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👍 | Uma Musume Trainer's excitement on the zoo's "Tanuki Status" poster.

Photo "Are you with Tanu's Mofu" (Image provided by Harunrun (@UMAgirls_Circle))

Uma Musume trainer's excitement on the zoo's "Tanuki status" poster.

If you write the contents roughly
The characters are carefully selected, such as using the free font "Tanuki oil-based marker".

"Déjà vu" A single image posted with such words is attracting attention on Twitter.It's in the picture ... → Continue reading

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    Tanuki oil-based marker

    Free font

    Free fontIsLicense agreement or licenseでGratisAllow usefont(Especially digital fonts).These are generallyFreewareAndProprietaryIncludes fonts that are prohibited from sale or commercial use.The terms of use of fonts areLPGSuch asFree software licenseOrOpen SourceIn the case of a license, "Free software·font"(British: Free software typefaces, Free software typeface) or "Open Source・ Called "font" and collectivelyOpen fontSometimes called (Open Fonts).However, usually speaking of "open font" is "OpentypeOften refers to "font".In some cases, only "free software fonts" are referred to as "Free Fonts" (this is often the case in English-speaking countries).In this case, it means "a font that allows free use (for commercial use, modification, and distribution)".[1]. AlsoFLOSSBy analogy with, "libre font" (Buddha: font libre, "Free font") and "libre typeface" (free typeface) are sometimes used[2].

    Languages ​​and free fonts

    In Western languages, a wide variety of free fonts are produced and the environment for use is well prepared, so they are often used.[3]..European fonts are characterized by a small font file capacity, and websites often use fonts instead of images.[3].

    JapaneseFonts require a lot of knowledge to create.In addition, it takes a lot of time and money to create because there are many character types.Especially in the case of free fonts, unlike commercial fonts these days, all characters are often created by hand.JIS X 0208,JIS X 0212,JIS X 0213There are only a few fonts that cover all of them.

    Types of free fonts

    The following free fonts have been created.

    Alternative fonts for existing fonts
    Pocket computerAnd commercialOSAlternative bitmap fonts were created because standard fonts such as are hard to see.Misaki font(Alternative to Elisa font)Konatu font(Alternative to Haru font) etc.Some were later converted into outline fonts.
    Old Mac series (Mac OS 8.1 or earlier)
    It is assumed that the missing characters will be complemented from Osaka.There were many handwritten fonts such as sloppy fonts and dasa fonts, all of which were bitmap fonts in the Marukan file format.Some were later converted into outline fonts.
    Unix / Linux series
    Developed for Unix and Linux fonts.Initially, BDF-format bitmap fonts for X and TeX were developed, but recently outline fonts for desktop use have been developed.In the old daysR-14Begins withDongfeng font, Sazanami font,VL Gothicand so on.Many have open source licenses.
    Research system
    Developed for research.We aim to synthesize glyphs, automatically generate them, and handle many characters.Wada Lab font,GT typeface,Flower garden fontand so on.
    Font for AA
    Initially other than Windowschannel 2It was developed to see 2channel, but there was also a reason why I wanted to see XNUMXchannel in a beautiful font later.Mona font,IPA Mona fontetc.
    Imitation / reproduction font
    A reproduction of a typeface that is used for a specific purpose but does not exist as font data.Often used for hobby purposes.GD-Highway Gothic JA,National Railways Directional Curtain-Standard fonts for machine engraving, etc.
    Non-copyrighted font (Public domain·font)
    Fonts that are out of copyright or fonts that do not generate copyright. GL-Tsukiji- *, GlyphWiki, etc.
    Synthetic font
    Multiple fontsFontForgeFonts adjusted and synthesized by.It is done to replace alphanumericals and kana with your favorite ones, and to make up for missing glyphs with other fonts. UmePlus, Systema,Korurietc.
    Hobbies etc.
    Some designers who create fonts publish some design fonts for free.

    In addition, existing bitmap fonts may be traced with potrace etc. and converted into outline fonts.

    About data disclosure

    The font isSpline curve(Bezier curve) Vertex (control point) information and graph information data setGlyphAndFont hinting・ Includes programs, etc.binaryIs[4]..Information corresponding to the source code (for example, glyph data) may not be disclosed to free fonts.However, if the font license is an open source license or a free software license, the source code is open to the public.Depending on the license, the licensee must publish the code when requested by the recipient.To give an examplelinux libertineThe font isWikipedia logoIt is a font adopted by GPL andOFL OfDual licenseIs allowed to be used in.This is equivalent to permitting the licensee to use it under the GPL, so font modification and font modificationDerivative workIn fact, in the font project, the "Spline Font Database" (SFD file), which is the source code of the font, must be ready to be created.[5]) Is open to the public[6][Annotation 1].. OtherSazanami fontAnd Hanazono font,Ubuntu-TitleThen, the data corresponding to the source code is released.


