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💪 | Just eat "thin sweets" at XNUMX:XNUMX pm.The correct answer for dieting is "carbohydrate on".


Just eat "thin sweets" at midnight.The correct answer for dieting is "carbohydrate on".

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"TV", TV Tokyo "Clinic where you can find your doctor" and many other media appearances.

Carbohydrate off-diet that became a boom for a while.Refrain from rice, bread, noodles, sweets, etc. and limit the amount of sugar ingested ... → Continue reading

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    Many media appearances


    Clinic(Shinryojo, Shinryosho),clinic(Clinic) is one of the medical facilities and is mainly outpatientpatientTo see.

    In many countries of the world, clinicsPrivate management-Public managementBoth exist and are in demand in the areaPrimary health careIs provided.On the other hand, bighospitalThen professional治療With outpatientsHospitalizationI am in charge of both patients.

    Some clinics are larger than well-known hospitals, hospitals andMedicalWhile having a school,clinic It may remain the name of (Mayo ClinicSuch).


    The etymology of the clinic isGreek language Of klinein Derived fromslope(Lean),read(Bend your body),reclineThere is a meaning such as (leaning).cline Is a chaise longue / bed,klinikos Because I was leaning or leaningLatin Of clinicus Was born[1].clinicInitially, the word meant "a person who was baptized in a sickbed."[2].

    Japanese clinic

    Viewed by creatorJapan OfMedical institution(November 2019)[3]
    Public medical institution1,2023,5222614,985
    Social insurance affiliates514507508
    Medical Corporation5,72043,59314,76264,075
    Regarding the Medical Care Act, only the number of articles below is stated.

    Japanese medicalInMedical lawInMedical institutionOne of the functional categories of.DoctorOrDentist Medical treatmentIt is said to be a place to do.

    A "clinic" is a doctor or dentist for the public or a specific majority.Medical practiceOr a place where you do dental practicepatientTheHospitalizationFacility to let (=)Hospital bed)What you don't haveOr19 or fewerThose who have facilities for hospitalization of patients in Japan (Article 1-5, Paragraph 2). A facility equipped with hospitalization facilities for 20 or more people is a "hospital" (Article 1-5, Paragraph 1).

    In the hospitalDoctor-nurse-pharmacistThere is a minimum number of people that must be assigned, but there is no particular standard for the number of people in the clinic except for one doctor who is the administrator.

    Opening procedure

    Doctors who have completed clinical training (Doctor lawA doctor who has been registered pursuant to the provisions of Article 16-4, Paragraph 1. ) And dentists are located within 10 days of openingPrefectural governor(Health centerCity orspecial areaIn the case ofMayorOr the mayor.same as below. ), You can open a clinic (Article 8).This is a hospital (Hospital bedBecause it is simpler than the opening procedure (more than 20)Medical plan(Because of the outside), when opening a clinic with hospitalization facilitiesHospital bedIn some cases, the number is 19 beds.However, in the case of a bedded clinic, it can only be used after the structural equipment has been inspected by the prefectural governor and a permit has been issued (Article 27).

    Clinic founders include individual doctors and dentists, as well asMedical Corporation, Social welfare corporation, etc.CorporationCan also be done (Article 7).In either case, the administrator must be a doctor or dentist (Article 1).In this case, permission from the prefectural governor of the location is required to open the facility.also,Ads-PropagandaHas a number of regulations (Article 6-5).

    Building Standards LawbyZoningRegardless ofOrdinanceUnless otherwise specified, it can be installed anywhere (in contrast to this).hospital TheFirst-class low-rise residential area,Second-class low-rise residential area,Industrial area,Industrial areaCannot be installed).


    Clinics cannot give this a misleading name for hospitals, hospital branches, maternity hospitals and other hospitals (Article 3, Paragraph 2).Many of the names on the permit / notification are "-clinic", "-clinic", and "-clinic".Clinics that provide dental practice are especially called "dental clinics".

    As a similar term, "Hospital, And those that are not hospitals or clinics should not be given confusing names for clinics and other hospitals or clinics (Article 3, Paragraph 1), but clinics do not have a formal definition under the Medical Care Act. , Hospitals or clinics are free to call themselves clinics regardless of the number of beds.

    Clinics depend on the presence or absence of hospitalization facilitiesFlooredIt is divided into clinics and bedless clinics, and according to the "Medical Facility Dynamics Survey" released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 18, the number is 13,819 for the former and 84,371 for the latter.

    In general, doctors and dentists who open and manage clinics and hospitals themselves and are in charge of medical treatmentpractitionerCalled doctors and dentists who work at medical institutionsWorking doctorCall.

    Number of employees

    2004(HeiseiAccording to the Health and Welfare Statistics Handbook (16), the number of doctors engaged in medical facilities by major clinical department name is 92,985 in clinics and 163,683 in hospitals, and the number of dentists is 81,058 in clinics and 11,638 in hospitals. ..Clinics (clinics / clinics) are the second most common place for nurses to work after hospitals.[4]

    Primary care

    In the clinic in JapanPrimary careThe role of is being strongly expected.2014 OfMedical feeIn the revision, a comprehensive regional examination fee will be enacted, and this calculation will require that the patient's examination institution and prescription drugs be fully understood.


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