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👍 | What is "Ayashii Bento" that makes SNS lively? ??


What is "Ayashii Bento" that makes SNS lively? ??

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In the program, it takes two hours every morning for mothers who make unusual lunch boxes for their rebellious sons, mothers who make unpleasant lunch boxes for their third-year high school daughters, commonly known as "Kimobento", and adolescent daughters. Interview with a father who makes a lunch box.

"I found EXIT's Ayashii TV Achi!" Broadcast on TV Hokkaido from 6:25 pm on Saturday, June 7th.now… → Continue reading

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    Bad lunch


    puberty(Puberty,alone: puberty,British: puberty) IsA human GenitalExternal appearance other thanGender differenceAnd eventually became fertile,SexualMature to, both physically and mentallychildrenからAdultThe time when it changes to.LiteraryyouthIt may be expressed as.


    Medical scienceSpecifically,Secondary sex characteristicsFrom the beginning of expression to the end of growth ".English "puberty" isGenital areaToPubic hairIt is derived from the time when it begins to grow.The period of such development isNutritionState andmotionFrom the amount, etc., it is not always constant from what age to what age.It also depends on individual differences.Therefore, it is a separate item from the developmental stage of lifelong development. 


    Physical aspect

    Secondary sex characteristicsTo reflect.The beginning of pubertyBoysIn the case ofMale genitalia OfTanner stageWhen you reach II inwomanIn the case ofbreastWhen the development of (Thelarche) began[1][2](First half of II at Tanner stage of breast → papilla stage)[3][4]AndJunior braShould start wearing[5]It's also the time.On average, boys start at 11 years and 6 months and girls start at 9 years and 9 months, and there are individual differences of about 2 years before and after.Factors that accelerate pubertyObese child(Junk food lacks protein and calcium), lack of sleep (junior high school exam, game, smartphone), stress (teasing), lack of affection (abuse, neglect).[Source required]

     If the average height is fast, small and normal, it is easy to become short in the future.It is natural that it is fast if it is large, but it is easy to be confused (especially the first child, only child, and there is no parent of the opposite sex), and if the pubic hair is early, it becomes embarrassing and the pubic hairshaveSome people do.Secondary sexual characteristics appear in the following order, but many children are familiar with them before pubic hair.External gender differences outside the genitals occur when females begin puberty and breast development begins at the same time (Thelarche), while males begin puberty.Male genitaliaThere is no external gender difference other than the genitals until it develops above a certain level.Both men and womenChromosomal abnormality,Sexually differentiated disease,Endocrine organPeople who have system abnormalities may not appear as follows. 

    Order of secondary sexual characteristics in puberty



    1. TestesWith an increase inscrotumDiscoloration (Tanner stage II of male genitalia), it is difficult to notice that puberty has begun at this point[7][8].
    2. penisFrom the base of the penis, the lengthening of the male genitalia (Tanner stage III of the male genitalia)pubic hair(The tanner stage of the male genitalia begins to occur about 1 year after it becomes III, and about 1 year later, the tanner stage of the male genitalia grows as III or after IV because there are individual differences in growth. Will be either[9]), Notice that pubic hair is clearly entering puberty[7][8].
    3. Discoloration of the penis
    4. Familiaritythe first occurrence ofEjaculationIt was white and muddy. * Some boys are familiar with it before pubic hair.
    5. Strange voiceOccurrence of (voice change) It is about one octave lower.When the voice is about to change, the voice is often faint and difficult to come out.
    6. Armpit hair-beard-Body hair(Since reaching Tanner Stage IV of pubic hair, beard development is slightly delayed from underarm hair development[9]), The area of ​​the areola becomes slightly wider, and it turns brown or black with the nipple.[10].
    7. (At the time of erection)foreskinNaturally recedes, and the darkness of the scrotum and foreskin becomes completely the same as that of an adult. (Tanner stage V of male genitalia)
    8. shoulderWider
    9. 筋肉Development of
    10. Breast development (not as prominent as women)[10]
    11. faceChanges in surface (appearing more prominently than women, raised eyebrow arch bone)
    12. body odorOccurrence of


