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👍 | "Hexagon ✨ The Intouchables ❣️" Yusuke, Takeshi Tsuruno's birthday 🎂 2S echoes "2-year-old Atamo 🎂 Nice yan"

Photo Image / Yusuke Kamiji Official Instagram

"Hexagon ✨ The Intouchables ❣️" Yusuke, Takeshi Tsuruno's birthday 🎂 2S echoes "2-year-old Atamo 🎂 Nice yan"

If you write the contents roughly
Tsuruno wrote on his Instagram "Shuchishin 2018 #Shuchishin # 10th Anniversary #Reunion for the first time in a long time #Takeshi Tsuruno #Naoki Nokubo #Yusuke Kamiji #Feeling tampered with by everyone #Relief #Temporary leader #Old #Young child doesn't know # I don't even know my child, "he said, sharing a three-shot with Yusuke Kamiji and Naoki Nokubo.

"Wow 😍😍😍" "Yu-chan and Tsuru-no-san's two-shot ❤💛" "Hexagon ✨ The strongest two people ❣️" "Pushing two people ❤… → Continue reading

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Wakamotoharu Port

Wakamotoharu Port(Wakamoto Haru Minato,199310/5 -) isFukushimaFukushimaHometown (place of birthAichiNagoya city[2])soWild roomActive affiliationSumo wrestler.. My real name isOnami Port(Onami Minato).height185 cm,Weight139 kg.Blood typeO.. Highest is eastFrontal4th (March 2022 location).


Grandfathersummary-Sadao Wakabayama(Tokitsukaze stable, 12sKazan), My father is Makushita, Nobuo Waka (Tatsutagawa stable, the highest rank is the 51st west Makushita), my brother is Makushita,Wakatakamoto, My brotherMakuuchi-WakatakakageBorn in a sumo family.

I longed for my grandfather and started sumo wrestlingGakuho Fukushima High SchoolThree years in a rowInter HighHe participated in the individual and left the record of runner-up in the Tohoku tournament when he was in the third grade.While he was in schoolGreat East Japan EarthquakeMy brother was introductory when he was affected by the disasterWild roomI have lived in an evacuation life for a month, and I stepped on the first ring in the rough room before graduating from high school with the meaning of rewarding the benefits of the room.[3].

Only the November 2011 location of the first ring was named after the rough wave, and the following January 11 location was named after the supporter, with the idea of ​​"like a statue of King Nio".TsuyoshiToFour-pronged nameRenamed[4]..In addition to the wrestler's bloodline, he manipulated the push that utilized the largest muscular body among the three brothers in November 3.Previous sumoIn January 1, the place wasIntroductionWin the championship and take 6 places from the first ringMakushitaGet off to a good start, such as being promoted to. In May 2013, he participated in the middle of the 5th sumo wrestling and was content with the results of 4 wins, 3 loss and 1 holidays, but the following July place won the Makushita championship.Sumo match-fixing problemAfter being dismissed in Sekitori, the room that proved innocent as a result of the trial and returned to the main place for the first time in a year and a halfSokokuraiIt became a shape to add flowers to. In September 2013, the place was promoted to the 9th piece under the eastern Makushita, which is the highest rank of the self. From 7, it has changed from the middle to the bottom of the Makushita, and in March 2014, the place wasThird stageFall into. In May 2014, the sumo wrestling around the place did not allow the right half of the body to be used, and the master's8th generation Arashio stableAlso leaked "I will not practice"[5].

The place was closed in November 2015, but the place in January 11 was 2016 wins and 1 losses, winning the return place.However, he was told that he lost second in the position where he was injured in the rough, and he also regretted having lost second.[6]..After that, we decided to win 7 places in a row, and in March 2017, the place will be the 3th piece under the West Makushita and if we win, it depends on the numbered luck.SekitoriPromoted to a position where promotion is possible.This place had 6 wins and 3 losses until the 3th sumo wrestling, but was defeated in the 7th sumo wrestling match and did not win with 3 wins and 4 losses.

From May 2017, the name of Shikona will be changed to match the introduction of the younger brother.WakamotoharuRenamed to.Origin isMitsuko lessonSengoku warlord known forMotonari MoriThree sons.The second son in itYoshikawa MotoharuAnd at the same time my brotherMori TakamotoTaken the name from (Kikkawa Motoharu's older brother) and renamed it "Wakatakamoto", his younger brotherKozagawa RiverNamed after (Kikkawa Motoharu's younger brother), it was named "Wakatakakage". The character "Waka" is from my grandfatherIfHayama and my fatherIfComes from Nobuo[7].

