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🐈 | "Cat Heat Stroke Weekly Forecast" will be distributed on SNS until September 9th ... Anicom Insurance

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"Cat Heat Stroke Weekly Forecast" will be distributed on SNS until September 9 ... Anicom Insurance

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However, pet heat stroke is a "disease that can be eliminated" that can be prevented by the owner himself, regardless of the type or age of the pet.

Anicom Insurance publishes "Cat's Heat Stroke Weekly Forecast" on SNS of the Anicom Group every Thursday until September 9th. → Continue reading


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Illness without


    heatstroke(heatstroke,British: hyperthermia[Note 1]) IsHeatIn the environmentA humanBodyAdaptationIt is a general term for the conditions caused by the disorder of[7].. Non-humanAnimalBecomes the same state ("Non-human example"reference).

    Everyday lifeHappens inNon exertional heat stroke(Please let us know).Sports,workHappens during activities such asExertional heat strokeCan be roughly divided into[8].

    Clinical picture

    In essence,Dehydrationbybody temperatureOrgans associated with elevation, dehydration and elevated body temperatureBlood flowWith declineMultiple organ failure[9], The main superficial symptoms aredizzy,syncope,headache,nausea, Strong drowsiness, feeling unwell, abnormally elevated body temperature, abnormalsweating(Or stop sweating). Also, due to heat strokeDeathThere are also things to do. In particular, there is a statistic that the fatality rate reaches 30% in the case of heat stroke of degree III, and it is said that appropriate measures need to be taken regardless of the degree of onset. Even if he does not die, especially in severe cases, brain dysfunction andKidney damage OfSequelaeMay be left.

    High temperature, indoors or outdoorsHumidityCan be caused by.Wet bulb black ball temperature21 - 25Be careful from around.Japan OfNational Institutes of HealthAccording to the document, the number of patients develops at around 25°C (increasing in stages), and increases sharply above 31°C.

    Judgment of risk degree by wet bulb black ball temperature was 1954,US Marine Corps OfSouth carolinaParis Island Training InstituteIntroduced in.

    "Heat index" and "heat stroke alert"

    This wet-bulb globe temperature is called the "heat index" in Japan, and the day when it is expected to reach 33 or higher isMinistry of the EnvironmentJapanese Meteorological AgencyHas issued heat stroke alerts on a prefectural basis, and some local governments have called for refraining from going out in the areas where they have been issued.[10].


    Severity classification of heat stroke

    Severity classification of heat stroke (Japan Neurological Emergency Societyby.Niigata University(Quoted from the Health Administration Center)[11]
    SortsymptomCorrespondence exampleConventional classification
    I degree
    Darkness in front of me, feeling unwell, limbsNumbness
    limb·Abs Of痉挛,Crouching, Muscle pain, stiffness
    Lower blood pressure, Skin pallor
    Rest in the shade
    Loosen clothes and cool the body
    Heat cramps, fainting
    II degree
    strongFeeling tired,headache,nausea,Malaise
    Weakness, large amountsweating,Tachycardia,dizzy,diarrhea
    Treatment at medical institutions (Infusion),managementThermal fatigue
    III degree
    Core body temperatureRise
    Confusion of consciousness due to brain dysfunction,譫妄State, unconsciousness[Note 2]
    Liver dysfunction・Kidney dysfunction
    Blood coagulationObstacle
    Transport and treat by ambulance to medical facilities that provide life-saving medical careHeat stroke

    The diagnostic criteria for degree III heat stroke are:

    • There is exposure to heat.
    • Deep body temperature 40°C or higher orAxillabody temperature38°C or higher.
    • Abnormal signs are present in any one of brain function, liver function, kidney function, and blood coagulation.

    Satisfying the three. Blood coagulation is caused by an excessive increase in body temperature.proteinIs brokenInternal bleedingAs a result, the blood clots to stop internal bleeding. In other words, it is a symptom that occurs after getting heat stroke.

    Type of heat stroke (international classification)

    severityConsciousnessbody temperature皮膚sweating
    SyncopeⅠ degreeDisappearance正常正常(+)
    PassionateⅠ degree正常正常正常(+)
    Thermal fatigueⅡ degree正常~ 39 ℃cold(+)
    Heat strokeⅢ degreeAdvanced disability40 ℃ ~high temperature(-)

    PathophysiologyThe following terms are used in the international classification based on.

