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👩‍🎤 | BOLT [Live Report] Tour Tokyo performance that showed growth by delivering performance earnestly "...

Photo BOLT [Live Report] Tour Tokyo performance "Let's forget about tomorrow and enjoy!"

BOLT [Live Report] Tour Tokyo performance that showed growth by delivering performance earnestly "...

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Chiho Takai says, "I think we are BOLT's big brothers!

BOLT will be on May 5th (Sat) and 28th (Sun) at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX for the second time ... → Continue reading


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      Chiho Takai

      Chiho Takai(Chiho Takai,200111/20-) isJapan OfIdol,singer,talent,actress,Fashion ModelAndBOLTMembers ofNamie Women's UnionIs a member of.TEAR OFFICIAL GIRL.FormerRock A Japonica, Original3B junior, OriginalMini Cheer Bears.

      TokyoI'm fromStardust promotionBelongs.


      * Activities as a group are each group (BOLT,Rock A Japonica,3B Junior,Mini Cheer Bears) Page.


      November 11, by a scoutStardust promotionJoined.


      Joined Mini Cheer Bears in April.


      On March 3, Mini Cheer Bears disbanded.

      Joined 11B junior on November 1st.


      On January 1th, the 27st single "World Peace" was released as Rock A Japonica.King recordMore major debut[1].


      From April 4th to March 14th, 2019, the stage of the Samurai Rock Orchestra "Muscle Fantasy" Wizard of Oz"ToDorothy役として出演。(4月14日 群馬公演、6月10日 富山公演、9月2日 埼玉公演、9月17日 札幌公演、10月7日 東京公演、2019年1月19日 大分公演、2月16日 鹿児島公演、3月9日 沖縄千穐楽公演)[2][3][4][5]


      April 4, the activity as Rock A Japonica ends[6].

      July 7th, former Rock A JaponicaRuna Naito・ Chiho Takai ・Misato HiraseTo three peopleAoyama rape blossoms-Aya ShirahamaStarted activities as a member of the new unit "BOLT" of 5 people including[7].

      August 8-17, TokyoMeijizaAppeared in "Momokuro Ichiza Special Performance" held at[8].

      XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Namie Women's UnionAppeared on the stage of "Reconstruction Namie Town Tokaichi Festival" as a member of[9]..Since then, he has also been involved in the activities of the Namie Women's Union.


      July 7th BOLT's 15st album "POP』Released,EVIL LINE RECORDSMajor debut from (King Record).

      October 10, the song "Don't BlinkIs the theme song of the TV drama "Donburi Chairman』(BS Tele) At the online press conference and greeted on behalf of BOLT[10].


      September 7, "TEAR』(Tokuma bookstore) Participation in "Regular Model Audition" was announced[11][12].

      On August 8, it became the second place in the "LARME Regular Model Audition" and became the semi-grand prix.[13].

      Self-produced performance "BOLT ONE MAN LIVE @" on November 11th, the last day of teenagersLIQUID ROOMHeld in a three-part system[14].


      • Nicknames are "Chi" and "Chi-chan"[15].
      • My hobbies / special skills are listening to music and idols.BlogSeeing, writing[15].
      • Height is 160.5 cm. She said she was over 2020 cm measured at the hospital in November 11InstagramReported in the story of.
      • Medical officeReported on Instagram on January 2021, 1 that he was qualified as a Certified Practitioner[16].
      • He has a unique sense of painting and is sometimes called a "painter".The feature is that when drawing a face, the teeth are often drawn clearly.
      • My favorite foods are "tuna," "bonjiri," "gizzard," and "potato."[15].
      • My favorite idol is a senior of Stardust Promotion in my agency.Momoiro Clover Z, GuessShiori Tamai..Other than the same officeBaby Rays JAPAN, GuessErika Denya.
      • Among the members of Rock A Japonica, he was especially close to Misato Hirase, and was called the "Chimii" duo.
      • Outside of Rock A Japonica members, former 3B junior Maai Nagayama,Batten Girls Corps OfRiko Ueda,ukka OfAyame KawaseI am intimate.
      • Ayame Kawase (ukka) of the same Stardust Promotion,Maika Kimino(Aww!) Was a classmate of the same high school[17].
      • In the self-introduction during the Rock A Japonica era, he said that he was a leisurely person who was overtaken by turtles and hated to lose at his own pace.
      • At Rock A Japonica, I was in charge of MC from October 2017, 10.[18].. He is also in charge of MC at BOLT.
      • At Rock A Japonica's one-man live on September 2018, 9DrumFirst performance[19]..He has been practicing drums ever since[20].. He also performed drums at the live performances of "Odaiba Folk Village" on March 2020, 3 and BOLT on November 19, 2021.
      • TEAM SHACHI OfAkimoto HoukaAnd the originalOctopus rainbow OfSaki KiyoiHe also participates in the unit "Honosaki Chii".
      • In 2021, "LARME" regular model audition ranked second, and is also active as LARME OFFICIAL GIRL.[21].


      * Appearance as a group is each group (BOLT,Namie Women's Union,Rock A Japonica,3B Junior,Mini Cheer Bears) Page


      • Tokinokakera (A Piece of Dogu)[22][23](2013)




      • Muscle Fantasy Oz Wizard[30](2018)
      • Momokuro Ichiza special performance[8](2019)


      • KaoNewspaper advertising model (2014)

      Music video

      Books and magazines

      • "OVERTURENo.020 (released on September 2019, 9)[31]
      • "TEAR」2021å¹´11 月号(2021å¹´9月16日発売)、2022å¹´2月号(2021å¹´12月17日発売)、2022å¹´8月号(2022å¹´6月17日発売)

      Internet TV / live video distribution



      * The works as a group are each group (BOLT,Namie Women's Union,Rock A Japonica,3B Junior,Mini Cheer Bears) Page

      original song

      Year of announcementtitleAuthorRemarks
      2016My Life StoryLyrics: Chiho Takai

      Composer: Yudai Ota

      The completed version was unveiled for the first time on September 9, "29B junior Chiho Takai and Gachinko3 Hekikuchikara".[32]
      2018You and your smileLyrics and composition: IMAKISASA


      Included in Rock A Japonica's 2018th single "MUGEN" (Chiho Takai) released on December 12, 12[33]

      Other participating works

      • "Cat Walk" (KAMOSHIKA)[34]
      • "I love Ryujin-kun ♡" (Earphones×Runa Naito・ Chiho Takai ・Misato Hirase(Ex. Rock A Japonica) ×Seiryuto)[35]
      • "Momokuro Ichiza Special Performance" Blu-ray[36]
      • "Tutorial love" (Honosaki Chii)
      • "My magic" (Honosaki Chii)


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