product / Technology Category Best Award" at the 2020th Japan Drone Exhibition[4].

    Other products / services

    • AEROBO Marker-Surveying instrument.GNSSAnti-aircraft sign with built-in satellite radio receiver.It is used as an anti-aircraft marker in drone photogrammetry. Received the Good Design Award in 2018[5].
    • AEROBO Cloud-A data processing service for drone operations that can be used only with a web browser.Supports efficient drone operations such as surveying and inspection by data management, high-speed data processing, and automation by AI[6]..By using the aerobo marker, it is possible to automatically detect the marker from the aerial image and match it with the coordinates of the GPS marker simply by uploading the aerobo marker log of the marker.
    • Contract development-We are developing various solutions using drone technology by utilizing the technological and development capabilities of Aerosense.[7].

    Affiliated Groups


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