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📚 | What is the reason why "children who like railways are smart"?


What is the reason why "children who like railroads are smart"?

If you write the contents roughly
In Chapter 8, we talked with Katsuhiko Enomoto, who has been a cram school teacher for many years in Saitama Prefecture, and talked about changes in children, the strengths of children who have something they like, the circumstances of going on to local cities, the actual situation of high school and university entrance exams, etc. We are talking about the facts that can be known only because we are in the field of education.

"Many children who like railways are smart" Railways were the best educational material⁉ On May 2022, 5, "Iron ... → Continue reading

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    Circumstances of going on to higher education

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      Educational site

      Educational site(Kyoiku Genba) is directlyChildren-studentTo teachDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularAnd oversee thisBoard of educationEtc. mainly,Compulsory educationUsed for.

      Status in Japan

      Late war period-high economic growth period

      Compulsory education was just createdMeiji EraExcept the early daysPrewar-During the war・And at leastthe 1960sFor up toTeacherIt is,Doctor,LawyerRespected alongsideOccupationWas taken.

      If a child/student is scolded at school,家庭The position of the teacher involved in the educational field was so high that he was reprimanded again. I saw the Japanese educational scene at that timeWesternThe person said, “In Japanese societyprimary schoolIt is,Europesocial(I.e.It is said that "it hits."

      After the oil shock period

      However, Japan became financially rich1970/From aroundrightInsistGuardianWill increase. Back thenOverprotectionWas called. However, at that timeManagement educationIt was also the peak time,claimEven though some parents put on a school, few parents made a complaint to the school.

      Pay attention to the specialty of the teacher,School dramaHas reached its peak,1980/Before and after. A series of heart-warming interactions with children and students while enduring the complaints of parentsDramaThe flock was real enough to make you wish it was there, even if it wasn't possible in reality. However, there were not a few people who became faculty longing for school dramas and broke their dreams and left the school.

      After Heisei

      Butthe 1990sFrom the latter half, the scene of the educational scene becomes cold. It became commonplace for parents to make complaints about schools, and they stopped respecting teachers.事件-ACCIDENTEducational sites that are afraid ofAdultTo interact with children and students,RegulationStarted to do. The field of education has become far from the world of heart-warming exchange. Due to the heavy burden of work,suicideTeachers who practice are not uncommon. This trend shows no sign of improvement.

      Criticism of the outside

      In addition, for the opinions and criticisms of the educational site,"I don't know the educational scene"There is such a thing. This word is mainlyPoliticsEducation bypolicyAndSociologyIt is used for criticism of educational sites by persons.

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