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📱 | All Nippon Airways domestic automatic check-in machine will be removed by the end of next year


All Nippon Airways domestic automatic check-in machine will be removed by the end of next fiscal year

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If you can't use the app, you can still check in face-to-face.

All Nippon Airways is now able to make reservations for domestic flights and check-in with a smartphone app, so it can be used at airports nationwide ... → Continue reading


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Boarding procedure

Boarding procedure(Tojo continuation) means theboarding passIs a procedure for receiving the.Check-in(English: check in) Is also called.


To board an aircraft,Airline ticketIn addition to purchasingboarding passIs required. On each day of the airportAirlinesAt the check-in counter or automatic check-in machine of, check in online before the day.

  • Confirmation of Tickets-Present the tickets you have already purchased.2010Since then, airlines have abolished paper tickets,Electronic ticketSwitched to (e-ticket). Therefore, at the time of booking電子 メ ー ル(E-ticket reservation),passportUsed at the time of purchaseCredit cardTo present.
  • Seat Confirmation-More and more airlines are able to specify a seat when making a reservation, but this is when the final confirmation will be made. You can also change your seat here at the time of booking. SomeCheap airlineThen, there are also non-reserved flights.
  • Issuing boarding pass-Receive the issued boarding pass. Boarding gates, boarding times, seats, etc. are printed. After that, security inspection,Departure examination(International flights), must be presented at the boarding gate.
  • Mileage serviceProcedure-You can add miles by presenting your mileage card. You can also present a mileage card of a different airline than the one you board, and you can add miles to it (partner airlines and the sameAviation unionIs the premise).

In addition, the following procedures may be performed at the check-in counter on the day of the event. These are necessary procedures for boarding, but in the strict sense, they are not included in boarding procedures (check-in).

  • Identification -Passport on international flights, but on domestic flightsNational uniform number systemPassport or officialIdentification, Or omittedCountryThere is also (sometimes check at the departure gate).
  • Confirmation of immigration status of final arrival country-on international flights, ifLack of entry qualificationIf you are denied entry by the airline, you will have to repatriate to the country of departure at the cost of the airline on your entry, sovisaCheck for.
  • Check Baggage-Check in your checked baggage here if you have one. If the weight or size of your baggage exceeds the default here, you will be charged an additional fee. It will also be ready to unload checked baggage from passenger aircraft in case the passenger does not board the flight.
  • Check for infants not occupying a seat-Dedicated seats will be provided for the person.
  • Passenger status confirmation- stroller,wheelchairPassengers,children-Senior citizens-handicappedBoarding support, etc.

If there is a connecting flight, the seat confirmation and boarding pass is issued together, so there is no need to carry out boarding procedures again at the connecting point. Generally, checked baggage is also arranged so that it can be transported to the final destination, but there are exceptions such as code share flights.

Once the boarding procedure is complete, you can proceed to the next step (usually a security check).

The need for boarding procedures

RegularAirline ticketIsAirlinesHaveRouteTo board a flightSecuritiesIn general, you can board any flight on the same route, and refunds are possible to some extent.However, flying an aircraft requires enormous expenditures such as fuel costs and crew allowances, so it is desirable for airlines to use equipment and personnel of the appropriate size as much as possible.

Therefore, for tickets sold at a discount, instead of discountingReservationThe flights to be boarded are linked in the form of, and there are restrictions and additional charges for refunds and flight changes.In this way, the airline company can grasp the number of passengers to some extent in advance, and can adjust the equipment and personnel.Also, the airlines are prepared for refunds and changes.OverbookingYou are authorized to accept bookings in.

Check-in essentially means making such a changeable ticket a manifestation of intent to board the flight.Therefore, no further refunds or flight changes are allowed in principle.Until boarding procedureSeat selectionThis is not possible because it is considered that the intention to board is not yet confirmed.

In recent years, by using online check-in, it is possible to check-in by the day before and there is an advantage that seats can be designated early, but it is necessary to consider the disadvantage that it cannot be canceled or changed.

Procedure time

The start time depends on the airport and airline, and generally starts 3 to 2 hours before departure. The deadline for most international flights is about 1 hour before departure. The deadline for domestic flights in Japan varies from 45 minutes before departure to 20 minutes before departure.

