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🚁 | To reduce damage caused by wild animals by using drones Akita / Ikawa Town


Using drones to reduce damage caused by wild animals Akita / Ikawa Town

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The drone is equipped with an infrared camera that can detect heat, so you can clearly see the movement of animals even from the sky.

Drones are used in various fields such as spraying pesticides and surveying, but this time we interviewed wildlife countermeasures. … → Continue reading

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Infrared camera

Infrared cameraIt is,objectからradiationBe doneInfraredTo visualizeカメラ.


Infraredabsolute temperature(Minus 273.15 ℃) and abovematerialRadiated fromAbsolute temperatureTo the 4th powerProportionalAs a result, the amount of infrared radiation increases, so the temperature change of the target can be visualized as a change in the amount of infrared rays.It is also exposed to light in the dark.The image taken by the infrared cameraThermography.


Quantum type
Indium antimonide,Mercury cadmium tellurized, Etc.,Forbidden bandgapNarrowCompound semiconductor OfInfrared imagerTo use.They areShot noiseIt is cooled to a very low temperature to eliminate the influence of.
Uncooled type
Microfabrication technologyCreated byBolometer,thermocouple,Pyroelectric elementAlthough the image quality is inferior to that of the quantum type, it does not require cooling, so it has been increasing in recent years.



MedicalThen皮膚Measure the temperature distribution and image it with a color distribution etc.Breast cancer, Limbs, etc.Blood flowSuch as a drop inDiagnosisUsed for. International airport,public facilityEtc,HXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaIt is also used for simple tests for infectious diseases such as.

Non-Destructive Inspection

Photographed for investigation of floating outer wall tiles.An air layer is formed due to the decrease in the adhesive strength between the tile and the mortar.The floating of tiles is judged by utilizing the fact that the temperature of this air layer rises due to sunlight and outside air temperature.In addition, the temperature difference can also be used to investigate the route of rain leaks inside the outer wall, to investigate poorly insulated parts, and to investigate the presence or absence of braces inside the walls of wooden buildings. It has spread.In addition, since the temperature of defective parts due to poor contact rises, it is photographed as a deterioration survey of electrical equipment.


Used for security and military purposes as a night-vision camera.They are difficult to detect because they can be passively imaged.On the aircraftIRST,FLIRBesides being installed asMilitary vehicleIt is also being applied to personal night vision devices.


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