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👩‍🎤 | Former Babyraids Rikako Oya MC talk & live event held! Gran ☆ Ciel, Babykure, Hitosai appear

Photo Former Babyraids Rikako Oya MC talk & live event held! Gran ☆ Ciel, Babykure, Hitosai appear

Former Babyraids Rikako Oya MC talk & live event held! Gran ☆ Ciel, Babykure, Hitosai appear

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This time, Gran ☆ Ciel, who also covers the songs of Babyraids Japan, and BABY CRAYON ~ 1361 ~ (Baby Crayon), who received "Baby" from Babyraids Japan, threw one missing sword (Hitotsu). A total of 1 idol groups including Sai) will appear.

Former Babyraids Japan's Rikako Oya and actress / model Reina Usui act as MCs for talk and live idols ... → Continue reading


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    BABY CRAYON ~ 1361 ~ (Baby Crayon)

    Baby Rays JAPAN

    Baby Rays JAPAN(Babyraids Japan,British: BABYRAIDS JAPAN) IsJapan OfFemale idol group.Repro entertainmentAffiliation, labelPony canyon.2012ToBaby RaysFormed as,2015ToBaby Rays JAPANRenamed to.2018Dissolved.


    2012In 5 monthBaby RaysFormed as.The group name baby means "cutie", while raids means "unexpected assault (surprise attack), assault".As the name suggests, the promotion method is to get fans by getting into live performances and event venues of popular idol groups (taking over the fans of the group that got in), and on the official site, "Get in! Take over !! Idol". Was called.The name was producedKanagawa IQ[1].

    We had a regular eventPony canyonWith the head officeToranomonAfter that, he used tiger-themed gao poses, finger signs, tiger-patterned goods, and tiger marks.

    Former who is also a senior in the same officeIdling!!! OfAmi KikuchiHas been involved since its formation.Officially introduced as "collected under Ami Kikuchi Paisen (Idoling !!! No. 16)", he often appeared in videos as Paisen (senior), and the group name and debut schedule were announced by Kikuchi. ..

    2012CD debut in September.

    By two years after debutNippon BudokanThere was a promise to dissolve if the performance could not be done,2014The dissolution was avoided by holding a performance at Nippon Budokan in December.[2].

    2015ToBaby Rays JAPANRenamed to.

    The goals were to become the best idol in Japan, fill up the Nippon Budokan, and participate in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen, but it was not a quota or a pledge.In addition, the activity philosophy was "EMOTIONAL IDOROCK", which was changed to a visual that matches the individuality of each member.[3]..Together as a trademarkUvulaThe id-lock mark was adopted in the image of.

    2018March 9Yamanakako Communication Plaza KiraraDisbanded with an outdoor concert held in[4].

    Toranomon Dojo

    By the idea of ​​KikuchiToranomonAt the event space on the first floor of the Pony Canyon Headquarters in Tokyo, a free event was held at a pace of about once a week under the name of public practice, public voluntary training, and public training. After # 3, Mr. Kathu (a public relations employee of LesPros) served as MC, and the winner was decided by applause from the audience every time.Initially it was supposed to be a CD debut, but it continued until March 2015.

    Chapter 1 (# 2012: July 7-# 12: September 2012)
    Overall victory, Nao Takami
    The guests·Okawa PaisenOther
    Chapter 13 (# 2012: October 10-# 57: March 2015, 3)
    The guests·Lucky Ikeda,Tomidokoro, Ryohei Fukuda (Radio Japanproducer),Fumika Shimizu,Kikuchi Paisen,AMEMIYA,Ehara Masahiro,Tweet ShiroOther

    Boarding / hijacking

    As a group concept of boarding and hijacking activities, we went to live concerts and event venues of other groups, and conducted activities to directly judge the concert and to distribute tissues and leaflets around the venue.In addition, guerrilla live concerts and guerrilla leaflets were distributed in various places in Tokyo.

    February 9:AKB48Rock-paper-scissors tournament Tissue distribution in front of Nippon Budokan
    February 10:Idling!!!Nico Hachi Live Part XNUMX Nicofarre boarding
    February 11:Momoiro Clover Z Distributing tissue in front of Nippon Budokan
    February 11:YGA LIVE 2012 Lumine the Yoshimoto boarding
    February 2:Komomo sound 1st Album Memorial Ive Pony Canyon 1F Boarding
    February 4:Momoiro Clover ZHandbill distribution in front of the live Seibu Dome
    February 5:nine nineHandbill distribution in front of live Zepp Tokyo
    February 5:Cheeky ParadeLive Shinjuku BLAZE boarding
    February 9:℃ -uteLive Nippon Budokan front tissue distribution
    February 2: Idol Planet Live duo MUSICE EXCHANGE Boarding
    February 3:BABY METALHandbill distribution in front of live Nippon Budokan
    February 3:Momoiro Clover ZHandbill distribution in front of the live national stadium
    February 4:AKB48Request Hour Saitama Super Arena Tissue Distribution
    February 4:AKB48National handshake event Seibu Dome front tissue distribution
    February 4:Private Ebisu Junior High SchoolLive Nippon Budokan front tissue distribution
    February 5:UNIDOL2014 Summer Kanto Qualifying Harajuku Astro Hall Boarding
    February 2:UNIDOL2015-16 Winter Final Tournament Shinkiba Coast Boarding[5]


