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🐈 | "Chihuahua version of home dog medicine" edited by "Chihuahua style" is now on sale!


"Chihuahua version of home dog medicine" edited by "Chihuahua style" is now on sale!

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After returning from the veterinary clinic, you can take a closer look by using the disease name search.

Dogs vary greatly in size and body structure depending on the breed, so ideally you should know how to keep a dog. … → Continue reading

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    Disease name search

    animal Hospital

    animal HospitalWhat is (animal animal)?Veterinary lawArticle 2 paragraph 2[1]Stipulated inVeterinarian RearingIt is a common name for a facility that provides medical care for animals.Here, among the domestic animalsIndustrial animalsExcept small animals (so-calledPet) Target medical facilities.

    In addition to several to dozens of veterinarians,Veterinary nurseAnd so on.Dog and cat hospital,Animal Medical CenterIt is also sometimes called. If you are a veterinarian, you also have knowledge of animals other than dogs and cats, and even if the name is a dog and cat hospital, you will often see other animals.


    There are 11,981 animal hospitals nationwide (excluding industrial animals. As of December 30, 12)[2]. Of that, about 6% is privately run,Ltd.,CorporationThere is also a hospital operated by.

    In human hospitals and clinics, "Respiratory department"Or"皮膚科""OphthalmologyAlthough the fields of medical care are narrowed down, veterinary clinics often examine various animal species from fractures to cancer.For this reason, veterinarians in general veterinary clinics require extensive and comprehensive knowledge.

    Nowadays, pets are seen as a member of the family and are like humans.MedicalMany owners are asking for. For this reason, 24-hour animal emergency lifesaving facilities and veterinarians with advanced medical equipment and specialized medical treatment knowledge who are referred to and consulted by veterinary hospitals in case of difficult illnessAdvanced medicalThere is also a veterinary hospital that specializes in secondary care.


    Facilities include operating room, hospital room,Roentgen,Microscope, Sterilizer, blood test equipment, etc.

    Some veterinary hospitalsMRI-CT-PET-Radiation therapyWe have advanced medical (inspection) equipment such as devices used for human diagnosis and treatment.

    Since these medical devices are expensive, veterinarians need to invest more than tens of millions of yen to start their own business. However, when advanced diagnosis and treatment are required, the number of hospitals that introduce them to the outside, such as secondary medical care animal hospitals, is increasing, and it is not always necessary to initially introduce equipment into the hospital, so there is a need for funding at the time of opening. It is thought that the threshold has been lowered.

    The number of veterinary hospitals is increasing all over the world under the influence of the recent pet boom. Also,Because of that need, these daysHealth centerThere are also cases where it is installed in.[Source required]

    Treatment costs and insurance system

    Treatment costs

    The cost of examination and treatment may be high due to free medical treatment. For example, there are cases where the initial examination and surgery and the hospitalization for one week cost 10 to 50 yen.[3].

    There are also hospitals that list the charges in detail on websites that are set up by the hospitals.

    Insurance system

    Veterinary practice does not have a public health insurance system like humans. Private non-life insurance companies sell pet insurance that covers part of the medical expenses. Industry leaderAnicom InsuranceAs of the end of December 2012, there were approximately 12 contracts (up 43% year-on-year).[4].

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