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👍 | "HUNTER x HUNTER" Yoshihiro Togashi has opened an official Twitter account!With the possibility of resuming serialization, "Amon ...

Photo "HUNTER x HUNTER" Yoshihiro Togashi opens official Twitter!"Among Us" official account reacts with excitement to the possibility of resuming serialization

"HUNTER x HUNTER" Yoshihiro Togashi opens official Twitter!With the possibility of resuming serialization, "Amon ...

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"Among Us" official Twitter responded to this post by "OMG ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? OK YES OK YES YES YES YES YES YES YES VERY EXCITING THANK YOU SO MUCH "

Yoshihiro Togashi, a cartoonist known for his manga "HUNTER x HUNTER", created an official Twitter account ... → Continue reading

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Among Us

"Among Us[Note 3]"Choonpu", "Choonpu", "Choonpu", "Choonpu"[Note 4]) Was developed by Inner Sloth(English edition-(English editionGame[1][2].2018/6/15ToAndroidandiOSFor the same year11/16ToMicrosoft Windows,2020/12/16ToNintendo SwitchAlso released for[11][12].2021/12/15ToXbox One,PlayStation 4andXbox Series X / S,PlayStation 5Released for.Also on the same dayPS4,PS5,SwitchThe package version was released for[22].


This work has the theme of space, so-called "Werewolf gamesThe players are Crewmate (meaning "crew") (citizens) and a few in-posters (Impostor: "scamIt means "master" or "fake master", but in this work it can be divided into two roles: "fake" <meaning an alien intelligent creature that mimics a crew>) (human wolf).[1][2][23][24][25].

The crew's goal is to identify and eliminate in-posters and complete tasks on the map (such as investigating and eliminating obstacles that interfere with the crew).[1][23][24][25]..One in-poster is to secretly interfere and kill the crew before completing all the tasks.[1][23][24][25]..Players who appear to be impostors may be excluded from the game as a result of multiple suspicious crew voting in cases such as corpse discovery and emergency convocation.[23][25]..Crew wins when all in-posters are eliminated or all tasks on the map are completed[23][25]..On the other hand, the impostor wins when the crew and the number of impostors are the same, or when the significant obstruction caused by the impostor is not resolved.[23][25].

This work was released in 2018 and received little attention at first, but manyTwitchstreamer,YouTuberBecame popular in 2020 because of the play[1][23][24]..In response to the popularity of the game, the sequel "Among Us 2020" was announced in August 8, but it was canceled a month later, and the development team shifted its focus to improving the original game (this work). did[1][3][26][27].

Game content

This is a multiplayer game that can be played by 4 to 15 players (up to 2021 before June 6, 15).[1][2][23][24][25]..In each game, one to three players (up to two before June 1, 3) will be randomly selected to become "in posters" and the rest will be "crews".[24]..The in-poster can also grasp another in-poster.


Crew purpose

For the crewMini gamesGiven various "tasks" in the form of[23][24][25], Perform system maintenance work such as electrical wiring and engine refueling at specific locations on the map.Some tasks are completed by a single task, while others are long tasks that go through multiple facilities.Also, the number of tasks can be changed by setting the room owner.When the task is completed, the task gauge on the upper left of the screen rises (can be hidden in the settings, and the task gauge update can be changed at the time of the meeting).

Purpose of the in-poster

The in-poster cannot complete the task given to the crew, but can be given a "fake task" (fake task) to blend in with the crew, as well as perform a "sabotage" (sabotage). Cause a power outageField of viewNarrow orReactorYou can add tasks such as causing abnormalities in the game to interfere with the progress of the game[23][24][25]..You can also teleport to another vent that is connected through "vents" (vents) located throughout the map, killing the crew in collaboration with other inposters.[23][24][25]..Once killed, a cool time will occur, so it cannot be killed continuously.The visibility of the in-poster does not narrow even during a power outage.

