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👩‍🎤 | LE SSERAFIM's first radio appearance in "All Night Nippon X"!

Photo LE SSERAFIM's first radio appearance in "All Night Nippon X"!

LE SSERAFIM makes his first radio appearance on "All Night Nippon X"!

If you write the contents roughly
I am very happy to be able to appear in All Night Nippon X!

LE SSERAFIM will appear on "All Night Nippon X (Cross)" on Nippon Broadcasting System on June 6th (Thursday) ... → Continue reading


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      All Night Nippon X

      All Night Nippon > All Night Nippon X

      "All Night Nippon X』(All Night Nippon Cross),Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.で2021/3/30"Midnight on the 29th"All Night NipponIt is a live wide program frame of the brand.Abbreviation is "ANNX』.


      これまでニッポン放送では、火曜日から金曜日の0時(月曜日から木曜日の24時)の放送枠にて、2010年1月5日(4日深夜)から2021年3月26日(25日深夜)までツイッター連動のワイド番組『Mucomi PlusFrom April 0, 24 to March 2019, 4 (midnight on the 5th) in the broadcast frame at 2021:3 on Saturday (27:26 on Friday).Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS Kenjiro Yamashita's ZERO BASE(With the reorganization in April 2021, the broadcast frame will move from 4:21 to 40:22 on Sunday), but from March 2021, 3 (midnight on the 30th), this broadcast frame will be collectively integrated into the All Night Nippon brand. Renewed to the broadcast frame of the live wide program of[Note 1].

      An overview of the brand was revealed at a press conference held on March 2021, 3, and as mentioned above, the station's broadcast slots from Tuesday to Saturday at midnight were reorganized in a lump, mainly for teens. Target "All Night Nippon''All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO), So to speak, "Third All Night NipponLaunched the brand as "" and strengthened the midnight hours[1][2]..In addition, the new brand of All Night Nippon will be born in 2013.All Night Nippon Tsukiichi(The personality at that time wasMiyuki Nakajima.. ) Has been born for the first time in 8 years[3][Note 2]Is.About this, the president of the bureauMaki Hihara"Creates a new All Night Nippon brand.CoronaAs the number of young people who come into contact with the radio has increased, I have come to want to create a program for young people in a new era. "[4]..In addition, "I thought that ANN (All Night Nippon) is a friend even for young people today, and I created a new brand at ANN, which I have been doing for over 50 years, and smash. (SHOWROOMWe would like to deliver ANNX in line with the times in collaboration with (Vertical Theater Application for Smartphones) developed by. "[5].

      The origin of the title of this brand is "Radio, which is an analog element, and", which is a digital element. "Social Media"From the image of creating new content by multiplying" videos "," smartphones "," WEB news ", etc., and strongly transmitting it to the world."[3]..Regarding this, Hihara expresses the radio form unique to this frame, in which the name "All Night Nippon X" is a "cross" between personalities and listeners, and between personalities, listeners, and Nippon Broadcasting System and smash. "[6].

      In addition, this brand is a radioradikoIn addition to the two conventional media, smash. Will be fully linked to deliver the live studio pattern, and the video will be archived so that listeners can enjoy it at any time.[1][2]..About this, the president of SHOWROOMYuji Maeda"I think the video cross is an attempt that didn't seem to have happened."[5], "Speaking of radio, a certain restriction of listening only with the ears stirs the imagination, but by delivering a set of images that feel familiar, it accelerates the feeling of talking only to yourself. , I wish I could evolve "All Night Nippon" in a way that suits the smartphone era. "[6].

      Later, the producer of All Night NipponYuichi TomiyamaIn an interview, he said, "With the spread of radiko, there is an awareness that various contents on smartphones and TV programs at 24:0 are rivals of radio." In the last few years, the environment surrounding radio has changed drastically due to the spread of SNS and the expansion of video content. Under such circumstances, "ANN" and "ANNXNUMX" have been trying various things over the past few years and are really powerful. I think we are able to deliver the broadcast in the lineup. However, because it is too rock solid, it is difficult to find a person who is attractive to the chatter that the world does not yet know, which is the identity of "ANN". It's also true. Among the current personalities,Creepy nutsTwo peopleNobuyuki Sakuma,First summer squidMany of you may have noticed the charm of ANN0. The 0 programs of "ANN" and "ANN11" have been almost immovable for the past two years, so the starting point was "I want to make another ANN2". "[7].