    Heat syncope

    Syncope(Netsshinshin, English: heat syncope).

    It occurs for a long time in direct sunlight or in a hot and humid room. Due to sweatingDehydrationIt occurs when blood circulation to the brain is diminished due to dilation of terminal blood vessels.
    Sudden loss of consciousnessDevelops in.body temperatureAre often normal, sweating is seen,pulse TheBradycardiaPresent.
    InfusionAnd do cold therapy.
    I degree

    Heat cramps

    Passionate(Netsurei, English: heat cramps).

    After a lot of sweatingmoistureSupply onlysalt,mineralOccurs when there is a shortage.
    Sudden involuntary pain痉挛RigidityOccurs in. Body temperature is often normal and sweating is seen.
    Oral rehydration solution(For 1 liter of watersugar40g,Salt 3g) andPhysiological salineAdminister saline solution (~ 0.9%) at the following concentration.
    I degree

    Heat exhaustion

    Thermal fatigue(Netsuhiro, English: heat exhaustion).

    Replenishment of water and salt cannot keep up with a large amount of sweat,DehydrationIt occurs when it becomes.
    Symptoms vary,Rectal temperatureRises to about 39°C,皮膚Is cold and sweating is seen.
    InfusionAnd do cold therapy.
    II degree

    Heat stroke

    Heat stroke(Neshabyo, English: heat stroke).In the past, "heat stroke" occurred in a hot and humid work environment, and "heat stroke" occurred in direct sunlight.sunstroke(Nisshabyo, English:sun stroke) ”.The onset mechanism is exactly the same, and recently it is being unified into "heat stroke".

    HypothalamusIt is caused by the loss of the thermoregulatory function when the heat center of is damaged.
    AdvancedConsciousness disorderOccurs, the body temperature rises above 40°C, no sweating is seen, and the skin is dry.
    It is an emergency situation with a risk of death, and prompt cooling treatment with emergency hospitalization,dialysis, Infuse.
    III degree



    • The day when the temperature suddenly increased from the previous day.
    • Even if the temperature is not so high, it is likely to occur if the humidity is high (because perspiration cannot be evaporated and heat in the body cannot be dissipated).
    • A person who was in a cool room suddenly went outside to work (because he was not used to the heat).
    • The first day of the work schedule-several days tend to occur.
    • Construction site, manufacturing industry, disaster relief site, etc. where it is difficult to wear light clothes for safety reasons[12][9], Long outdoor sports and activities, indoors with armor and heavy clothing[13].
    • Time zone-The statistically easy time zone is high in the morning around 10 o'clock and in the afternoon around 1 to 2 o'clock,
    • Season- rainy seasonAfter dawn, it is often in July, and especially in August. However, heat stroke occurs even in a "cool environment", "a short time after starting exercise" and "light exercise"[14].
    • sauna[15]
    • The sum of water temperature and temperature exceeds 65℃Pool[16].
    • Parental negligence-likely to heat a child for some reasonAutomobileThere are cases in which the disease develops when it is left in the car. in JapanPachinko parlorAttention is paid to examples of leaving behind in parking lots, etc.[17]But,The United States of AmericaHowever, there are quite a few cases of heat stroke death due to forgetting that the guardian had a child on board.[18].
    • Suspension of air-conditioning equipment due to wide-area large-scale power outage that is difficult to restore on a hot day[19].
    • It is said that even if you live with a mask on, you will suffer from heat stroke.[20].
    • Roads are in a harsh environment due to the reflection of sunlight and heat storage.In particular, heat-shielding paved roads reflect heat and do not raise the road surface temperature, but the reflected heat creates a harsh environment for pedestrians, increasing the risk of heat stroke.[21][22].


