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📱 | A smart and minimal life with a small wallet "and W" that expands its functions!


Live a smart and minimal life with a small wallet "and W" that expands its functions!

If you write the contents roughly
Will your everyday life be more fulfilling with a minimalist wallet?

"And W" is a minimum wallet whose capacity can be expanded by joining a wallet and a card case. Combining the two ... → Continue reading


"Bouncy" is a new age video media that delivers cutting-edge information that shows the future lifestyle in a format that is easy to see on smartphones. Tomorrow, 10 years later, or 100 years later. Every day, we will deliver various events that shape our future with easy-to-understand videos from the editorial department's perspective. I hope that it will be a small opportunity for someone to think about the future, move their hands to realize their dreams, and take that step.

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Minimal(British: minimal) Means "minimal".

Commonly used examples

Minimal and minimum

minimum(British: minimum) And the feeling of words are exactly the same,EnglishWill be used as a complete distinction.Minimaladjective, Minimum is not only as an adjectivenounAlso used as.

As an adjective, minimal is used simply to mean "minimum required" and "minimum / least", and minimum is used to mean "minimum within a given range".For example, the "minimum speed to reach the desired time and place" is the former, and the "statutory minimum speed" is the latter.Since it is a word with a very different nuance depending on how it is used, it is necessary to be careful when using it in English-speaking countries.

ミ ニ マ リ ズ ム


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