    NameNicknameDate of birth (age)Birth PlaceRemarks
    Rikako Oya
    Lycopene (1996-10-30) 199610/30(25 years old)Shiga
    Erika Denya
    Denya Erika
    Den-chan (1995-11-02) 199511/2(26 years old)Chibaleader
    Hayashi Aika
    Hayashi Manatsu
    Manatsu[Note 1] (1995-07-14) 19957/14(27 years old)Kanagawaセ ン タ ー
    Naomi Takami
    Takami Nao
    Repair[Note 2] (1996-11-28) 199611/28(25 years old)Mie
    Rio Watanabe
    Rio Watanabe
    Rio ton (2000-03-08) 20003/8(22 years old)Kanagawa


    February 5:Repro entertainmentFormed by 5 members[6]..Denya who won in rock-paper-scissors is decided as a temporary leader[7][Note 3].
    February 6:YouTubeThe official video is released above.
    June 6: With the official websiteTwitterAnd announced the group name.Recruiting part-time jobs from the general public to contribute to promotional activities[8][Note 4].
    July 7: "Idol Yokocho Summer Festival !!~ 2012 ~ ”(Shinkiba ・STUDIO COAST) For the first time.
    July 8: "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012 ”. MCAmi KikuchiAnnounced the day of the CD debut.
    August 8: Belonging to the same officenine nineAppeared as an opening act in the live concert "9nine of Noon ~ Let's take 9nine out in midsummer ~".
    September 9: The name of the fan is decided to be "Toranomon Guardian" for short.
    July 9: "AKB48 29th single selection rock-paper-scissors competition』\ VenueNippon BudokanとKudanshita StationOn the street betweenKitanomaru ParkAt the entrance), a pocket tissue with the group name will be distributed by the members and Mr. Kathu.[9][Note 5].
    September 9: Debut single "Baby RaysReleased.
    September 9: Ami Kikuchi announced that she will release a second single and enter Level 29.
    February 10:Idling!!!Regular live concertNico Hachi Live』Get in and appear[Note 6].
    July 12: 19nd single "Baby RevolutionReleased.
    March 3: Baby Rays' first one-man live "Baby Rays Legendary 9rd Mawashi"Shinjuku LOFTHeld in.
    July 3: 27rd single "JUMPReleased.Also,Radio JapanAtBaby Rays Oya / Takami Tiger-Koku Radio (provisional)Is started.
    April 4: The 11st regular live "Toragami Shin Vol.1" was held at Shimokitazawa GARDEN.
    February 8:Shibuya O-EASTOne-man live "Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Army Struggle-] Is held.
    September 9: 11th single "Decemer on the calendarRelease[Note 7].
    December 12: 18st DVD "Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Army Struggle-Was released.
    December 12: Fes-type live "Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance!Shinkiba STUDIO COASTHeld in.
    March 3th, April 25nd, 4rd: Higashi-Meihan Tour "Re Torai-Tora Ima Tozai Eigao!-" Will be held.
    March 7: 2st album "JikoshokaiWas released.
    February 7:Hibiya AmphitheaterHeld a one-man live "Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance!
    September 9: "If we could collect 20 signaturesNippon BudokanIt was decided to hold the Nippon Budokan within the year after clearing the mission "Holding decision". The number of signatures for two months was "2".
    December 12: Live performance at Nippon Budokan.At this seat, it was announced that the group name will be changed to "Baby Rays JAPAN" from 18.[10][11].
    January 1: "Baby Rays JAPAN Aim for National Conquest" is now available from LoGiRL.
    March 3: Released the 18rd DVD "Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Tora Ichiban- ~ For the time being, Raw! Raw! Raw! Raw! Raw! Look at Budokan ~".
    March 3: The final episode of Toranomon Dojo.
    September 4: 1th single "Eiko SunriseReleased. TORANOMON CIRCLE # 1 held.
    June 6: "Baby Rays JAPAN SPRING TOUR 19 ~ IDOROCK SENSATION" tour final was held at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'.
    July 7: "Baby Rays JAPAN SHOUT THE IDOROCK !!"Kawaiian TVBroadcast on.
    July 7: "Baby Rays JAPAN IDOROCK CHANNEL" is now available from Kawaiian Plus.
    May 5: "Baby Rays JAPAN LIVE TOUR 21 ~ ROAD TO EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES." Tour final was held at Shinjuku ReNY.
    July 7th, July 8th: Performed at JAPAN EXPO in Paris, France.
    May 9: 21nd album "Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu!Was released.
    October 10th-6th: The first festival "EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. 9 Hours Party! Party !! Fire !!!" was held.
    November 11: Appointed as "Dangerous Drug Eradication Ambassador" by the Metropolitan Police Department.
    February 4:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.so"Downtown location variety program Asakusa Baby 9』Broadcast started.
    February 4:Saitama"Heat wave" started broadcasting.
    April 4: "Baby Rays Japan Outdoor One-Man 9 Consecutive Battles" Sunny! Rain! I Love You !! "~ Crazy Picnic in Hibiya ~" was held.
    June 6: "Baby Rays Japan Outdoor One-Man 24 Consecutive Battles" Sunny! Rain! I Love You !! "~ Ecstatic Vacation at the Seaside ~" was held at Inage Kaihin Park Outdoor Concert Hall.
    September 8: 2th single "○○○○○Released.
    September 9: Mini album "THE BRJ] Released.
    September 9: "Baby Rays Japan Outdoor One-Man 24 Consecutive Battles" Sunny! Rain! I Love You !! "[Final] ~ Everyone's Emotional Adventure! ~" Was held at Tobu Zoo.
    October 10: At the opening stage of "National City Promotion Summit 26 in Shinagawa"ShinagawaCreated to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ward administrationCity promotionAnnounced that he participated in the leading role and singing of videos and songs. Her PR song is "Promise-Shinagawa ni Surely-".This video is the mayor of Shinagawa Ward with the theme of "Wa! Shinagawa", which is a catch phrase.Tsutomu SekineThe story is that a member who plays the role of a daughter of) visits five spots in Shinagawa Ward and encounters the charm of Shinagawa Ward there.Dance with Shinagawa residents and local characters at each spot.Of the last sceneShinagawa Central ParkThen, we danced together with more than 200 ward inhabitants extras.Regarding the relationship between Babyraids Japan and Shinagawa Ward,ReproThe location of the head office is located in Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku.
    July 7: Announced dissolution on September 25 of the same year[4].
    September 9: Held the last live "Baby Rays JAPAN LAST LIVE" All Tigers screamed! Legendary Supreme Thunder Dance (Climax) "at Yamanashi-Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara"[12][13]..Disbanded.


