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📚 | Erotic talk confuses people around me ... What is the reason for dementia?


The surroundings are confused by erotic talk ... What is the reason for dementia "something"?

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"Executive dysfunction" that makes mistakes in the procedure when performing work or makes it difficult to understand can make it difficult to distinguish between "what I bought" and "what I should buy from now on".

According to a study by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is said that one in five elderly people will develop dementia in 2025 (*).Family and ... → Continue reading

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Executive dysfunction

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    Executive dysfunction(Executive function disorders) orExecutive function failureAndHigher brain dysfunctionIt is one of.The executive function is a function necessary to effectively accomplish a series of activities with a purpose.The definition of executive function differs depending on the researcher because it involves multiple processes rather than a single cognitive task.Frontal lobeIn particular, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (frontal association area) is thought to play a central role in executive function.Therefore, executive dysfunction is considered to be a state in which the following functions are impaired.

    1. goal setting
    2. Planning
    3. Actually planning toward the goal
    4. Act effectively


    In patients with dementia, executive dysfunction has the greatest impact on social life.Specifically, there are symptoms such as unplanned behavior, inability to prioritize things, random behavior, inability to work efficiently, and inability to start behavior unless instructed.The following is a summary of the executive dysfunction of dementia observed in daily life.

    Activities of daily livingExamples of disabilities
    Money managementI can't operate the ATM, I can't file a tax return, I don't know how to use the card
    Medication managementI can't take the medicine as prescribed, I can't tell my doctor about my symptoms
    shoppingI can't buy multiple items, I can't buy items at the right store, I can't take advantage of discounts, etc.
    調理I'm not aware of the poor work setup, but I can't do multiple jobs
    HobbiesI can't make a plan myself and go on a trip, I don't know how to operate a mobile phone or remote control, inadvertent accidents increase when driving a car, cooking while washing, etc. Even if I can do one action, two actions I can't do it at the same time


    Screening tests for executive functions such as FAB and EXIT are used.


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