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⛺ | For first aid for tents and tarps [New Ceria] It is safe to have a "repair sheet" in the camp ◎


For first aid in tents and tarps [New Ceria] It is safe to have a "repair sheet" in the camp ◎

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Be sure to check out Celia's "Tent / Tarp Repair Sheet" for easy first aid.

This time, camper sora_to_soto (Bon) gave Celia's "Repair Sheet for Tent / Tarp" ... → Continue reading


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First aid

First aid(Okyushochi,English: first aidWhat isInjury,sickRefers to the immediate treatment for such things.Strictly speaking, emergencytreatment TheEmergency servicesSince it is defined as an act performed by a member, the general public (Bystander) DoFirst AidIt is supposed to be called (Okyute).


In a broad sense, first aid (allowance) includes hemostatic method + cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but hemostatic method +Cardiopulmonary resuscitationAs for nowLife supportIt is called (allowance) and is distinguished from first aid because it is more urgent.

First aid and lifesaving allowance are acts to treat injuries and illnesses (Medical practice)is not it.To the last, injured and sickDoctorIt should be noted that this is a temporary measure to prevent the symptoms from getting worse before it is handed over to others.

First aid / lifesaving allowanceMedical practiceUnlike official qualifications and whether or not there is a certificate of completion of the first aid law course, it can be said that it is a basic knowledge and skill that everyone must know as a human being.However, in Japan, the dissemination education of first aid and lifesaving allowances for the general public has been delayed, so there is still a strong tendency to "do not do anything badly".This is when you put your hand outCriminal lawIt is also the cause of being called the "protection manager" above (AbandonmentSee).However, regarding first aid and lifesaving allowance, see "Good Samaritan LawThe disclaimer equivalent to "" is in JapanCivil lawThere is a strong opinion that you should not hesitate to do it because it also exists above.

In particular, respiratory arrest and circulatory arrest cause irreversible brain damage on a yearly basis, and it is often too late to wait for the arrival of rescuers.Therefore, chest compressions and mechanical ventilation (if necessary) should not be hesitated for people with cardiopulmonary arrest.AEDIt is necessary to carry out (including the use of).

Basic knowledge

The important thing in first aid isSecondary disasterTo prevent the problem and to have the courage to save lives.After ensuring your own safety, you need to be courageous and proactive.

Do not deal with it alone as much as possible

You need to be sure to let people nearby know that you are injured.if,Doctor-nurseIf there is a qualified person such as, it will be possible to respond more accurately.If there is no one around you, you will have to deal with it yourself.

However, in situations such as "a person is drowning in a river", it is not very desirable (although it looks very courageous and cool) to enter the river and try to help that person. ..In many cases, the rescuer will also be on the side of seeking help, and the situation will get worse (if one person is drowning in the river, one person will have 1% rescue teams and other rescuers. It goes around, but if two people drown in the river, a simple calculation would make 1% of the rescuers for one person).In the worst case, both can die.In this situation, first119It is sufficient to make a report and, if any, toss a substitute for the float.Don't put yourself in danger.

Keep away from the injured

Do not approach without knowing the cause of the injury.Poisonous gas poisoningLack of oxygen-Electric shockIn such cases, the discoverer may be damaged just by approaching or contacting the injured person.Secondary disasterWill be.It is necessary to check the surrounding situation and ensure your own safety first.In the case of a traffic accident, it may be dangerous to move an injured person who has fallen on the road.It is also necessary to judge whether or not it should be moved.Knowledge and equipment are required to protect and move the cervical spine.If you are trapped in a car, you must also consider the danger of burning.Also, the situation changes over time.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to changes in the surrounding situation even while dealing with it.

Report to the fire department

Fire Department119Make a report to accurately inform the situation of the site and obtain instructions and advice on possible first aid and lifesaving allowances (the person in charge also receives)FirefighterIs.There is an example in which an elementary school student who had no idea saved his father by resuscitating him according to the instructions of the receptionist).There are things that are possible and impossible depending on the situation of the four surroundings (surroundings), and it is necessary to contact promptly in order to respond calmly.

Attendance of lifesaving class

Public training

hospital,Fire Department・ At many fire departments, seminars on first aid and lifesaving allowance methods (Lifesaving class There are "normal" level that takes half a day and "advanced" that takes one day, but there are few institutions that offer advanced training).I would like to take these courses so that I can provide first aid without worry.

Even ordinary peopleFirst aid extension workerIf you obtain the certification, within the jurisdiction of the certified fire departmentOrdinary lifesaving classCan teach.[1]Therefore, in the current situation where it is not possible to catch up with the training by emergency personnel alone, the acquisition by the general public is encouraged.The certificate of completion will be issued by the fire chief in the area of ​​jurisdiction.

またJapanese Red Cross SocietySponsored byRed Cross First AidTaking a course is also considered to be useful for providing first aid in the unlikely event.In the Red Cross First Aid Training Course, you can learn a wide range of first aid and lifesaving allowances for sudden illnesses, accidents, disasters, etc.

Private training

There are not many private courses in Japan,American Heart Association(American Heart Association, AHA)Medic First Aid(MFA) andEmergency First Response(EFR) and other private-sector emergency law dissemination organizations that have their own bases in the United States are holding seminars.

Have the courage to save lives

心 臓,BreatheIf is stopped, definitely leave it as it isDeathTo do.ambulanceThe survival rate of the sick and injured will be extremely high if only some first aid measures are taken by the time they arrive.

If a person with cardiac arrest is given chest compressions (heart massage), the chest bones may be broken, but if the chest is not compressed for fear of breaking the bones, the patient's life will be lost and the patient will never return.On the other hand, if life is saved, even if the bone is broken, it can heal over time and return to the state before the bone was broken.In this case, it goes without saying that the latter is preferable.

Once one's own safety is ensured and confirmed, it is indispensable to have the courage to save a person's life and to carry out a lifesaving allowance without hesitation.Each institution that conducts the training also calls for "I want the graduates to do things with confidence."

Even if some physical injury remains after resuscitation after giving a lifesaving allowance, if it is based on good intentions, in Japan,CivilAlso aboveDetectiveIt is a common belief of legal scholars that the above is also exempted from liability (Emergency evacuationAct)National Police Agency,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFire department,Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,Japan Medical Association,Japanese Red Cross SocietyThe exemption is clearly stated in the "Guidelines for Emergency Resuscitation" jointly compiled by the above (specifically).Criminal law37 ArticleCivil lawArticle 698 etc. is the basis).In fact, even in Japan, people who have been given life-saving benefits have never been punished.

In many Western countries, "immunity from first aid"Good Samaritan Law(English: good Samaritan law) Is in place, which helps to promote active first aid measures.


  1. ^ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency Notification dated July 11, 7 "Partial revision of the implementation guidelines for promotion of first aid dissemination and enlightenment activities" (Fire Relief No. 6) Attachment

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