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💪 | [Starbucks] Is it OK to drink while on a diet?"Custom method that does not get fat" chosen by a dietitian


[Starbucks] Is it OK to drink while on a diet?"Custom method that does not get fat" chosen by a dietitian

If you write the contents roughly
This spring and summer, when you are thirsty, please try it when you moisturize with a drink from "Starbucks".

I think there are many people who usually use "Starbucks" where many drinks and foods are lined up.I like ... → Continue reading


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    Easy spring and summer


    Starbucks(British: Starbucks Corporation,NASDAQ: SBUX) Is1971/ToThe United States of AmericaState of WashingtonSeattleThe world's largest opened incoffeechainAt the storeSeattle coffeeIs the originator of米 国Companies[1][2] .. As of 2020, we have 83 stores in 32,660 countries around the world, with 16,637 directly managed stores and 16,023 FC stores.[3]..It is open not only in downtown areas but also in train stations, office buildings and universities, and is used by all types of customers.

    At the store, hot drinks and cold drinks, coffee beans sales, instant coffee powder sales,espresso,Caffe Latte, Offers full-leaf and loose-leaf teas, juices, Frappuccino beverages, pastries and snacks.


    Drinks are usually served in disposable paper or plastic cups, but pottery cups may be used with the consent of the purchaser.Also, the tumbler I broughtカ ッ プIt is also possible to use the kind.The tumblers and cups you bring can be washed before and after use (similar to discounts, you can also wash products other than those sold by Starbucks).

    Coffee size

    NameEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNOTE
    Short8 US fl oz (240 ml)The smaller of the original sizes
    Tall12 US fl oz (350 ml)The larger of the original sizes
    Grande16 US fl oz (470 ml)"Large" in Italian
    Venti20 US fl oz (590 ml) --Hot
    26 US fl oz (770 mL) --Iced
    "20" in Italian
    Trenta30 US fl oz (890 ml)"30" in Italian

    Characteristics of the store

    • Interior that makes you want to stay longer, such as sofas and calm lighting
    • Open terrace facing the street
    • No smoking inside the store
    • Friendly service

    Etc. were also positively incorporated.JapanWe partnered when we enteredSotheby(SAZABY) introduced almost as is. Both were Japanese at that timeA coffee shopIn Japan, which stands out from the list, is one of the characteristics of Starbucks. "Third placeUnder the concept of "(third space that is neither home nor workplace), there is no restriction on long-term self-study or computer use in US stores[4],Wi-FiIt is free to use, with no restrictions on time or destination. In Japan, there are stores that limit customers' long stays and use of computers[5]And so on, it doesn't necessarily run the same store operations as in the US.

    The furniture in the store is custom-made by the head office to a furniture maker, and is not commercially available.[6].. In addition, on the surface of the round table for two peopleChess boardThere is a service to rent out chess pieces (not implemented in Japan).However, in recent years, many stores have replaced it with a plain table and rented out mat-type boards and silicon pieces.[7].

    For US storesAT & T Internet Services(SSID: attwifi) orGoogle(SSID: Google Starbucks)Public wireless LANAn access point is installed and Wi-Fi can be used free of charge[PR 1][PR 2].

    Of the dining areaOutletIs open for the use of notebooks and charging of mobile phones. Also in Japan from December 2009NTT Broadband PlatformWe will start installation of access points at stores in metropolitan areas in partnership with, and plan to install access points at stores nationwide by December 2010. ThisNTT East OfFLET'S SPOTNTT DoCoMoMzone (currentlydocomo Wi-Fi) Will be available for public wireless LAN service[PR 3].. Also, from June 2010Softbank mobile,SOFTBANK TELECOMIn collaboration withSoftbank Wi-Fi spotWill start operation and will be rolled out nationwide[PR 4].


    1971/ToSeattle(English edition,(English edition,(English edition(Jewish),(English edition[Annotation 1](Dutch) Was opened by. Coffee at the timeRoastWas just a company.

    1982/, Later Chairman and CEOHoward SchultzJoined the company. Schultz is not only coffee beans,espressoWe proposed to the company to sell drinks mainly.1985/Schulz, who left Starbucks in XNUMX, founded Il Giornare the following year and started selling espresso-based takeaway menus. This is a Seattle studentcareer womanIt became very popular among people and quickly became fashionable. Schultz1987/With Starbucks stores商標Buy.