After the same periodTen carsThe ranking for promotion continued, and in July 2018, the ranking was extended to the 7th piece under the West Makushita, which renewed the highest rank, but this place was bounced back with 4 wins and 2 losses. Around the New Year before January 5, I woke up when my brother Sokokurai blasted me to think more about myself when I hadn't been in training for the last 2019 to 1 years.[8]..In the January location, he won all seven races in the third position under the West Makushita, and confirmed the promotion of the new Juryo in the following March location.When he won the Makushita championship, he said, "I want to make sure I don't fall in one place."[9]..At the Banzuke organization meeting held after the place, the promotion of the new Juryo was officially decided, and together with his younger brother Wakatakakage who had risen to Juryo earlier, it became the 20th brother Sekitori in history.[10]..At the time of promotion, the teacher pointed out that "three years were late" and that he was sluggish in his career.[11].. At his celebration held in Tokyo on February 2, he said, "I want you to do your best so that you can come back to Tokyo in May with a crested hakama. ,means[Annotation 1]) ”, And the principal of the high school, Mitsuru Matsubara, handed me a list of makeup accessories.[12]..On the second day of March, eight years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we headed from Hanamichi to the ring at around 8:3 pm when the earthquake struck.Amami NishikiDefeated by leaning over[13]..The place was bounced off by Juryo with 5 wins and 10 losses, and the following May place was reverted to the Makushita. After living in 5 places under the Makushita, he returned to Juryo in November. The place in September, which ended with 3 wins and 11 loss, is the 6th sumo wrestlingChubbyHe also regretted, "With such a sumo wrestling, you can't come to the place. I want to take a sumo wrestling that won't lose to the ranking."[14]..On November 11, the same year, a video with unscrupulous content as a member of the association who should make an effort to eradicate violenceInstagramAs uploaded toFireTo the association withDisclaimerWas submitted, and it was found that he was to receive verbal attention on the 9th.On this day, the Tokizu-style Ichimonkai is held, and the master's8th generation Arashio stableApologized in the greeting of retirement at the end of March of the following year.[15][16][17][18][19][20]..On the 9th of the same month, I submitted a written statement to the Sumo Association and apologized.OctagonWith the chairmanKagamiyamaOrally from the Crisis Management ManagerStrict cautionReceived[21][22].

The place just before the retirement age of the master, March 2020, went up to the ring in the 3th position of the East Juryo and recorded a victory of 11 wins and 8 losses.He was dressed as a farewell to his retired master.[23].

On January 2021, 1, the Japan Sumo Association had 1 masters in the Arashio stable, including the 9th Arashio stable, Wakamotoharu, and the wrestlers under the Makushita.New coronavirusAnnounced that he was infected with.Wakatakakage on the day before (December 2020, 12)New coronavirus infectionBecause it was diagnosed, 24 people belonging to the Arashio stableRich contact personAsPCR testReceived[24][25]..In January of the same year, the place was completely closed due to this influence.[26]..In consideration of the circumstances, the numbering of places in March the following day was limited to one drop while taking a rest.[27].

In November of the same year, which was the first in the West Juryo, the new opening of the place was confirmed in January 11 with 4 wins and 2022 losses, and a brother Makuuchi with his younger brother Wakatakakage was born.[28]..Regarding becoming a brother Makuuchi wrestler, he commented, "We are full of our own sumo wrestlers. We cannot afford to give advice. If we have time to study our younger brother's sumo wrestlers, we should think about our own sumo."[29]..At the new press conference, he also showed a negative side, saying, "I'm worried about 8%. Do I understand my ability? I'm not sure if I can step on with XNUMX cars."[30]..On the 1th day of the place, which is January 17th, the anniversary of his grandfather's death, he won a white star with his younger brother Wakatakakage.[31].

On September 9, before the September place, the difference in ability appeared, such as taking 9th in training with his younger brother Takakage Wakawaka of Sekiwake and not being able to win 1st.This place was his first makuuchi double-digit win.[32].


He is good at four left sides, and when he points to the left, he is fully effective.[33].

According to Wakanohana Masaru, the power of Wakamotoharu who attracts and comes forward is considerable, and it is good to cut the Mawashi.[34].

At the Summer Tour Koga Place on August 2022, 8, the theme was to further strengthen the left four, saying, ``The form of sumo is fixed.[35].


  • It is a master at the time of introductory8th generation Arashio stableAccording to him, "I don't listen to what people say, and I'm irritated whether I win or lose in sumo (laughs)."[36].
  • のらりくらりとした性格で知られる。2022å¹´7月場所前は場所成績次第で続く9月場所での三役昇進を狙うことができ、1992å¹´3月場所のWakanohana-Kihanada以来となる、若隆景との同時三役昇進が懸かっている状況であったが、「期待されてないんじゃないですか? 今いる番付が自分の最高だと思って、最高の相撲を取りきるだけです」とコメントし、「まだまだ全然(弟若隆景の)バーターですよ、優勝されちゃいましてバーター感、強まりましたよ」と笑って返した[1].
  • What is your favorite oden ingredient?Chikuwabu[37].
  • If you compare yourself to an animalbear[38].
  • According to the official profile of the association, what is your favorite artist?Ed SheeranとAiko.. My favoritesushi..His hobby is watching professional wrestling.Her favorite laughing entertainerChocolate planet[39].


