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⛺ | Convenient because you can see the inside!Daiso's "storage box" for gear storage and organization ◎ << Video >>


Convenient because you can see the inside!Daiso's "storage box" for gear storage and organization ◎ << Video >>

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Since it is transparent and the contents can be seen, it is convenient because you will not forget to replenish solid fuel etc.!

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Solid fuel

Solid fuel(Kokei Nenryo) refers to an industrial product that is made into a fuel that is easier to handle by processing combustible materials.charcoalProcessedBriquetteAndcoalMade fromBriquettesIs also a solid fuel, especially in modern timesalcoholSuch asorganic matterSolidifiedfuelIs familiar, it is mainly調理ForHeat sourceUsed for. (waste-SludgeMade fromPower generation-boilerSolid fuel forWaste solid fuel,rocketSolid fuelRocket engine propellantchecking)


Solid fuels are roughly divided into four types.

Solid fuel derived from alcohol is used for tabletop cooking at homes and restaurants, mountain climbing, military, etc.Outdoor cookingIt is a fuel used for.Many of them are single-use and have the size required to cook one meal.By solidifying liquid fuel such as methanol, it reduces harmfulness and flammability.HobBecause it is simple, it is highly portable.

Solid refers to what has been processed in the sense of "hardening", and coal and charcoal, which are originally solid, are not called solid fuel.Ogarite and Oga charcoal, which are powdered sawdust, and briquettes (bean charcoal), which are solidified pulverized coal, are also solid fuels, but here we will focus on solid fuels derived from alcohol.

Comparison with other portable fuels

Comparison with charcoal and firewood

Advantage: Easy to ignite.Because it is small, it can be used on an indoor tabletop.High water resistance.carbonLow contentCarbon monoxideIs hard to come out.

Disadvantages: The heat is weak and it is not suitable for large-scale cooking using a large pot.Toxic methanol volatilizes.Weak to the wind.

Comparison with gas / fuel stove

Advantages: The stove structure is simple, there is less risk of failure, and it is lightweight.There is less risk of fuel leaks and explosions.

Disadvantage: It is difficult to adjust the firepower.

Types and uses

Tabletop solid fuel

Solid fuel used in homes and restaurants is mainlymethanolToGelling agentIt is manufactured by adding calcium acetate or sodium fatty acid.Hot pot and kamameshi for one person,cheese fondueUsed for cooking and keeping warm in small pots.Many are disc-shaped or short cylindrical, with the lower end covered with aluminum foil for easy cleaning after combustion.It is covered with a plastic film to prevent the evaporation of alcohol.Place only one on a refractory dish and ignite as it is without removing the film.Since it is used up, use a size suitable for cooking.For commercial use, 1g to 7g are sold.Most of the commercially available solid fuels are about 40 grams (burning time 25 minutes).In the toxic methanol systemAccidental eatingMany of them are colored blue to prevent them, and some manufacturers add a bitterant as an accidental ingestion preventive.There are also examples of fuel (combustion time 60 to 90 minutes) dedicated to heat retention, which is made smaller by covering the combustion surface with aluminum foil to suppress the amount of heat, and heat retention for a long time by catalytic combustion.

The form of tabletop solid fuel used today isOsakaChemical manufacturer inNiitakaThe first was Kaen, which was developed by the company in the early 1970s.At the beginning of the sale, 14 kg of Kaen was poured into an itto-kan and hardened, but since the inn's Nakai used a spoon to separate the amount according to the amount, the amount varied and the customer's pot could not be boiled. Received.To deal with this problem, it was diced to a certain size and made into a circle.Furthermore, as mentioned above, as a result of improving by applying film processing to prevent the evaporation of alcohol and aluminum foil processing to ease the cleanup, it has become a style that is often seen now.[1][2].

Canned solid fuel

Solid fuel in cans has excellent storage stability andGotokuMany of them come with.Mainly for emergency and disaster prevention, but also used for leisure.In addition to alcohol-based fuel, paraffin-based fuel is also available.It has a large capacity of 100 to 600 grams and can be used for over an hour.Some can be reused by closing the lid to extinguish the fire.

Tablet type solid fuel

There are various types for outdoor use and military use.In addition to being used alone for cooking, it is also used as an ignition agent for charcoal, etc., for emergency use for mountain climbing, and for residual heat of fuel-type stoves.Hexa solid fuel for general use (trade name: quick stove, Esbit, etc. Main component:Hexamethylenetetramine), Swiss meta (trade name: metaldehyde type), waterproof fire lighter (trade name: petroleum type), etc. are commercially available.Each has a capacity of around 10 grams, and the required amount is put into a dedicated stove for use.sootSome are easy to come out.

Military solid fuel

Food for military useRationIt is distributed in the form of, and solid fuel is attached as a ration heater.The German army uses the aforementioned Esbit.U.S. militaryTrioxanAlthough fuel was used, ration heaters that do not use fuel are also used.

The Self-Defense Forces use canned "portable fuel" (gel-like alcohol).


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