    Renamed Il Giornare to Starbucks Corporation, a coffee shop under the Starbucks brandchainExpanded. Other companies in the same industry followed suit, and the number of coffee shops with similar styles increased rapidly.

    At the timeAmericaThen.ItalyStyleFashion,MealIs becoming popular, Italian stylecoffee OfespressoThese "Seattle coffeeStores quickly spread throughout North America after the boom, and became established as Seattle style coffee and coffee shop style.

    "Change the world" for Starbucks[8]It states that it has a mission.

    Origin of the store name

    The origin of the store name was the first choiceHerman MelvilleThe novel "白 鯨]Whaling shipPeakod (pequod), The deputy chief officer, Starback Chief Officer (Starbuck) And near SeattleMount RainierThe starboard (Starbo) Taken from the mine[9][10].. in JapanStarbucksIs also abbreviated[11].

    CompanylogoHas a deep connection with the sailorSiren(Greek MythologyIn the upper bodyA human OfFemaleso,Lower body (I.e.Has the appearance of[Annotation 2]Is said to be Ofmonster) Is used. Each time the logo changes, the shape of the siren changes, and until 1987, the two tails were firmly drawn, but in 2 it was hidden in a frame, and in 92 the outer frame STARBUCKS COFFEE The letters are gone[12].. The first Pike Place store in Seattle is different from other chain stores because it uses the color (brown) and design that it has had since its opening.

    Global expansion

    United Kingdom,AsiaWe have stores in various locations,2005/Currently in 30 countries.

    From worldwide expansion, in Europe etc.McDonald'sAlong withAmerican EmpireOf資本主義As a symbol ofAnti-globalismIt is one of the targets of and often criticized.

    British economic magazineeconomistIs an index for measuring the purchasing power of each country,Big mac indexIn addition, the Toll Latte Index, which compares Starbucks tall-sized latte prices, has been released.[13].


    AustraliaThen from 2000SydneyHowever, by 2008, it had a debt of more than 1 million US dollars (about 95 billion yen).[14]..It closed unprofitable stores and responded, but in June 2014 it was decided to sell the remaining stores to a local company, and it was forced to virtually withdraw.[15][14].

    People's Republic of China

    Hong Kongexcept forChugokuMany stores in Japan are written with "Kanji Hoshiba" in Kanji.

    In addition, BeijingThen.紫禁城(The Imperial Palace) had opened a store in 2000, but withdrew on July 2007, 7. In January 4China Central Television OfcasterIs ownBlogThen, a commentary on the content that demanded the withdrawal of Starbucks in the old palace was announced, and discussions were taking place in China.

    Russian Federation

    Russian FederationSince opening the first store in 2007, it has opened 1 stores. Occurred in February 130Russia invades UkraineIn response to this, in March of the same year, business development in Russia was suspended.After that, on May 3, the same year, it announced that it would withdraw from the country.[16][17].

    United Airlines in-flight

    Until 2011United airlinesOldContinental AirlinesUnited original blended Starbucks coffee was provided on all routes and all classes except operated flights. Of coffeepaper cupThe feature was that the Starbucks and United Airlines logos were printed, but now it is ``Freshbrew Journeys CoffeeWas changed to.


    1992 years(HeiseiIn December 4), it opened as a store in a food court funded by a major US hotel chain, Marriott International, etc., in the restricted area of ​​Terminal 12 of New Tokyo International Airport (currently Narita International Airport).[19]..In addition, the Starbucks side at that time explained that "for the time being, we are doing our best to expand in the United States", and this store opening is also "an exception. We do not intend to start overseas expansion."[19], Then withdrew in just nine months.

    1995/(7) October,Sotheby Co., Ltd.Is a joint venture with Starbucks Coffee International, Inc., USA, Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.[20]Establishment[21][22].. The brother of Sozoby President Rikuzo Suzuki[23]Yuji TsunodaBecame president[PR 5].

    1996/(8)8/2,TokyoGinzaToNorth AmericaOpened the first store in Japan outside the district.Although it is a chain store, it has become very popular due to its sophisticated interior, fashionable menu items, and a European-style open terrace.

    Japan at that timeA coffee shopIs unusual forNon smokingIt was also a feature that[Annotation 3].. Smoking is permitted on the outdoor open terrace for smokers. EspeciallyFemalePopular among the layers, JapanCaféIt became a catalyst for the boom.

