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😀 | Nursery teacher who was persuading a child who does not wear shoes "Blowed" and "Unreasonable!"


A nursery teacher who was persuading a child who did not wear shoes "Blowed" and "Unreasonable!"

If you write the contents roughly
・ "Starman" who spent time with you until it smelled, be eternal.

Dekopon Goro (@ Dekopon_56), who draws manga based on his experience as a nursery teacher.author… → Continue reading


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    Smelly you


    Starman(Star Man, Starman)

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    • (English edition) --The comic series by James Robinson and the name of the main character.
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    • STARMAN-Japanese rock bandPENICILLINA music unit (formed in 1999) by some members of.

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