    1. Breast development (Thelarche, from here to one year before the first tide, Tanner stage II of the breast (Growth STEP1)[1][2], II First half as nipple stageNippleBegins to swell, and the latter half of II is the areola periodAreolaThe area begins to swell[3][4], The body shape has begun to change to adults and is still close to the body shape of children)),whiteThereGymnastics shirt,T-shirtWhen wearing only one piece and in close contact with the chest[11], Near the nipple / areolapain,an itchOccursChestMakes it easier to notice that you have entered puberty[7], Take this opportunity to stop wearing no brajunior bra (bra)start wearing[5]It's also the time.
    2. VulvaTofatAccumulateLabia majoraIt begins to be greatly rounded.laterMons pubis・ The labia majora has a lot of subcutaneous fat and bulges, and the labia majora becomes slightly black.Labia minoraBecomes bigger and thickerpinkBecome a color[12].
    3. Pubic hair development (occurs between Tanner stages III and IV of the breast[9]The order may be later than this in the relationship).InitiallyFemale genitalia OfLabia majoraSince pubic hair begins to grow from the inside of (pudendal cleft), it is difficult to see the pubic hair when the legs are aligned at the beginning.
    4. menarcheFrom a few months agoFalloutIncreases, and menarche occurs later (breasts for one year before and after menarche are in Tanner stage III (growth STEP1[1][2], The first half of III is the first breast stage and the second half of III is the second breast stage[3], The body shape changes rapidly for one year before and after the first menstrual period[2])).StomachStraightens, the pelvis develops,AssSwells and becomes rounded (occurs in one year before and after menarche)[1][2]) Therefore, the hip size is 77 cm or more (the lower limit of junior shorts 2S size), and from one year before and after the first menstruation, from girls' shortsJunior shortsIt's time to change to[13].
    5. Outbreak of armpit hair
    6. Increased subcutaneous fat
    7. WaistNeckline is formed and growth occurs from the buttocks to the gluteal sulcus (occurs after 1 year after menarche, and the breast at that time is Tanner stage IV (growth STEP3)[1][2], Formative[3], Close to the body shape of an adult))
    8. Occurrence of voice change (not as prominent as men)
    9. Changes in the face
    10. Generation of body odor 

    Psychological aspect

     As the name implies, it is interpreted as the time to "begin to think" of the subsequent "puberty."Overseasteenager Among (teenagers), lowteen or middleteen is equivalent.This period is a period of major physical changes, and the hormonal equilibrium is unstable, and as a social transition from child to adult, one's actions are taken responsibility by the surrounding adults. It is a time when the social response surrounding the person changes drastically, such as when the previously accepted spoiling is no longer allowed, and it is a time when mental instability is likely to occur. 

     Women change their lifestyles from the beginning of puberty to a different lifestyle than before puberty.Breast development begins from the beginning of puberty (Thelarche), brassiere (junior brassiere until adult breast)[5]When you start wearing it in your daily life and the number of vaginal discharges increasesVaginal discharge sheetBut when it comes to menarcheSanitary products (napkins),Sanitary shortsIs necessary in daily life (each needs to be prepared in advance so that it can start at any time).Men do not change their lifestyle from pre-puberty to the beginning of puberty, but they may need to shave later when beards begin to grow.As a result, psychological effects are likely to occur.

     Groupbathing,Genital areaSome people shave their pubic hair without consulting with their family members because they are worried that their classmates will make fun of them because they have pubic hair due to changing clothes.This is because boys notice that they are already in puberty with the onset of pubic hair (pubic hair Tanner stage II), and girls are in puberty due to the already developing breasts (after pubic hair Tanner stage II). I'm aware that there is, but in addition to that, pubic hair begins to grow (pubic hair Tanner stage II), which causes confusion.Child psychologyThen, it is perceived as a kind of psychological behavior similar to baby return as a denial or resistance of growth that comes from confusion.This is a type of defense instinct that aims to restore mental stability by shaving and seeing the hairlessness that is familiar to you.But,razor,tweezersIt is dangerous to use such as without knowing how to handle it, and it may cause scratches or damage to the skin.

     The situation is reversed when going to junior high school, and some people are worried that pubic hair does not grow easily.[14].

     There are large individual differences in the onset of secondary sexual characteristics, such as familiarity and hairlessness for a year or two after the first menarche, pubic hair growing to some extent and no familiarity or menarche, and familiarity and menarche. It is not uncommon for hair to not grow easily.