    • Under 10 years oldchildren
    • handicapped
    • Over 65 years oldSenior citizens
    • obesityA person
    • People who tend to dehydrate (diarrheaWait)
    • FeverSomeone with
    • Congenital painless anhidrosisPeople whose body temperature cannot be lowered due to poor sweating
    • People with cold heads...legThe bottom is cold, and the core of the body is completely cold without knowing, and it is not possible to control the body temperature by sweating,Upper bodyBecomes hot,Brain cellsWill not function at temperatures above 40°C and will collapse due to heat stroke[23].
    • Lack of sleep[24]
    • Genetic predisposition: Energy called "CPT-2"metabolism.Related to production酵素To a certainSNPEnergy metabolism at high body temperature of 40 ℃ or more (ATPProduction) will not work well and will lead to cell dysfunction.Influenza encephalopathyIs likely to develop with similar SNP[25].
    • There are also fatal accidents due to insufficient knowledge about preventive measures[14].

    Number of casualties by occupation due to heat stroke

    According to data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of casualties by occupation due to heat stroke (2015-2019 total)[26]The number of construction and manufacturing industries is remarkably increasing as follows.

    Construction industry759
    Manufacturing industry701
    Transportation industry492
    Security business289
    Cleaning and slaughter234

    Under school control

    • Tokyo Metropolitan Board of EducationAccording to the document, under school management,Sports Department72.1% was the most activity-related activity, followed by 12.9% for "physical events"[27].. Extracurricular activities for lower grade elementary school students (explained later) under hot weather.
    • Unlike older people and adults, low-school children of short stature are more likely to experience radiant heat exposure in the hot sun and fatigue sooner.
    • Focusing on the type of sports, athletic club activities under school managementbaseballMost[28], Thenサ ッ カ ー,TennisIt was said that there were many in order of[27].. By gender, baseball, soccer, and tennis are in order for boys, but tennis is the most common for girls, followed bybasketball, And thenvolleyballsoft ballAre lined up[27].Baseball has the highest number of fatal accidents,rugbyand soccer[29].
    • School BusThere have also been incidents of infants left behind dying of heatstroke.

    Cases of onset in school club activities

    • August 2007 (Heisei 19),HyogoTatsuno CityA sophomore member collapsed while practicing running at a high school women's tennis club, and was bedridden due to hypoxic encephalopathy.
    • August 2011 (Heisei 23),TokushimaAwa CityFatal accident in a high school baseball club.



    Fundamentally, the environmental temperature is set to a temperature below the temperature at which heat stroke develops. However, when spending in a temperature environment where there is a risk of developing heat stroke, it is necessary to take measures against people.

    Drink cold drinks, especially when exercising, avoid extreme exercise, and take a cool bathShower, Water your body, loose clothing in bright colors, avoid direct sunlight during hot hours, avoid drinking too much alcohol[32].

    When the outside temperature exceeds 35 degrees, heat will come in from the outside.[33].. Drinking water means that humans are sweating and adjusting their body temperature, so they need water.[33].28 degreesBecause to the lastIndoor temperature referenceAndAir conditionNot the set temperature of, The temperature may not reach the set temperature, and the sun may be hot even at 28 degrees[33].

    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare"H27 heat stroke prevention leaflet" by[34]According to the above, the following examples are given as preventive measures.

    Avoid the heat.
    • Indoors,Fan, Adjust the room temperature to 28℃ or less with the air conditioner.
    • Blackout curtains, blinds (Sneaker),Sprinkling waterReduce the heat that enters the room.
    • Outdoors (when going out)parasol,HatUse of.
    • Wear breathable, hygroscopic and quick-drying clothing.
    • Suppress going out during high-risk hours.
    • ice packCool yourself with water, cold towel, etc.
      • Children and old people in the car,PetDon't leave things like that. Even in about 15 minutes in the summer, there is a risk of death[35].
    Frequently replenish water and salt.
    Even if you do not feel thirsty indoors or outdoors, water, salt,Oral rehydration solutionAnd replenish. As an example of a salt supplement source,Plum kelp tea,Miso Soup[36],Salted plum,Rice crackers, Including saltcandySuch. However,ElectrolyteWhen replenishing only water that does not containHyponatremiaMay cause.The upper limit of the concentration of salt water to be ingested is about physiological saline (1 liter of water, 9 grams of salt).

    As a preventive measure during exerciseJapan Athletic AssociationAccording to the table, "Exercise guidelines for the prevention of heat stroke" are listed below.