    The ranking isOriconWeekly ranking highest[14].


    #Release datetitleRanking
    12012/9/26Baby Rays19 bit
    22012/12/19Baby Revolution15 bit
    32013/3/27JUMP22 bit
    42013/7/31Baby Ambitious!15 bit
    52013/9/11Decemer on the calendar06 bit
    62014/1/29Love is a panic08 bit
    72014/5/14Buchake Rock'n Hatchake Roll /
    Baby step
    04 bit
    82014/11/26Toratora Tiger !!05 bit
    92015/4/1Eiko Sunrise05 bit
    102015/8/19pretty little baby09 bit
    112016/1/6Run, run03 bit
    122016/5/25Flash Believer11 bit
    132017/5/24Bakibaki15 bit
    142017/8/2○○○○○17 bit

    Venue limited edition

    • 2years(December 2014, 12) -Limited sale at Nippon Budokan venue


    #Release datetitleRanking
    12014/7/2Jikoshokai14 bit
    22016/9/21Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu!10 bit
    32017/9/20THE BRJ11 bit

    配 信

    • Best album"BABYRAIDS JAPAN 2012/05/06-2018/09/24(September 2018, 9)[15]
    • Dawn Brand New Days (farewell and beginning)(2018 9 å¹´ 月 日 26)

    Video work

    #Release datetitle
    12013/12/18Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Army Struggle-
    22014/7/9Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance!
    32015/3/18Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Tora Ichiban-
    ~ For the time being, raw! Raw! Raw! Raw! Raw! Look at the Budokan ~
    42015/12/23Baby Rays JAPAN SUMMER LIVE 2015
    52016/7/20Babyraids Japan Dengeki no Raimai! 2015
    ~ The most "heat" in history! A little late Christmas strategy ~
    62018/1/24Baby Rays JAPAN 5th Anniversary LIVE BOX
    "Cinderella's Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu!"
    7Baby Rays JAPAN 5th Anniversary LIVE BOX
    "Outdoor one-man 3 consecutive battles" Sunny! Rain! I love you !! ""
    82018/8/1Baby Rays JAPAN LIVE Blu-ray


    Song of courageCedar Crest CM song
    Love is a panicFuji Television Network, Inc" Mecha x 2 cool!"ending
    Big star!Mac houseImage video BGM
    Buchake Rock'n Hatchake RollTBS"King's brunch』\ Weekly audience rating ranking BGM
    Baby stepNHK"Baby step"ending
    Dawn Brand New DaysFuji Television Network, Inc"A miracle experience!"ending
    Run, runFuji TV "Miracle Experience! Ambiribabo" Ending
    Flash BelieverFuji TV "Miracle Experience! Ambiribabo" Ending
    Super sports zebioTV CM
    Hero My AdventureTV TOKYO "Yugiri Game Gakuen" ending
    WahahaKansai Television "Nijiiro Gene』Weather corner BGM
    I can't be CinderellaBS Japan"Women's Softball Broadcast" theme song
    Ride On IDOROCKKansai Television "Nijiiro Gene』Weather corner BGM
    Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."Asakusa Baby 9"ending
    Nippon Chu! Chu! Chu!Kansai TV "Nijiiro Gene" Weather Corner BGM
    Baby KissTV Asahi "Delusion Moe is. 』First opening
    BakibakiTV Saitama "heat wave" opening
    ○○○○○Ending of Nippon Television "Nana Maru San Batsu"
    We are hereTV Saitama "heat wave" opening

