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💪 | A little material, 3 minutes in the microwave!Easy with oatmeal "tortilla"


A little material, 3 minutes in the microwave!Easy with oatmeal "tortilla"

If you write the contents roughly
Seasoning is easy if you use commercially available salsa sauce, mayonnaise, dressing, etc.

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Salsa (cooking)

salsa(Spanish: salsa) Is Spanish for "ソ ー スA word that means in general (for example,Soy sauceIs Spanish for salsa de soya, or "soy"Source"), especially as a loan word outside the Spanish-speaking worldSpainandLatin AmericaCuisineIt is used as a general term for liquid seasonings used in.EtymologyEnglishandFrenchof"ソ ー ス"(Sauce), as wellLatinSalsa is a female form of salsus, which means "salty".

List of main salsa

Salsa roja (red salsa)
Mexican food,Southwestern United StatesA sauce often used in cooking.TomatoMainly,Red peppers, corianderIt is made from such things.
Salsa verde (green salsa)
TomatilloSalsa of (Peruvian groundcherry).
Salsa cruda (raw salsa)
Mainly tomatoesonion, Salsa with chopped chili and coriander.MexicoBecause it is composed of green pepper, coriander, white onion, and red tomato.National flagIt is also called salsa mexicana by analogy.BoliviaSo instead of coriander (quillquiña,Porophyllum ruderale) Is entered.
Pico de gallo(Pico de gallo)
With northern MexicoThe United States of AmericaSo it ’s another name for salsa kurda, but it ’s chopped.Peach,Hikama,OrangeEtc. may be entered.
Salsa brava (wild salsa)
Catalonia OfpotatoSauce for cooking, (patatas bravas).
Salsa ranchera =pastureSalsa)
Tomatoes, onions,garlic, Salsa made by lightly boiling chili pepper (Cire Serrano).MexicaneggIndispensable for cooking (huevos rancheros).Japan alsobottledIt is sold at.
(Llajua / llajwa)
PeruAnd salsa used in Bolivia.Almost the same as Salsa Kurda above,Ahi Amarillo or Lokoto, Chopped raw onion, tomatoDicing of swordAdd some salt to make.In JapanSoy sauceSimilarly, in Peru and Bolivia, it is common to have small bowls of Lyahua on the table.
Regarding the name,Jasmochecking ...
A wide variety of Mexican sauces or dishes made with them.チ ョ コ レ ー トThe taste of Mole Pobrano is the most famous.
ArgentineThe origin of salsa.Widely used in South America.


  • Norio Yamamoto "Capsicum Hymn" Yasaka Shobo 2010 year 4 month 25 day issue ISBN 978-4-89694-954-4 (Mainly all of the first part of this book and the photobook at the beginning without the number of pages. In the above, salsa using chili peppers is generally covered.)
  • Please refer to the link for the reference of salsa where the link exists.

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