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💪 | Even if carbohydrates are off for 10 years ... "I ate rice and changed" Miki Nishino


Even with 10 years of carbs off ... "I ate rice and changed" Miki Nishino

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Since he was a research student, he has been attracting attention as a three musketeer with the current ace Nana Okada and Mako Kojima.

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Mako Kojima

Mako Kojima(Mako Kojima,1997/〈Heisei9 years>5/30 -) isJapan OfDesigner,talent[2],YouTuber.. Female idol group ·AKB48And derived unitsTentomu Chu!Former member of.Nickname isKojimako.TokyoI'm fromSun music productionBelongs.




  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! domeAt the first day performance of "AKB48 2013 Midsummer Dome Tour-There are still more things to do-", a new unit consisting of 48 AKB7 group research students was announced as a surprise, and AKB48'sNana Okada-Nishino Miki,SKE48 OfKitagawa Ayame,NMB48 OfShibuya Nagisaki,HKT48 OfTajima Mei-Tomonaga MisakuraElected as a member of the unit[3].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sapporo DomeThe new unit name was announced at the "AKB48 2013 Midsummer Dome Tour-There are still more things to do-" Sapporo performance.Tentomu Chu!It was announced that it was named, and the debut song "Kimi ni ni Chu! Chu! Chu!" Will be unveiled for the first time.[4].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo DomeOn the 48rd day of the Tokyo Dome performance of "AKB2013 3 Midsummer Dome Tour-I still have something to do-", the promotion to Team 4 will be announced.[5].







  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,TOKYO DOME CITY HALLAnnounced graduation from AKB48 at the solo concert of Team K held in[21].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yokohama StadiumA graduation ceremony was held on the stage of AKB48, the last event of "AKB48 Group Spring LIVE Festival in Yokohama Stadium" held in[22][23].
  • On May 5, a graduation performance was held at the AKB12 Theater, ending activities as an AKB48 member.[24]..In the future at the same performanceYouTuberAnnounced that they will work as a fan club, establish a fan club, and launch their own apparel brand "haluhiroine" in the fall.[2][24][Video 1].


The second daughter of three sisters, three years away from her sister[25].

I have a lot of likes and dislikes.

When I was in elementary school, I was very shy and retired.[25]..For three years in junior high schoolSoft tennisEnrolled in the club and served as deputy director[25]..The reason I joined the soft tennis club was because my sister, who was an alumnus of the club, recommended that it be fun.[25].

Studio GhibliI like movies, especially my favorite is "My Neighbor Totoro'[25].

"Yuriko YoshitakaCan play an active part in various fields such asactress"Become" is the goal[25].

I like soccer and the teams I support are in EuropeAtletico MadridAnd above allAntoine Griezmann(France national football team) Is my favorite.Atletico Madrid's aggressive defensive tactics are named "escalator pressing"[26].

J LeagueThen.Kawasaki FrontaleIs listed as a hot team for the 2016 season, and it is clearly stated that "I want to focus on it in the future."[27]"I'm going to change the team I pay attention to every season," he said.[Video 4].


SynchronousNana Okada,Nishino MikiWas called "Three Musketeers"[28].

I've been longing for idols since I was in elementary school, but I wasn't good at standing out, so I thought I couldn't be before I wanted to be.[25]..When I was in junior high school, I gained guts in the three years I was in the soft tennis club, and before I knew it, I had the courage to try new things. I think it was because of that time that I had the courage to aim for AKB3.[25].

Before I started studying for the high school exam, I thought, "Let's try to become an idol only once," and auditioned for AKB48.[25]..At the time of the audition, I couldn't remember the pretense that I was taught on the day of the dance examination, I couldn't dance much, and I was nervous and muddy at the interview.In the singing examinationsendof"Face to face”[25].

Although I entered AKB48, I was a beginner in dance, and I had to work harder to keep up with it, so I practiced when I got home.[25].

Yokohama on May 2021, 5Pia Arena MMHeld inMinegishi Minami Graduation Concert-There is no spring without cherry blossoms-In addition to participating in the singing of "Innocent Philosophy" and "LOVE Training" as an OG of Minegishi Team 4, "Cherry blossom petalsHaluhiroine provided some of the costumes worn by the OG when singing.[Blog 4].

Participating songs in AKB48

Single selection music

Album selection songs

"Next footprintRecorded in

  • Team Slope-Under the name of "Team 4"
  • Smile God Hidden-Under the name of "Tentoumu Chu!"

"This is Rhodes, jump here!Recorded in

  • Conveyor-Under the name of "Yokoyama Team K"
  • Our ideology

"Between 0 and 1Recorded in

  • Whining time-``Team 4'' name
  • Find Tentoumu Chu! --- "Tentoumu Chu!"

"thumbnailRecorded in

  • Me on that day
  • Blue rock

"We know the dawn of that dayRecorded in

  • Surface tension of tears

Other participating songs

single"Idol is about Unyanya(In the name of "Nya KB with Tsuchinoko Panda")

  • The idol is about Unyanya (TV anime "Yokai watch"Ending theme)
  • Fortunate girl in misery

single"Upside down slope(In the name of "Jankenmin")

  • Miracle Door-Under the name of "AKB48"

Distribution limited songs

  • Close but far away
  • No lover championship

Unsourced songs

Pachisuro AKB48 Goddess of Victory

Theater performance unit song

Team K 6th Stage "RESET"

  • Around the time of the Lemon (the undercard girls)

Team A 6th Stage "Witness"

  • Fairy in a mini skirt

Team B 5th Stage "Theater Goddess"

  • Romance Hide and Seek (The Undercard Girl)

Research student performance "My Sun"

  • do not call me an idol
  • Me, juliet, and roller coaster
  • sunflower

Research student performance "Pajamas Drive"

  • Angel's tail
  • Jeanne d'Arc in the mirror (Ayaka Okada's unit under)
  • Crying tears

Minegishi Team 4 "Holding Hands" Performance

  • Take me to Wimbledon

Yokoyama Team K “RESET” Performance

  • Reversal Prince
  • Sofa at the edge of the heart

Koasa Shunpitei "Eve is Adam's Rib" Performance

Masahiro Tanaka "Why I'm Here" Performance

  • You are Pegasus

Akari Takahashi team 4 performance "I can't let my dream die"

  • bye bye bye

"Thumbnail" performance

  • Everything is in the middle

Yoshimasa Inoue "Kamikyoku Shibari" Performance

  • Lonely starry sky

Kamayama team K "RESET" performance

  • Uniform resistance


TV drama

DVD drama




Image character

Online delivery


  • Social Apartment by the Press (October 2018-10, 6, hotel koe tokyo)[41]


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