    Live event

    One-man live tour

    • Baby Rays Legendary Mawashi 3 times (2013March 3, Shinjuku LOFT)
    • Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -Tora Army Struggle- (August 2013, 8,Shibuya O-EAST)
    • Baby Rays TOUR 2013 ~ If you don't enter the tiger hole, you won't get a tiger gar ~ (October 2013-January 10, 2014 cities)
    • Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance! -The Invasion of the Fierce Tiger- (December 2013, 12,Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
    • Re Tiger Wei ~ Tiger Now East West Eigao! ~ (2014March-April, 3 cities in Higashi-Meihan)
    • Baby Rays Legendary Live! -Ichitetsu Gotora- (July 2014, 7,Hibiya Amphitheater)
    • Baby Rays TOUR 2014 "Tiger Belling -THE TRIAL TO BUDOKAN-" (August 2014, 8 cities)
    • Baby Rays TOUR 2014 "Tora Belling -THE TRIAL TO BUDOKAN-" Final ~ Debut 2nd Anniversary Live ~ (September 2014th and 9th, 19,Tokyo Kinema Club)[18]
    • Baby Rays Legendary Thunder Dance "Tora Tora Ichiban" ~ Raw! Raw! Raw! Raw! Live! Budokan! ~ (December 2014, 12,Nippon Budokan)[19]
    • Baby Rays JAPAN SPRING TOUR 2015 ~ IDOROCK SENSATION ~ (2015March-June, 3 cities)[20][21]
    • Baby Rays JAPAN SUMMER LIVE 2015
      • -IDOROCK YOU! YES! J!-(July 2015, 7,Zepp Namba)
      • -IDOROCK YOU! AND! CHEESE!-(September 2015, 9,Zepp DiverCity)
      • -IDOROCK Thanks Sweat Geki! Third Anniversary! Sweat Festival!-(September 2015, 9, Zepp DiverCity)
    • Baby Rays JAPAN AUTUMN TOUR 2015 ~ IDOROCK REVOLUTION ~ (October 2015-November, 10 cities 11th)[22]
    • Babyraids Japan Dengeki no Raimai 2015-The most "heat" in history! A little late Christmas strategy- (December 2015, 12,TOKYO DOME CITY HALL)
    • ROAD TO "EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES." TOUR (2016March-May, 3th in 5 cities)[23]
    • Babyraids Japan One-Man Live 2016 the Final
      • ~ Ride On Emotional IDOROCK ~ (December 2016, 12,Akasaka BLITZ)
      • ~ Pretty Little Baby Kiss ~ (December 2016, 12, Akasaka BLITZ)
      • ~ Dawn of Japan ~ (December 2016, 12, Akasaka BLITZ)
    • Baby Rays Japan 3 outdoor one-man battles Sunny! Rain! I love you !!
      • ~ Crazy picnic in Hibiya ~ (2017April 4, Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
      • ~ Ecstatic vacation at the beach ~ (June 2017, 6,Inage Seaside ParkAmphitheater)
      • ~ Everyone Emotional Adventurer! ~ (September 2017, 9,Tobu Zoological ParkNew stage)
    • Babyraids Japan one-man live "EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. 2017"
      • ~ Maiden Necked! ~ <Women Only Performance> (December 2017, 12, Shinjuku LOFT)
      • ~ Tiger Gar Spiral! ~ <Members Only Performance> (December 2017, 12, Tokyo Kinema Club)
      • ~ We are here! ~ <THE BRJ SUPER LIVE> (December 2017, 12, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)[24]
    • Babyraids Japan One-Man Live 2018 --Break The Limit-(2018April 5, Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
    • Baby Rays JAPAN LAST LIVE "All tigers screamed! Legendary supreme thunder dance (climax)" (September 2018, 9,Lake Yamanaka Exchange Plaza KiraraTheater Hibiki)[25][Note 8]

    Organized festival

    • EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. 69 Hours Party! Party !! Fire !!! (October 2016-10, 6, Shinjuku ReNY)[26]
      • Due to the business hours of the venue, admission to the audience seats was limited to 10:00 to 22:00, so during other hours, live variety shows and music videos of the performers were played for 69 hours in a row. Event was successfully carried out.

