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🥾 | 81-year-old man died in the mountains of Yamakita Town, Kanagawa.

Photo Matsuda Police Station

An 81-year-old man died in the mountains of Yamakita Town, Kanagawa.

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On the same day, the mountain opening of Nishitanzawa was held, and it seems that the man slipped down while climbing with five friends.

Around 22:5 pm on the 25nd, a self-employed man (81) in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo died in the mountains of Nakagawa, Yamakita Town, Kanagawa Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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While climbing


Nishitanzawa(Nishinzawa)KanagawaSpread to the northwestTanzawa areaIt is a common name for the western region of.Nickname isNishitan.


Corresponds to the main ridgeline of the Tanzawa MountainsTower Nodake~Tanzawa~Mount KasumigatakeCentered on the east sideHigashi Tanzawa, West sideNishitanzawa, South side (Minami Tanzawa), North sideKita Tanzawa(Ura Tanzawa) is one area when calling the mountains divided into four areas.[1].

There is no clear definition of the range, and there are many cases where the areas overlap, especially in the ridgeline, but when dividing into 4 areas,Sakawa RiverUpstream of the water systemGenkura River,Nakagawa River, The basin and its surrounding area are often called Nishitanzawa.

The figure below is an example of dividing into four areas, but in some cases it can be roughly divided into two areas, Higashitanzawa and Nishitanzawa, in which case the area around Mt. Hiru and Hinokihoramaru is often the boundary between east and west.


Main mountain ridges

  • Tanzawa main ridge(Tanzawa Shuryo)
  • (Don't worry)
    • A ridgeline extending southeast from the vicinity of Hinokihoramaru.Dokakunoatama,OishiyamaThere are mountains such as.
  • Ishidana mountain ridge(Ishidana Sanryo)
    • A ridgeline extending southwest from Hinokihoramaru.orIshidanayamaThere is a forest of Nishitanzawa citizens on the south side of Mt. Ishidana.
  • Instep border ridge(This is so good)
    • The ridge on the border between Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures from Mt. Omuro to Mt. Mikuni.It is part of the main ridge of Tanzawa, but is often called by this name.
  • Mikuni Ridge(Mikuni Sanryo)
    • From Mt. MikuniFoot of Mt. Fuji OfKagosaka PassA ridgeline that extends to.The ridgeline included in the Tanzawa Mountains in a broad sense forms the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures.
  • (-Kenkyoone)
    • Extends to the east of Mt. MikuniFurosanThe ridge that forms the border between Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures.Only in Tanzawa MountainsRosa hirtulaIs a ridge that grows naturally.
  • (Hinoki cypress)
    • The ridgeline on the south side of the Kurokura River. ,HinokidakeThere are mountains such as, and on the extension of the ridgelineOnoyamaThere is.The southeastern side of the ridgeline is sometimes treated as the Omotesanzawa area.

Main river

  • Genkura River
    • Broom Sugisawa
    • Kumakizawa
    • Yushinzawa
    • Hinokihora
    • Ameyamazawa
    • Dokakuzawa
    • Nakanosawa
    • Kosugazawa
    • Kanayamazawa
    • Otanasawa
    • Tsuchizawa
    • Warusawa
    • Shiramizu Nozawa
    • Shikirizawa
    • Hoyukizawa
    • Omatazawa

Main waterfall

Most of the waterfalls in the Nishitanzawa area are called 〇〇 shelves (-tana, -dana), and few are called 〇〇 waterfalls.

  • 夕滝
  • Shiroishi Falls
  • Bookshelf(bookshelf)
  • (Shimontana)
  • 涸棚
  • Rain shelf (Amantana)
  • Hell shelf
  • 黒棚
  • Bouzukuri Waterfall


The most frequently used mountain climbing base (mountain climbing entrance) in NishitanzawaOdakyu lineShin-Matsuda Station(Gotemba LineMatsuda Station) Can be accessed by a single route bus (hereinafter referred to as "Nature Class").Known as the ally of Nishitanzawa from the vicinity of the nature classSundong Maru(1,601m) andMount Omuro(1,588m),UnegamaruTo multiple directions such as (1,293m)TrailIs growing[2], Many climbers visit throughout the four seasons.The mountain trail to Hinokihoramaru is "Tsutsuji ShindoAs the name suggests, azaleas (White palmRhododendron communis) Grows naturally along the mountain trails, and is crowded with many climbers from late May to early June, which is the flowering season.Bus flights will be increased during the azalea season.