Death (after exile) player behavior

In both crew-in-posters, players become "ghosts" (ghosts) when they die and can pass through walls, but dialogue with surviving players is restricted and invisible to anyone except other ghosts.[23][24][25]..However, ghosts can help surviving players, perform tasks (as a crew), and perform sabotage (as an in-poster).[23]..In addition, ghosts can see the entire screen regardless of the setting of the field of view and the presence or absence of walls and sabotage, and ghosts can always chat with each other.Also, even if you become a ghost, you can still watch admins and cameras. (It will not be reflected.) In the case of a crew member, even if he dies, the in-poster will not be displayed until someone is settled.

How to win

The crew wins by completing all tasks (eliminating any additional task sabotage if it is running) or by identifying and eliminating all inposters.[23]..One in-poster wins by killing the crew himself or in a conference vote to make it equal to the number of in-posters (making them banished), or by expiring the sabotage that will be wiped out after a certain amount of time To do[23].

Expulsion meeting

Any player who finds a corpse can report it, regardless of crew-in-poster, and the report can stop the game in progress and start a group meeting after revealing all the dead at that time.[1][23][24][25](At the start of the meeting, the corpses that were on the map before the meeting started will be removed).You can also start a similar "emergency meeting" by pressing a button on the map, except when sabotage is in progress.[1][23][24][25](The maximum number of times each person can press can be set).However, if you press the button to start the meeting, there will be no corpses left on the map after the restart, so if there are dead people, you will not know where they were killed.

At the meeting, discussions will be held to identify the in-poster based on the evidence surrounding each player's situation.[1][23][24][25]..At the end of each meeting, the surviving players will vote (each person can skip voting), and the elected players will be removed from the map and die.[23][24][25](If there are the most votes for skipping, or if there are multiple voting destinations with the same number of votes, including skipping, no one will die).Surviving players text only during the meetingチ ャ ッ トCan communicate with[1][23][25](In a later update, a shortcut input function for specifying a person, current position, question / declaration, etc. will be installed. The content of the update can be turned ON or OFF by setting).In the gamevoice chatIs not built inDiscordIt has become common to use external applications such as, and volunteer MOD introduction servers that have introduced voice chat.[1].

However, the main axis of the game is to search for an alibi between players who have limited means of notifying each other's situation, and if voice chat is used during the match, the game balance will collapse, so before the start of the match A production that encourages self-restraint from using voice chat is inserted.

More informations

In addition to the facilities for tasks on the map, there are facilities such as the above-mentioned emergency meeting button, facilities that can grasp the position of the player, and facilities that can browse the surveillance camera.

In the lobby where players gather before and after the game, various options have been adjusted to determine the number of tasks, crew and in-poster visibility, number of emergency meetings, anonymous voting, and in-poster when player exclusion. Can be customized regarding gameplay, such as presence / absence[28][29][30]..There are also items that can change the appearance of the character, and there is a charge.Download contentsIs also included[Note 5][7][28][32][33][17]..There are four types of maps for playing the game: "The Skeld", "Mira HQ", "Polus", and "The Airship".[23][24].

It is also possible for the playing user to incorporate their own mods with additional rules.

Role [Title]

Rules added from November 2021, 11.At the same time as the crew and in-poster are decided, a role with a special effect will be given.Whether or not a job title is granted can be selected in the settings.Each detail can also be changed in the settings.

Crew camp

I have a rechargeable vital and can browse it anywhere for a few seconds.Vital charging is done when the task is completed.
You can enter the vent and move.However, there is a cool time for vent movement.Also, if you do not decide the destination within a certain time, you will automatically go out.
If there is an in-poster in the vent you are trying to enter, you can force the in-poster to be ejected.
Also, if the crew has a vent task, it will be forcibly discharged.
Guard Angel
You can put a barrier on the surviving crew for a period of time to prevent the crew from killing.Crews who are killed and become ghosts during play are selected for this position in the order of earliest, not the position assigned from the beginning.Only the guardian angel and the in-poster aiming at the kill can tell if the barrier has been activated, but the fact that it was posted can be confirmed at the time of the emergency meeting.Since it is also a ghost, you can see the entire screen and pass through the wall.If the guardian angel leaves due to a line drop, the next crew member who died after that will take over the ability.
Unlike normal ghosts, it is recognizable because it has feathers.

The crew camp's special abilities cannot be used while jamming.