    2003/(15)4,IbarakiMoriyaKeyakidaiShopping centerSeiyuIn easy cityDrive throughOpened Japan's first store with a store (opened around 1994 in the United States). We are increasing the number of stores in the suburbs, and as of March 2008, we have 20 stores.

    2006/(18) March 7,ChiyodaKasumigaseki OfMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryOpened in the store. It was the first store to open to a central government agency[PR 6].Ichigaya Honmura Town OfMinistry of DefenseThere is also a store in the welfare building of the government building, and most of the products are offered at a fixed price of 1% depending on the contract when opening the store. It can be used not only by staff and contractors, but also by participants in the Ministry of Defense tour course. Both stores are not listed in the store search.

    2008/(20)3,Ibaraki PrefectureTsukuba City OfUniversity of TsukubaOpened a store in the central library entrance hall. This is the first time that a specialty store has been set up in the Japanese university library.

    2010/(22)5/12, The first time in JapanSendaiChris RoadThe store was opened as a place for local activities[24].. In addition to sponsoring local festivals that opened stores,MecenatIs actively doing.

    In addition to regular stores, there are stores open in medical facilities.2009/As of (21), 3 stores in a general hospital,University hospitalHas opened 23 stores. Most of these are in locations where not only patients and visitors but also ordinary customers can attract customers.

    In addition, airports (general area,Restricted area), JR station yard, highwayservice area,TSUTAYAInside the store,amusement parkOn the premises (Fujikyu HighlandYomiuri Land) And so on.Also, as a store in the officeRoppongi Hills Mori TowerIt is inGoldman SachsHas established a store exclusively for Goldman Sachs employees in Japan[25]on the other hand,Toyota HallThe "Toyota Motor Headquarters Store" in (Aichi Prefecture) is open to the public.

    2013 year 3 month,ShibuyaSendagayaからShinagawaKamiosaki(New MeguroTokyu Building) Has moved the headquarters of a Japanese corporation. The old head office had 6 floors, while the new head office has floors up to 4 floors with a total floor area of ​​1.5 times.

    On the first floor of the head office on May 5, the same yearMeguroThe number of stores in Japan has increased to 1,000. The first example of reaching 1,000 stores in one country is the first outside of the United States and Canada[26].

    On December 12, the same year, the "Mt. Yokoteyama Mountaintop Store" (18 meters above sea level), which is the highest of the 985 stores (at that time) in Japan, was opened.NaganoShiga KogenOpened on the 2nd floor of the Mt. Yokoteyama ski lift lift station building.Ski resortWill be the first store to be opened in the company. nearHutteSells bread, so it only offers 11 drinks. The contract at the time of opening was a limited-time store until May 2014, and the sales headquarters was talking about switching to full-year sales to revitalize the region,[27][28], It closed due to the initial agreement due to the lack of a business agreement (currently the Crumpet Cafe).

    In the 2010s, there were no stores in 47 prefectures so farSan'in districtExpand to. The reason why there was no store so far is because of the ingredientsdistributioncostWas explained as a factor[29]But, because it was with a prospect to ensure food distribution route, in March 2013Shimane MatsueJRMatsue StationOn the premisesShamineThe Matsue store opened as the first San-in store, and the sales on the opening date reached the highest amount in Japan.[30].. Following this, the Izumo Taisha store opened.

    With the opening of stores in Shimane Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture became the only prefecture with no stores.TottoriAlsoTottori StationIt was reported that it is considering opening a store in the South Exit[31].2015/4/22Shamine Tottori store opened on May 2015, 5 after the official announcement of[PR 7]Approximately 1996 years after the first Japanese store opened in 1, stores have been opened in all 19 prefectures[32].

    About 100 new stores are opened each year, and as of 2018, there will be about 1,300 stores. Although it is a large chain company,Kyoto CityThen, the exterior and interior are adapted to local circumstances, such as the refurbishment of a Japanese house (Kyoto Ninizaka Yasaka Chaya store). There are about 30 store designers in Japan, and they have a strategy that emphasizes "Local Relevant", which is also the policy of the US headquarters.[33].

    On September 2014, 9 (US time), Starbucks Corporation announced that Starbucks Coffee Japan[20]Announced that it will become a wholly owned subsidiary[PR 8].. The Sotheby League, a joint venture partner in Japan, has agreed to accept a tender offer for all Starbucks Japan shares held by the company.