    Regular performance

    • Toragami 眈眈 Vol.1 --Vol.21 (April 2013 --July 4)
    • Toragami Makoto Extra (August 2014, 8)
    • Toragami 眈-Osaka edition, Nagoya edition (November 2014)

    Participation festival

    • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2012(Around Odaiba and Aomi on August 2012, 8)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2013 (July 2013th and 7th, 27, Odaiba / Aomi area)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014 (July 2014th and 8th, 2, Odaiba / Aomi area)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015 (July 2015th and 8th, 1, Odaiba / Aomi area)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 (August 2016, 8 and 5, 6, Odaiba and Aomi area)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017 (August 2017, 8 and 4, 5, Odaiba and Aomi area)
      • TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2018 (August 2018, 8, Odaiba / Aomi area)
    • @JAM 2013 (May 2013, 6,Zepp DiverCity)
      • @JAM 2014 (May 2014, 5, Zepp DiverCity)
      • @JAM 2016 (May 2016, 5, Zepp DiverCity)
      • @JAM 2017 (May 2017, 5, Zepp DiverCity)
    • Idol Yokocho Summer Festival!!~ 2012 ~ (July 2012, 7,Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
      • Idol Yokocho Summer Festival !! ~ 2013 ~ (July 2013, 7, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
      • Idol Yokocho Summer Festival !! ~ 2015 ~ (July 2015, 7, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
      • Idol Yokocho Summer Festival !! ~ 2016 ~ (July 2016nd and 7rd, 2)Yokohama Red Brick Park)
      • Idol Yokocho Summer Festival !! ~ 2017 ~ (July 2017th and 7th, 8, Yokohama Red Brick Park)
    • SUMMER SONIC 2013 SIDE-SHOW MESSE (August 2013, 8,Makuhari Messe)
    • ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2014 (May 2014, 8,Hitachi Seaside Park)
    • @JAM EXPO 2014 (May 2014, 8,Yokohama Arena)
      • @JAM EXPO 2015 (August 2015, 8, Yokohama Arena)
      • @JAM x Natalie EXPO 2016 (September 2016th and 9th, 24,Makuhari MesseInternational Exhibition Center)
      • @JAM EXPO 2017 (August 2017, 8, Yokohama Arena)
      • @JAM EXPO 2018 (August 2018, 8, Yokohama Arena)
    • Inazuma Rock Festival 2014 (September 2014, 9, Shiga / Lawn Square, Shiga)

