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💪 | 🌈 48kg in the AKB19 era Miki Nishino reveals her current weight of 〇〇kg "Ideal is 45kg"

Photo Image / Miki Nishino Official Instagram

🌈 48kg in the AKB19 era Miki Nishino, who reveals her current weight of 〇〇kg, "ideal is 45kg"

If you write the contents roughly
The other day, the Awajishima two-shot with Akari Suda, who announced that she would graduate from SKE48 this fall, was a big hit.

"I weighed 47.5 kg for the first time in a long time 😊 #Current body #Swimsuit #By the way, the photo I didn't put on #Weight key ... → Continue reading

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Awaji Island Two Shot

    Akari Suda

    Akari Suda(Akari Suda,1991Heisei3 years>10/31 -) isJapan OfIdol, Female idol group ・SKE48A member of Team E and the leader of the same team.AichiNagoya cityBackground[2].TWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENTBelongs.


    Since he was a child, he has a slender personality, and he was injured and spent an active childhood enough to take CT and MRI at the hospital many times.[3].. He started learning classical ballet at the age of five[4],Kinjo Gakuin Junior and Senior High SchoolEnroll in[5]..Ballet was the basis of my heart in the middle and high school days when I was worried because the people around me were better than me and I didn't study.[6], Received several awards[7]..When I was in the first year of high school, I was longing for her model.Miss Seventeen』Although I applied for it, I was rejected and gave up on becoming an entertainer[8]I was aiming for ballerina, but my feelings for that dream gradually diminished, and when I was looking for a reason to end my ballet days, I regained my dream for the entertainment world.[9]..at that time[Note 1]SUNSHINE SAKAEI saw the image of SKE48 on the monitor of3st generation auditionI applied for[Note 2].

    Passed the final audition on November 2009, 11 and joined SKE1.[11]..Her first debut at the handshake event on November 11th of the same year, and her debut at the theater performance at Team S performance on December 14th.note that,Kinjo Gakuin UniversityAlthough it was decided to enroll as an internal student, the recommendation was canceled due to this, and I took the general entrance examination and passed it.[12].. As of February 2010, 2, he was promoted from a research student to Team S as a regular member.She was on November 27th of the same year, she was SKE11's 17th single "1!2!3!4!Was selected as a member of the selection for the single title song for the first time. "AKB48 22nd Single Selection General ElectionWas ranked in 36th place for the first time and was elected to the Under Girls.[13].. "AKB48 27th Single General ElectionIn 29th place, was selected as the Under Girls[14].

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNippon Gaishi HallAt SKE48 Spring Con 2013 "Do not change. Being a friend for a long time", the transfer to Team KII was announced due to the team reorganization called "Kumikaku".[15], Was reorganized into a new team structure on July 7, the same year (transferred to Team KII)."AKB48 32nd Single Selection General Election』In 16th place, was elected as a selected member[16], Received this result "Fortune cookie in loveWas selected for the first time as a single title song under the name of AKB48. February 2014, 2, "AKB24 Group Daigumi Kakusai Festival-The times change.However, the transfer from SKE48 Team KII to Team E Leader was announced in the team reorganization of "We can only go ahead!"[17], Moved on April 4th.On May 25, the same year, under the new system after the Great Organization"Holding hands" performanceOn the first day, the first stage as Team E."AKB48 37th Single General Election』In 10th place, was elected as a selected member[18]..Performed on September 9th-11th of the same yearmusical"AKB49 ~ Love Prohibition Ordinance ~First appearance in a musical[19].

    “May 2015 to June”AKB48 41st Single Selection General ElectionIn 18th place, was selected as the Under Girls[20]..On October 10, the same year, she was selected as a member of the unit "Transit Girls" in SKE5 at the special performance of the 48th anniversary of SKE7 theater debut.[21].. "AKB48 45th Single General Election』, 18th place, a significant increase from 7th place in the previous year[22], Played the first God 7 entry[23].

    September 2017, 2AKSからTWIN PLANETTransfer to your agencySHOWROOMAnnounced at[24]Officially transferred on April 4st of the same year[25].. May 3, same year,Sankei Shimbun PublishingPublished AKB48 Group's first self-development book "Complex Power-Why did you climb up from adversity?"[26]. It was carried out from May to June of the same year.AKB48 49th Single General Election』In the personal best 6th place, was elected as a selected member[27].. 『Exciting TV Sukatto Japan] And other media exposures have increasedTalent power rankingIn the August 2017 survey ofAKB48 GroupIt ranked first in the rate of increase in awareness of members.[28].