    Free font list


    • Mincho type
      • IPAMincho (IPA Mincho covers JIS X 0213, IPAmj Mincho isVariant form selectorCompatible with general-purpose electronic collections)
      • IPA MonaMincho (corresponds to JIS 0208 font of JIS X 90)
      • (Letterpress OfType(Outlined design)Links
      • XANO mincho
      • WadalabHosomicho body
      • SazanamiMing Dynasty
      • gardenMincho (Kanji only. Unicode URO / compatible characters (including JIS level 1-XNUMX level / auxiliary kanji) and CJK integrated kanji extended kanji AE support, covering Adobe-JapanXNUMX collection among variant character selectors)
      • plumMing Dynasty
      • TogoshiMing Dynasty
      • ShinonomeMincho (12/14 / 16px bitmap font)
      • Kappa 20dot Fonts(20px bitmap font)
      • BeautifulMincho (8px bitmap font)
      • FSMing Dynasty
      • R-14(14px bitmap font)
      • K14-2000 (14px bitmap font)
      • K14-2004 (14px bitmap font)
      • K12-2000 (12px bitmap font)
      • Ayu 18 dot Mincho (18px bitmap font)
      • Nagamin 10(10px bitmap font)
      • Mincho Izumi (16px bitmap font)
      • Dejima Mincho
      • GL-Tsukiji-Shogo (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • GL-Tsukiji-2go (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • GL-Tsukiji-3go (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • GL-Tsukiji-4go (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • GL-Tsukiji-5go (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • GT typeface(Compatible with JIS X 0208 JIS 90 font)
      • T font(Compatible with JIS X 0208 JIS 90 font)
      • Tsukitake Kana
      • Warabi 12 (12px bitmap font)
      • Dogenzaka 16 (16px bitmap font)
      • Dogenzaka 12 (12px bitmap font)
      • Kagurazaka 16 (16px bitmap font)
      • Kagurazaka 12 (12px bitmap font)
      • Hibiya 24 (24px bitmap font)
      • Hibiya 32 (32px bitmap font)
      • 40dot Chinese character font (40px bitmap font)
      • 48dot Chinese character font (48px bitmap font)
      • New JIS draft font (14 / 16px bitmap font)
      • Miki font Mincho (10/12/14/16/18/20/24 / 28px bitmap font)
      • SawarabiMing Dynasty
      • Hannari Mincho (OpenType font)
    • Gothic
      • IPAGothic (covers JIS X 0213)
      • IPA MonaGothic (corresponds to JIS X 0208 JIS 90 font)
      • Droid Sans Japanese, Droid Sans Fallback
      • WadalabMedium angle gothic
      • M + BITMAP FONTS (10 / 12px bitmap font)
      • SazanamiGothic
      • VL Gothic(Compatible with JIS 0208 font of JIS X 90, also compatible with JIS X 0212)
      • plumGothic
      • TogoshiGothic
      • ShinonomeGothic (12/14 / 16px bitmap font)
      • Mona font(12px bitmap font)
      • BeautifulGothic (8px bitmap font)
      • FSGothic
      • T font (corresponds to JIS X 0208 JIS 90 font)
      • Ayu 18 Dot Gothic (18px Bitmap Font)
      • Ayu 20 Dot Gothic (20px Bitmap Font)
      • Naga 10(10px bitmap font)
      • Izumi Gothic (16px bitmap font)
      • SawarabiGothic
      • jiskan16 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan16-1978 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan16-1983 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan16-1990 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan16-1997 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan16-2000 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskano16-1997 (16px bitmap font)
      • jisksp16-1990 (16px bitmap font)
      • jiskan24 (24px bitmap font)
      • jiskan24-2000 (24px bitmap font)
      • jiskan24-2004 (24px bitmap font)
      • jisksp40 (40px bitmap font)
      • Habian2000 (16px bitmap font)
      • Kanamecho font (12px bitmap font)
      • Kanamecho-Kai (12px bitmap font)
      • Hogehoge Gothic font
      • Konatu font
      • National Railways Directional Curtain
      • GD-Highway Gothic JA
      • Kodenmacho 16 (soft katakana version / geometric katakana version. 16px bitmap font)
      • Kodenmacho 12 (soft katakana version / geometric katakana version / small kana. 12px bitmap font)
      • milkjf (16px bitmap font)
      • Kawasaki font (32px bitmap font)
      • Miki Font Gothic (10/12/14/16/18/20/24 / 28px Bitmap Font)
      • MotoyaL Cedar 3 monospaced (Kosugi Gothic)
      • Kindness Gothic
      • Flop design font
      • Koruri
    • Round gothic
      • WadalabHosomaru Gothic
      • Wadalab Hosomaru Gothic 200x(There are some that correspond to JIS X 0213 and both JIS90 and JIS2004 fonts.ARIB Gaiji,Mobile phone pictogramAlso corresponds to)
      • Nagamaru 10(10px bitmap font)
      • Hanazono Maru Gothic (tentative name) font prototype (Kanji only)
      • Akihabara 16 (16px bitmap font)
      • Ashiya font (24px bitmap font)
      • MotoyaL Maruberi 3 monospaced (Kosugi Maru Gothic)
      • Standard font for machine engraving
    • Circle character
      • Mika
      • Shinonome fontRound characters (12px bitmap font)
      • Marumoji font (14/16 / 18px bitmap font)
      • MIRACLE MOON (Hiragana only. White outline)
    • Textbook style
    • Clerical script
      • Hatchobori 16 (16px bitmap font)
    • Handwriting style
      • Kiloji
      • I'm
      • Fuiji
      • Makiba font