    Exercise guidelines for the prevention of heat stroke According to the Japan Physical Education Association (2013)[37][38]
    Wet bulb black ball temperature
    Wet bulb temperature
    Dry bulb temperature
    Exercise guidelines for the prevention of heat stroke
    31 -27 -35 -Exercise is canceled in principleProhibited except in special cases.
    Especially for children, it should be discontinued.
    28 - 3124 - 2731 - 35Strict caution
    Suspended exercise
    Avoid strenuous exercise or endurance running.
    Actively take breaks and rehydrate.
    Exercise is discontinued for those who are not physically fit and who are not accustomed to the heat.
    25 - 2821 - 2428 - 31Vigilance
    Active break
    Actively take a rest and rehydrate.
    During intense exercise, rest every 30 minutes.
    21 - 2518 - 2124 - 28Notes
    Active hydration
    A fatal accident may occur.
    Watch for signs of heat stroke. Replenish water and salt between exercise sessions.
    --21--18--24Almost safe
    Hydration appropriately
    The risk of heat stroke is usually low, but hydration should be provided as appropriate.
    Even in this condition, be careful in citizen marathons.
    1. The heat index (WBGT) is desirable for assessing environmental conditions.
    2. Be careful of humidity when using dry-bulb temperatures. If the humidity is high, the exercise guideline of the environmental condition that is one rank severe is applied.
    Do not ingest anything that has a diuretic effect.
    • TeabeerHas a diuretic effect, so if you take too much of these, you will be excreted frequently, which can easily lead to lack of water.[39].

    Acclimation to heat

    As mentioned above, in addition to preventing the ambient temperature and body temperature from rising excessively on the spot, and keeping in mind hydration and rest, acclimatize the body to the heat for the summer. "(Acclimation to heat) Is also valid.Specifically, by continuing a slightly tight exercise for about 30 minutes every day for several days to 2 weeks, it becomes easier to release heat in the body by sweating.[40].

    Understanding dehydration by urine color

    With the dehydrated urine color chart,PeeYou can easily know the dehydration state by the color of[41][42].

    StatusWater intake behavior
    No problemWater intake as usual
    No problemIntake a glass of water
    DehydrationIngest 1 ml of fluid within 250 hour
    Ingest 500 ml of fluid outdoors or when sweating
    DehydrationIngest 250 ml of water now
    Ingest 500 ml of fluid outdoors or when sweating
    DehydrationIngest 1000 ml of water now
    Immediately go to a medical institution if it is darker than this color, or if "red" or "brown" is mixed.

    * Refer to the description on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare workplace safety site "Check for dehydration by urine color" (color tone varies depending on the display environment).


    On-site measures

    • Environmental improvement (cooling) and rest The important thing is to cool the body. If you report a complaint in a place exposed to direct sunlight, immediately move to a nearby air-conditioned room, car, shade, or shade to loosen your clothes and keep it at rest.[43].. Effective cooling of the neck with thick blood vessels, both sides, and the base of the foot[44].. There is also a method of lowering the body temperature by applying water to the body surface and using the heat of vaporization.[8].
    • Replenishing water and salt If consciousness is clear, about 0.5-0.9% saline solution,Oral rehydration solution,Sports Drink Rehydrate with such as. A saline solution of about 0.9% does not cause much damage to the body even if it is rapidly replenished without diluting the salt concentration of the blood.However, 0.1-0.2% salt water is desirable for normal prophylactic administration against sweating because the salt content becomes excessive with respect to the amount of sweating water.Sports drinks are high in sugar and lack electrolytes[36]Often. Also, if you are unconscious,trachea-lungThere is a risk of entering, so cancel[45].. Furthermore, it is a sports drink style with a lot of sugarSoft drinkIf you drank too much,PET bottle syndromeRisk of developing[46].
    • If you have convulsions, unconsciousness or cloudy symptoms, call an ambulance immediately.[47].. If you are conscious, take the above first-aid measures, but if you cannot rehydrate yourself, you need to see a medical institution.[36][47].
    • If symptoms such as numbness of the limbs, nausea, and tiredness do not disappear even after self-replenishment of water, medical examination is recommended.[45].