    Participation live

    8/6Aipara Summer Vacation Special We would like to express our deepest sympathies during the heat!OTODAMA SEA STUDIO
    8/10Uchimizu Week-Yurakucho Tanabata Festival-Yurakucho station square
    8/12Ultra Punch LIVE !! Vol.1Umeda Theater Theater Drama City
    8/14NIIGATA IDOL SUMMIT 2012 Summer Festival Vol.4The Planet NIIGATA
    8/19Noon's 9 nine QUATTRO MIRAGE vs @ JAM vol.1[27]Hibiya Amphitheater
    8/202012 Summer Sacas LIVE !!!Akasaka Sacas Star Stage
    8/26Yokohama Idol Festival 2012 in Yokohama ArenaYokohama Arena
    9/8Ultra Punch LIVE !! Vol.2Shibuya Club Quattro
    9/15[Entertainment Live @ SARU] FantasticKanayama CLUB SARU
    9/16[Entertainment Live] FUKUOKA IDOL PARADETenjin Best Hall
    9/17Shimokita FM Idol Trade Fair vol.5Toho Gakuen Film College STUDIO Dee
    9/22Tokyo Game Show 2012Makuhari Messe WeMade Entertainment booth
    11/2Sophia University Sophia Festival "Air Idol Grand Prix"Sophia University Yotsuya Campus
    3/28Our Shining Idol !! ~ I want to meet you now ~ Spring FestivalShinjuku LOFT
    3/30HMV Idol Academy Presents Japan Longitudinal Idol Ranbu 2013SHIBUYA-AX
    4/27Challenge from Baby Rays !? VS Ayaman JapanShinjuku FACE
    4/28happy birthday day 17th radio shonanEnoshima Island Spa
    5/5J-POP1422 SpecialRadio Nippon x Tokyo Tower GO! GO! Radio Festival Special Venue
    5/25Idol Live Starring Vol.4 & 5Akasaka BLITZ
    5/26Idol festival in BOAT RACE TAMAGAWA Vol.8BOAT RACE Tamagawa
    6/16SAPPRO IDOL PARADESound Lab mole
    7/19(Yes) Sorry Afternoon SP @ Daikanyama UNITDaikanyama UNIT
    8/1Summer Sacas 2013Delishakas Stage
    9/149th Taisho Roman Shibamata Evening Festival Music LiveTora-san Memorial Hall Koba / Teishakuten Stage
    9/21Fukuoka Daimyo Festival 2013Fukuoka City Daimyo Elementary School
    10/3Good luck Tohoku Day Genki StageClinex Stadium Miyagi front stage
    10/18MTV81 Presents J-Culture in the Frame at the 26th TOKYO International Film FestivalRoppongi Hills Arena
    11/4BABYRAIDS on NU ART ~ A new sensation of tiger dancing and awakening ~Nihon University College of Art Egota C Large Hall
    11/15Surprised traditional culture in TaitungUeno Onshi Park
    11/30SSG League GRAND PRIX Climax SeriesA certain city B1F studio
    12/4AEON DREAM GATE FESMakuhari Messe Hall 11
    12/14SAPPORO IDOL PARADESapporo Sound Lab mole
    12/15SAPPORO IDOL PARADESapporo Sound Lab mole
    12/15Mai Kotone National Tour Guest AppearanceSapporo Sound Lab mole
    12/24Sanriku "Jejeje" Santa CarnivalMiyako station square
    1/13Shibuya Ward Celebrating New AdultsShibuya Public Hall
    2/6Freesia and Chocolat Eve FestivalTSUTAYA O-EAST
    2/1156th Wanko Soba All Japan Tournament 2014Hanamaki Cultural Center
    2/25Carbon Offset Message Live 2014Nakano Sanguraza
    3/3display ~ Idol Hinamatsuri ~SHIBUYA-AX
    3/4QUATTRO MIRAGE vs @ JAM vol.1[28]Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
    3/7Re Torai's Torai Legend's 3 times turning (1) (2) (3)Roppongi Live Space Tora Tora Tora
    3/23non collection 2014 (1) (2)Tokyo Dome City Hall
    4/5TOKYO IDOL GATE vol.2 Part XNUMX and Part XNUMXDiff Ariake
    4/27LiVE GiRLPOP Vol.3 ~ flowery ~Nakano Sanguraza
    5/10KAWAii !! NiPPONE EXPO2014Makuhari Messe
    5/22GiRLPOP x 2.5D "Vanilla Beans Showcase" Greedy TV "Vol.2"Shibuya Parco Part 1
    6/12Meet in Akihabara Showroom Vol.15 ~ PASSPO ☆ x Baby Rays ~AKIBA Culture Theater
    6/19DOUBLE COLOR session.2[29]Shinjuku BLAZE
    6/30Baby Festival ~ Takeover Tiger Guard Plan ~Shibuya Cyclone
    7/19Nihon Kogakuin Music College presents Summer Rise 2014Akasaka BLITZ
    7/29TSUTAYA on IDOL presents "Self-tiger enlightenment seminar awakens your tiger"TSUTAYA O-nest
    8/1The 3rd JUNON Produce Girls ContestMeguro Persimmon Hall
    8/6Girls StormZepp DiverCity Tokyo
    8/10PASSPO ☆ x Baby Raise[30]Shinjuku BLAZE
    8/15SALONKITTY the 20th anniversary "IDLE GOSSIP" Vol.3[31]Matsuyama Salon Kitty
    9/7TOKYO IDOL WARS ~ Gunyu Wari ~Shinkiba Studio Coast
    9/7ASIA IDOL PARADE 2014Shibuya club asia
    9/12Five Stars ~ supported by NOD Local Idol Collection ~Shinjuku ReNY
    9/28TATUMIYAMA Music Festival (Special Guest)Tatsumiyama Park Special Venue (Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture)
    10/13Authentic Music Girls Festival -Part XNUMX-Diff Ariake
    10/1967th Voluntary Hosei Festival Tama DistrictHosei University Tama Campus
    10/31ZOMBIE OR DIE ~ Harajuku Halloween ~ You can do anything if you feel like dying!Omotesando GROUND
    12/13"Wessai !! Gassai !! BUSSANTEN IN TOKYO"Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
    12/22URASUJI.Shinjuku LOFT
    1/25Umi / Sora / Music / Okinawa 2015Okinawa Prefecture Ginowan Seaside Park Outdoor Theater
    2/1@JAM the Field vol.7TSUTAYA O-EAST
    2/7Lawson Jimodore Festa LiveTOIRO
    3/14Ami Kikuchi's 1ami9 Yokohama Marathon SpecialPacifico YokohamaExhibition hall
    3/26Ustream Sound GradationShinkiba Studio Coast
    5/3Idol Koshien in BIG CATBIG CAT
    5/4Marugame Castle FestivalMarugame Castle Ohoribata Stage
    5/5Yokohama Kawaii ParkYokohama / Yamashita Park
    5/23Super ★ Premium vol.6Zepp Nagoya
    6/5HIBIKI HALL ROCK ON !! 2015 SPECIAL Gacharic Spin × Baby Rays JAPANFukui Hibiki Hall
    6/6Tokyo Girls Dream 2015Diff Ariake
    7/12SUNBURST2015 -SHIKO CHU BEACH ROCK FESTIVAL-EhimeSangawa Toyooka Seaside ParkFureai Beach
    7/29ROCK UP !!! vol.1 supported by Natalie & @JAM[33]Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
    8/3ROCK UP !!! vol.1 supported by Natalie & @JAM[34]Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
    8/5Union FES 2015 in Shinkiba STUDIO COASTShinkiba Studio Coast
    8/12ROCK UP !!! vol.1 supported by Natalie & @JAM[33]Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
    8/15TOKYO IDOL PROJECT LIVE 1on1 first period ~ Destroy the border! ~Roppongi nicofarre
    8/27Amazing Battle RoyaleTSUTAYA O-EAST
    9/4Shinjuku ReNY 1st ANNIVERSARY IWAI MEDETAYA 2015 part.1Shinjuku ReNY