In-poster camp

An in-poster that can be transformed into another player for a certain period of time.There is a cool time to transform, only crews that are on the map (including corpse states) can be transformed, not crews that are not on the map.The transformation and untransformation motions can be seen by other people.

Also, you can enjoy various positions by inserting MOD. * The Other Roles, The Other Roles GM, Super New Roles, Town Of Host, etc.

Map type

The Skeld

A stage reminiscent of the inside of a spaceship.Players sentenced to exile are thrown into outer space.
Where you can do tasks
Weapon room, upper engine, lower engine, cafeteria, shield room, security room, navigation, medical office, management room, nuclear reactor, oxygen room, communication room, electric room, storage room.
The starting point and the restart point after the meeting are around the button in the cafeteria in the center of the stage.
Sabotage with in-poster
Door lock, power outage, communication jamming, oxygen depletion, meltdown that opens after 10 seconds of room time other than the management room, communication room, oxygen room, weapon room, shield room, and navigation.
Inposter wins if oxygen depletion and meltdown cannot resolve the anomaly within 30 seconds.
Until the power outage is restored, the crew's view will be extremely narrowed.
Until the jamming is restored, the crew will not know where to do their tasks, and surveillance cameras and management devices will not be able to see the information.
Elements other than tasks
Security room surveillance cameras and management room management equipment.
While the surveillance cameras are in operation, the status of four maps: the passage between the reactor and the security room, the passage between the communication room and the cafeteria and the storage, the passage above the medical office, and the passage between the oxygen room and the shield room. Can be confirmed.The camera light flashes while the player is in use.
While the management device is operating, you can see how many players are in which room, but the corpse and the in-poster hidden in the vent of the room are also added as one person.Also, players in the aisle between rooms are not detected.

MIRA HQ (Headquarters of Space Station Mira)

A stage like a flight fortress.Players sentenced to exile are pushed out of the sky.
Where you can do tasks
12 offices, cafeterias, balconies, medical offices, greenhouses, management rooms, laboratories, nuclear reactors, communication rooms, aisles, launch pads, and storage.
The starting point is the launch pad and the restart point after the meeting is the cafeteria.The decontamination room between the reactor / laboratory and the locker room will not open unless the switch is activated, and it will take time to pass because the other door will open after decontaminating the player in the room.
Sabotage with in-poster
Power outages, jamming, oxygen depletion, meltdown.Inposter wins if oxygen depletion and meltdown cannot be resolved within 45 seconds.Only on this stage, all the vents are connected.
Elements other than tasks
Communication room door log history and management room management device
The log history of the door has lines that detect the passage of the player in three places: the passage between the locker room and the communication room, the passage between the office and the management room, and the passage at the upper entrance of the cafeteria. You can see who passed the place.

Polus (Planetary Base Polus)

A stage that seems to be a winter rocket launch facility built near the crater.Players sentenced to exile are dropped into the crater. If the player is an in-poster when the "Confirm Expulsion" setting is turned on,Sinking into lava while thumbs up.
Where you can do tasks
12 weapon rooms, offices, dropships, boiler rooms, medical offices, laboratories, oxygen rooms, outboards, communication rooms, electrical rooms, specimen rooms, and storage rooms.
The starting point is the dropship and the restarting point after the meeting is the office.
Sabotage with in-poster
Door locks, power outages, jamming, and seismic resistance equipment failures in rooms other than the oxygen room, communication room, and specimen room.
Inposter wins if the abnormality cannot be resolved within 60 seconds for the seismic resistance device failure.Also, the door lock on this stage will not open unless you approach a closed door and turn off (on) all eight randomly turned on (off) switches.
Elements other than tasks
Security room surveillance cameras, management room management equipment, and office vital equipment.
While the surveillance camera is in operation, you can check the status of the maps at 6 locations on the stage by switching one by one.The camera emits light during use.
The surveillance camera can be used even during jamming, but the screen becomes a sandstorm (light emission continues).While the vital device is operating, you can see which player is alive.Surviving players are displayed in green, players with no corpses left on the map are displayed in gray, and players with dead bodies remaining on the map are displayed in red the moment they die.

