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👍 | It is talked about that the Instagram post of Date Masamune is too cool.


It is talked about that the Instagram post of Date Masamune is too cool.

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Speaking of the Date Warlords, it is said that the appearance at the Sendai Aoba Festival, which was held for the first time in three years, was also cool.

thx!It's Sendai Tsushin no Zunda!Date Masamune's Instagram post is too cool to talk about ... → Continue reading

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Sendai Aoba Festival

Sendai Aoba Festival(Sendai Aoba Festival) is held every year5The firstSundayAnd the two days before that,MiyagiSendai cityWill be held inFestival.Date Masamune350 years after his death1985/(ShowaIn 60), it began in the form of reviving the festival that existed in the past.


Edo PeriodToSendai Toshogu(Aoba Ward, Sendai City) "Toshogu FestivalThere is the biggest festival of the Sendai domain called "Sendai Festival" (Sendai Festival) Was called.It was a festival in which dozens of floats operated as a pioneer of portable shrines and thousands of people handed over.that isMeiji RestorationThe floats that had been attending the Toshogu Shrine festival participated in the Sakuragaoka Shrine festival, the soul-calling festival, and the Aoba Shrine festival.At the festival of Aoba Shrine, electric wires were stretched around the city, making it impossible to cruise the floats.

1985 (Showa 60)Date MasamuneThe festival that revived 350 years after his deathinvestmentWas motivatedToru IshiiMayor of Sendai (Term of office:1984/12/23 - 1993/7/3) In the eraBubble economyIn addition to "Solitary Dragon Masamune"boom,Sendai Municipal SubwayOpening of business,Government-designated cityMigration,Municipal systemIt was expanded against the backdrop of the 100th anniversary.The main components of the current festival were held at both the Sendai Festival and the Aoba Festival.Yamaboko巡行andMikoshiTransfer,Osaki Hachiman ShrineGreat festival "(Lunar calendar November 8) Was newly created based on the dance dedicated toSuzume danceAnd the revival of the festival is 350 years after Masamune's death.Warrior processionHas been added.

FestivalSendai city centerIt is done in.One week before the festivalIchibanchoThe "Ichiban Odori" is performed, and the floats are in the center of the festival from Wednesday.arcadeIt is decorated with.Saturday's "Evening Festival"Suzume Dance ContestOn Sunday, the "Hon Matsuri" will be held around the festival, such as the Yamahoko cruise, the Aoba Shrine Mikoshi Watari, the warrior procession, and the Suzume dance.

The "Sendai Aoba Festival" is historically related to the Aoba Shrine festival "Aoba Festival" that was held on the day of Masamune's death. Apart from the Aoba Festival, the Spring Festival is held on the day of Masamune's death.


Toshogu Festival

Meiji Restoration

Aoba Festival (Aoba Shrine Festival) or Invitation Festival

  • 1882/(Meiji 15), held the Aoba Shrine festival.After that, the Aoba Shrine annual festival became popular, and the name "Aoba Festival" was born.
  • 1885/(Meiji 18), 250 years after the death of Masamune.Aoba Shrine annual festival is held grandly.
  • 1887/After (Meiji 20)Spiritual festivalIt will be held as.
  • 1899/(Meiji 32), Sendai 300th Anniversary Festival.Since electric wires were laid around the city and it became difficult to operate the floats, the festival where the floats were patrolled at the end of this year is over.
  • 1928/(Showa3 years),Tohoku Industrial ExpoWithTanabataThe "decoration contest" is held, and the shopping street is crowded with many spectators.After that,Sendai Tanabata FestivalWill develop into a festival that represents Sendai.
  • 1935/(Showa 10), 300 years after the death of Masamune.Aoba Shrine annual festival is held grandly.
  • 1956/(Showa 31),Post-war occupationFour years after the event, it was revived as the Aoba Shrine annual festival (Aoba Festival).
  • 1965/After (40), Aoba Shrine Mikoshi Watari was suspended.This yearFujisaki department storeEnshrine the portable shrine before.
  • 1967/Until (Showa 42), a warrior procession walking in the city is held.
  • 1967/(Showa 42), temporary closure of each bank Tanabata and Aoba Shrine annual festival in the prefecture
  • 1968/(Showa 43), Sendai Chamber of Commerce decides to cancel sponsorship of "Aoba Festival" 
  • Around 1970 (late 40), the Aoba Festival ended due to traffic conditions, etc. (Traffic warreference).The Aoba Shrine annual festival continues.

