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🚁 | Jumbo snails eating rice, sprinkled with a large drone to exterminate


Jumbo snails eating rice, sprinkled with a large drone to exterminate

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The demonstration experiment will be continued in the future, aiming for full-scale operation next year.

An experiment to exterminate rice-eating exotic shellfish, commonly known as "jumbo snails," using a drone was conducted in Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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    Full-scale operation

    Social experiment

    Social experiment(Shakai Jikken) is to verify the effectiveness and grasp the problem by trying for a limited time and place when introducing measures such as new systems and technologies, and sometimes full-scale introduction of the measures. It is used as a material to decide whether to forgo.Demonstration experimentAlso called (experimental experiment).It also serves as an exchange of opinions with local residents, as well as dissemination and consensus building.


    1960From around the generationAmericaInLindon johnson,John F. KennedyUnder the president, he was active in various fields,JapanInAdministrationNational characterIt was said that it was difficult to accept on both sides.

    It wasn't until the 1990s that it began to take place in Japan in earnest.1999ToMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismUnder the initiative of the Ministry of Construction at that time, a nationwide social experiment on roads was solicited for the first time.highwayInETCIntroduction, alsoSmart IC experimentA large-scale social experiment is being conducted nationwide.

    Various social experiments

    in JapanMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMostly social experiments on roads and traffic led by, discounts on toll roads, designation of toll times by vehicle type,AutomobileRestrict the passage ofBicycleFree rental service (rent-a-bicycle), orPublic transportThere are various ways such as making some users free of charge, operating or increasing the number of trains on limited routes and times.

    MunicipalitiesAnd the private sector have begun to conduct social experiments.

    Social experiment by Japanese administration

    Japanese private / university social experiment

    • By some national universities and technical high schoolsIPv6Social experiment is being conducted.
    • Tokyo UniversityGraduate schoolKashiwa-Sakai CityAnd so onOn-demand busWe are conducting a demonstration experiment of the transportation system in Japan (partially completed).

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