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👍 |'Musk is lying': Bloomberg financial columnist…

Photo Elon Musk has lined up enough financing to take his hostile Twitter takeover bid to shareholders, according to a securities filing (AFP / Olivier DOULIERY)

'Musk is lying': Bloomberg financial columnist…

By Sky Palma Among the proclamations made by Elon Musk after he announced that he intended to purchase Twitter was his desire to rid the platform of “the spam bots.” But in an announcement this Monday, Musk said he can't go through with the purchase “unless the social media giant can prove bots make up fewer than 5% of its users,” as Bloomberg reported. The chief of SpaceX as well as Tesla, Musk is currently listed by Forbes as the world's wealthiest person, with a fortune of About $ 230 billion, much of it in Tesla stock. Seen by his champions as an iconoclastic genius and by his critics as an… → Continue reading

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