    Starbucks Coffee Japan became a subsidiary of Starbucks Corporation on October 2014, 10, when the Sotheby League holdings were acquired by Solar Japan Holdings GK, a subsidiary of Starbucks Corporation.[PR 9].. In addition, we made a second tender offer for shareholders other than the Sotheby League and holders of stock acquisition rights, and indirectly acquired 2% of the shares in Starbucks Corporation in December of the same year.[PR 10]..After the two-step acquisition procedure, Starbucks Corporation will announce Starbucks Coffee Japan on March 2015, 3.[20]Made a wholly owned subsidiary[PR 11].

    Image of Japanese store

    Logo mark and lawsuit

    Of the "green double circle" that Starbucks once usedLogo typeRegarding (logo), similar trademarks have appeared in various countries around the world,LawsuitThere are many things that have developed into

    in JapanDoutor coffeeOf the systemExcelsior Cafe"But,1999/Because it used a logo very similar to Starbucks at the beginning of,2000/On the Starbucks sideUnfair Competition Prevention LawSeek injunction based on logoProvisional disposalI applied for an application. After all, a settlement was reached between the two companies in August of the same year, and the Excelsior Cafe side changed the color of the circle outside the logo to blue.

    In Korea, the local coffee chain company Elpreya2003/In 8 month商標The Starbucks side filed a similar trademark lawsuit in the Patent Court for the registered "Star Playa" logo, saying that it was a trademark infringement.2006/10/11, Dismissed the complaint, saying "the fact of infringement is not found".The Starbucks side dissatisfied with the decision and the Daiho-in Temple (Supreme Court), But the Daiho-in Temple2007/In January, a final ruling on Starbucks loss was issued.[34].

    Similar trialsShanghaiBut it is done. Starbucks accused local dealers of coffee shops in Shanghai of trademark infringement, allegedly imitating the company's Chinese name "Star Tomoe" and its logo. Starbucks2005/Although he won the case in the lower court, the local contractor dissatisfied with this and appealed to the Shanghai Higher People's Court (Supreme Court).Higher People's Court admits trademark infringement, Starbucks wins confirmed[35].

    In Starbucks2011/In January, we announced a new logo mark that abolished the outer obi and lettering of the company name and expanded the original female image inside. Introduced sequentially from March of the same year. The main reason for this is that "it may be possible to offer products other than coffee under the name of Starbucks", but there have been criticisms from old fans.[36].

    Starbucks card

    Can be used at all Starbucks stores in Japanprepaid card・It is a gift card. It is not compatible with stores in other countries and can only be used in stores in the issuing country.

    At stores in the United States and Canada, registered Starbucks card users will be free to add syrup and refill drip coffee for each visit (purchase). Until June 2010, only registered card users were free to use WiFi (AT & T Wi-Fi Access) for up to 6 hours (from July 2, it will be open to all customers without time limit. Yes)[PR 12].. Cards are also sold at supermarkets (membership-based warehouse stores sell at 7 to 9% of face value). In addition, a Starbucks card duet visa card called an annual membership fee-free credit card in partnership with StarbucksChaseIs issued, and 10% of the price will be discounted when using this card.

    Similarly at stores in the UK, card users who register online can use the public wireless LAN (BT openzone) in the store without restrictions, and all options such as syrup will be free unless excessive, and Starbucks card If you purchase a drink at, you can get a discount for the drink alone. In addition, the Starbucks card service is one of the highest in the world as in North America, with a filter coffee (tall size) for £1 (optional option in this case).

    In Japan, it can be issued with a deposit of 1,000 yen or more by cash or credit card, and can be charged repeatedly.If you pay with a Starbucks card registered on the web, a reward system will be introduced, and if you collect 50 star for every 1 yen and 150 stars, you can issue a reward ticket for 700 yen.You can check your balance at the store, Starbucks Card Support Center, or website, and the expiration date will be updated at the same time (the expiration date will be extended to 3 years without any increase or decrease in the amount. The expiration date will be after June 2012, 6. Has been abolished and is indefinite).The design changes year by year, and there are also limited-time types and types that win prizes.These limited edition designs are also sold at auctions at high prices.There are also envelopes that hold cards for presentation.The type of card isDenny'sSame type as, but not available in Denny's and vice versa.

