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👍 | Yuno Ohara reports "Imechen by making a role"


Yuno Ohara reports "Imechen by making a role"

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Ohara has a strong image of being friendly with healthy black hair, but with the first all-hair color in her life, she transforms into her longing brown.

Actress Yuno Ohara updates her Instagram and YouTube.Her cut and hair color made her look like ... → Continue reading


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    Hair coloring agent

    Hair dyeing > Hair dye(hair)> Hair coloring agent

    Hair coloring agent(Hair coloring)hairFordye.Japan OfPharmaceuticals and medical devices lawThen, the hair coloring agent is a hair dye (Quasi-drug) And hair dye ()Cosmetics).

    Hair dyeingThe agent (color agent) isPara-phenylenediamine・ Toluene-2, 5-diamine, para-aminophenol, etc. as dye precursor, 5-amino-o-Cresolm-Oxidation using aminophenol as a toning agentdyeSo, with one agent containing dye precursor and toning material at the time of useHydrogen peroxide solutionBy mixing two agents containing an oxidizing agent such as, a mixture of dye molecules is formed, and this dye is adsorbed on the hair to dye it.At the same time, in the hair due to hydrogen peroxideMelanin pigmentBecause of the decolorization of hair, it is possible to dye hair with different color tones, from "white hair dyeing" to "fashion dyeing", depending on the blending concentration of the dye.Most of the coloring is this method.Diamine-based oxidative dyes are used for skin depending on the constitutionAllergiesA patch test is required before use as it may cause a reaction (fog).As other ingredientsammoniaSince it contains alkaline agents such as, it has the drawback of damaging the hair.

    Bleach is an oxidative hair dye that removes dyes and decolorizes melanin pigments to lighten hair.In addition to hydrogen peroxide solution, there is a powerful bleaching agent that turns black hair into blonde hair, which contains persulfate as an oxidative aid.All of these formulations are classified as quasi-drugs.Bleach is not strictly colored as it is not colored.

    Hair dyes temporarily color hair, and a typical product is hair manicure.It is used when you want to apply a color close to the primary colors such as pink, blue, and yellow, when a person who has bleached black hair temporarily turns the hair black, or when a person who causes rash with a diamine dye hides the gray hair.The main component of hair manicure is acid dyes used in cosmetics, which are less allergenic than oxidation dyes, so they have the advantage that they can be used by people who are fogged by hair dyes.In addition, since no alkaline agent is used, there is little damage to the hair.On the other hand, there is a drawback that the color is easily discolored by shampoo or the like compared to the oxidation dye.

    For other hair dyes, use a hair sprayCarbon blackThere are also color sprays containing pigments such as, and retouching products that hide gray hair at the hairline.These products do not have the power to dye hair and can be removed with a single shampoo.

    In recent years, new types of hair color using lead acetate and silver nitrate have been sold, but some products are said to have safety problems.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareHas been notified.

    Main manufacturers / brands / product names

    • Hoyu
      • Beauteen (for teens-early women in their 10s)
      • Lexi (for young men)
      • Beautylabo (for women in their 20s and 30s)
      • Cielo (for gray hair)
      • Bigen(For gray hair)
      • Men's Bigen (for gray hair)
    • Dariya
      • Parti (Bleach)
      • Men's Parti (Bleach)
      • Salon de Futy
      • Salon de Pro (for gray hair)
      • Every (a division of Dahlia under the Anna Donna brand name)
    • Henkel Japan
      • Fresh light (bleach)
      • Vision (for gray hair)
      • Feminine (for gray hair)
      • Paon(For gray hair)
      • Marron (for gray hair)
    • Kracie Home Products
      • Thin Pro
      • Professional style hair color
    • Mandom
      • Gatsby Hair Color
      • Lucido Natural Color (for gray hair)
      • Lucido L Hair Color
      • Produce
    • Japan L'Oreal
      • L'Oreal Paris Excellence
      • Feria 3D color
      • Synaturel
    • Shiseido
      • Macheri
      • a
    • Kanebo cosmetics
      • サ ラ
    • Kose
      • Stephen Nor
    • Kao
      • Brone (for gray hair)
      • Pretty fluffy foam color
      • Success stylish color (for gray hair. There was also for black hair, but production has ended.)
    • WELLA
      • Wella tone 2 + 1

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