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🎣 | Body found on the beach Turned out to be a missing man going fishing


The body found on the beach turns out to be a missing man going fishing

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Police, fire departments, and the Maritime Security Department searched the area but did not find it, but a person who visited fishing on the beach about 3 km north of Honjo Marina on Saturday morning, 18th, three days ago. I found the body.

The whereabouts of a man in his XNUMXs who went fishing on the coast of Yurihonjo City was unknown from the XNUMXth of this month, but XNUMX days ago ... → Continue reading

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      Honjo Marina

      Honjo Marina(Honjo Marina)AkitaYurihonjo CityIt is a beach recreation facility maintained on the coast of Ishiwaki.Yurihonjo Umi StationAsSea stationIt is registered in.Also2006(Heisei18 years)Honjo PortThe whole areaMinato OasisAsMinato OasisRegistered in.


      Akita Prefecture's firstMarinaAs1975(ShowaConstruction started in 50 years)1983(Showa 58)BeachBut the next1984The use of marina facilities began in (59).after that2000Adjacent to the marina in (12)Auto campsiteHas been developed and is a base for marine leisure in Yurihonjo City.

      Main facilities

      Honjo Marina Beach

      Over about 700m砂 浜It is the largest beach in the prefecture, which is visited by around 20 people during the season.55 baths in Japan,88 baths in JapanWas selected.

      Auto campsite

      • Number of campsites 50
      • Area about 2.1ha
        • In addition, the administration building, cooking building (2 buildings),WC


      The land area is 3.7ha, the water area is 5.4ha, and the storage constant is 193 boats (including 13 visitor berths).

      • Location: 32 Tajiri, Ishiwaki, Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture


      East Japan Railway(JR East)Ugohonjo StationからUgo Traffic23 minutes by bus.Tajiribus stopGet off and walk for 10 minutes.
      Coast of Japan Tohoku Expressway Matsugasaki Kameda IC-Honjo ICAbout 15 minutes from both.
      ■National Route 7The first on the Ishiwaki side of Honjo Ohashi交 差点Is the entrance.

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