Sendai Aoba Festival

Yamahoko cruise

Will be operatedYamabokoThere are 11 units, all of which are operated by companies or organizations near Sendai City.On the day of the book festivalHigashi Nibancho Street,Jozenji StreetIn addition to patrolling, from Wednesday of the holding weekIchibanchoIt is exhibited in the arcade town of.Each size is different, the total length is 5.2 --6.2Meters, Overall height around 6 meters, weight 5.5-8T.

  • Date Masamune Matsuri (Sendai Tourism Convention Association): Mayor of Sendai, Chairman of Sendai-Aoba Festival Sponsorship (Chairman of Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry),Sendai City CouncilThe float that the chairman boarded.The decoration is the basis of the city emblem of Sendai City.Date family crestThe three Hikiryō mons are decorated.Produced in 1989.
  • Mikami Funayama Float (Sendai Fisheries): A ship that brings the seafood of Sanriku to Sendai,Shiogama ShrineA float made with the motif of the sacred ship used for the sea migration.Produced in 1989.
  • Karashishi float (Katsuyama company): A yamahoko that patrolls with a lion that prays for firefighting, demon expulsion, and life extension.Produced in 1989.
  • Shichifuku Daidaiko Float (XNUMX Bank): A float with a 2.2m-diameter Shichifuku Taiko drum, named after the drum that once told the castle town of Sendai the time.Produced in 1989.
  • Aoba Komayama float (Confectionery Sanzen): A float with a wooden bottom piece, which is one of the three famous Japanese pieces of local toys.Produced in 1989.
  • Masamune Kabuto Matsuri (Nissenren Sendai): A float decorated with a model of Masamune's helmet.Masamune's SeishitsuMegohimeAfter (Megohime) married the Date clan at the age of 12, the role of Aihime, a sixth grader selected by open recruitment, will be on board. The newest and largest float as of 6.Produced in 2007.

Sendai Suzume Dance

Sendai Suzume Dance Contest

The Sendai Suzume Dance Contest is held on Saturday evening festival.Although the division of awards and awards are changed frequently,2007/In (19), the "Suzume Odori Grand Prize" in the general category, the "Child Suzume Odori Grand Prize" for junior high school students and younger, the "Student Festival Ren Grand Prize" for high school students and above, and the "Festival Ren Opposition Individual Battle" by the representatives of each festival. 4 divisions were held.

More informations

  • Date MasamuneThere is a jinx that the festivals related to the festival are hit by rain, and the weather is often unfavorable along with the Sendai Tanabata Festival.
  • Sendai Tanabata Festival,SENDAI Light PageantAt the same time, it is counted as one of the three major festivals in Sendai (Jozenji Street Jazz FestivalFour major festivals,Michinoku YOSAKOI FestivalIs sometimes called the Five Great Festivals).
  • Sendai City and Tourismsister cityHave a tie-upTokushimaTokushimaWill be held inAwa danceThe award-winning festivals of the Suzume Dance Contest participate in the festival every year.
  • 2005/(17)10/15,16 daysHeld in Sakai City, Osaka PrefectureSakai MatsuriThe dancer of the Sendai Suzume Odori was invited to return to the birthplace of Sakai's masonry for the first time in 400 years (participating every year thereafter), which led to the spread of Suzume Odori in Sakai City.
  • In 2007, Fumiko Horiuchi (XNUMX Festivals), the Goodwill Ambassador of the City of Trees, won the Matsujaku Award, the highest award in the first Suzume Dance Contest / Festivals Competition.


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