The Airship

The stage inside the airship based on the Infiltrating the Airship of the developer "The Henry Stickmin Collection" added on April 2021, 4.Players sentenced to exile are dropped from the airship.
Where you can do tasks
Engine room, kitchen, cockpit, shower room, security room, meeting room, main hall, lounge, cargo room, ventilation room, vault, aisle in front of the dormitory, elevator, examination room, communication room, observation deck, electric room, armory 19 pieces.
The starting point and the restart point of the meeting are randomly selected from three places from the aisle in front of the dormitory, the engine room, the kitchen, the main hall, the archive, and the cargo room, and the player can choose one of them ( If you do not select within 3 seconds, it will be random from 1 places).Of the three options, the one on the left is on the left side of the map, and the one on the right is on the right side of the map.The elevator is divided into two areas on the left and right, and only the one-seater lift between the stages goes back and forth directly between the left and right areas, but the lift used does not come back, so one side until someone uses it on the other side. The area will not be able to use the lift (although the in-poster can be moved by venting).At the beginning of the game, the electric room starts with 10 doors closed at random within the range that does not block the traffic to another room, so the route that can be taken changes every game.When the crew enters the darkroom in the main hall, the visibility becomes narrower to the same range as during a power outage.Inposters and ghosts are unaffected.A special chime is sounded when an expulsion meeting occurs.
Sabotage with in-poster
Communication room / kitchen / passage in front of the dormitory / main hall / archive / examination room door lock / power outage / jamming / collision course avoidance.
In-poster wins if the collision course avoidance cannot resolve the anomaly within 90 seconds.The door lock on this stage will not open unless you approach the closed door and authenticate your card key.In addition, card authentication may fail if the card is swiped too fast or not through to the end, but if it is too slow, it will not fail.The power outage can be fixed in three places: the cargo compartment, the elevator, and the observation deck, but since all the switches on the operation panel are linked, it is possible to remotely interfere with the recovery from the power outage.
Elements other than tasks
Cockpit management equipment, security room surveillance cameras, and examination room vital equipment.While the vital device is operating, you can see which player is alive.Surviving players are displayed in green, players with no corpses left on the map are displayed in gray, and players with dead bodies remaining on the map are displayed in red the moment they die.While the surveillance camera is in operation, you can check the status of each of the six maps at the left end of the meeting room, the center of the vault, the left end of the engine room, the center of the archive, the security room, and the bottom of the cargo room.The camera light flashes during use.The surveillance camera can be used even during jamming, but the screen becomes a sandstorm (light emission continues).

Development / release

Development and release of works

This work is an actual party game(English editionInspired by[34], Initially equipped with only one mapmobileScheduled as a dedicated local multiplayer game[7][35]..Designer Marcus Bromander was working on Inner Sloth to create the game's first map, The Skeld.(Spanish version』Development suspended[8].

In June 2018, "Among Us" was released for Android and iOS[7][36]..The average number of simultaneous players immediately after release was 30 to 50[29].. Bromander said, "(InnerSloth) is really bad at marketing," and programmer Forest Willard thought, "It wasn't released very well."[6]..The team intended to give up, but continued to work to respond to the little feedback they received, adding online multiplayer, new tasks, and customizable configuration options.[37]..After that, the PC version was released through Steam in November 2018, and the PC and mobile devicesCross platformCorresponding to[6][10][38][39].

2019/8/8Announced the second map, "Mira HQ"11/12Added a third map named "Polus"[40][41][42]..Initially 4 for both mapsDollarIt was necessary to charge a lot, but in 20201/6Was reduced to $ 26/11Became free[43].. According to Willard, the team "perhaps stuck to the game longer than necessary from a pure business perspective," and regularly updated the game once a week.As a result, the number of players has steadily increased, and the player base has also increased.(English editionSpread to[6].

A major update was implemented on April 2021, 4.Many new functions such as the addition of a new map "The Airship" and shortcut input of the message board have been implemented, and it is now possible to report fraudulent and annoying players to the operation, and the account will be temporarily or permanently suspended according to the contents. Features have also been implemented.