  • With the new opening, I started to use a dressing machine reminiscent of a lion that reproduced what my grandfather Wakabayama had tightened.[40].
  • In the match against Ura on the 2022th day of May 5, Kitanofuji was also taken up as a topic because it was a full-scale confrontation between Ura of Sumo Sumo and the four left of Wakamotoharu.[41].
  • Broadcast for June 2022, 824-hour TV』Guest appearance. "It's a great honor to be invited to such a place. There are people who have various circumstances, and it's not a study or social study, but these people are doing their best, and I have to do my best. It gave me a feeling of no good, and I'm glad I went. I also experienced the 3 (Great East Japan Earthquake) in Fukushima."[42].

Main grades

As of the end of July 2022

  • Total results: 315 wins, 244 losses, 25 holidays (65 places)
  • Makuuchi results: 43 wins and 32 losses (5 places)

Remarkably winning

  • Makushita Winner: 2 times (May 2013 place, September 7 place)
  • Introductory victory: 1 time (May 2012 location)

Performance by location

Wakamotoharu Port
January place
First place (Tokyo)
March place
Spring place (Osaka)
May place
Summer place (Tokyo)
July place
Nagoya place (Aichi)
September place
Autumn place (Tokyo)
November place
Kyushu Place (Fukuoka)
xxxxx(Former sumo)
15th piece
7 – 0 Feet
West Ordinal 10nd XNUMXst
5 – 2 Feet 
West third row 78th sheet
6 – 1 Feet 
West third row 20th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
The east third stage 39th sheet
6 – 1 Feet 
West Makushita 54th sheet
2 – 5 Feet 
West third row 19th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
The east third stage 34th sheet
6 – 1 Feet 
45th piece
3 – 1 – 3 
55th piece
7 – 0 Feet
7th piece
2 – 5 Feet 
West Makushita 19th sheet
2 – 5 Feet 
West Makushita 36th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 43th sheet
4 – 3 Feet 
37th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 29th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 37th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 46th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 55th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West third row 6th sheet
6 – 1 Feet 
33th piece
3 – 4 Feet 
44th piece
5 – 2 Feet 
West Makushita 28th sheet
2 – 5 Feet 
46th piece
0 – 0 – 7
West third row 26th sheet
5 – 2 Feet 
West sandanme first
6 – 1 Feet 
29th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 22th sheet
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 16th sheet
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 12th sheet
4 – 3 Feet 
8th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 5th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 9th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
14th piece
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 18th sheet
5 – 2 Feet 
11th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
West Makushita 6th sheet
3 – 4 Feet 
12th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
10th piece
5 – 2 Feet 
West Makushita 4th sheet
2 – 5 Feet 
West Makushita 14th sheet
5 – 2 Feet 
7th piece
4 – 3 Feet 
/ Reiwa first year)
West Makushita 3th sheet
7 – 0 Feet
Nishi Juyo 10th piece
5 – 10 Feet 
Nishimakushita first
3 – 4 Feet 
West Makushita 5th sheet
5 – 2 Feet 
First Makushita
6 – 1 Feet 
Nishi Juyo 11th piece
5 – 10 Feet 
(2nd year of Reiwa)
Nishimakushita first
6 – 1 Feet 
East Ten Ryo 11th piece
8 – 7 Feet 
Infectious disease spread
Canceled due to
East Ten Ryo 8th piece
9 – 6 Feet 
East Ten Ryo 3th piece
6 – 9 Feet 
Nishi Juyo 6th piece
8 – 7 Feet 
(3nd year of Reiwa)
East Ten Ryo 5th piece
0 – 0 – 15
East Ten Ryo 6th piece
6 – 9 Feet 
East Ten Ryo 9th piece
9 – 6 Feet 
East Ten Ryo 3th piece
7 – 8 Feet 
East Ten Ryo 3th piece
8 – 7 Feet 
West Juryo first
11 – 4 Feet 
(4nd year of Reiwa)
15th east front
9 – 6 Feet 
West Front 9th
9 – 6 Feet 
West Front 6th
9 – 6 Feet 
4th east front
6 – 9 Feet 
6th east front
10 – 5 Feet 
The numbers in each column areWin-Loss-ClosedIs shown.    Win Retirement Closed Ten cars Makushita
Three awards : Daring=Fighting award,Especially= Distinguished Service Award,Skill= Skill Award Others:★=Venus
Numbered class : Makuuchi - Ten cars - Makushita - Third stage - First two steps - Introduction
Makuuchi rank : Yokozuna - Ozeki - Sekiwaki - summary - Frontal("#Number" is the rank within each place)

Rename history

  • Ara Onami Port (Ara Onami Minato) November 2011 Location
  • Goushi Minato January 2012 Location --March 1 Location
  • Wakamotoharu Port (Minato Wakamoto) May 2017 Location-


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注 釈

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