    10/28KawaiianTV SUPER LIVE 2015 ~ 1st Anniversary ~ Nana Together ♡ Special ~Yoshimoto ∞ Hall
    11/22@JAM the Field vol.8LIQUID ROOM
    11/23OTODAMA Sky Festival 2015 ~ Winter, the festival closest to the sky ~HLNA SKYGARDEN outdoor stage
    12/1Crane 47 Revised 94 Prefectures TOUR "Live & Soul" -I don't want to make you feel lonely anymore-KYOTO MUSE
    12/2PiiiiiiiN Trials of Dreams No. 3 Game! ~ Baby Rays JAPAN Edition ~Kichijoji CLUB SEATA
    12/16Authentic Music Girls' Festival-No. XNUMX-TSUTAYA O-EAST
    12/19Music Girls Club "Eru! Eru! Eru! ~ LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! ~"TwinBox AKIHABARA
    12/23e-radio 20th Anniversary SHIGA IDOL COLLECTION ~ 2015 X'mas Special ~Namba Hatch
    1/2Tokui Idol Festival -Part XNUMX-Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST
    1/10Nico Bukuro Winter Festa 2016Ikebukuro Nico Bukuro Studio
    1/31iCON DOLL LOUNGELaforet Museum Harajuku
    2/7FUN Entertainment presents Norinori Festival!New National Theater Tokyo Small Theater
    2/11Draft King: 5 months in a row !! Sponsored LIVE vol.4Shibuya TAKE OFF 7
    2/15UNIDOL 2015-16 WINTER Final Secret GuestShinkiba Studio Coast
    2/29Authentic Music Girls Festival-No. XNUMX-TSUTAYA O-EAST
    3/24Draft King: Sponsored LIVE vol.5Shibuya WWW
    3/28Tokui Idol FestivalGinza Hakuhinkan Theater
    3/30Radio Japan NEXT Circuit ONEAkasaka BLITZ
    4/10Yonago laughs presents ROCK the NIGHTYonago AZTiC laughs
    4/17Happy Jam 4. AprKantele Hall Any Arena
    4/24iCON DOLL LOUNGE ~ 2016SPRING & SUMMER COLLECTION ~Hibiya Amphitheater
    4/24The Challenge 10th Bango 2016Shimokitazawa GARDEN
    5/16Ryujin Kiyoshi Harlem Festa vol.7SHIBUYA TSUTAYA O-EAST
    5/22TOKYO IDOL LIVEAKIBA Cultures Theater
    5/28Awajishima Girls Pop FestivalAwaji World Park ONOKORO
    6/18Tokai DERA High School 2016Oasis 21 (Galaxy Platform)
    6/20LIVEHOLIC 1st Anniversary series Vol.11Shimokitazawa LIVE HOLIC
    7 month 8 day · 9 dayJAPAN EXPOVillepinte Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall
    7/14Authentic Music Girls FestivalShibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST
    7/17Happy Jam 4 .Jul x TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 ~ Osaka Preview ~Kansai TV 1F Kansai Hall Anything Arena
    7/18hide presents MIX LEMONeD JELLY 2016Maihama Amphitheater
    7/23SENDAI OTO Festival 2016Sendai Xebio Arena
    7/23Nico Bukuro Summer Festa 2016Nico Nico HQ
    7/31CBC Radio 65th Anniversary CBC Radio Summer Festival 2016Nagoya Sakae
    8/5Shinjuku LOFT 40th Anniversary Event Tokyo STREET 2016Shinjuku LOFT
    8/11Happy Jam × @JAM ~ Midsummer Jam Festival special 2016 ~Kansai TV 1F Kansai Hall Anything Arena
    8/12"IDLEGOSSIP" Vol4 ~ ROAD TO EMOTIONAL IDOROCK FES. ~[35]Matsuyama Salon Kitty
    8/18BAN! In MAIHAMAMaihama Amphitheater
    8/20Shaved ice and bikini 2016OTODAMA SEA STUDIO
    8/23AZTiC mikame The 10th anniversary event "Future Is Wild !!"Matsue AZTiC canova
    8/24Sansei Atago Shrine Festival "Atago Festival"Okuizumo Minari Atago Shrine
    9/32016 JAPAN CUP International Women's Softball Tournament in Takasaki Opening CeremonyTakasaki City Jonan Baseball Stadium
    9/11Dancing Dolls 4th Anniversary Party ~ Dancing Dolls ~Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
    9/22TV Osaka YATAI Festival! 2016Osaka Castle Park Sun Square
    10/15Sports of Heart Music Festival 2016Yoyogi First Gymnasium
    11/5University of Tsukuba "Ganmine Festival"University of Tsukuba
    11/10Yonago Shoin High School Cultural Festival Surprise LiveYonago Shoin High School
    11/15Metropolitan Police Department Dangerous Drug Eradication Metropolitan Police Department TournamentTokyo Metropolitan Theater
    12/7UNIDOL 2016-17 Winter Kanto QualifyingShinjuku ReNY
    12/12KawaiianTV SUPER LIVE 2016 ~ Minna Together ❤ Special ~Shinagawa Stella Ball
    1/2TOKYO IDOL PROJECTx @ JAM New Year Premium Party 2017Odaiba/Aomi area
    1/14BOMBER-E LIVE CIRCUIT commemorating the 55th anniversary of the opening of Nagoya Broadcasting NetworkSPADE BOX
    1/26Nihon Kogakuin Music College presents Xinobi Festival '17TSUTAYA O-EAST
    3/11MASTER PEACE '17Sendai MACANA
    3/18Special live just before the opening of the outdoor one-man 3 consecutive battlesTokyo Dome City LaQua
    4/23CONNECT Kabukicho MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017Kabukicho Cine City Square Outdoor Stage
    5/23Lena's Idol Picture Book Vanilla Flavor On Stage # 1Aoyama Rizm
    6/3Gacharic Spin Independently planned live ... What a 7 days !!!!!!! ~ Nagoya edition ~ell. FISTALL
    7/15@JAM Shanghai 2017Bandai Namco Shanghai Cultural Center Dream Theater (DREAM HALL)
    7/16ALL JAPAN IDOL FESTIVAL DAY2 JCIS Shanghai 2017BNE Namco Shanghai Cultural Center DREAM HALL
    8/7High school student quiz x Nana Maru San Batsu collaboration event "Super QUIZ ☆ SUMMER!"Nittele Tower "Super Shiodome Paradise -2017 SUMMER-" Shio Para ☆ Beer Cafe Stage
    9/9J-POP SUMMIT 2017Fort Mason Center (San Francisco, USA)
    10/28DOGIMAZUN 2017 ~ Helloween Night Special !! ~BIGCAT
    11/4Shibaura Institute of Technology "Shibaura Festival"Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus Outdoor Stage
    12/3Hachioji Pokapo Cafe StarEsforita Arena Hachioji
    1/22DJ DIENOJI presents Tiger Tiger FestivalTottori / Yonago AZTiC laughs
    3 month 10 day · 11 day@JAM × TALE in Hong Kong 2018Hong Kong Music Zone @ E-Max
    3/18Hiroshima Minato FestaHiroshima Minato Park
    3/19Canvas vol.4Hiroshima / SECOND CRUTCH
    3/21IBSA Blind Soccer World Grand Prix 2018Shinagawa·Tennozu Park
    3/22#Graduation! 2018Zepp DiverCity
    4/8Asakusa 45 unveiling event (1st and 2nd part)Asakusa nine plays
    5/4Ayumikurikamaki Presents GIG SP supported by uP !!!Zepp Tokyo
    5/26@JAM 2018Zepp DiverCity
    6/16PASSPO Tederu vs. Van TourTokyo Kinema Club
    6/19Mio Yamazaki `` Mio Fes 2018''Ebisu LIQUIDROOM
    6/24SYACHI FES 2018 powered by FREEDOM NAGOYAAichi·Odaka Green ParkSpecial stage
    7/28Roppongi Idol Festival 2018Roppongi Hills Arena