      The reason why this brand was born was a project called "Nippon Broadcasting x SHOWROOM Collaboration Broadcasting Station" held in November 2019. The plan was to make one book. At that time, I felt that both radio and live broadcasting were borderless, and I wanted to work with the video platform entirely. "ANN11", which distributes Mikucha videos, was solidified as a base, so I wanted to try it in a new frame, so it became this form, "says Tomiyama.[7].

      Regarding the personality lineup, Tomiyama said, "When thinking about how to get people to click on" radiko "or" smash. "On their smartphones, it is necessary to have the appeal of just watching it as a video for a moment, but as a radio as audio. Of course, it is also important how interesting things can be made. When I chose based on the criteria that both axes can be established,YOASOBI,Fuwa,PekopaI felt that he would satisfy both the radio-like fun and the visual appeal that we were looking for.A 7-member boy group that works globallyENHYPENAlthough Mr. is unknown in terms of radio skills, it is extremely popular with teens, and it will be an opportunity for people who do not know Nippon Broadcasting System or radio so far to listen to it, and it will be an explosive power as a video. It was appointed in anticipation. "[7].

      In addition, there are of course voices that Tomiyama relies too much on the "All Night Nippon" brand for the program title, but in the 55th year of "All Night Nippon", "Bittersweet Samba will be played at midnight and the personality will talk. It is an icon of voice content called ".So, I thought about another title, but after all it was the one with "All Night Nippon". "[8].

      At the start of broadcasting of this brand, it will be the nearest station to the head office of the station for a week from March 2021 to April 3, 29.JR 有 楽 町 駅とToei Mita LineとTokyo Metro OfHibiya Line-Chiyoda Line OfHibiya StationA large poster was posted in the pedestrian aisle, where the four personalities were "designed by being divided into X (cross)".[9].

      番組が開始した2021年3月30日から4月3日(3月29日 - 4月2日)のradikoリスナーの数の前の週(3月22日 - 26日)との比較では、ライブ(生放送)とタイムフリーの合計で4.4倍(441.9%)に増加し、また、ライブでは173.1%、タイムフリーでは12.3倍(1232.5%)にそれぞれ増加した[10]..In response to this, the total number of live radiko listeners of "ANN" and "ANN0" broadcast immediately after that has won the first place in all stations.[10].

      With the reorganization in the spring of 2022, the personality of each day will be renewed.[11]..Each performer was announced at a personality press conference held on March 3th of the same year.[11]..Until March of the same year, Friday is a weekly personality system, but from April it will be changed to Thursday.[11].


      • Monday-Thursday (Tuesday-Friday): 0:00-0:58
      • Friday (Saturday): 0:00 --0:53

      Internet station

      Broadcast target areaBroadcasting station nameAirtimeBroadcasting beginsRemarks
      Monday-Thursday (Tuesday-Friday)Friday (Saturday)
      Kanto wide areaNippon Broadcasting System (LF)24:00 --24:58 (0:00 --0:58)24:00 --24:53 (0:00 --0:53)October 2021, 3-Production Bureau[Note 3]
      HokkaidoSTV radio-[Note 4][Note 5]

      Regular personality

      Current personality

      Day of the weekBroadcast periodPersonalitytitle
      Tuesday (midnight Monday)January 2022, 4 (midnight on the 5th)-Yuki YamadaYuki Yamada's All Night Nippon X
      Wednesday (midnight Tuesday)January 2022, 4 (midnight on the 6th)-Haruko Nagaya(Green yellow society)Green-yellow society, Haruko Nagaya's All Night Nippon X
      Thursday (Wednesday midnight)January 2022, 4 (midnight on the 7th)-JO1[Note 6]JO1's All Night Nippon X
      1st-Third and 3th Friday (Thursday midnight)January 2022, 4 (midnight on the 8th)-Weekly○○ All Night Nippon X
      Last Friday (Thursday midnight)January 2022, 5 (midnight on the 27th)-Fumaya TakahashiFumiya Takahashi's All Night Nippon X
      Saturday (Friday midnight)January 2021, 4 (midnight on the 9th)-EXITEXIT's All Night Nippon X

      Weekly personality list

      * 1 is a personality that has been in charge of regulars in the All Night Nippon series so far.
      * 2 is a personality that I have been in charge of in a single shot.
      * 3 is a personality who will be in charge of regulars later.