Automatic check-in machine

In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have installed "automatic check-in machines" that perform unmanned boarding procedures.Convenience store terminalsIt is very similar to and is located next to the check-in counter. Machines read passports (international flights), credit cards (domestic flights), mileage cards, etc., and a boarding pass is issued if a seat is designated on the display. This eliminates the need to line up at the counter without checked baggage.

The automatic check-in machine is installed by an airline (sometimes installed by an airport company such as Incheon Airport or Haneda Airport), so it cannot be used unless the airline of the flight to be used has installed it at that airport. Usually, in addition to major airports in the home country, they are often installed at overseas airports that have flights.

In addition, there are cases where cheap airlines carry out all procedures with automatic check-in machines or pay check-in at manned counters.

Automatic baggage deposit machine

An increasing number of airlines are installing "automatic baggage check-in machines" that automatically check in checked baggage according to automatic check-in machines.

For exampleJapan AirlinesSelf Baggage Drop andAll Nippon AirwaysANA BAGGAGE DROP,JetstarFly Cool etc. exist.

Online check-in

Airline officialサイトIt is a service where you can check in at, and depending on the airline, you can check in from 24 hours to 72 hours before boarding. Is the boarding pass (or its voucher) issued on the official website and print it?SmartphoneYou can show it on the screen and bring it on the day of departure,ReconfirmIs unnecessary.

The printed matter may be presented at the check-in counter and must be exchanged for a real boarding pass, or the printed matter may be used as a boarding pass as it is. Also note that even the same airline may respond differently depending on the airport.[1].

Electronic boarding pass

Following the digitization of airline tickets, the digitization of boarding passes (paperless) is also underway. Often referred to as a "mobile boarding pass," it has been increasing worldwide since around 2006.Mainly mobile phone screens overseas, but in JapanFeliCaWill replace the boarding pass. After completing online check-in in advance, when you arrive at the airport, you can board by simply holding them over the security checkpoint or the reader at the boarding gate, and you can skip boarding procedures (departure procedures for international flights are obviously required). There are often dedicated counters for checked baggage.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines[2]とAir France[3],Lufthansa[4],Austrian Airlines[5],Scandinavian Airlines[6]Then, on your mobile phonePDAWe provide a service that you can board at. When you check in online on those mobile devices,2 dimensional barcodeAn email will be sent by the airline. This email becomes the boarding pass as it is. When boarding, hold the mail screen over the reader at the boarding gate. Not all airports can be used, but the major feature is that they also support international flights.

American airlines[7]But at some airports, services similar to those in the above European countries have started. This is for domestic flights only.

Air New ZealandThen,ISO / IEC 14443Standard thumb-sized non-contact IC card ("ePass")[8]And a two-dimensional barcoded e-mail ("mPass") sent to a mobile phone, etc.[9]There are two types available. Both are limited to domestic flights.

in Japan,JALIs "QuiC (JAL IC service)” (international flights from October 2010, 10),ANABut"SKiP service(Domestic flights), "CLICK mobile check-in" (International flights, from October 2010, 10). On the day of departure, mileage card (Mobile walletIncluded), orQR codeYou just have to take it with you (e-ticket paper or screen of a mobile phone, etc.).

Also, from April 2021Narita International Airport,Tokyo International AirportOf some airlinesFace recognition system"Face Express" using is planned to be introduced.This will allow you to walk through from check-in to the boarding gate without the need for a mobile phone or IC card (excluding immigration).[10][11].

Check-in counter outside the airport

Services that allow passengers to complete boarding procedures in the city in advance before going to the airport are spreading mainly in Greater China. There is no need to carry heavy luggage to the airport, and there is the advantage that you will not be caught in the congestion at the check-in counter at the airport.


The United States of AmericaThen,American terrorist attacks,Delta Aircraft Bombing Terrorist Attempt CaseAs a result, passenger security inspections have become stricter. In 2010,terrorismCollation of information with passenger list, enhancement of explosives detection system, latestImage processingTechnology (Millimeter wave passive imaging device,Backscatter X-ray inspection system) Is being monitored[22].


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