    Most of them including JapanMagnetic cardBut only in TaiwanPrepaid CardIs. Same in TaiwanUnified companyGroup managementSeven-ElevenIssued byicashThe same type as ", but not available in Seven-Eleven. On the contrary, it was issued by Seven-Elevenicash2.0The card can be used at the same store.

    You can issue a Starbucks card or import a plastic card within the Starbucks Japan official mobile application, and if it is a model that supports Osaifu-Keitai, you can pay for it by charging it over the reader installed in the store and charging the card. It is possible.Apple PaySince it does not support, you can also pay and charge by displaying a barcode on the screen when using it under iPhone environment.

    Similar to the tumbler, regional design cards have also been issued.

    Working environment

    World Industrial UnionJoin (IWW)(English editionThere is[PR 13].

    San Diego County Court of CaliforniaVaristorPaid toチップOrdering Starbucks to return about $1 million to 10 baristas, saying it's illegal for some of them to go to shift supervisors[37].. Similar cases have been filed in other states.

    July 2009, TexasEl PasoThe short stature employee hired in was laid off in 3 days of training. The employee offered to use a chair or small stepladder at work, but the company refused to do so and was dismissed. In May 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal government employment opportunity oversight agency, refused to give due due diligence to employees with disabilities. Filed a complaint with the district court to establish an anti-discrimination policy at the company and to pay salaries and punitive damages to dismissed employees.[38].. On August 2011, 8, Starbucks agreed to pay $16 to ex-employees who laid off and take steps to improve employment of people with disabilities[39].

    More informations

    • Starbucks in Japan holds coffee seminars at various locations including the first store in Ginza. It is a program that allows you to familiarize yourself with coffee through basic knowledge of coffee, proper brewing and drinking comparisons, etc., in about 1 hours each time. You will receive a certificate when you take all the programs.
    • KanagawaKamakura cityOnari TownThe Kamakura Onarimachi store in is a manga artistRyuichi YokoyamaIt was built on the former site of the mansion. For that reason, Yokoyama's masterpiece "Fuku-chan" four-frame cartoon is displayed in the store.
    • 2001/9/11 OfWorld Trade Center Building CollapseShortly after, three paramedics tried to get drinking water at Battery Park City Starbucks, three blocks away from the World Trade Center building, but they were charged $3 for bottled water, so they purchased it at the actual cost. Starbucks apologized after being criticized by the United States for showing the corporate culture[40].
    • Hong KongOf Starbucks stores in the buildingWCIt was reported to the local media that he was brewing coffee using the tap water. Local hygiene authorities warned against using tap water, the companyDistilled waterHas been switched to the use of, but many criticisms have been made by citizens.[42].
    • South KoreaThe Starbucks store did not put the short size price on the menu, so a consumer group accused the food hygiene law violation as "restricting the consumer's right to choose." In response, Starbucks Korea made improvements such as preparing a pamphlet menu with prices for all sizes and changing the letters indicating that there is a short size to the same letter size as the product name and writing it larger.[43].
    • A number (#xxxx) is written next to the store name on the receipt, and a unique number is assigned to each store. Numbers are assigned in the order of contract, and #1 is the Ginza Matsuya Street store. The id number at the end of the URL of the store on the official website corresponds to the store number.
    • Since its inception, Starbucks has had a corporate mission to provide a "meeting place."However, on April 2018, 4, two black guests who were waiting for an acquaintance without buying coffee were arrested.He was released immediately, but the arrest was spread online.Inundated with criticism for racial discrimination, it has decided to close about 12 stores nationwide on May 2 and provide training to about 5 employees.[44].
    • In the 2019 anti-Chinese demonstration in Hong Kong, the daughter of the founder of Maxim's Caterers, which operates Starbucks in Hong Kong, was blamed for the demonstration and was targeted by the protesters as a pro-Chinese group. And have been subjected to graffiti and vandalism using spray at multiple stores.[46].
    • 2019/On November 11, at a store in Oklahoma, USA, a police officer who ordered coffee was given a cup with "PIG" printed on the label, which meant disdaining police officers. When the police chief protested, the store's response was initially to replace the cup instead of an apology, but after that the headquarters officially apologized and the barista was suspended. In the United States, baristas have apologized to police officers who have tried to use Starbucks in the past after asking them to leave the store.[47].
    • Utilization of natural resources such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and landfill waste by 2020% by 1 on January 21, 2030, increasing plant-derived menus, and investing in environment-regenerating agriculture Announcing a new policy on sustainability[48].


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