      42 daysindigo la End[14]9 daysindigo la End[14]16 daysRyuta Shibuya
      (SUPER BEAVER) *1[15]
      23 daysRyuta Shibuya
      (SUPER BEAVER) * 1[15]
      30 daysJar Jar※ 2[16]
      57 daysAmatsuki-Amatsuki-[17]14 daysHikaru Takahashi※ 2[18]21 daysSora[19]28 daysSora[19]
      64 daysHave a Nice Day![20]11 daysEISYU.[21]18 daysTHE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE[Note WEEKLY2021-1][22]25 daysTHE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE[Note WEEKLY2021-1][22]
      72 daysSHISHAMO※ 2[23]9 daysSHISHAMO * 2[23]16 daysSuper Express※ 2[24]23 daysTakuya Eguchi[25]30 daysNobuyuki Suzuki
      (Troupe EXILE)[26]
      86 daysC & K[27]13 dayssyudou[28]20 daysHikorohi[29]27 daysKeita Machida
      (Theatrical company EXILE)[30]
      93 daysWataru Hatano[31]10 daysア イ ン シ ュ タ イ ン[32]17 daysEXIT* 2 * 3[33]24 daysPorn graffiti※ 1[34]
      101 daysHanako※ 2[35]8 daysYuma Uchida[36]15 daysMizuo Itagaki[37]22 daysRyogo Matsumaru[38]29 daysTHE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE[Note WEEKLY2021-1][39]
      115 daysYoshihiko Aramaki-Kenta Mizue[40]12 daysBE: FIRST[Note WEEKLY2021-2][41]19 daysThird generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE※ 2[Note WEEKLY2021-3][42]26 daysSandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE * 2[Note WEEKLY2021-4][42]
      123 daysSandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE * 2[Note WEEKLY2021-5][42]10 daysLIVE in smash.[Note WEEKLY2021-6][43]17 daysAnother junior high school student[44]24 daysSpecial program[Note WEEKLY2021-7]Pause for31 daysSanshiro[Note WEEKLY2021-8]
      Note WEEKLY2021
      1. ^ a b c Cast members:Shogo Yamamoto,Kitano Yoshino,Shogo Iwaya
      2. ^ Cast members: LEO, MANATO, JUNON
      3. ^ Cast members:ELLY,Takenori Iwata
      4. ^ Cast members:NAOTO,Hiroomi Tosaka
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      6. ^ Cast members:MIZ,Penthouse,Suzuki Suzuki
      7. ^ "Radio Charity Musicson"
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      17 daysTAKAHIRO
      14 daysMaruyama Rei※ 2[46]21 daysTHE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE[Note WEEKLY2022-1][47]28 daysRyuta Shibuya
      (SUPER BEAVER) *1[48]
      24 daysmiwa※ 1[49]11 daysDa-iCE[Note WEEKLY2022-2][50]18 daysToshihisa Hagiwara[51]25 daysSuper palpitation♡ Advertising department[Note WEEKLY2022-3][52]
      34 daysJO1※ 3[Note WEEKLY2022-4][53]11 daysChiba Yudai※ 2[54]18 daysKobayashi I[55]25 daysM! LK[Note WEEKLY2022-5][56]
      41 daysKanta Sato
      (Troupe EXILE)[57]
      7 daysSuper student[58]14 daysYuji Maeda※ 2[59]21 daysNakagawa Taishi[60]28 daysFumaya Takahashi※ 3[61]
      55 daysJaejoong[62]12 daysLee Mitsuto Itagaki[63]19 daysTakushima Terashima[64]
      62 daysNishikawa Takanori※ 1[65]9 daysNMB48※ 2[Note WEEKLY2022-6][66]16 daysTHE SSERAFIM[67]23 daysNGT48※ 2[68]
      77 daysONEW(SHINee)[69]14 days21 days
      Note WEEKLY2022
      1. ^ Cast members: Shogo Yamamoto, Hokuto Yoshino, Shogo Iwaya
      2. ^ Cast members:Toru Iwaoka-Ohno Yudai-Sota Hanamura
      3. ^ All members appeared, but some members were under the age of 18, so it was pre-recorded.
      4. ^ Cast members:Rui Shiraiwa-Kawanishi Takumi-Tsurufusa Shioen
      5. ^ Cast members:Yuto Sano-Daichi Shiozaki-Jinto Yoshida
      6. ^ Cast members:Chihiro Kawakami, Sakura Matsuoka, Makoto Sakashita.Pre-recorded because Sakashita is under 18 years old.