    “May 2018 to June”AKB48 53rd Single World Election General Election』, Became the second place to renew the personal best[29][30].

    May 2019, 5, SKE2Matsumura KaoriAfter graduating from SKE48, he became the oldest member of SKEXNUMX.

    October 2019, 10, SKE29's 48th single ``Is there a So You Toko?It was announced that he would serve as the first center.About 10 years after joining, the center's record was the longest.

    Celebrating 2021th birthday on October 10, 31[31][32][33], SKE48 for the first time since its formation[34], Became the fourth member of the AKB48 group in their 4s who is active[35].

    On May 2022, 5, they announced their graduation from the group at the Team E "SKE Festival" performance.[36][37].She was scheduled to end her activities as SKE9 on September 30th of the same year.[37], announced on September 31 that he would postpone his graduation to November 10, the day after his 31st birthday, October 11.[38]. Graduation Concert "Kimi Dake ga Hitomi no Naka no Center" will be held on September 9th.[39].


    • NicknameIs "Akarin"[40]Since it was unveiled as a research student, it has been called "Da-su" by fans.[Note 3]At first, I hated it, but later I realized that "'da-su-' is a part of me."[41].
    • I have one older brother who is 3 years older[42][43].
    • Maletoy poodleOf the name "peach"dogAnd often appear on his blog[42].
    • From March 2010Kinjo Gakuin UniversityI entered the school, but I was often mistaken for a junior high school student because of my baby face.[44].
    • It is a type that grows when complimented[42].
    • I have revealed a self-analysis that "I'm going to go crazy within the bounds of common sense"[45].
    • Special skill isClassical balletSo, I was listed as an associate member of the Matsuoka Yuko Ballet Company.[46].. She has been playing for 5 years from the age of 48 until she entered SKE13, and she has also won top prizes in competitions.11th Ballet Competition 21 15-16 years old 2nd place (1st place not applicable)[47], 9th The Ballet Competition Nagoya Women's Junior B 3rd Place, 39th Saitama National Dance Competition Classic Ballet Junior Division Saitama Prefecture Dance Association Encouragement Award[48], 38th, 40th Classical Ballet Junior Division runner-up[49][50]The same division in which Suda participated in this competition is Shiori Kase, who is currently dancing as a principal in an overseas ballet company.Akane TakadaEtc. have won a prize.[41]yuanAKB48 OfMika KomoriAlso belonged to the same Matsuoka Yuko Ballet Company as a child[51]..Also, because of his ballet experience, he is very soft and not only can he keep his legs open 180 degrees all the time.[52],bridgeYou can easily perform soft body arts such as sprinting while crawling, or turning your legs over your back and standing up in front of your upper body.[53].
    • Taking advantage of the above softness of the body, "Kanjani sorting ∞"Challenge Shizuka Arakawa! Flexible Queen Decision Battle!"Limbo dance[Note 4]So, I cleared the height of 35 cm and won the championship.In addition, she won the 2013rd "Flexible Queen Decision Battle" broadcast on June 6, 22, clearing a height of 3 cm.[54].
    • My favorite word is, "Decide for yourself whether you are happy or unhappy now."[40].
    • My hobby is to challenge my limits[40].
    • Influenced by my grandfather, father and brotherProfessional baseball-Chunichi DragonsBecome a fan ofNagoya DomeI've been watching the game since it was completed[55]..好きな選手はFavorite playerYamamoto MasaKazuki Inoue[56]..I also have a dialogue with Masahiro Yamamoto in a magazine.[55][57].
    • Voice actorMizuki NanaAs a song that I want to listen to when I'm depressedPERFECT SMILEIs selected[58].
    • left handedBut hold the pencil and scissors in your right hand[59].
    • In theater performances, he said that he "sometimes makes mistakes" such as "wearing right and right" of shoes.[60].
    • Metal allergyHave, especiallynickelThere is a strong reaction to.aside from thatTin,cobalt,palladium.MicrophoneThe head of the car is nickel-plated, and after serving on the stage, he suffered from the onset and thought about retirement.[61]..Currently, there is a Suda microphone with an acrylic coating on the head.[62][63].
    • Often referred to as "idol without NG"[64].. July 2018, 7Wow! Damned grand prizeIn "2018", we will challenge "nasal irrigation" and "nose hair removal" using depilatory wax.The pulled out nose hair was broadcast[65]..However, he has never stated that there is no NG.
    • Yoko OfShinya ArinoThe auto charge function received from has been enabled.StarbucksI have a card, and I can shop at Starbucks infinitely with Arino's money.[66].


