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⛺ | [Latest 9 selections] Recommended introduction of solar panels Portable power supply and set use are ideal for camping!How to choose ...

Photo Writer "Sally" Taken Jackery Portable Power 1000 and Solar Panel SolarSaga100 See image: https://happycamper.jp/_ct/17494973/p3

[Latest 9 selections] Recommended introduction of solar panels Portable power supply and set use are ideal for camping!How to choose ...

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Both compatible portable power supplies are on sale and can be purchased together.

Solar panels that play an active role in various scenes such as van-dwelling, camping, saving and disaster prevention.Efforts for a sustainable society ... → Continue reading


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    Portable power supply

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      Portable power supply(Portable battery) is a portable battery powered by an external power source.ChargingIt is a power supply device that can supply the stored electricity to electric appliances and equipment.


      In generalSmartphoneIt is widely used as an external power supply for chargingmobile batteryIt is a large-capacity built-in storage battery of thesolar paneletc., and refers to multifunctional products such as AC (100V to 110V) power output.[1].


      mobile batteryseveral times to tens of times compared toBattery capacityAnd since other functions are installed along with multi-functionality, products that are large and heavy and have a handle or carry that can be carried are common.It is also useful as a means of securing power supply outdoors (outdoors).portable generatorInstead ofCamp,Overnight in the car, are attracting attention as disaster preparedness[2]..In addition, the number of large-capacity types that can be used for a long time is increasing, and they are being adopted by local governments for disaster countermeasures.[3].

      Although it varies slightly depending on the product, there are models that have power supply output terminals such as USB, DC12V, AC100V, etc., and that support charging using solar panels by using accessories.Since it can be used with in-vehicle equipment and general home appliances within the allowable output range of the power supply itself, it is possible to secure a power supply even outdoors or in the event of a disaster, etc. where there is no original power supply.[4][5][6].

      used in ordinary householdsmicrowave,Hair DryerEtc. have high power consumption, and about 1000W to 1500W like household power supply is required to operate them, but due to technological progress of storage battery performance and charging function, rating 1500W (100V 15A) or more similar to household power supply There are also models that can output,Camp,Overnight in the carDespite the high price, demand is growing because it has the advantage of not using fire or fuel for storage as a disaster countermeasure and power generation / cooking in addition to being used outdoors.[7][8].

      Overall the productOEM/ODMIn many cases, the same product may be developed under multiple brands.In addition, there are products with the same internal design (specifications) only due to the difference in housing design.Chinese companies are leading the way in this field.brandFocus on "strategy"Cost performanceWe are developing a large number of highly attractive products[Source required].

      利 点

      • A large amount of power can be easily supplied to places without power supply equipment.
      • Low running cost
      • GeneratorCompared to, the noise during use is much smaller[9]
      • Can be used in closed rooms such as in vehicles and tents
      • High resistance to failure due to various charging methods
      • Highly suitable as a disaster prevention product


      • Due to its low output compared to the generator, there is a limit to the equipment / power that can be used.[10]
      • Since the waveform output differs depending on the product, care must be taken with the electrical products used.[11]
      • Due to the nature of using a battery, the price will be high
      • Sensitive to low temperatures[12]
      • Not suitable for long-term continuous operation
      • Care must be taken in maintenance and storage location even during long-term storage as a disaster countermeasure or when not operating outside the season.[13]

      Comparison with conventional generators

      As described in the above advantages / disadvantages column, there are many points that the handling is very good compared to the conventional generator, such as less noise and indoor use, but in terms of power limitation and continuous operation. As of 2021, major issues remain.While portable power supplies are mainly operated in places where electric power is originally present or in the vicinity, generators use fuel for a long time / large in spaces where electric power does not exist, such as outdoors. The purpose is to supply electric power, and since it is different from the original purpose, it is not easy to compare.

      As an uninterruptible power supply

      For models that can output while charging, or are equipped with instant switching from the pass-through functionUninterruptible power systemThe same operation as is possible.

      These are not as reliable as advanced commercial products, but by using them while charging them more than usual for disaster prevention in general homes and small offices, sudden shutdown of electronic devices should be possible even in the event of a power outage. While preventing it, it can still be operated as a large-capacity battery until power is restored, so it is becoming popular along with disaster prevention products for companies.[14].

      About recommended certification for disaster prevention products, etc.

      At the Disaster Prevention and Safety Association, a portable power supply that is highly safe and can be effectively used in the event of a disaster through rigorous examination based on the evaluation criteria of necessity, safety, functionality, and convenience in the event of a disaster at the disaster prevention product recommendation product examination committee. Certified many products[15][16][17].

      About Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law

      Although it is a portable power supply that is highly evaluated for planned operation and short-term disaster prevention purposes, fire accidents and explosion accidents have occurred in multiple models in Japan as well.[18][19]..Unlike mobile batteries, portable power supplies are not regulated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE mark), so as of 2021, it is not possible to visually determine what kind of safety functions the product is equipped with.

      Main brands

      • Aiper
      • Anker
      • ASAGAO
      • AUKEY
      • BALDR
      • BigBlue
      • ECOFLOW
      • EENOUR
      • GOODGOODS (Good Goods)
      • HONDA
      • iMuto
      • Jackery
      • JVC / Made by Jackery
      • LACITA
      • MATECH
      • MAXPOWER
      • Made by OMORC / MPOW
      • ONESTEP
      • OUKITEL
      • PECRON
      • PowerArQ By SmartTap
      • RAVPower


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