    Differential disease

    What needs attention as a disease that requires differentiationDiabetes mellitus,High blood pressureIf you have a history ofHypoglycemic attack,Myocardial infarction,cerebral infarctionIt has been reported that proper response is delayed due to misidentification of vascular infarction symptoms such as[48].

    Treatment at medical institutions

    The whole body is cooled. As a first aid, cooling infusion, ice sac and evaporative cooling to reduce body surface temperature,Gastric lavageEtc. are used.Infusion to correct dehydration and desalination at the same time and normalize the electrolyte balance in the blood,dialysisIs also done.

    2015 (Heisei 27) from the Japanese Society of Emergency Medicine “Guideline for heat stroke treatment 2015”[36]Will be announced and treatment will be performed according to the guidelines. The above-mentioned “Severity classification of heat stroke” Tables II and III are hospitalized if they are treated in the medical field and show organ disorders such as central nervous system symptoms, liver/renal dysfunction, and blood coagulation abnormalities. Is required[49].. Furthermore, the treatment policy is determined from various viewpoints such as a history of basic diseases, medication history, consciousness level, whether or not to walk on its own, and food intake. Especially in severely severe III patients, it is necessary to lower the core body temperature to normal body temperature in a short time.Gelpad,Cardiac arrestDevice for hypothermia used for treatment of post-syndrome, intravascular coolingcatheterIs used[50], Effectiveness has been reported.


    When severe heat stroke occurs, brain cells gradually die when the core body temperature rises to a high fever state. Even if I could save my life,Diencephalon OfHypothalamusThere may be permanent damage to existing. If the thermoregulatory center remains impaired, the resistance to extreme high and low temperatures will decrease thereafter. Other than this, hallucinations,Low vision,Dysarthria(stutter, Ritsu does not turn),Movement disorder,Consciousness disorder, Decreased liver function, convulsions, etc.SequelaeIn some cases[51].. Since the brain cells that have once died do not regenerate, there is almost no hope of complete recovery.



    In Japan, it is increasing year by year[52].Fire departmentAccording to the report, due to heat stroke from April 2018 to September 30, 4 for about 30 monthsFirst aidThe number of carriers was 9, the highest number ever[53].

    • The number of deaths in 2007 was 19.[52]However, it has been reported that there are variations in the figures depending on the organization conducting the survey.[54].
    • Number of emergency carriers due to heat stroke in June-September (nationwide)[55]
      • 2010 (Heisei 22): 56,119
      • 2013 (Heisei 25): 58,729

    Looking at the onset by age group, more than half of people are 65 years of age or older, and the older the age, the higher the incidence rate.[9].

    The places (characteristic places) that frequently occur according to age group are as follows.

    • 7-18 years old: school (especially during exercise)[52]
    • Ages 19-39 and 40-64: Occurring in relatively diverse places, mainly during outdoor work[52]
    • 65 years old and over: Home (living room)[52]

    Regarding heat stroke in JapanMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare[56][57],Ministry of education, Ministry of the Environment[58]The guidance and measures are published in each.


    It is a hot and humid areaAfrican continent(I.e.FromOttoman Suncon"I have never heard of symptoms of "heatstroke" in Guinea, and I knew it for the first time in Japan," he said.[59].

    IndiaThen, mainly in the south, hundreds of people die of heat stroke each year. May 2015,Telangana,Andhra PradeshThen the worst for the last 20 yearsheat waveAnd killed more than 1,800 people[60].

    Non-human example

    Dog(Dog)Sweat glandsIn Japan, heat stroke is more likely to occur, especially since May to October.[61].. Be careful when walking because the distance from the ground to your body is closer than that of people and the reflected heat from the paved road has a large impact on the dog.[61].

    In 1977Yoichi FukunagaIn combination withSatsuki AwardWonRacehorseHard bargeAfter participating in a harsh horse show in his later years as a causative horse for three weeks in a row, he lost weight rapidly and died of sunbeams while grazing on a ranch in July 3. 1987 years old died.The end of the hard barge was taken up in a newspaper article, which gave an opportunity to think about the remaining life of a famous horse, and eventually a racehorse nursing facility and a subsidy system (Merit horse connection exhibition business) Was created.

    In March 2019,Nara deerWas protected from heat stroke[62].


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