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👍 | "Everyone should be unhappy" People who are desperate to see the happiness of others on SNS.


"Everyone should be unhappy" People who are desperate to see the happiness of others on SNS.

If you write the contents roughly
But at the point of concern, I haven't managed to feel my inferiority complex.

I like SNS quite a lot, so Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts ... → Continue reading

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Inferiority(Let's go,British: Inferiority complex) Is that you feel inferior to others.Inferiority complexAlso known as (Retsugokan).Used to describe people with a strong sense of inequalityPsychologyIt is a term that often causes extreme shyness, self-isolation, social obedience, and so on.Inferiority complex often results from the belief that one is somehow lacking or inferior to all others.[1] .

PsychoanalysisAs a term ofSigmund FreudIt was the first time that he used it in his own book, and later his colleague'sCarl JungIt was also used in the work of.Classic Adler PsychologyFounder ofAlfred AdlerManyNeurosisThought that the cause was to try to make up for this inferiority complex excessively.

JapanSo generally by mistakeコ ン プ レ ッ ク スIs sometimes used simply to refer to inferiority complex,PsychologyComplex as a term無意識下 にsuppressionBeing, sticking, and sometimes strong感情InduceIdeaIt refers to the complex of, and the inferiority complex is correctly ".Inferiority complex(Inferiority complex) "[2][3].


This is mainlyA human OfHeart(精神) Is the sensation that occurs.Humans are in the process of growthselfHowever, at this stage, a sense of competition with others is created, and the result of that competitive setback is regarded as an inferiority complex.The feeling of inferiority makes the person who holds it depressed (dark and depressed feeling), but at the same time, overcoming it creates further prospects.In many cases,Children,teensHas various inferiority complex.However, they can be said to be suffering during growth.

Alfred AdlerAccording to the inferiority complex, inferiority complex is due to childhood growth environment (eg compared to siblings), physical and mental limitations, and experience of social discrimination (eg racial, financial situation, gender inequality). That it can be triggered[4] .


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