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👍 | What is the percentage of sales staff who "use LINE stamps for clients"?


What is the percentage of sales staff who "use LINE stamps for clients"?

If you write the contents roughly
I found that exclamation marks and question marks are easier to use than stamps.

On June 6, Sales Hack announced the results of a survey on "the LINE situation of sales people."The survey was conducted on June 23th ... → Continue reading

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Exclamation point


Exclamation point(Easy, English: exclamation mark) isPunctuationIn one of, "!Is written.As a visual expressionNotesFor arousal etc.DangerIt may also be used to express that.


raindrop(Amadare), or profanelyExclamation markAlso called.AlsoEnglishThe name derived from the notation "Exclamation mark (exclamation mark) ”.in English"Exclamation point (exclamation point) ”, Also known as“バ ン (bang)"or"Screamer (screamer) ”And so on.


The exclamation mark is1400AroundPrinted matterIt first appears in, but its origin is unknown.In one theoryLatinThe two letters of the interjection io, which expresses joy inLigatureTo be[1].

Natural language

Punctuation marks

Generally, it is used for the purpose of attracting the attention of the reader, such as an exclamation sentence or a command about a point to be noted, and it is more important than usual, and it is preferable to pronounce it in a loud voice at the end of the sentence.endIt is placed in place of (period).For this reason, exclamation marks may also indicate the end of a sentence, substituting the role of a full stop.However, it may be placed immediately after the word you want to emphasize, even in the middle of the sentence.

If you want to increase the degree of emphasis, you may write "!!" and "!!!" on top of each other.Also" (!?)" likequestion markWritten on the rightExclamation point question mark(Exclamation question mark) and " (?!) ”I put an exclamation mark on the rightQuestion mark exclamation markThere is also a (Question exclamation mark).For this purpose,? And! There is also a symbol.

Comic marks

Exclamation marks in manga have a strong meaning of emphasizing sentences, and for those who want to emphasize more, a unique expression of placing two or more side by side is generally used.Derived from that, it may also be used for writing to light novels and SNS.

As a meaning other than natural language

Due to the widespread use of natural language, exclamation marks are sometimes used as meanings that are not normally used in natural language.Since the document explaining the factorial of mathematics, which will be described later, is written in natural language, it is written in the sentence "3! Is read as the factorial of 2 and means 1 x XNUMX x XNUMX."Of course, in this case, I am not surprised at XNUMX.On the contrary, XNUMX sentences without mathematical context!If it is written, it means that you are surprised at XNUMX.


in English(English: "What a (n.) "," How (adj.) S + V "Be sure to put an exclamation point at the end of the structure statement.In French, the formal writing style is to leave a space for one character before the exclamation mark. (Same for question marks)

  • Example:
    • What a beautiful flower! (Beautiful flowers!)
    • Quelle belle fleur! (Ibid.)


GermanThen, in addition to the exclamation mark, I put an exclamation mark at the end.

  • An example
    • Bitte schreiben Sie mal Ihren Namen hier hin! (Please write your name here.)


SpanishSo at the beginning of the sentence ending with an exclamation markReverse exclamation markPut (¡).Similarly for interrogative sentencesReverse question mark(¿) is used.

  • An example
    • Hello!(Hi!)


The exclamation mark is the originalJapaneseIt is not in the orthography of.It is commonly placed at the end of emphasized sentences.It is expressed as "!" In full-width.

In modern Japanese writing,question mark (?) ・ The exclamation mark basically indicates the end of the sentence, so it is behind it.PointIs not used.

Basically, after "!", Leave "full-width space".W4051C "Japanese Typesetting Processing Requirements" based on JIS X 3 August 2020, 8 Edition Separation Punctuation RulesIt is stipulated in. (To be exact, change to "full-width space" after "separator punctuation")

However,In the sentence,Closing bracketsIt is stipulated in the typesetting rules that there should be no gap if such things continue.

  • An example
    • For what!I! ??What the hell!
    • I think it's good!
    • You are the culprit!Was told

JIS X 4051Then, the exclamation mark in Japanese isFull widthThe width is defined as the width, and if there is a starting parenthesis (“(”, ““ ”, etc.) immediately after it, there is a half-width space behind it, and if there is a midpoint (“・”, “:”, etc.) immediately after it, it is behind. There is a stipulation that there is a space for a quarter width, and if there is any other character immediately after it, there is no space between them.Kinsoku charactersAnd do not come to the beginning of the line at the time of line break.