      Past personality

      Day of the weekBroadcast periodPersonalitytitle
      Tuesday (midnight Monday)December 2021, 3 (midnight on 30nd) --January 29, 2022 (midnight on 3th)ENHYPENENHYPEN's All Night Nippon X
      Wednesday (midnight Tuesday)December 2021, 3 (midnight on 31nd) --January 30, 2022 (midnight on 3th)YOASOBIYOASOBI's All Night Nippon X
      Thursday (Wednesday midnight)April 2021, 4 (midnight on March 1) --March 3, 31 (midnight on 2022)FuwaFuwa-chan's All Night Nippon X
      Friday (Thursday midnight)April 2021, 4 (midnight on the 2st) --April 1, 2022 (midnight on March 4)PekopaPekopa's All Night Nippon X
      Saturday (Friday midnight)April 2021, 4 (midnight on the 3st) --April 2, 2022 (midnight on March 4)Weekly○○ All Night Nippon X

      Frame movement

      Move from special to X

      • YOASOBI --Saturday, July 2020, 7 ZERO / Tuesday, January 18, 2021 ZERO
      • Fuwa-chan-Wednesday, September 2020, 9 ZERO
      • PEKOPA-Saturday, April 2020, 4 ZERO
      • Yuki Yamada --Tuesday, January 2022, 1 Part 11
      • Haruko Nagaya --Saturday, January 2022, 1 ZERO
      • JO1 --Friday, March 2022, 3 X
      • EXIT --Saturday, June 2019, 6 ZERO / Friday, September 8, 2021 X
      • Fumiya Takahashi --Monday X, February 2022, 2 / Thursday X, April 21, 2022

      Moving from X to 0 (ZERO)

      • Fuwa-chan-(In charge of Wednesday X from April 2021 to March 4, then in charge of Monday 2022 (ZERO) from April 3)[70]
      • Pekopa-(In charge of Thursday X from April 2021 to March 4, then in charge of Tuesday 2022 (ZERO) from April 3)[70]

      Special personality


      The above will serve as a personality before dawn on Tuesday (midnight on Monday).ENHYPENOf the members ofJUNGWON・ HEESEUNG ・ JAY ・ JAKE ・SUNGHOONOn June 2021, 9,NI-KIOn the 5th of the same month, respectivelyNew coronavirusInfection toENHYPEN's All Night Nippon XWas announced to be suspended for a while with the broadcast on the 7th (midnight of the 6th) of the same month.[74], It is a measure of the rest period.After that, normal broadcasting was resumed from the broadcast on October 10 (midnight on the 5th) of the same year.[75].


      Theme song


      [How to use footnotes]

      注 釈

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      2. ^ From October 2015, in the broadcast frame from 10:22 to 00:0, "All Night Nippon MUSIC10Is being broadcast, but it is a program different from the conventional talk-based "All Night Nippon" brand. From 2017, it will be limited to night off.All Night Nippon Premium] Is being broadcast.
      3. ^ Broadcast until September 2021, 9 Monday-Thursday 30:24-00:24.
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      5. ^ Friday is the in-house produced program "Attack Young 60』\ Non-net for broadcasting[12].
      6. ^ Member'sRui ShiraiwaIs in charge of the main personality[13]..Other members appear on a weekly basis[13].


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