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🥾 | Discovery of a missing 5 girl on Mt. Fuji Distress while climbing at a school event Shizuoka / Gotemba City


Missing 5 little girls found on Mt. Fuji Distressed while climbing at a school event Shizuoka / Gotemba City

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According to the Gotemba police station, the girl is not injured.

Around noon on the 25th, a girl in fifth grade in Yokohama, who was climbing Mt. Fuji, went missing for about 5 hours ... → Continue reading

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Gotemba Police Station

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    Gotemba Police Station(Gotenba police) isShizuoka Prefectural Police OfPolice stationone of.


    In the jurisdictionJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceFuji Camp,Higashifuji Exercise Area,US Marine CorpsDue to the concentration of military facilities such as Camp Fuji, there are many illegal opposition activities aimed at the Self-Defense Forces.In addition, there are many slopes in Gotemba city.Traffic accidentSince there are quite a lot of them, we are also focusing on traffic control.




    • 1875(8th year of Meiji)10/20 - Daiichi Daiku (Sunto-gun)Established as.
    • 1876(9th year of Meiji)
      • 9/20 - Shizuoka Branch Office Daiichi Oku Police DepartmentRenamed to.
      • 12/28 --The Numazu branch office was opened separately from the Shizuoka branch office.At the same time, the name was changed to the police second branch office.Along with thisPolice second branch office first major division tunshoRenamed to.
    • 1877(10th year of Meiji)2/8 - Numazu Police StationGotemba Branch OfficeRenamed to.
    • 1889(22th year of Meiji)3/1 --Numazu Police Station Gotemba BranchNumazu Police Station Mikuriya BranchRenamed to.
    • 1900(33th year of Meiji)8/7 - Numazu Police Station Gotemba BranchRenamed to.
    • 1925(Taisho 14)4/1 -OldGotemba Police StationPromoted to.
    • 1948(23)3/7 --Due to the enforcement of the old police lawMunicipal police Gotemba Town, Installed in Oyama Town.Other than that, it was under the jurisdiction of the National Rural Police, Sunto District Police Station, Shizuoka Prefecture.
    • 1951(26)
      • 9/30 --Held in Gotemba Town on September 9thReferendumAs a result, the Gotemba-cho police station was abolished because it occupied the majority in favor of the abolition of the local police.
      • 10/1 --Since Gotemba Town and others have been incorporated into the jurisdiction of the Sunto District Police Station, the jurisdiction is divided into north and south.North Sunto District Police StationWas opened at 31 Uemachi, Gotemba-cho, Sunto-gun.The jurisdiction is the current Gotemba police station jurisdiction and the formerSuyama Village.
    • 1954(29)7/1 -NewPolice lawDue to the enforcement of, the North Sunto District Police Station and the Oyama Town Police were abolished.Shizuoka Prefectural Police is established.Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba Police StationEstablished.
    • 1957(Showa 32) September 9-Suyama VillageSusono TownThe jurisdiction will be transferred to the Numazu police station.
    • 1978(53)7/27 --Moved to your current location.


    Police box

    • Gotemba StationPrevious police box (Niihashi, Gotemba City)
    • Fujioka police box
    • Nakabata police box (Nakabata, Gotemba City)
    • Higashitanaka police box (Higashitanaka, Gotemba City)
    • Harasato Inno Police Box (Kawashimata, Gotemba City)
    • Subashiri police box (Subashiri, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun)
    • Oyama police box (Oyama, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun)


    • Takane Police Box (Muikaichiba, Gotemba City)
    • Takigahara Representative Office (Nakabata, Gotemba City)
    • Suganuma Station (Suganuma, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun)
    • Ashigara Station (Takenoshita, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun)
    • Kitago Representative Office (Yosawa, Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun)

    Main incident

    • Gotemba Incident
      Occurred in September 2001 at Gotemba City Central Park near Gotemba StationMass rapeAttempted case. "Gotemba Girl Rape Attempted CaseIt is also called.All judgments were guilty, and in the first instance against four ex-boysImprisonmentEven in the second trial for 2 years, the imprisonment was reduced by 1 year, 6 months and 6 months.無罪Has not been finalizedSupreme CourtAfter the second trial decision is finalizedKawagoe Juvenile PrisonI was in prison.DefendantTwo peopleFalse accusationHowever, this case is only suspected of false accusation.victimThe girl at that time said, "It's not rainingHowever, according to the father of a middle-aged man who had a traffic accident near the scene, "It was raining when my son had an accident, and it was raining when he appeared at the police.".Four ex-boys were released from Kawagoe Juvenile Prison at maturity in the summer of 4retrialNot billed, but a year later at the end of 1Shizuoka District CourtFor a former girl in the Numazu branchRestitution for DamagesAsk for a claimCivil actionIs also waking up.The pattern of this case is mainlyTV AsahiHas been interviewing for nearly 10 years.


    • "History of Shizuoka Prefectural Police" Volume 1978 Shizuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, published XNUMX
    • "History of Shizuoka Prefectural Police" Volume 1979 Shizuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, published XNUMX
    • "History of Shizuoka Prefectural Police" 50 to 12 Shizuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, published 2002

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