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👍 | 🌈 Toshi-chan's daughter ❤️ Kanako Tahara aims for a beautiful body ✨ "I started the gym 😊 💪"

Photo Image / Kanako Tahara Official Instagram

🌈 Toshi-chan's daughter ❤️ Kanako Tahara aims for a beautiful body ✨ "I started the gym 😊 💪"

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According to an SNS post, there seems to be "somewhere muscle pain every day", and you can see that he is challenging a fairly stoic training.

"I started the gym 😊💪" Kanako Tahara, the daughter of singer Toshihiko Tahara and a talent, updated her Instagram.Ji ... → Continue reading

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muscle pain

muscle pain(Kinni Kutsuu,British: Myalgia) Is筋肉Is the pain that occurs in[1], The causes are various.

However, the most common cause, commonly referred to as myalgia, occurs hours to days after overuse or overstretching of muscles / muscle groups.Delayed onset muscle soreness (British: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness = DOMS).

Myalgia with no history of traumatic history is often due to viral infections.Long-term myalgia is metabolicMyopathy,Severalmalnutrition,Chronic fatigue syndromeCan be an indicator of.


The most common causes of muscle pain are overuse,TraumaI'm nervous.However, it can also be caused by illness, disability, medication, vaccination, etc.AlsoHeart transplantIt is also a sign of acute rejection after surgery.

The most common causes are:

  • injury or Trauma --Including sprains and hematomas
  • Overuse: Overuse of muscles, frequent use (including actions to protect other trauma).
  • Chronic muscle tone

In addition, myalgia can occur in the following cases:


If the cause of myalgia is unknown, it should be treated with symptomatic treatment.Generally, heat, rest,Paracetamol,NSAID, Muscle relaxants, etc.[5].


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