    Men's phimosis

    The prepubertal penis is basically a phimosis (intrinsic phimosis), and it is difficult to expose the glans penis or invert the foreskin.During puberty, the penis grows large, repeats erections, and routinelyMasturbation (masturbation)By doing this, the foreskin opening gradually loosens and the tip of the glans is exposed.Furthermore, as the penis grows and masturbates repeatedly, the foreskin opening expands and the glans penis can be completely exposed.

    The glans, which has just become exposed, is very sensitive and can be rubbed against underwear and painful.Also, when the foreskin mouth is not completely loosened, it will occur when an erection occurs.Canton phimosisThe glans may be tightened, or the foreskin may be rushed to cover it, causing irritation and ejaculation in unexpected places or times.

    In adolescence, you may worry that you have phimosis, or conversely,GlansSome people feel uneasy about the change in the shape of their penis without knowing that they will be able to expose their penis.

    Adolescent sexual desire

    Desire for sexual intercourse

    According to the "Survey on the Sex of Children and Students" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Children's, Elementary, Middle, High School, and Mental Education Study Group,Sexual contact (sexual intercourse, sex, SEX)をしたいと思ったことがありますか」という調査項目で性交渉への欲求を調査しているが、中学3年生男子の性交渉への欲求は1999年調査を境に急激に減少しており、1987年調査ではおよそ7人中6人(86%)が「ある」と回答したのに対し、2014年調査では4人中1人の割合(25.7%)まで低下する、いわゆるHerbivorousshowing a trend of[15].

    Percentage of third-year junior high school students who have wanted to have sexual intercourse[15]

    (Percentage of third-year junior high school students who answered "yes" to the question "Have you ever wanted to have sexual contact (sexual intercourse)?" No survey in 3.)

    In addition, Jex"Japan Sex Survey 2017"[16]In ", more than 20% of the youngest age group in their 20s answered" I have never thought about it, including now "when asked" When did you want to have sexual intercourse for the first time? " Regarding "frequency of masturbation", "never done" was more than 10%, indicating a decrease in sexual desire.

    [15] [16]

    Experience rate of sexual intercourse and age of first dating

    According to a survey by the Sex Education Association, the rate of sexual intercourse experience among high school and university students has decreased since the 2005 survey, while that of junior high school students has remained almost unchanged since 1999, and they experience sexual intercourse at a young age. While a certain group has been formed, the other groups have an aspect of polarization in which the age of first sexual intercourse (the age of first sexual intercourse) increases.

    Changes in sexual intercourse experience rate
    Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularValais, SwitzerlandUniversityUniversity

    (Question "Do you have any experience of sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse)?" (Junior high school students "have sexual contact" instead of sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse)). Type ratio. For junior high school data, the figures after the 1987 (XNUMXrd) survey, which added junior high school students to the survey target.)

    Percentage of people with sexual intercourse by age

    (Question "Have you ever had sexual intercourse (sexual intercourse)?" (Junior high school students "have sexual contact" instead of sexual intercourse) The age of those who answered "yes" Another ratio.)

    ソフト・オン・デマンドの調査では、初交年齢の平均は19.0歳(2009年調査)、19.1歳(2012年調査)で、16歳~19歳の男性では32.8%(2009年調査)、28.0%(2012年調査)が性交渉を経験済みであるとしている。また、コンドーム製造会社のDurex社による調査[21]The average age of first dating of Japanese is 17.2 years, which is almost the same as the average of 41 countries surveyed (17.3 years), the earliest country is Ireland (15.6 years), followed by Germany (15.9 years) and Sweden (16.1 years). 16.1 years old), followed by Denmark (XNUMX years old).


    [17] [18] [19] [20]

    Work to be the subject

    Adolescent thememoviesThen,Nobuhiko Obayashi,Shinji AiumeIs a specialty of ObayashiOnomichi trilogyEtc. are famous.Overseas, for radical sexual depictionDVDHas a history of being collected after its releaseAdolescent forest, Etc., and all of them are called puberty.sexIt shows that it is an age closely related to.Love cartoon,Love gamesMost of them correspond to so-called "school things" with the theme of adolescence.For radical sexual depictionRatingAnd based on laws and regulationsage limitDepending on the organization in charge of the examination, there are many cases where the age setting of the characters is changed to 18 years or older. 


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