    tv set

    • SMAP x SMAP(December 2013, 8,Fuji Television Network, Inc) --At the "S-Live" cornerSMAPCo-starred with.
    • Music Station(December 2013, 9,TV Asahi)
    • Talking 007(November 2013, 12, NTV)
    • The 64th NHK Red and White Singing Battle(November 2013, 12, NHK)
      • Amachan special editionAppeared in the costume of Ameyoko Girls Academy as "GMT Special Unit feat. Ameyoko Girls Academy". Watanabe has not appeared because it is after 21:XNUMX.
    • TOKYO IDOL TV(2015å¹´11月20日、12月4日、2016å¹´3月10日、3月17日、フジテレビ)- ゲストMC
    • Idol New YEAR Summit 2016 (January 2016, 1, Fuji TV) -New Year! Idol One-shot Hidden Art Tournament Corner MC
    • Chairman Sashihara and the Idol Diet (December 2016, 12, Fuji TV) -Denya, Oya, Takami


    Internet tv

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    注 釈

    1. ^ In "Asakusa Baby 9" etc., it is often called "Mana-chan".
    2. ^ However, it is rarely called by the members by this nickname, and it is more often called "Takami".Also, Oya, who often works together, calls him "Mr. Takami".
    3. ^ Kikuchi was tentatively said at that time and has been the official leader since then.
    4. ^ The part-time job interview was held on July 1, 2012 at the event space on the 7st floor of Pony Canyon headquarters.Interviewers are Kanagawa IQ, Mr. Kathu and a total of 10 people (the day before Toranomon Dojo # 4).
    5. ^ There was no prior notice, and just before the time of the day, the content that smelled the distribution place (Hanzomon Line, the place where the most idol fans gather today) was officially tweeted.
    6. ^ YGASince the live boarding was postponed due to the typhoon, it was the first live boarding.
    7. ^ It was used as a song for the Ameyoko Jogakuen Performing Arts Course in the NHK morning drama "Ama-chan".
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