      • Ohisama font
      • Apricot moji
      • Akua font
      • Mikiyu Font | Mikiyu FONT Hiragana (Hiragana only)
      • Mikiyu Font Kureyon 2 (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • Mikiyu Font Honey Candy (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • Ema font
      • Armed lemon
      • Armed banana
      • 70: Unnao Japon
      • 70: New Unnao Japon Pro
      • 70: Flapping font
      • 70: Showa nostalgia
      • 70: Round and round fudoji (only hiragana)
      • Reiko font
      • Honya character
      • Nikukyu (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, half-width kana, symbols, etc.)
      • Boo-chan Moji
      • Petit Bear Photo
      • Azuki font
      • Quail font
      • Pau Font for HandEra (16px Bitmap Font)
      • S font (12px bitmap font)
      • S8 font (8px bitmap font)
      • SS font (10px bitmap font)
      • 16 dots for X Window System (16px bitmap font)
      • KF Himaji
      • KF Himaji fine
      • Mitoji font (bitmap font)
      • Children's fonts (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, some kanji only)
      • Dasa character
      • Bad characters (bitmap font)
      • Hena (9/10/12 / 14px bitmap font. There is "i-Hena" corresponding to i-mode pictograms)
      • Henna chocolate characters (bitmap font)
      • Trick characters (bitmap font)
      • Keroalpha (bitmap font)
      • Kerobe-ta (bitmap font)
      • Cal characters (bitmap font)
      • Terrible characters (bitmap font)
      • More ole characters (bitmap font)
      • That's Ole character (bitmap font)
      • PARANOiA (typeface) | PARANOiA (Hiragana / Katakana only)
      • Holiday MDJP03
      • Kotori Character Photo
      • Chimakoron
      • Warabe Moji K
      • Miscellaneous characters
      • MT dripping
      • MT Tareppi
      • Erena font
      • T1
      • S2GP scribble
      • Hiromi win
      • Koichi Sakurai font
      • Aiko font (alphanumerical, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Haruka font (alphanum, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Ryusuke font (alphanumerical, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Hayao font (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Kanna font (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Kiyoshiro font (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Ayumu font (alphanumerical, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Petit bear
      • Mio font (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Rion font (alphanumerical, hiragana, katakana only)
      • Happily font (alphanum, hiragana, katakana only)
    • Pen character
      • Y. Oz Font(Compatible with JIS X 0213, compatible with both JIS 90 and JIS 2004 fonts)
    • Brush font
      • Aoyagi Hirayama font
      • Y.OzFont (Slightly broken brush version / Not broken brush version / Slightly broken brush antique kana version, etc.)
      • Mikiyu font Brush (Hiragana, numbers, symbols only)
      • T font (compatible with JIS X 0208 JIS 90 font, regular script)
    • Antic body
      • Ara Antic (Hiragana, Katakana, Gaiji only)
      • GL-Antique (only hiragana, katakana, symbols, etc.)
    • Fan tail type
      • Kabutocho 16 (16px bitmap font)
    • Movie subtitles (Japanese subtitles)Wind
      • Shinekyapushon
      • Tateru 16
      • Handwritten movie subtitle font
    • Other
      • Grief
      • Obake (Katakana only)
      • GD-TiVangerionJA3 (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • 70: Hentaigana (Hentaigana only)
      • Mr. Saturn font (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • * Modern Girl * Katakana font (Katakana only)
      • * Modern Boy * Hiragana font (Hiragana only)
      • PETIT LOVE (8px bitmap font. Alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • DYNAMITE RAVE (alphanumericals, hiragana, katakana, symbols only)
      • Care mark font (care mark / recycle mark only)
      • Fuzuki(Only hiragana, Hentaigana, and dakuten)
      • Things that continue from ancient times (only hiragana)

    General Chinese characters

    • HAN NOM (CJK Unified Kanji Expansion A / B)
    • CJK Unified Kanji Expansion C (English name designation: gw061889) (CJK Unified Kanji Expansion C)
    • BabelStone Han (CJK Unified Kanji Extension D)


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ If the font license is GPL, there are more things to be aware of. If you perform a GPL "Embedding", even the text must be licensed under the GPL (Font licensing).To avoid this legallyExpresslyGPL exceptionMust be added. The "Linux Libertine" font also does thisExpressdoing(Font download pageSee the description of "I know the GPL but what's the use of the Font-Exception?").article"GPL font exceptionSee also.


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    2. ^ "Licensing FAQ --Ubuntu Font Family”. Font.ubuntu.com. 2011/10/24Browse. “[...] The public discussion must now involve everyone in the (comparatively new) area of ​​the libre / open font community; including font users, software freedom advocates, open source supporters and existing libre font developers. [...] ”
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