In addition, Novel-script-ComicIn conversational sentences such as, there are cases where the matter written before is written as "!" Or "!!" in order to express a surprised state, although it is not a word.From there, with personal diaries and close friends,dialectIncludingSpoken languageIt is becoming more and more used than "."電子 メ ー ル,インターネットWith the spread of, it has become so popular that it is not used when it is written in spoken language.


Alveolar adsorption sound

"!"teeth,Koisan(NamibiaLanguageHei(! Kung) etc.)IPAso,Alveolar adsorption soundIt is used as a character to represent.

UnicodeThen, "!" As a character is different from punctuation marks.Code pointU + 01C3 (ǃ) is available,PerthCan be easily done.If you use the punctuation mark "!", It will be difficult to parse words that contain "!".

variant of i

Product NameFor example, "!" May be used as a transformation of "i" (reversal of bar and point).For example, the singer "P! Nk"Such.

Place name

Very few, but sometimes used for place names.




3! = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6

Two exclamation marks side by side (!!)Double factorialIs called.this is,

  • If n is odd, the product of all odd numbers from 1 to n
  • If n is even, the product of all even numbers from 2 to n


Furthermore, it is the product of two skips.Triple factorial n!!! or n!3, Three skipsQuadruple factorial n!!!! or n!4 Etc. collectivelyMultiple factorialThat.

Also, the exclamation mark on the right shoulder of nExponential factorialIt is called and defined by the following formula.

n! = n(n-1)(n-2)...321


  • C languageAnd someProgramming languageThen, it means denial.
    • AlonedenialRepresents
    • !=Indicates that the left side and the right side are not equal.
  • Unix shellUsed for history expansion in some of.
  • UNIXIn a command, it is used as a subcommand to execute another command from within that command.
  • occam Is used for interprocess communication.
  • SGMLWill be used in the declaration. (( )
  • BASICThen double precisionFloating point typeVariable suffix.
  • ASCII code is 0x21blankexcept forGraphic charactersIs the youngest code point.Therefore, when you want to put a certain file at the beginning when you sort the file in Windows Explorer etc., the technique of adding! To the beginning of the file name of the file may be used. (Example:! Readme.txt)


  • road signIs used in many countries as a danger sign.In Japanese road signs, it is used as a warning sign to indicate "other dangers", and below that, an auxiliary sign indicates a specific danger to be watched (for example, "weak shoulder").
  • Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is reddiamondWrite in black in the frame of, lowAcute toxicity, Skin irritation, eye irritation, skin sensitization, airway irritation,麻 酔Has an actionChemicalsLabels andMSDSIt is shown with the characters such as "Caution".
  • It is also used in the form (⚠) with a “!” Inside the “△” for warning signs and various warning / warning signs for electrical products.


  • チ ェ スEtc.Game recordThen, "!" Is used to indicate a good move, and "!!" is used to indicate a particularly excellent exquisite move.Detail isen: Punctuation (chess) See.
  • The writer, said to be the shortest letterVictor HugoIs his book "Les MiserablesIt is said that the letter "?" Sent to the publisher to ask for sales was a letter with only one letter "!", Which indicates that the reply from the publisher was also selling well. ..This is also the shortest.
  • Seikuma XNUMXAfter dissolutionDemon KogureThe name of the solo music project. "!"(Exclamation).
  • Hiroshima Toyo CarpMascot characterSlurryNumber.
  • !!!Is an American rock band.
  • Nintendo action gameMario seriesAmong them, there is a work in which a block with this symbol appears.Just like the exclamation mark symbol, it is a special mechanism that only materializes and functions as a block by activating a specific gimmick.
  • "!"teethGRASS ARCADEIndie mini album.
  • "! -attention-Is20th CenturyAlbum.
  • Tokyo subwayWhen a train is jammed on some of the lines, "The following train is approaching!" And "!" Are displayed on the electric bulletin board. ((ChiyodaYurakucho LineThen "train" becomes "train")

Code position

symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Exclamation point
Reverse exclamation mark
Inverted Exclamation Mark
Alveolar adsorption sound
Latin Letter Retroflex Click
Two exclamation marks
Exclamation mark (full-width)
White exclamation mark
Exclamation point
Exclamation mark of the heart


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