The trailhead, which has the second largest number of climbers after the nature class,Lake TanzawaOn the shoreKurokura(Kurokura).There is also a bus to Kurokura from Shin-Matsuda Station on the Odakyu Line (* Kurokura is a stopover for buses bound for nature classes).From KurokuraYushin ValleyKnown asGenkura RiverThere are many hikers heading toward the direction that stretches along.

Gotemba LineYamakita StationOrYaga StationCan climb directly fromOnoyamaOr the same lineSuruga-Oyama StationCan climb more than beforeFurosanBecause the journey to the top of the mountain is as easy as 2-3 hours[2], Popular as a mountain for beginners.Kanagawa / Shizuoka Prefecture border ridge around Furosan is the only one in the Tanzawa MountainsRosa hirtulaIt is known as the hometown of (Hakonebara).

,Sakai fishing mountainKanagawa-Yamanashi prefectural border where peaks such asInstep border ridgeAccess is very poor, and it is difficult to access unless you use your own car or taxi.On the north side of the ridgeDoshi RiverRun alongNational Route 413To (whatever)Fujikyu LineMount Fuji Station or Tsuru City StationThere are regular buses running from the station, but it runs twice a day only on weekdays (closed in winter and on Saturdays and holidays), and it takes about 1 hour to 2 hour and 1 minutes from the station to each bus stop.[2], It is difficult to use on a day trip.The number of climbers on this Koso border ridge is very small compared to Hinokihoramaru, etc., and depending on the location, the mountain trail is deeply overgrown with bamboo grass, but the ridge trail isTokai nature trailSince it is designated as, the signpost is well maintained and there are few places where you may be confused about the course selection.

Mountain difference

Nishitanzawa is a mountain area where you can enjoy mountaineering throughout the year, but we pray for the safety of climbers every year.Mountain differenceWill be held in front of Onoyama in the southern part of Nishitanzawa and Nishitanzawa Nature School in the north.

Onoyama4/29(Showa Day) Held under the name of "Onoyama Opening", the first 1,000 people at the summit where the prefectural ranch spreadsmilkWill be distributed free of charge.In addition, local specialty agricultural products and deer soup are sold on the spot, and it is crowded with many tourists.[3].

At the Nishitanzawa Nature Class at the entrance to the mountain such as Hinokihoramaru, on the last Sunday of May, which coincides with the flowering time of the tsutsuji, in the parking lot in front of the Nishitanzawa Nature Class (in the Nishitanzawa Nature Class when it rains), "Nishitanzawa" It will be held under the name of "Yamaguchi".The ceremony has jurisdiction over the Nishitanzawa areaMatsuda Police StationCalls for safer mountaineering will be made, souvenirs will be presented and commemorative badges will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.[4].

Sightseeing / camping

Lake Tanzawa (Lake Tanzawa, where the three rivers of the Kurokura, Nakagawa, and Yozuku rivers flow inMiho DamThe area around the dam lake) is maintained as a tourist destination, and on the surface of the laketrout-black busYou can enjoy fishing, boating, and cycling on the lakeside road.The area around Miho Dam is famous as a spot for autumn leaves, and from mid-November to the end of November, there is a dam park with a promenade.Maple,GinkgoMany tourists come to see the autumn leaves.There is an annual event around the lake, "", which is launched near the lakeside of Miho Junior High School in August, and "", where 8 runners run on the last Sunday of November.Half marathon) Will be held[5].

Run along the Nakagawa RiverKanagawa Prefectural Road 76There are many campsites along the road, and it is crowded with campsites in the summer.In the lower reaches of the Nakagawa River, it has another name of "Shingen no Hidden Hot Spring".Nakagawa OnsenThe town-run one-day bath facility "Buna no Yu" is used by many tourists.

Scenery of Nishitanzawa


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