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🎣 | Medieval colony life sim "Clanfolk" that can be fished and traded Early access started on July 7-Land ...

Photo Medieval colony life sim "Clanfolk" that can be fished and traded Early access started on July 7-Creating land and building prosperity of the clan

Medieval colony life sim "Clanfolk" that can be fished and traded Early access started on July 7-Land ...

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First, we will build base houses and farmlands in wastelands such as mountains, forests, grasslands, and lakes, and take time to develop them into industrial farms, ranches, and trading centers.

Developer MinMax Games has a life sim "Clanfolk" set in medieval Scotland. → Continue reading

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Industrial farm

Trading house

Trading house(Brothel)Open port・ MainlyForeign settlementIt is a commercial facility that doubles as an accommodation and warehouse set up in the area called.Merchants from specific countries were obliged to live together in one trading house and were not allowed to go out or trade freely, and only local merchants patented by the local government were allowed to visit the trading house and trade.


The settlement itself was set up with the purpose of isolating foreigners in order to avoid various frictions caused by free contact between local residents and foreigners.A barrier is surrounded around the factory, and an official who supervises the entry and exit of people to the factory is dispatched, and the country side where the factory is set up also has an officer to manage the factory, and the merchants who stay there I was obliged to follow the instructions.

The roots of the factory areHellenistic eraBack to IndiaGreek-RomeIt is said that there was a factory facility by. In the 11th century, IslamicHundukA factory calledFatima morningIncluding the territory of地中海It was built in Japan and had a structure that united an inn and a warehouse.There were other facilities with similar functions such as Khan and Caravanserai. European Fondaco in the 12th century has its etymology Hunduk.Fondaco was at the point of contact with the Islamic sphere of influence(I.e.SicilyIt is said that it appeared in Europe, and it has been installed in the Near East area from Europe.ア レ ク サ ン ド リ アIs an Arabian factory,ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アA German factory was set up in.Germany·Hanseatic AllianceKontor and Kaufhaus in southern Germany are similar facilities.The Steelyards in London and the St. Peter's House in Novgorod, set up by the Hanseatic League, were well known.Age of DiscoverySince then, factories have been set up in various parts of Asia.PortugalbyGore-MacauFactory and the NetherlandsNagasaki Factory, Guangzhou / Shanghai Factory in the United Kingdom is a typical example.In Europe, the rise of free trade in the 19th century diminished the significance of factories and disappeared, but in Asia and Africa, they have been set up in various places, including India and China, and the opening ports of Japan since the opening of the country, and are developed countries. It functioned as a base for overseas expansion.


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