Growing popularity

Increasing popularity and factors

Although this work was released in 2018, it wasn't until mid-2020 that it showed a surge in popularity, and its popularity became South KoreaBrazilWas driven by online content creators. According to BromanderAmericathanMexicoIt is said that it was even more popular in Brazil and South Korea.[6][7]..Also, according to Willard, in July 2020TwitchStreamerSodapoppinStates that it has ignited the popularity of the game on Twitch.[6]..To follow thisXQc,Pokimane,Shroud,Ninja,PewDiePieMany Twitch streamers and YouTubers are now playing[2][35][44][45].

Global pandemic of new coronavirus infectionsBySocial distance expansion strategyThrough the game while (social distanceting) is being advocatedSocializationWas frequently quoted as the reason why this work became popular because it made it possible.[6][40][46][47].EurogamerEmma Kent believes that the release of InnerSloth's "The Henry Stickmin Collection" also contributed to the popularity of the album.PC GamerWes Fenlon analyzes that Twitch streamer SR_Kaif is credited.[34][35][44]..In addition, this work is "(English editionOther popular mafia-inspired likeテ ー ブ ル ゲ ー ムThe similarities with are also cited as reasons for success.Among the games similar to the mafia, "(English editionAnd '(English edition”, But Fenlon saw these as“ just adding an online interface to the basic Werewolf game ”, but this work makes the concept completely new. It is said that it was done[35].

Popularity to continuing works

The popularity of this work continued after that, in September 2020,YouTubeReported that the video about this work was watched more than 40 billion times[48][49].TikTokSo, it was played more than 2020 billion times in October 10[3].. In September 2020, the number of game downloads exceeded 9 million times[1][35][50], The number of players connected at the same time has risen to 150 million[51], Nearly 40 of them were connected from Steam[4][40][52]..After that, it peaked in the second half of September, and the number of players reached 9 million.[50][53]..Around this time, the game server was overloaded due to a sudden increase in players. According to Willard, "It was completely free at the time.The AmazonIt was a server, and it was terrible, "he said, so he had to hurry to repair the server.[37].

The popularity of the game includes the phenomenon of "crews onas"[33][54],Fan art,Internet memeHad a big impact on[37][55][56].. Willard describes fan-created content as "really the best," and Bromander describes it as "the best favorite to watch."[37]..In the midst of popularity, Inner SlothPlayStation 4,Xbox OneSuch asconsoleI was considering porting the game to the device.However, standard text-based or voice-based chat seemed unusable, causing problems in implementing player-to-player communication capabilities.team is"Rocket LeagueWe considered developing a system similar to the "quick communication" system and a completely new communication system for games. As of September 2020, it is unclear what the development is like, but at least porting is under consideration.[57][58].

Play by politicians and controversial military personnel

2020 year 10 month,United States House of RepresentativesMemberIsAlexandria Ocasio-CortezIlhan OmarIt is,Next United States Presidential ElectionAs a way to encourage voting for, the game was streamed with prominent streamers such as Pokimain and Hasan Piker, attracting nearly 70 simultaneous viewers on Twitch.[59][60][61][62].

On the other hand,US Navy esports teamStreaming by

In this team, one player said "Nagasaki" or "Japan 1945"Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki cityUsernames that make fun ofBlackAgainstContempt(Niger) Was called "gamer word".On the Internet, on the other hand, there was a flood of criticisms such as "unscrupulous" and "spitting."[63][64].

Cancellation of sequel and review of plan

In August 2020, the development team shifted its focus to the sequel, "Among Us 8".[17][16][18][19]..However, during this time Willard and Amy Liu continued to update the game, adding four servers in three regions to increase the maximum player base, adding longer game code, and more games at the same time. Corresponding to be able to proceed[65].

