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🎣 | There is a risk that migratory birds will swallow fishing hooks if left unattended.

Photo Me-Tele (Nagoya TV)

If left unattended, migratory birds may swallow fishing hooks. Cleaning activities for fishing garbage at Fujimae-Higata Collect about 10 kg of fishing waste Nagoya

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Masahiro Ito, the organizer of the cleaning activity
"When I actually picked up the garbage, I realized that there was a considerable amount.

At Fujimae-Higata, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, an activity was carried out to clean up the garbage generated by anglers.As a landing place for migratory birds ... → Continue reading

 Me-Tele News (Meter / Nagoya TV)

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    Organizer Masahiro Ito

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