    • When I decided to join SKE48, I liked to appear in public, and I was auditioned to know the existence of SKE48 due to the influence of my friends.[67].
    • SynchronousOgiso ShioriWas a friend who called "Suda-kun" and "Ogiso-kun"[68].
    • Asana Inuzuka is the recommended member of SKE48[69].
    • 2th genKato RumiSince I was a research student, I have never been a separate team in the order of Team S → Team KII → Team E.[70].
    • The title of the blog article often uses the emoji "(・ ⌒ +) ☆ Mi", which represents the face of a person lying on his back to see the stars.[71].
    • It is also called "Queen of the handshake event" and "Fisher" because of the god's response to the fans at the handshake event.[72].
    • From February 2011, the contents of the letters received from the fans and the characteristics of the fans I met at the handshake event, etc.B5 sizeI started writing in my notebook, and as of May 2012, there are 5 books.[41], 2019 books as of 14[73]I have reached, and I always carry one of the latest editions.All the recorded fans are called "Das Note" after Death Note because all of them receive God's response and become Suda's push.[74].


    Participating songs at SKE48

    Single selection song

    SKE48 name

    AKB48 name

    Album selection song

    SKE48 name

    • "Don't forget the chime of this dayRecorded in
      • GO! GO! GO!-In the name of "Team S"
      • Beginner-In the name of "Team S"
      • It's raining ... --- "Selection 8"
    • "Revolution HillRecorded in
      • Hurry up, summer!
      • Zero base
      • Horizon-"Aichi Toyota Selection"
      • I can't do it now--solo song

    AKB48 name

    Other participating songs

    Unsourced songs

    Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory

    Theater performance unit song

    SKE48 research student "PARTY begins"

    • Skirt, Hirari
    • Star temperature

    Team S 3rd Stage "School Uniform"

    • Girl's sixth sense (1st UNIT)
    • Kaleidoscope (2nd UNIT)

    Team KII 4th ​​Stage "Theater Goddess"

    • Candy

    Team E 4th Stage "While holding hands"

    • Rain pianist (1st UNIT)
    • Whereabouts of chocolate (2nd UNIT)

    Team E 5th Stage "SKE Festival"

    • 1994 thunder


    TV drama

    Television Animation

    Variety, information program





    • Express Delivery (March 2017, 3-, Maruto Mizutani)-Kampai Public Relations Manager[98]
      • "Conditions for express delivery / Spring"
      • "Happy Word / Spring"
      • "Steady Sales / Spring"

    Internet tv


    Other programs

    • Enthusiasm! M League(November 2019, 1 -,AbemaNews)-Assistant MC[100]
    • Women who want to bet 100 million yen on KEIRIN (September 2020, 9-October 11, ABEMA)[101]
    • When I was aiming for the top of the entertainment world as an idol, I was in a line of entertainers before I knew it (March 2021-3, 29, ABEMA)[102]
    • Mari Yaguchi's Tuesday The NIGHT(June 2022th-June 6nd, 8, ABEMA) June Monthly MC

    Online delivery

    • # Do nothing (delivered on October 2020, 10,Locipo[103]
    • TV Aichi 10 Chan Fairy Day Online Fireworks Festival (September 2021, 9, Locipo / TV Aichi Official YouTube Channel) --Special Supporter[104]
    • 10 Chan Mystery TV Aichi President Murder Case (January 2022, 1,TV Aichi・ Locipo)[105]





    Photo album

    Magazine serialization

    • Monthly TVnavi(Sankei Shimbun Publications)
      • How to make Akari Suda (March 2014th-December 3th, 24)[109]
      • Complex Suda (January 2015, 1-July 24, 2018)[110][111]
    • EX mass(October 2015, 1-March 15, 2016,Futabasha) --Kai! Suda Juku University

    Newspaper serialization

    • Chunichi Shimbun(November 2018, 5 -,Chunichi Shimbun) --Akari Suda walks[112]
      • It is serialized every Sunday. During the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games, he was appointed as a special contract reporter for the Chunichi Shimbun, and published articles at any time under the title of the Teku Teku Paralympics.

    Acquired throne


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