9/23Announced discontinuation of sequel development[26][27]..Instead, "many players are enjoying'Among Us'", so in addition to continuous improvement and support for this game, we decided to add content for the sequel.[26][27][44][66][67].. InnerSloth determined that the game's code base was "outdated and not built to add new content," and rebuilt the core code of the game to allow new content to be added. I was planning to release a sequel above[26][27][67]..The development team then announced plans for game server issues and widespread fraud.[68][69][70], Addition of system to expel player[71]Made improved gameplay when playing as a ghost[72]..As a future plan, we will add optional settings to customize the game,Color blindnessSupport for, friend function, addition of new map based on The Henry Stickmin series produced by Bromander, etc. have been announced[26][44][66][67][71][73].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nintendo Direct On the same day as the announcement at the Indie World Showcase (16th in Japan), this work was released for Nintendo Switch. For the first time in the Switch versionJapaneseCompatible with mobile version and Windows versionCross playAlso supports[11][12]..In response to this announcementTwitterIn Japan's trend in Japan, words such as "Switch version" and "Japanese support" related to the announcement entered the trend.[12].

With the update delivered on March 2021, 3, the mobile version and Windows version also support Japanese.This made it possible to play Japanese on all compatible models.This update introduces a quick chat feature that enables easy and speedy conversations using standard text.[74].

It is scheduled to be released to the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in 2021, and there are plans to be able to play on the same model.[13][14].

Chat spam by hackers

In mid-October 2020, call himself "Eris Loris"hackerBut mainlyNorth AmericaChat targeting your serverス パ ムStarted. "Among Us" subreddit (Reddit(Community in) and Twitter have reported that the lobby has been manipulated and in-game chats have been disrupted by YouTube channel links, links to Discord servers, and controversial political messages.[75]..Ellis Loris personally responds to players who refuse to subscribe, as well as directing them to their YouTube channel.hackingThen he was threatening.Also, on Discord's server,RacismWordsbleed-Pornography-Animal crueltyDepictedimageAnd so onNSFWcontentIs known to have been included[76].

10/23Eurogamer's report, published in, includes an interview with a person named Ellis Loris via a link to the Discord server posted in the chat.In an interview, Loris created a bot that caused hacking "in just 6 hours" and up to 50 peoplevolunteerCollectBotnetClaims to have increased the strength of the attack.The hack also affected 150 million games and 490 million players in the upcoming US presidential election.Donald TrumpHe added that it was part of a promotion that encouraged people to vote for[76].

InnerSloth,10/22Added an in-game message to warn players about hacking[76]..The next day, he issued a statement on Twitter, stating that he was "very aware" of the issue and would deliver an "emergency server update" to combat hacking.With that in mind, we encouraged you to avoid playing public games and stick to private games until the update is available.[77]..The development teamoverhaulAs part of the hackingVulnerabilityAre planning to deal with[68][69][70].

Implementation of vent task

2021/11/10The vent task was implemented in, and the task will occur in all vents except the map porous.By performing the vent task, it is possible to forcibly discharge the in-poster and engineer inside the vent.After the crew has done a vent task, the vent will not have an in-poster or engineer during the match.

Friend list and horse mode

2022/3/31, A friend list has been added.You can apply from your friend code or someone who has played recently.Also, an invitation function has been added. 20224/1, Uma mode was implemented for only one day.According to the official, it is an April Fool's joke.This feature4/2Deleted at 9am.

Evaluation / response


AP communicationThis work will be in October 2020iPhoneandiPadBothApp StoreIt is said to be the most downloaded app in[80].Rock, Paper, ShotgunCraig Pearson says it's "much more fun" to play as an in-poster than to play as a "tired" crewmate.[81].. Alice O'Conner describes the game as "a mafia or werewolf, but there is a mini-game."[82].. Andrew Penney of The Gamer said the game was "worth the price" and "the fun of the game depends on who you play with."[28]..Regarding its popularity among streamers, The National's Evelyn Lau said, "Looking at the reaction of people trying to guess who is an in-poster, it's not an in-poster (although sometimes it makes a big mistake). It's a lot of fun to see the reaction of people who are terribly lying. "[46].

Since it was popular as a party game during the global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection,Fall GuysIs often compared with[6][73][83], The developers of each gameTwitterRecognize each other positively[84][85]..Also, as one of the factors that are easy to compare, the characters of both gamesJelly beansIt is also mentioned that it looks like[86][87].


Award yearDepartmentResultSource
2020/Golden Joystick Awards 2020Breakthrough PrizeAward[88]
The Game Awards 2020Best Mobile GameAward[89][90]
Best Multiplayer GameAward


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