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🐈 | All to meet us?A kitten whose foster parent was not decided after repeated hospitalizations and discharges.

Kirara-chan staring at the snow

All to meet us?A kitten whose foster parent was not decided after repeated hospitalizations and discharges.

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Kirara-chan, a kitten, rejuvenated the atmosphere of the Yoshida family at once.

Kirara-chan (2 years old, female) had fallen alone on a rice field road in Toyama prefecture in May 2019.Does it happen to be on the street ... → Continue reading

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    Yoshida family

    Yoshida family(Only good)Mr. UrabeDraw the flow ofOfficial house.Family character TheHanke.


    京都Muromachi alleyThe site of my homeYoshimitsu AshikagaThe ancestor known for giving it toKenji YoshidaIt is,Yoshida ShrineThe family name was changed to "Yoshida" after the company's business.This Kane isDeputy Divinities,chamberlainFor the first time as Mr. UrabeLordAscended to.

    5s兼倶 TheOnly ShintoFounded, existingIse ShrineWhile violently confronting the priesthood of the system,Emperor Goto GomonTo expand the power by gaining believersOn the head of the Shinto priestI called myself the new title.After thatGoddess OfShirakawa familyAll over the countryShrineExpanded control over.

    9s兼見Leading toOda NobunagaBy theDojo family OfFamily characterWas won.Maehisa KonoeToFamily ritualServe asMitsuhide AkechiKanemi's diary, which had a close friendship withSir KanemiIsOrito administrationIt is an essential first-class historical source for research during the period.PriesthoodThe superiority of the Yoshida family inEdo Periodbecome,Kanbun5 years(1665)ofShosha Negi Kann Lord LawConfirm with.

    Successive owners refer to the chief of the Shinto priest,Second placeDeputy DivinitiesTheExtreme officerAnd said.Edo periodHouseIs 760stone.Meiji RestorationAfter thatGood righteousness ViscountI was struck by.As a branch house, in the early Edo periodHagiwara familyIs coming out.


    Territory at the end of the Edo period

    National Museum of History and Folkloreof"Old High Old ReceiptsCalculated from "database"BakumatsuThe Yoshida family territory of the period is as follows. (4 villages, 766 stones, 9 doo, 5 squares, 3 go, 6 sho)

    • YamashiroAtago-gunOf Yoshida Village-593 stones
    • YamashiroKuzunoOf Yamanouchi Village-- 150 stones
    • YamashiroOtokuni-gunOf Oyabumura ―― 9 stones 3 to 3 go 6 勺
    • YamashiroKii-gunOf the auspicious villages-- 14 stones 6 to 5 squares


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